Andy Wirth: A CEO with Vision Expanding Beyond Mountain’s Peak

Posted on August 05, 2016

Andy Wirth, a Colorado State University graduate who went on to become the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, never seems to cease reinventing himself, his career, and his environment.

From bringing the Squaw Valley|Alpine Meadows resorts in Olympic Valley, CA to uproarious success to taking on CBS’ “Undercover Boss” and experiencing his company’s day-to-day business from the ground up, he is a constant advocate for positive change.

His firm grasp of the economic needs of his area has propelled him forward to become a titan of industry, and it’s apparent that his vision does not stop there.

Recently, Wirth was elected to the position of Chairman and President of The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, a group made up of other company figureheads in the field of travel. Their goal is to advocate for the stimulation and development of tourism in the Lake Tahoe area by increasing accessible air transit, and Wirth appears to be just the man for the job. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

He has already volleyed for big name airlines to bring their business to the Sierra Nevada, opening doors to potential tourists across borders of both state and country, and making his corner of the country a prime vacation and living destination.

When he is not bolstering the economy of Olympic Valley, he can be found helping our servicemen and women when they return from active duty in the Navy SEALs. Andy Wirth is one of the leaders of an Ironman team appropriately named “Wounded Warrior Support”, started after a skydiving accident that nearly claimed his life.

He and his squad procure donations for the Navy SEAL Foundation, a philanthropic organization that assists veterans in countless fiscal ways. With the betterment of all as his focal point, Andy Wirth has the ability to conquer any challenge set before him.