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Posted on August 03, 2016

Workers Succeeding in Shared Office Spaces

Coworking spaces are becoming a popular trend among remote, freelance, and independent workers in major cities across America. Based on a study done, it appears that these coworking spaces allow workers to not only effectively complete their work, but thrive compared to a traditional office worker.

Freelancers are a different group than the typical office worker. They get to choose what they want to work on, rather than what they have to work on. That typically means that freelancers will be more involved in the projects that they choose to take on. Working in a shared office space allows freelancers to not be in direct competition with any other workers in the same space. This will not only allow the worker to focus better, but also allow them to better develop their own individual work personality rather than trying to fit into a certain group dynamic. Studies have also found that many freelance workers have come from a working background where it is the norm to help each other out, and will tend to still do so in a shared office space. This means that workers in the shared space are sharing unique skills with each other and being able to network with one another.

Many freelance workers find shared office spaces a success for their work due to the hours that they are able to keep. Many of these spaces are available to be accessed 24/7. The worker can decide the hours they want to keep, or when they want to push to make a deadline or finish a big project. These hours also enable workers to decide when they want to take off for lunch, run their errands, pick up their dry cleaning, or hit the gym. The flexible hours leaves them with the option of working in a quiet space, or working when others are around.

Workville Manhattan offices for rent include a designated coworking space in New York City that is located in Midtown Manhattan. Workville offers a luxury space where workers can take advantage of shared offices, move-in ready offices, or open desks. There are even spaces where meetings can be held or workers can spread out to work. Workville also offers a lounge area, a cafe, and several outdoor terraces for workers to enjoy. All industries are welcome in the coworking space, and networking is encouraged.