OG Juan Receives Massive Birthday Bash

Posted on August 07, 2018

About Eight weeks ago, Juan “OG” Perez, or OG Juan as he is better known as, received a massive birthday bash.This was thanks to rapper Jay Z, who is business partners with OG Perez. The pair are also good friends, which explains why the rapper spent around $110,000 on his business partner’s birthday celebrations over Presidents’ Day weekend.

OG Juan was surrounded by a few close friends and associates. To ring in his 50th, $13K was spent on dinner alone, followed by around $10K on drinks and then Jay Z dropped around $90K at a club.

Apparently OG Juan , Jay Z and a few executives of Roc Nation started the night in Midtown NYC. They headed over to Zuma, a very popular Japanese restaurant. While there, the party spent around $13K on steak, lobster and sushi.

After leaving Zuma, OG Juan and the rest of the group went to nightclub/restaurant in Inwood. Jay Z spent lavishly at the club and spent over $8K on alcohol. The drink of choice was apparently D’USSE, the company behind it is familiar to the group because Jay Z is the head of its global strategy.

The night wasn’t over, as OG Juan, Jay Z and the rest of the crew went to the Playroom Nightclub. This is where they spent the rest of the evening, and when Jay Z ordered dozens of bottles of champagne. At the club, Jay Z dropped over $90K. After spending a few hours at the Playroom Nightclub, the group decided to call it a night.

Via Twitter: http://Twitter.com/reverend_ogjuan

The Queens of Reality TV

Posted on April 18, 2016

Reality TV has made its mark on modern television with the drama, cattiness, and inside look into celebrity lives. Queens of Drama, a new reality TV series, goes beyond this by displaying empowering actresses who take control of their careers. When these soap actresses get together, they express raw emotions they have for each other giving this drama an authentic feel. This new docu-series has big names like Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, and Donna Mills. They discuss teamwork, individual personal projects, creating new ideas, writing scripts, and much more. It’s a show that’s “fun” and “informative about the business” according to Mills. Don’t expect to learn any profound or heavy messages from this drama, it’s all about entertainment. It shows women collaboratively overcoming each others strong opinions and working successfully through them. When these alpha women get together, they create a powerful and heated environment that you can’t turn away from.

Crystal Hunt, Emmy award nominated SoapOpera actress, starred in 9 episodes in the first season of Queens of Drama. She played herself, a dominant character displaying her fortitude and resilience to get the job done. The actress showed her creative and business side while working with the other actresses on the show. She had a close relationship with her co-workers and spent time outside of work accompanying them to dinners and parties. It’s clear she did not get along with them at times, but she fought through those differences and worked together accordingly. She explains that being on the show expands on her soap persona adding semi-scripted drama as a twist to this reality show.

Her Photography website suggests Hunt grew up in Clearwater, Florida where she participated in beauty pageants as an actress during her youth. This sparked her interest in television and she appeared in many TV commercials such as Walt Disney’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. Before Hunt’s fame, she appeared in a anti-drug advertisement with NSYNC while she was young which kick started her career into fame. She played “Dinky” in Sydney White, a sorority girl who becomes best friends with co-star Amanda Bynes. Her best known time on television was playing “Stacy Morasco”, a character on the hit daytime soap opera One Life To Live. She also starred as “Lizzie Spaulding” on Guiding Light, where she earned her Daytime Emmy Award Nomination.  Follow Crystal on Instagram for more, or check out her YouTube highlight reel to get a feel for her acting ability.