I Love Feeding My Pup Beneful Products

Posted on December 10, 2015

It is no secret that I love my dog. He is my best friend in the entire world. I consider my faithful pup to be a part of the family. I only feed my family brands that are healthy and delicious. This is why my dog always eats dry dog food from Beneful. I want to take a few minutes to share my top five products from this brand. Beneful Healthy Puppy: My dog is finally old enough to enjoy regular dog food, but I did start him off on the Healthy Puppy product. It comes in real beef and real chicken flavors. He enjoyed both, but his favorite of the two was the real beef. Maybe that is why he likes the Originals Real Beef selection the best. The Healthy Puppy product is made with DHA and calcium-rich formula to help dogs grow up healthy. Beneful Originals: You can choose on Amazon from three flavors of the Originals selection, which are real chicken, real beef and real salmon. Every flavor includes vegetables to give him the right amount of nutrients. My dog seems to like the real beef product the best. It is made with real beef, carrots, peas and spinach. Every bag is full of rich nutrients and a mixture of crunchy and tender pieces. Beneful IncrediBites: I recently started my dog on the IncrediBites, and they are perfect for a small dog like him. It is made with real beef, peas and carrots. The product gives him all the protein he needs in a mixture of crunchy and tender minibites. Beneful Playful Life: My dog is quite the playful pup, so I feed him the Playful Life product. It is made with real beef, eggs, blueberries and spinach. You can see why he loves the beef products so much. Every bag is full of protein so he always has the energy to run around and play. Beneful Healthy Weight: I want to start my dog on this product once he is a little older. My brother uses the Healthy Weight product to help his dog maintain a healthy weight. He feeds his dog a calorie-smart portion that is full of nutrients. The food includes crunchy and tender pieces. The brand you choose to feed your dog is completely up to you. If you ask me for advice, I am going to recommend trying Beneful on your dog. My dog loves the tasty flavors, and I am happy the food is healthy for him.