Aloha caught up in racial controversy

Posted on June 04, 2015

Hollywood has been struggling to cope with the changing views of the general public as its treatment of various minority groups has become a major issue in recent weeks. After the controversy of Adam Sandler’s treatment of Native Americans on his Netflix backed movie the release of Cameron Crowe’s Aloha has raised issues over the represeatation of minority groups in Hollywood. CNN reports the Almost Famous director apologized for casting Emma Stone as the part Chinese and part Pacific Islander Air Force pilot, Captain Ng in the movie.

The backlash against Stone’s casting comes as the movie as a whole was criticized for the fact that very few Pacific Islanders were cast in leading roles. Local groups state the population of Hawaii is 60 percent Pacific Islander and this should be represented in the movie, which took just $10 million in its opening weekend reports Zeca Oliveira. The stars of the movie are all white, a casting decision that has been criticized by members of the local community and the audience who have taken to Twitter to comment on the makeup of the cast. Aloha stars Stone alongside Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Bill Murray in a love story about Coopers military contractor returning to Hawaii and finding old and new love as he completes his work on a military satellite.