Atlanta Hawks: A History of Relocations

Posted on September 22, 2015

Atlanta Hawks is an NBA team from Georgia. This club was founded in 1946, under the name of Buffalo Bisons. Today, the Hawks perform at the Philips Arena. It is a modern hall, built in 1999 by a whopping price of 213,5 million dollars. This hall has a capacity of 18,371 seats and is one of the most modern in the entire NBA. After founding and only 13 games played in Buffalo, the original owners of the club decided to find a new home for the team.
The team was moved to Moline, Illinois and renamed the Tri-City Blackhawks. They spent the first few years playing basketball in National Basketball League (NBL, the forerunner of today’s NBA). After only two seasons played, NBL goes to history as the great merger with Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the formation of the NBA occurred. Soon, in 1951, the club moved to Milwaukee where it got its present name – Hawks.
However, this was not the end of numerous relocations of the franchise model. Specifically, in 1955 the club was temporarily settled in St. Louis, Missouri where players managed to achieve the greatest success in the history of this franchise and win the only NBA title in 1958. Atlanta became the newest home of the Hawks in 1968 and it still is to this day.
Currently, the club cannot boast significant achievements except for occasional trips to the playoffs and being first in the conference. For 54 years, Hawks were unable to receive the ring in the highest quality league in the world, and the only club currently waiting longer for the trophy is the Sacramento Kings. As well as other NBA clubs, Hawks have a branch in the D-League. It is a club called the Bakersfield Jam.
Bruce Levenson
As one of the owners of the Hawks, Bruce Levenson followed their games regularly and was a big fan of the game. Levenson has served as the Hawks’ governor and controlling owner from 2004 to 2015. He was a member of the Atlanta Spirit, a group of seven businessmen who bought ownership of the Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers, an NHL team that was sold to a Winnipeg, Manitoba-based company in 2011 and operations rights to Philips Arena. Bruce Levenson managed to sell his share in the team for the whopping amount of money. He is, however, still a very important person in the team’s history.
New leadership
American businessman and billionaire Tony Ressler became the new owner of the Atlanta Hawks after the sale approved by the owners of clubs of the NBA. Ressler has paid 850 million US dollars for Atlanta Hawks, as the team’s previous season ended in the Eastern Conference finals. At that time, they were better than the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the regular season the Hawks achieved 60 victories, which is a record for the franchise. “We are pleased that the owners approved the sale of Atlanta to Ressler. Tony and his team will bring a lot of energy and passion, so the club and fans will be thankful for this,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

End Speculations as FreedomPop Declines Acquisition Bids

Posted on July 22, 2015

FreedomPop has cleared any speculation that the company was on sale. The multiple investors that had shown interest to purchase the company will not benefit from the sale since the company has declined all the offers to trade its ownership. In a show of might and sustainability, the company has raised $30 million as part of its expansion plans for both the local and international markets.

According to the CEO, Stephen Stokols, the company plans to expand in the US by adding a new carrier partner next year. The funding is headed by several of the companies investors including DCM capital and the Mangrove Capital as reported by TechCrunch. Apparently, FreedomPop was in serious sale-off talks with other carriers.

However, it seems that the company opted for getting more funding to expand rather than giving up ownership to other investors. The CEO argues that the company risks losing its strategic objectives if it is acquired by a different investor. With the future looking bright for FreedomPop, acquisition would be losing too much.

The company anticipates to reach a remarkable size of subscribers in its expansion plans in the UK. Such positive prospects are some of the key reasons that led to the company’s withdrawal from any acquisition bids. According to the CEO, the company has improved on its services especially voice quality and use experience since it launched its first smartphones services. The company expresses its confidence in its capability to sail through without acquisition adamantly.

Incidentally, there are many companies that had their eyes on FreedomPop. In fact, the CEO did not anticipate the overwhelming number of investors that showed interest in acquiring the company. In the first-round, more than 5 companies had placed their bids. Due to the extra-ordinary interest shown by other investors to own the company, it became easier for FreedomPop to decide whether to sale-off or get funding.

The company agreed to settle on the latter and has also hinted that it will be pursuing partnerships in the US but the terms will have to be complimentary to its contract with Sprint. FreedomPop is not relenting on its pursuit to increase its subscription membership around the world. The new SIM card released will allow user to roam in more than ten countries. By the end of the year, the company will have also launched its international pursuits.


Posted on July 22, 2015

If there’s one thing that Instagram is good for, it’s sending people like James Dondero into a frenzy over the way something looks. That’s because sometimes an Instagram picture does a product justice. The angle and colors are just right that it really gets people talking. A lot of those times, it happens with food products.

According to GrubStreet Facebook, Instagram, and social media in general are all in a frenzy over a certain product called “Freakshakes”. These Freakshakes are from Australia, and words do not do the description justice. They are over the top, out of control, milkshakes. They’re different from any that precede them because of the insane amount of toppings that some with them. The salted caramel variety can be seen with caramel just oozing down the sides in its instagram picture. It begs the question of how would you hold that? That’s the least extreme part of it. The Nutella & Salty Pretzel has no shortage of pretzels on top of it! Each of these drinks is like you are getting drinks and a snack. Sound familiar? They almost seem like bloody marys which are the drink plus condiments such as pickles, celery, or cheese. Perhaps, this could be considered their much sweeter cousin.

Unfortunately, Australia is the only place to get one of these monstrous bad boys. For those who can’t get their, they can continue to drool over these concoctions on Instagram.

Smart Moves

Posted on June 15, 2015


The Y.M.C.A., in collaboration with the Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.), started a “Healthier Communities Initiatives” program in 2004. That program is now in over 240 cities nationwide. There might not have been a better way for the C.D.C. to reach those that need support in attaining a greater state of overall healthfulness than partnering with the ubiquitous Y.M.C.A.

The overall goal is to build healthier communities, coast-to-coast. A few very basic enhancements in communities have come in the form of improved lighting on streets and better traffic management stated Sergio Cortes. Residents of the communities where these improvements have taken place feel more comfortable doing something as simple as going for a walk.

Communities where “Healthy Active Living Resolutions” have been adopted have seen reductions in childhood obesity. Another important component is literature that has been distributed with maps of safe walking routes and places to play. This has led residents to feel more comfortable heading out to get some exercise.

In Lawrence, Mass., where nearly 30 percent of residents live below the poverty level, one initiative has been to hang “Rethink Your Plate” posters around town. This encourages making lower calorie, more nutritious choices. There is also a “bodega project” in this community where fruits and vegetables have been repositioned so that is what customers see first.

Changes will not happen overnight but these are strong, practical steps the Y.M.C.A. is taking to help residents in high-risk communities across the country make healthier lifestyle choices. It is a start.

Interview with Dr. Daniel Amen on Optimizing Brain Health

Posted on March 17, 2015

As seen on the Yahoo Health Podcast, Dr. Amen is an expert on brain health and a best selling author who founded Amen Clinics. Lewis Howes interviews him on a podcast called “Protect Your Brain, Reverse Injury, and Overcome Disorders with Dr. Daniel Amen”.

Dr. Amen started as an x-ray technician in the army. Later, when mental illness affected his personal life, he realized you need to scan people’s brains to make a diagnosis. He has now built the world’s largest database of brain scans which have given detailed insight into mental illness.

He observed that poor eating habits can leave a person fat, depressed and feeble minded. And lack of sleep can shrink your brain and hurt your mental capabilities.

Dr. Amen is on a mission to create “brain warriors” who take their brain health seriously and then carry the message all over the world.

The brain has an incredible ability to heal but you have to develop three essential traits. Brain envy (the desire to have a healthier brain), avoid what hurts the brain, and do what helps your brain. Get all the information in the full podcast.

One of the best tools he recommends is using mediation and deep breathing. While many people think that meditation calms the brain, he says that it causes the brain to “light up”. Dr. Daniel Amen has researched how breathing and meditation can change people’s brain scans and help the brain recover from injury and damage.

UK Army Nurse with Ebola Flown back to Britain, 4 others being Assessed

Posted on March 13, 2015

An unnamed British Army nurse who has contracted Ebola while working in Kerry Town, Sierra Leon has been flown back to London. The nurse will be transported to the Royal Free Hospital in London the only center in the United Kingdom that is equipped to handle serious infectious diseases such as Ebola. The plane left Sierra Leon this morning. Two other military health workers were also on the plane even though they had not been diagnosed with the disease, but more tests were needed because they had already come into contact with the diagnosed nurse.


Two other nurses who also came into close contact with the nurse are carefully being monitored back in Sierra Leone to determine whether there is a need to evacuate them back to Britain. According to there is no British health worker that has died from the deadly virus Ebola.


Sierra Leon, which was colonized by Britain, has around 700 UK military personnel deployed in the three West African countries that have been hard hit by the virus. Nearly 10,000 people have died from the virus in the three most affected countries in West Africa, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.


People at Anastasia Date have learned that, in the last few months, rates of new infections went down considerably with the last patient in Liberia being discharged from the hospital last week. However, as of March 10, Sierra Leone has 117 patients admitted in various Ebola treatment centers across the country.


Dog Tag Bakery Helps Disabled Vets

Posted on March 09, 2015

Disabled veterans don’t want a hand out, they want a hand up says Alexei Beltyukov. That is exactly what the founders of Dog Tag Bakery, Father Rick Curry, SJ and Constance Milstein, decided to do. Dog Tag Bakery is partnered with Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies to give disabled veterans a chance for higher education and work training. Courses in business administration are taught on the bakery’s second floor which educate the veterans about running a small business. One of the bakery’s goals though, is giving them real life experience. The bakery opened in November and has since graduated the very first class totaling 7. They are now beginning enrollment for a new upcoming class. The bakery is a favorite of the local community with 50% of its business coming from regular customers. Most customers say that the bakery’s treats are delicious, but it is the inspiration cause that keeps them coming back for more.

Antoine Fuqua to Remake Magnificent Seven

Posted on March 03, 2015

In this culture of remakes, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to remake Magnificent Seven. Antoine Fuqua is going to be directing this remake. However, before crying foul about the long string of remakes, it is important to know that The Magnificent Seven movie that ushered in the 60s is a remake in and of itself. The original film that The Magnificent Seven is based off is a Japanese film under the title of Seven Samurai.

Antoine Fuqua has cast Denzel Washington in one of the leading roles. He has also picked out Ethan Hawke, who is another one of his recurring actors. Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke are going to star together under Antoine Fuqua for the first time since Training Day. Fans at Anastasia Date know that The Magificent Seven remake has four more spots to fill for the whole film. There are a lot of actors to consider for the upcoming role. Morgan Freeman would be a good choice. Will Smith is also someone to consider when casting for the role.

Magnificent Seven starts filming this year for a possible release in 2016.

Couple Travel The USA In A Tiny House

Posted on March 03, 2015

A young couple has decided to take their chances with one of the most exciting plunges of their life. Jenna Spesard and Guilaume Dutilh both quite their day jobs a couple of years ago and decided to build a house that they can go everywhere in. They ended up making a super tiny house with only 185 square feet that is attached to a 20 foot long trailer.

According to an article found on reddit and written by the Huffington Post, Over the last few months they managed to visit 25 states and even took a detour into Canada. They really enjoy the freedom to go and do what they want all with the comfort of their own home with them and Brian Torchin says its always nice to see people in good health living life. The little house might not look like much, but it is definitely built to be versatile. Each little room can be turned into another room or have a different function with just the movement of some furniture.

It is really brave to be able to live so simply and also get to see the excitement of the country. The couple and they dog have been to and visited with more places in the United States than most people get to do in their lifetime, and that is really exciting. It is possibility that this tiny house lifestyle might pick up as a trend here in the future, as it would be a great way for adventurous people to do things their own way without having any boundaries.

Your Finest Wine

Posted on February 24, 2015

Stephen Williams started The Antique Wine Company in 1982 and is the CEO. Located at 53 Queen Anne Street, London, England. The company has over 20,000 clients in 70 countries. They offer a wide selection including a Vintage Gift Box.Whether you are looking for a special gift or have a special occasion, their company is known both for their wine collections 10,000 and their wine events.They offer the finest wines and you can order directly from their website. Stephen Williams taste in wines is exquisite. His collections range from chardonnays to rare wines.

Stephen Williams recently took a trip to Asia November 27th. He has also hosted a casino themed wine tasting event. Some of the specialties include wine investment such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Whisky, and spirits. Much of which is highly sought after. The Antique wine company provides sspirits to individuals, hotels, and restaurants.Headquartered in Marylebone, they have a passion for antique, luxury adult beverage. Whether you are a person searching for a rare wine, or a hotel or organization wanting to provide a wine tasting event, look to The Antique Wine Company for your needs. They do have a website and a variety to choose from. For gift giving maybe a 1924 Vintage. This company’s spirits are in demand.Known for luxury and fine taste, their rare finds are exquisite.

They have over 10,000 wine ccollections and over 20,000 clients and not just in one county, but in over 70 countries. Stephen Williams the company’s CEO has a passion for antique and vintage spirits. His tastes for rare wines are the best in the industry. His wine investment is one of a kind.

In conclusion, if you enjoy or have a passion for luxury, antique, and vintage spirits then The Antique Wine Company is for you.