Securus Technologies: How Wireless Containment Systems Would Work

Posted on April 13, 2018

The newest paid consultant of Securus Technologies, Robert Johnson, has suggested the creation of a wireless containment system to be installed in eight correctional facilities this year. He based the creation of the device on his own experiences while serving as a jail officer. Years ago, he heard the news about a baby being killed by unknown assailants, and after detailed investigations by the police they found out that the culprit was an inmate at a local correctional facility. He stated that he had to call someone to perform the task, and he orchestrated the crime inside the comfort of his cell, using only a contraband cell phone that was given to him,



Robert Johnson freaked out after listening to the news, and he vowed that it would never happen again and as a jail officer, it will be his responsibility to see what the inmates are doing and what devices they were using. Robert Johnson was a jail officer at a local prison in North Carolina. He is dedicated to performing his duties, and he would always follow what his superiors are telling him. He would always confiscate the inmates’ contraband devices, and because of his strict stance towards any violations committed by the prisoners, some of the most hard-headed inmates started to hate him. He started receiving death threats, but he only shrugged it off knowing that the inmates would not be able to harm him because they are locked inside the prison.



Robert Johnson did not know that he will be the next victim of contraband cell phones. One day, two armed men showed up in front of his house. They stormed through the doors and smashed it in. After they were able to go inside the house of the poor jail officer, the assailants immediately took their gun, aimed it at Robert Johnson and he was shot six times. Robert Johnson’s wife was shocked seeing his bloodied body on the floor, and she took him immediately to the hospital. The doctors managed to save him, declaring that it was indeed a miracle.



After the incident, Robert Johnson quit his job and looked for another one. He found out about Securus Technologies and applied for a higher position. He was chosen to become a paid consultant, and after his appointment to the position, he has been providing information about the current state of security inside the correctional facility. Securus Technologies stated that they would have to increase their security, and once the wireless containment system is completely deployed, it would automatically jam the contraband cell phones useless. Its battery and other internal systems would fail, killing off the contraband cell phone completely and saving thousands of lives outside.