Southridge Capital Sees A Bright Future For Cryptocurrency

Posted on October 02, 2018

Many individuals and corporations, such as Southridge Capital, have heard of Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. Satoshi Nakamoto is the individual who invented Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have become some of the hottest speculative assets ever. Although most people remain ignorant of how blockchain works, the actual blockchain technology that makes cryptocurrency unique is going to change our entire world. Governments around the world and some of the largest corporations recognize the potential this technology is going to have. Resources are being poured out as many entities are trying to develop a blockchain unique for their needs.


Bitcoin and some of the other cryptocurrencies gained even more public attention when some of the largest banks in the world began exploring ways in which they would utilize Bitcoin. The CME Group was one of the first financial establishments that gave traders the option to invest in Bitcoin in the futures market. There are numerous financial institutions that are trying to establish ways for their clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Southridge is aware that cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing areas outside of finances as well. Rick Hilton scheduled a cryptocurrency auction to sell a Roman mansion priced at $38 million. The property has the potential to be the most expensive cryptocurrency purchase to date. Earlier this year, a property in Miami, Florida was sold for several hundred Bitcoin worth over $6 million. Rick Hilton is selling property using Propy, a worldwide real estate company that is utilizing blockchain technology to issue title deeds for properties online instantly. Mr. Hilton also serves as an advisor for AQUA Intelligence. The company plans to launch its own cryptocurrency called AQX tokens and hopes to be able to use blockchain technology to create waves in the hospitality industry.  You can visit for more info.



Stephen Hicks is the CEO of Southridge Capital and founded the company in 1996. He is a thirty-year veteran in the investment industry. After working at a hedge fund in New York, the manager of the fund decided to close the fund and Mr. Hicks decided to start his own company. He feels that cryptocurrencies, as well as the rise in marijuana companies, are going to be some of the most profitable investments. He says experience is the reason that many seek out his company for guidance. To see more you can visit



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