Chicago’s Real Estate and Beal Properties

Posted on September 09, 2019

One of the largest and most attractive cities, Chicago has a diverse range of living standard depending on the zip code. At some places, properties are highly costly, and people increasingly have fewer choices to buy a home. Nevertheless, its bold architecture still attracts numerous people from all across the country. People are friendly as long as the weather is warm. However, if the weather reaches unbearably cold, everyone seems to be in a rush even though that might not be the case. The summer festivals, independence day fireworks, and beach evenings shift to snowy winter, ice skating and a happy Christmas time along with a mix of colorful nature of fall and warmer spring. Living in Chicago is indeed exciting except the increasing cost of real estate, which is typical for a large city. 

However, some companies are trying to solve the real estate problem in Chicago. Beal Properties is one of the few property management companies that provide services to both underrepresented communities and affluent neighborhoods. It has a variety of real estate choices such as places near metro public transportation and Chicago Transport Authority. They also have pet-friendly apartments where a family can keep their pets with no regulations whatsoever. 

Besides providing residents with fantastic apartments, Beal Properties also engages in community service. This company has a team of dedicated members who evaluate and search for organizations and provide aid to them; thus supporting the community and the people as a whole. 

Chicago is a very diverse and mysterious place. On one side, there are affluent communities, and on the other hand, there are poor neighborhoods. Beal Properties is helping the local communities to make Chicago slightly a better place to live. The properties that they manage are also providing locals with jobs, thus keeping the wheel of Chicago’s economy moving.

OSI Group McDonalds Opens Facility To Impossible Foods

Posted on September 09, 2019

The generosity and graciousness of OSI Group McDonalds has been extended to Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods is a food processor primarily known for its Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger is a meatless burger made of plant proteins. OSI has chosen Impossible Foods to partner with because they have the facility and machinery to co-manufacturer the Impossible Burger. They have welcomed this partner into their midwestern facility because the company truly knows the strengths and benefits of having strong partnerships with the right entities.

OSI has the plant protein ingredients needed to fabricate and distribute the Impossible Burger. Working together is something OSI strongly believes. They have a rich past of where they partnered with the right people to create strong relationships and partnerships that allowed the company to grow. OSI is a food provider with all the necessities and essentials that is necessary to create the Impossible Burger.

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OSI Group had a partnership several decades ago with McDonalds. This is one of their most noted and notable partnerships. This partnership taught the company a lot. It taught them about working with others and it allowed them to grow with McDonalds. They hope for the same thing with Impossible Foods. They want to flourish and become stronger together so they can manufacture millions of the Impossible Burger.

Production has begun. This is great news for Impossible Foods. Shortages have plagued the company for months now. This shortage has caused the company to suffer in relationships with clients. Clients want more Impossible Burgers. Impossible Foods wants to give them more burgers but a lack of production has made this impossible. OSI has saved the company from facing more months of drastic shortages. Impossible Foods will be able to meet the demands of their clients by launching this partnership. This means more money for Impossible Foods, their clients and for OSI.

The future for these two food processors is bright. They want to work together to create more food for customers. Mostly, these companies share a passion and commitment for helping others and helping people have more food options. They are both excited to be entering the non-meat vegan food market. Read:

The Leading Investment Firm: Fortress Investment Group

Posted on August 12, 2019

Fortress Investment Group has experienced great success as a leading investment advisory firm. In 2017, the billion dollar firm was purchased by Softbank. Softbank is a gigantic conglomerate of many different companies. This acquisition cemented the fact that Fortress Investment Group is like no other investment advisory firm. The purchase of the firm totaled over three billion dollars and was paid all in cash by Softbank. The investment advisory firm will still remain and operate as independent from Softbank.

In New York City, this firm has grown to be a mastermind. They have grown to become a firm that is known for hiring the only best investment, e economic and financial experts. It is expertise that runs this company. Their expertise has caused so many people to experience great success. Clients of the firm are dedicated. Many of these clients have given at least a decade of their life of calling Fortress Investment Group the group that handles their financial and investment matters. Read more articles at

Customer service keeps Fortress Investment Group afloat. They run their organization focusing on five key areas: operations management, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions for corporate companies, industry-specific knowledge and asset based funding. These five areas have attracted over one thousand clients since the company first opened its doors. These clients choose Fortress Investment Group because they know they will have a wide array of services to select from. Having key areas to focus on allows the firm to align with the wants of clients.

Fortress Investment Group is able to spot out the best asset based funding investment for clients. They are able to handle the operations of any company. Having industry-specific knowledge allows the firm to be able to negotiate deals and give good business advice. They can help investors who are interested in capital markets. These markets include the stock market and other investment markets. Altogether all of the key areas come toeghert to form a firm that has the tools and resources to offer clients what they need for their investments. The investment group hopes to continue pleasing clients and aiding them with the five key areas they have to offer.

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TJ Maloney’s Expertise and Experience Plays a Key Role in Helping Lincolnshire Management Stay a Step Ahead In the Industry

Posted on August 07, 2019

Lincolnshire Management has indeed proven to be one of the top companies in the investments industry across the globe. The company has invested heavily in multiple sectors of the economy like manufacturing, distribution and delivery of services. The company has also acquired numerous companies since its inception in 1986. Lincolnshire Management focuses mainly on middle-market companies. This is because the team firmly believes that it possesses the right expertise to grow these firms into titans in the market. As of 2017 Lincolnshire was reported to be managing over $1 billion of private equity capital. This clearly shows that Lincolnshire management is a force to reckon with in the investment and acquisitions industry.

One of the vital things that make Lincolnshire soar high is the fact that it is endowed with capable leaders who are always three steps ahead of their rivals in the market. TJ Maloney is one of the visionary leaders at Lincolnshire, making sure the company is on the right track and always meets its goals. TJ Maloney is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O). TJ Maloney has worked in the business scene for decades, and his ability to scale businesses has earned him recognition across the globe. In 2007, for instance, TJ Maloney bagged the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award. Richard J Bennett award is a prize given to top executives in a bid to recognize their efforts in business and their display of moral standards. Following his impressive track record and performance at Lincolnshire Management, it is clear that TJ Maloney is one of the world’s top executives.

TJ Maloney works hand in hand with the President of Lincolnshire Management, Michael Lyons. Mr. Lyons has vast experience in operations, senior management and finance having worked in renowned companies in the industry. PricewaterhouseCoopers is an example of the firms Michael Lyons has served. Michael Lyons has had an incredible tenure at Lincolnshire Management ever since he joined the company. He has been able to negotiate and seal deals with numerous corporations like; National Pen, Wabash, PADI, among others.

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Redefining Efficiency in Communication

Posted on August 06, 2019

For the last three decades, people have used email as a primary form of communication — and more importantly, as a tool to productivity. However, the platform is home to unwanted emails and more specifically, junk emails. In a 2010 report on work challenges, people mentioned junk emails and email subscriptions as some of the few productivity killers. This reality is part of many reasons why Unroll Me is currently one of the most trusted tools in the world of electric mails.

Unroll Me answers some of the issues raised in 2010 report on productivity killers. First, it is the first tool to place each of the email categories on a different folder — and therefore simplifying the process of reading. Important Emails — especially work-related and other similar types of emails — are grouped in one special folder. Unlike in the native apps where there a no particular order of receiving these emails, Unroll Me ensures that there is a certain schedule for receiving the emails.

The emailing tool also ensures that the email address owner views all subscriptions — on specific timelines. This approach is a game changer in the following ways. First, it helps one to reduce the number of times one check in the inbox. Reports have shown that screen time has increased over the years and the trend had affected productivity. Second, putting all the subscriptions on one folder is also ideal in ensuring one does not miss on a single subscription, especially in a world where junk emails are on the rise.

Unroll Me is also the best tool when dealing with unwanted emails — junk emails. According to technology experts, an average email account receives at least 70 junk emails in a week. This is a high number, especially for people who rely on emails as a form of communication. Fortunately, the platform treats junk emails different from the other categories of emails. In this case, they are separated from the other two categories and put in a separate folder. The main purpose of separating these two types of categories is to give the user better control of what to see and when to see.

Easier Email Management by the Use of Unroll Me

Posted on July 30, 2019

Unroll Me is a service that has an innovative and responsive web interface that works by having access to your inbox and synchronizing your messages to their servers while archiving others. Rakuten Intelligence, a company that is proficient in measurement related business involving e-commerce, famously owns it.

Unroll Me will do you right by managing your inbox in the sense that it assists you to get rid of your unwanted emails. However, essential emails get to remain in your inbox. With a single swipe, all your undesired emails and subscriptions are turned off for good, which is the most recognized feature of Unroll Me. Rakuten Intelligence has made it its primary focus to ensure that different companies understand how to run businesses by the provision of Unroll Me.

Unroll Me has a superb interface, and the fact that it can selectively choose which messages to get to your inbox is impressive. The services it renders offer an organized inbox resulting in the ease of use of your inbox platform on email. While Unroll Me has its advantages, it also has its cons where you may not get to neasily notice your new emails not until you read your email digest.

This pilling has been seen to cause problems in terms of confirming emails, important reset of passwords as well as a timely check of emails that are time conscious. However, this can be easily solved by clicking on the “all mail” section of the email to check for new messages. You can sign up for Unroll me using either your email address or other accounts that Unroll Me supports such as Google or Yahoo. More also, an important point to note is that the only language that is recommended is English.

There are three features in Unroll Me that is; “keep,” “rollup,” and “unsubscribe.” Clicking on the unsubscribe button ensures you don’t receive specific emails to your inbox or email digest. For the “rollup” section, you set it to either appear in grid or as a list. Subscriptions that you might want to appear here and can be set to be delivered to you at any specific time of the day. The “keep” section ensures that you retain all your necessary subscriptions and emails in your inbox.

CEO Robert Deignan Explains How To Create An Effective Omnichannel Strategy

Posted on July 30, 2019

Chief Executive Officer Robert Deignan of ATS Digital Services, which he co-founded, has been in the technology sector for the past two decades. A graduate of Purdue University where he studied business management, he launched his first company soon after getting out in the real world. This was Fanlink, Inc. In 2002, he joined iS3 which is a company that provides digital security solutions. ATS Digital Services provides support to people that need help with their technological devices.

To market his company, Robert Deignan has become an expert on taking an omnichannel approach. He says this approach doesn’t mean your company needs to be on every type of platform out there such as Twitter, Facebook, texting, and email. Rather, it means that the experience customers have on the platforms you do use is seamless. 

A good omnichannel strategy can include just a Facebook page, customer support employees, and a blog. The experience on each of these should be very closely aligned with the other ones. Robert Deignan says that the hardest part of this is making sure customer support is aligned. Phone calls are dynamic so keeping them consistent to your brand can be hard.

Robert Deignan chose a limited omnichannel approach since it’s easier to keep track of. ATS Digital Services is on a few websites and has a call center. When customers call his company, the experience is closely aligned with what they see on his company’s websites. 

He says that an omnichannel strategy takes advantage of the fact that familiarity breeds comfort. People like what they already know. If a customer uses a company’s website, they’ll be more comfortable if when they call in the experience is the same. This leads to repeat business and good word of mouth. If when they call in and the experience is unfamiliar, they may want to flee instead of approach your brand.

Another thing to know about human nature, he says, is that customer expectations will always be rising. If someone has access to wi-fi on a plane flight, for instance, they begin to expect all future plane flights will have wi-fi. Robert Deignan says to keep this in mind when crafting your omnichannel strategy.

Q and A with attorney Todd Levine

Posted on July 29, 2019

Todd Levine is a lawyer who represents many different kinds of clients such as investors, brokers, contractors, and more. Levine is regarded as the founding member of his own practice named Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. There is another dimension to the individual, although, as he enjoys both art and science. In fact, he is a musician who believes that it gives him another edge above other attorneys. Todd Levine attended both the University of Florida for his bachelors in Finance and Florida Levin College of Law for his law degree. The attorney has won awards for his work such as placing in US News and World Report for last year and being noticed by various publications in Florida Trend Magazine, Super Lawyers Business Review, among many others. The Q & A begins with Todd Levine addressing where the idea to form his own law firm came from as he states it arrived from noticing his skills in litigation and gaining more clients through experience. The attorney reflects that each day can be different for him: whether he is at trial, meeting with clients, speaking on the phone, attending meetings, or traveling. He makes note that he likes to use his time wisely and plans ahead. Todd Levine identifies that he brings ideas to life by working rigorously on cases like analyzing the facts and evidence. According to him, being simple is the way to go. One habit that the attorney outlines that really helps him is in being prepared to be able to respond to arguments during a trial and ultimately be able to win cases for the clients. His best advice that he would offer to his younger self is to find the niche and develop in that specific field. Todd Levine speaks about the importance of making outlines and addresses how it helps him out a lot to organize thoughts and bring them together. The lawyer reflects that his business has been able to grow by offering excellent service to customers and being available to answer any concerns/questions. The attorney notes that he learned from his past mistakes with not preparing as well as he could for cases and recounts an experience where he bought his son equipment for the piano. Lastly, Todd Levine recommends the book “The Fountainhead” by author Ayn Rand.


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E-commerce With Richard Liu

Posted on July 03, 2019

Richard Liu had success with his brick and mortar stores and decided to use his knowledge of computer to expand his business. He created which is one of the biggest e-commerce stores in China. He enjoyed so much success he was able to close the physical stores and focus on business.

He has gotten several offers to sell the e-commerce business but has turned them all down. The company began selling consumer electronics and has expanded from there. Now a person can get just about anything they want at this online store and have it shipped to them in record time.

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Maurício Mendonça Godoy And Engineering Aims

Posted on June 28, 2019

Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Ltda. is the name of a sizable company in South America’s Brazil. It’s a company that has a lot of sway in the massive Portuguese-speaking country as well. It revolves around all kinds of construction engineering matters and has for quite some time. Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Ltda. has been making a splash in the country since its 2012 debut. It gets more powerful by the day, too. It’s a part of a sector that’s called TS Participações e Investimentos S.A.

Who is Maurício Mendonça Godoy? He’s the man who operates as the aforementioned SETAL’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) now. He regularly makes comments that pertain to the operations of the company. He routinely makes statements that pertain to all of its day-to-day actions as well. He not long ago talked about SETAL’s choice to complete an investment. This investment was in something that was called AVEVA. It has many objectives. SETAL wanted to go through with this investment out of the desire to deal with requests in a more streamlined and methodical way. The aim behind this was for the SETAL team to be able to empower data recycling of sorts.

SETAL is a business that’s working on all sorts of significant assignments. Maurício Mendonça Godoy is at the helm of overseeing everything, too. SETAL is in the middle of taking care of growth missions that accommodate refineries. These missions relate to an organization that’s referred to as Petrobras. They involve the assistance of something that’s referred to simply as AVEVA PDMS. It’s a prominent form of software that’s basically a staple in the vast region. It caters to people who are trying to establish layouts that are appropriate for power centers of all kinds.

AVEVA Plant is a simple thing. It’s a software that can come in handy for people who are enthusiastic about the engineering of plants. It can come in handy for those who want to tackle layout strategies with ample skill as well. Maurício Mendonça Godoy has a lot of proficiency that involves AVEVA Plant. Maurício Mendonça Godoy ponders the fundamentals of it frequently.

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