Atlanta Hawks Lawsuit Over Contract Breach

Posted on November 11, 2016

Danny Ferry has made claims over a contract breach and has sued the Insurance Company of the team. The current ownership group, headed by Tony Ressler, are not included in the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that it is entitled compensation from the insurance company due to wrongful termination. Previously, Ferry had been awarded an undisclosed settlement in 2015 for an unrelated claim.

In 2015, the Bruce Levenson previous owned Atlanta Hawks were sold to the new ownership group by Danny Ferry. The agreement amount was reached at $850 million and signed over to Tony Ressler.

According to Time magazine, Danny Ferry is retired professional basketball player. He played for Duke University from 1985 to 1989. He was drafted to the NBA in 1989 by the Los Angeles Clippers. He decided not to go with the Clippers and instead went on to play for Messaggero in Italy. He later went on to sign a contract for the Cleveland Cavaliers for 10 years. His playing career lasted until 2003. His primary playing positions were power forward and small forward.

Danny’s management career started for the Spur’s in 2003. The then signed a 10 year contract as a manager for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2005. This contract was worth a massive $10 million. He came to an agreement with the Cavaliers and left the team in 2010. He accepted the job as president of the Atlanta Hawks in 2012.



Helane Morrison Leads the Way For Corporate Compliance Officers

Posted on January 12, 2016

Helane Morrison has become one of the most valuable resources of Hall Capital. She may also be one of the most prominent business leaders for the San Francisco area. She is currently a Compliance Officer that has been able to help Hall Capital grow as one the top investment firms on the West Coast. She keeps the company in check by making sure that business stays within the regulations that are in place for this investment firm.

Morrison performs inspections as the compliance officer of Hall Capital, and this is certainly a job that she was prepared for because she is former Regional Office Director for the SEC. She has essentially worked in the capacity of inspector. She has made sure that rules were not being broken, and this is a further extension of her career as a lawyer.

The interesting thing about Helane is that she continued to elevate and grow further into what she originally started in. She went to law school and she continued to find new and intriguing ways to uphold the law. Morrison has worked for a law firm before, but it appears that she has wanted more over the years. She wanted to explore other options and the Security and Exchange Commission welcomed Morrison aboard. It was with this organization that she built a strong foundation for investigation and litigation. Morrison would benefit from this as she moved on to another area in her life.

It was a bold move for Helane to move from an organization like the SEC into the corporate world, but this has worked quite well for her. Her background in investigation, and this makes her one of the best choices for a Compliance Director for Hall Capital. She has been linked to the company for several years, and she continues to play a big part in the way that this company has grown over the years.

Many females that are trying to burst through the corporate doors of America should look for inspiration from someone like Helane Morrison. She has decades of experience, and she has managed to secure some intricate roles within the organization that has made her a powerful businesswoman. She has spoken to females that also have the same passion for this type of work. She has motivated many women that inspire to become part of the corporate world. 

Read her hardhitting words of criticism for those who do not uphold ideals like integrity and honest that she found as the compliance officer assigned to their case.