ClassDojo, Facilitating Digital Collaboration Between Parents and Educators

Posted on August 22, 2017

Communication between parents and educators has finally made the leap into the digital age. Phone calls and notes sent home in children’s backpacks are a thing of the past. ClassDojo goes far beyond simple communications. The service allows parents to take a more active part in the child’s education without disrupting their busy modern lifestyle. There are many features built into ClassDojo, which facilitate digital age collaboration between parents and teachers.

ClassDojo makes it simple for teachers to share photos and videos from the classroom. Exciting moments from the day can be uploaded to the website for all connected parents to see. ClassDojo provides significant security over basic social networking, requiring a unique invitation code for connection to classroom information and media.

Individual reports are available daily for each child enrolled. Instead of only receiving word when there is a discipline issue, ClassDojo includes positive behavior and commendations. By keeping parents informed, they are able to reinforce good citizenship and civic mindedness in the student.

The built-in chat feature allows for instant communications between parent and teacher. There is no need to send handwritten notes, and no more worry about them being turned in. It is as simple as sending a message via Facebook. Also, teachers can make use of away messages when they are unable to respond immediately.

There is also a mobile app available for both Android and Apple IOS. Parents can check on their child’s day anytime, from anywhere. With Audible notifications, from the ClassDojo app on mobile devices, parents are assured be up to date on everything in the educational life of their children.