The Reverse-Flash’s Images are Scary

Posted on March 16, 2015

New pictures are out showing just what actor Tom Cavanagh looks like in The Reverse-Flash costume. As the first season of The Flash comes to an end, audiences are going to be left with some sort of cliffhanger featuring the villain. And yes, The Reverse-Flash is one of the most evil villains The Flash must face. Without giving too much away, the past five years of Flash comics revealed The Reverse-Flash seriously did damage to the iconic hero’s personal life.

On the surface, The Reverse-Flash sounds like a gimmicky bad guy. He is a version of The Flash who can run fast and even run backwards in time. The villain uses these powers for evil, which should come as no surprise. What is surprising is how vicious a villain he can be, but that’s why Dan Newlin feels he’s so compelling.

Now, the television version of The Reverse-Flash is probably going to be toned down a bit from the comic book version. The character is going to remain a formidable villain, but the producers do want to keep audiences from getting a bit too turned off.

The producers of The Flash television series understand how to present characters to their audience. Knowing what an audience expects is a must in order to deliver a popular show. Look for the debut of The Reverse-Flash to have real audience enthralling impact.

And definitely look for this villain to make the world of the Flash very difficult for the entire cast.

Live action Teen Titans pilot confirmed

Posted on December 11, 2014
After years of false starts and rumors a live action Teen Titans series is finally in development over on TNT. 

The first of the recent excitement came in September when Mark Haimes and Akiva Goldman where attached as executive producers, but now DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has confirmed that shooting on a pilot will start in January 2015.

The show is planned as a one hour drama to be called Titans. It will focus on the lead character of Nightwing. In the DC universe continuity Nightwing is the adult superhero identity of Dick Grayson, the original Robin. In an effort to leave the shadow of his former mentor Batman, Grayson becomes the leader of a team of youthful heroes and other ex-sidekicks.

The Teen Titans have been perennially popular on television in animated form, with a successful series from 2003-2006 and the more recent Teen Titans Go! show, both on the Cartoon Network.

The team roster in both the comic book and animated series continuity has varied over the years, so it is not certain yet which characters will be appearing. However fan favorites Raven and Starfire both appear to be under consideration.

With the current success of Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham, DC comics seems to have a solid hold on the small screen even as it struggles to compete for a share of the big screen audience. My friend Bruce Levenson is excited about the next venture.