Tax Adjustments And The Rise Of The Chicago Real Estate Market Is Adding Value To The Regional Economy

Posted on December 04, 2015

In 2016, Chicago residents will experience a tax increase that will affect residents in certain zones, specifically the regions surrounding the intersection of Division and Halsted, which includes communities that straddle the CTA’s transit lines, such as Chicago Avenue Brown, Clybourn Red and North. The tax increase is a combination of a city council approved legislation from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and from evaluations from Cook County tax assessors throughout the entire city. An estimated 184 neighborhoods, which include East Village, River North, Gold Coast, Goose Island East and more will be affected by the tax adjustments in 2016, which is a reflection of a strong local economy and the rapid influx of new townhouses, condominiums and commercial developments.

Many communities within the Chicago city limits that were filled with industrial properties are being renovated or torn down to accommodate residential tenants, restaurants, store fronts and businesses. The real estate industry in Chicago has been so aggressive in the past few years that there are hardly any available properties to purchase. This has left the future of Chicago’s real estate market in the hands of forward-thinking investors and property owners who are capitalizing on a coveted market.

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As Chicago continues to hold its position as a top five American city, a lot of recognition needs to be given to business professionals like Majeed Ekbal. He is a strategic real estate developer who knows how to use social media tools to target customers who are in search of specific services. He also has an innate talent for growing businesses with a lot of potential into multi-million dollar entities.