Amicable Achievements of Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Posted on June 11, 2018

Robert Deignan is the CEO and one of the founders of ATS Digital Services. This is a digital company that assists customers globally who experience technological issues. Whether it is general troubleshooting, mobile devices, digital data shop, installation or connectivity concerns, ATS Digital is one-stop-shop that fixes all the technical problems.

Born in Fort Lauderdale, Robert joined Purdue University after acquiring a full football scholarship and graduated with an Organizational Leadership degree. After working for a short time with NY Jets and Miami Dolphins between 1997 and 1998, he co-founded Fanlink, Inc which was his first entrepreneurial venture. Robert Deignan never left sports behind. Currently, he participates in foreign fishing competitions.

After working for three years with Fanlink, he progressed and became the vice president of is3 Inc. which is Software Company that provides a wide range of any technical needs such as computer optimization, digital security, and a modified technical support. He worked for the company for years and left in July 2011. Going the company was the beginning of another chapter in his life, because, in the same year, he became a co-founder of ATS Digital.

Robert had a passion for technology and always wanted to advance his expertise even further. All these stepping stone led him to his current position at ATS Digital Services.

In every way, ATS is the culmination of all the effort that Robert has put it. He put much knowledge to the company in a way that it can resolve any technical issue you can imagine. His many years of expertise in the technology world had made Deignan to form a culture with much emphasis on customer service and a group of well knowledgeable workers, who does the job right. The varieties of services that are offered by the company is what makes it incredible, plenty of experts inactivation, setup, and cellular repairs.

Deignan lives with his wife and son in Miami Lauderdale area. In his free time, he enjoys spending time at the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. After spending some years in Florida, Robert fell in love with fishing and boats. While much about Robert Deignan is fun and commitment to excellence in all he does, he as well managed to be the winner of 79 Silver Sailfish Derby.

David Giertz’s steps to early retirement

Posted on May 05, 2018

Being employed means living on the fast lane. An employee is constantly in a hurry, trying to beat time. He or she has little control over the work schedule and personal dreams come second after work. This is frustrating. Though employment puts food on the table, it hinders one from enjoying the fruits of labour. To get all these negatives out of the way, many consider retiring from employment early.

Early retirement promises enough time for the family and to pursue personal passions. The only challenge to is knowing how much to save before retirement. To ensure the money lasts, many people write down plans on how they will cut down expenses. Unfortunately, this is not realistic. Statistics show the expenses increase the first few years after retirement. Therefore, when considering the amount of money needed after retirement, use a higher budget.

David Giertz, a seasoned financial advisor gives three steps to ensuring you have enough to take you through retirement.

Save enough

Save as much as you can. Since expenses increase after retirement, make sure you save more than 15 times your annual income. A person following the normal retirement plan has to save 15 times more than their annual income. This means that a person retiring earlier has to save much more.

Choose a flexible retirement plan

Most insurance agencies will penalize clients who withdraw their retirement benefits earlier that the scheduled time. This will result in the retiree losing a huge sum of money. Retirement plans with minimum restrictions are the best. They allow their clients to withdraw their benefits anytime.


Saving money in investments is a wise decision. If chosen wisely, investments can give the retiree a regular income after retirement. This will prevent them from going broke and being forced to look for a job in old age. Therefore, when saving for retirement, divide the money into two. One portion should go into the retirement savings account and the other in buying stocks and bonds.

David Giertz is a financial advisor. He has worked as Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization president. Under his leadership, the organization moved from making 11 billion annually to making 17 billion. He is also a certified business coach by WABC.

Vijay Eswaran Has Had A Positive Impact On Millions Worldwide

Posted on March 21, 2018

Throughout Asia, the Near East and the Middle East, Vijay Eswaran is known for the fantastic job he did in building the network marketing giant, The QI Group. He is also revered and regaled for his generous philanthropic works. Forbes Asia even named him a Hero of Philanthropy. Vijay Eswaran also holds a place of honor in the hearts and minds of millions for the economic opportunities and avenues to improve their lives he has afforded them by providing work for them and their loved ones through the QI Group. Plus, millions of others have been positively impacted by reading his articles and books and hearing his speeches.

Vijay Eswaran is a legendary figure in many parts of the world for his success as a businessman. In the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, he was able to start a company during tough economic times with little money, experience or support. Within a decade that company, the QI Group, was generating about a billion dollars annually in revenue. How he was able to do it is what intrigues many people. Vijay Eswaran explains that it’s because of his personal philosophy about the importance of the right mindset, plan and work ethic, that he has been able to enjoy that level of success.

The personal philosophy of Vijay Eswaran is simple yet powerful. If a person can create and hold a clear picture of their success in their mind, not let doubt enter and work wisely and consistently, success is almost a foregone conclusion. Eswaran has demonstrated the power of this philosophy time and again with the often Herculean tasks he has undertaken at achieved. The method behind his ability to help the members of his organization and people worldwide to do the same is outlined in his long-form article ‘The 5 Cs of Servant Leadership’.

It’s not that Vijay Eswaran is fearless. It’s that he has learned to harness fear and use it to fuel his actions. He describes the process in detail in his articles ‘Two Minutes From The Abyss’, ‘3 Ways Fear Drives Success’ and ‘The Stages Of Change’.