Gregory Aziz is a Humble Man who has made a lot of Money

Posted on September 15, 2017

National Steel Car Ltd has reached the heights of success because of its current Chief Executive Officer, Gregory James Aziz. National Steel Car Ltd is a rail company that is station in Canada, manufactures rail cars for both Canada and the United States of America.


Greg Aziz has faithfully served this company as Chairman of the National Industries, Chief Executive officer of National Steel Car Ltd, and also as Chairman of the National Steel Car Ltd board.


National Steel Car Ltd brought Gregory J Aziz on as Chief Executive Officer because of his education from Western University. His knowledge of economics was second to one and this company had to have him for their own.


National Steel Car Ltd move with Gregory J Aziz paid of wonderfully for them. Through his leadership, National Steel Car Ltd achieved excellence and near perfections. This was because Greg Aziz’s vision was to continue growing and never settle for laurels. He knew it was not the past that defined them. It was the future. If you stop growing, well, then you are no longer relevant.


James Aziz began promoting a grand vision of perfection and excellence. He spoke it to his workers. He sold it to his executives. He made them eat and dream the vision until everyone in the company accepted it as their very own. This is what set National Steel Car Ltd apart. That vison helped them raise the quality of their rail cars and nearly bankrupt their competitors.


Canpotex saw the quality of National Steel Car Ltd business. That is why they purchase 700 new railcars off of them for purse lightening amount of $70 million. But this was not the first time they did business together. Canpotex has been working with National Steel Car Ltd since 1999 and has invested $500 million into National Steel Car Ltd.


Canpotex could trust National Steel Car Ltd because they had Gregory James Aziz as their Chief Executive Officer. They knew that he pushed high quality products and that his were to be trusted above all others.


Greg Aziz though, does not take any of this beaming credit for himself. Recently in a press release, he took the time to thank all the loyal customer, his suppliers, and even more shocking, his workers. He knew where his true strength base was. It was in the people who came there every single day.