TJ Maloney’s Expertise and Experience Plays a Key Role in Helping Lincolnshire Management Stay a Step Ahead In the Industry

Posted on August 07, 2019

Lincolnshire Management has indeed proven to be one of the top companies in the investments industry across the globe. The company has invested heavily in multiple sectors of the economy like manufacturing, distribution and delivery of services. The company has also acquired numerous companies since its inception in 1986. Lincolnshire Management focuses mainly on middle-market companies. This is because the team firmly believes that it possesses the right expertise to grow these firms into titans in the market. As of 2017 Lincolnshire was reported to be managing over $1 billion of private equity capital. This clearly shows that Lincolnshire management is a force to reckon with in the investment and acquisitions industry.

One of the vital things that make Lincolnshire soar high is the fact that it is endowed with capable leaders who are always three steps ahead of their rivals in the market. TJ Maloney is one of the visionary leaders at Lincolnshire, making sure the company is on the right track and always meets its goals. TJ Maloney is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O). TJ Maloney has worked in the business scene for decades, and his ability to scale businesses has earned him recognition across the globe. In 2007, for instance, TJ Maloney bagged the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award. Richard J Bennett award is a prize given to top executives in a bid to recognize their efforts in business and their display of moral standards. Following his impressive track record and performance at Lincolnshire Management, it is clear that TJ Maloney is one of the world’s top executives.

TJ Maloney works hand in hand with the President of Lincolnshire Management, Michael Lyons. Mr. Lyons has vast experience in operations, senior management and finance having worked in renowned companies in the industry. PricewaterhouseCoopers is an example of the firms Michael Lyons has served. Michael Lyons has had an incredible tenure at Lincolnshire Management ever since he joined the company. He has been able to negotiate and seal deals with numerous corporations like; National Pen, Wabash, PADI, among others.

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Nitin Khanna – Advanced Intrapreneur and Investor

Posted on July 31, 2019

Biography Of Nitin

Khanna was born in India. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, that has inspired him to do the same. He has been surrounded by different types of entrepreneurship styles, based on which he has developed his own enterprises. At the age of 17, he moved to the US Where he went to college for Industrial Engineering. This is when he has decided to start practicing his knowledge.

Starting a Job

After college Khanna started his first job. He has been in a few different types of positions and his first management job was managing a cardboard box company. He worked for this company for two years and then he decided to look for something more.

Saber Software

He then started Saber Software with his younger brother. He spent 10 years of developing the business. This was the early fortune of Saber Software. Saber and Khanna was in the industry of election in 2000 when the government passed the law of using electronics software by 2006. Oregon was the initial state to make the changes and comply with the new law. Saber won the contract. Afterward, 21 states utilized this software for the voting process. Saber would have grown further, however, Khanna sold the company to EDS in 2008. EDS Became HP in 2009.

Khanna Rising in Portland Oregon

Khanna grew a fond in Portland Oregon. He desired for Portland to become a successful city. He invested to 40 – 50 companies for two years. In Portland, another entrepreneur has spotted Khanna and was in need of his help. They were interested in finding out when it would be best to sell the company for a good profit, knowing that Khanna sold his company for good earnings. Then he became an advisor to entrepreneurs, by helping companies grow and obtain maximum sale outcome.

Khanna is Very Advanced

Khanna is known as a chess player where everyone else is playing checkers. He is always three steps ahead. He has helped multiple large companies to succeed in business.

Khanna’s Advice

Looking back now he would say to himself “Do not be anxious, be steady, and patient. Work hard and be fair to all the dealings, keep your eye on the goals, plan your work, and work your plan”.

Current Stage of Khanna

 Nitin Khanna is now the CEO of Mergertech, a small investment bank in Portland. Khanna is the former CEO of Cura Cannabis. Today, he is an investor and entrepreneur.

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Lincolnshire Management Is A Leading Private Equity Firm

Posted on April 06, 2019

Are you looking for information about Lincolnshire Management’s recent sale of Holley? Wondering how the sale of this popular Performance Products company was accomplished?

Lincolnshire Management announced the sale of Holley to a company that is an affiliate which is an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners.

Holley was founded in 1903 and has since built a solid reputation among automotive enthusiasts. The company caters to the automotive parts and accessories industry and has achieved great success. It focuses on the design, manufacture, and marketing of various brands of performance automotive products.

Lincolnshire Management is a highly reliable private equity firm that caters to a wide variety of clients in many different industries. Lincolnshire Management is a global investment firm and it invests in middle market companies around the globe. The company has locations in New York and Chicago and has an established history of obtaining an outstanding outcome for clients and partners.

The professionals at this renowned firm take the time to evaluate each project or investment transaction before making a decision. They do the necessary research and check the profit potential before engaging in an investment or acquisition deal.

Private equity firms often buy undervalued or under-appreciated companies, add value to them in order to make them appealing, and then sell them for a profit. Once a company is bought, it will be removed from the stock market. Knowledgeable and experienced investment professionals take steps to assess the target company and then make a decision based on their findings. Making disciplined investment choices increases the chances of obtaining significant returns.

Lincolnshire Management and its investment professionals look for profitable companies in growing industries. They invest in niche manufacturing as well as distribution and service businesses. They are interested in companies that growth opportunities, good margins, diversified customers, competitive advantages and strong management teams.

Many of the professionals at Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Management have hands-on operational and managerial expertise and guides portfolio companies to reach solutions to their problems. These professionals have versed experience in catering to clients from all walks of life and are committed to helping them reach their goals.

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Nitin Khanna: A Man Of Many Hats

Posted on April 06, 2019

Born to a family of business owners and entrepreneurs, Nitin Khanna knew that he was going to follow his own path at a very young age. Inspired by the many successful business ventures of his family, he immigrated from India to America at the age of 17. After earning his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University, he began his career in technology.

While working for Oracle Corporation, Khanna began to mentor his younger brother who has also recently immigrated to America. Convinced that he would be more successful as an entrepreneur, Khanna encouraged his brother to take the plunge with him. At just 25, he co-founded his first technology company, Saber Corporation. Saber quickly became known as the largest private providers of state government services and solutions in the US. After establishing Saber as a $120 million revenue corporation, he sold the company an started on his next venture.

Staying true to his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Khanna, along with his brother launched MergerTech in 2009. MergerTech catered to technology start-ups like Saber, that were looking to sell or expand their businesses as well. Khanna’s approach to connecting the most ideal buyers with his clients helped establish MergerTech as the number one mobile bank in America.

In addition to his position as CEO of MergerTech, Khanna is also the CEO of Cura Cannabis, a provider of CBD oils in Portland, Oregon. Like any true entrepreneur, Nitin Khanna keeps a diverse portfolio of ideas and new business opportunities. His most recent venture – redefining technology in India, starting with a $5 million investment Isos, a Mohali-based tech startup. His ability to demonstrate his expertise across a variety of different industries makes him one of today’s most successful entrepreneurs. When asked what keeps him motivated, Khanna humbly credits the opportunity to continue to mentor and help others achieve the same success.

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How Boraie development has been shaping New Jersey’s real estate arena

Posted on December 29, 2018

People in New Jersey are continually making their way to downtown New Brunswick due to the luxurious yet affordable apartments that keep cropping up in this area. They now have even more reasons to do so after Boraie development, a renowned real estate company launched its latest seventeen story project in 135 Somerset Street.

Features of each unit

The aspire apartment has a total of 238 studio units. Each condo features appliances such as an in-home washer and a dryer. Also, they all boast contemporary design with carpeted bedrooms, quartz countertops in the designer kitchens, and a little bit of a vintage edge, due to the hardwood floors. Residents also enjoy free cable and internet access and those with furred best friends can now enjoy the companion of their pets as they are allowed.

Apart from the series of impressive features that each apartment packs, the aspire is also situated in an advantageous location where residents can easily access the New Brunswick train station, shopping centers, nightclubs and medical facilities like the Robert Wood Johnson hospital. They can also enjoy breathtaking views of the Raritan River from their private terraces and balcony units, or the beautiful rooftop deck. Because it is based in a medium populated neighborhood, the developers set aside 10,000 square feet of retail space, for residents who would like to establish a business.

Other features

Apart from its convenient location, The Aspire apartments are also secure and boast a 24/7 doorman lobby. Other features include a parking lot with direct access to the lobby, a garden with an outdoor barbeque space and a state of the art fitness/yoga center as well as a complete game room. Whenever there is an issue, residents can have it sorted efficiently through onsite management.

Other Boraie development projects

Besides these apartments, Boraie development has been shaping the scope of real estate in New Jersey through the continuous development of high-end apartments. For instance, early this year, the real estate giant launched it’s a 33 stories residential project in Newark. The project has 370 units and was successfully made a reality through the partnership of Boraie development and NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaquille who was born and raised in Newark also plans on moving back to his hometown by taking up residence at the penthouse built on top of the 33 stories residential building. Like The aspire apartments, it also boasts top-shelf features and is already being nicknamed the Shaq towers.

About Boraie Development

Established in 1972 by Omar Boraie. He’s one of the earliest pioneers of New Jersey’s real estate and has continuously helped transform the city into a modern one through the development of contemporary real estate projects giving it the much-needed class it was lacking. The Albany street plaza tower one on which his office is located was his first project in the city. Since then he has gone to develop a series of many other classy buildings and today, Boraie development boasts quite a considerable portfolio.

How to Make Money with Market America

Posted on February 10, 2018

Earning a living at home has always been a lot harder than you might think. Sure, it’s great to be able to make money without needing to set an alarm and be stuck in traffic just to get to an office everyday. However, a lot of at-home jobs simply aren’t reliable. Some don’t make you a lot of money at all and can barely even be considered supplemental income. Others are not reliable and can close out your account in a matter of seconds if they feel you’re no longer a good employee for their services. Others might charge you a lot of money just to get started and then leave you hanging in terms of selling the products you’ve just purchased.

This is why Market America has been created and is slowly but surely becoming America’s number one entrepreneur company available. Market America allows you to pick out a line of products that you’d like to market and sell. Once you choose the products, you just start your own site, market it to the public and then have Market America do the shipping and returns for you. You are only responsible for the website itself and will never have to buy products or ship them out to those who have bought them. Market America has been around for quite some time and has been number one in the world of at-home entrepreneurship since its inception.

The beauty about Market America is that it does not cost a small fortune to get started. In fact, the vast majority of people visiting the Market America site and looking through its method can quickly get started in a matter of minutes without worrying that it’s going to become a financial hardship. Plus, you may be able to supplement or even replace the current income that you are earning. This company puts the time and dedication into their product lines and the people selling them. If you need help with creating a site or want to know more about the products, the company is there to answer any of these questions you might have. His facebook page

Wine proprietor Julia Jackson love of wine started at childhood

Posted on September 27, 2017

Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines and Kendall-Jackson is giving back to the community. That is the community of strong women all over the world. She founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. It celebrates powerful women who overcame life’s challenges and are now empowering others to do the same in their community. Seeds of Empowerment gives away $100,000 of cash grants annually to non-profit organizations that celebrate “warrior Women.” Yin Myo Su has been a recipient so she can bring prosperity and growth to her home country, Myanmar.

Julia Jackson has worked at her family’s wineries since she was a child. She worked out in the fields picking and sorting grapes with her siblings in tow. There she learned the beauty of hard work. Her love of wine became even stronger when out of college she moved to Bordeaux, France to learn the ins and outs of French wine making. Now France is a lifelong passion of hers. Julia’s family owns a number of wineries including Kendall-Jackson, Jackson Family Wines, Cambria Wines, and Stonestreet Winery. And Her Linkedin, All are top rated and award winning wines that can be enjoyed any occasion. Some of the wine that Cambria makes is Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They are covered in Julia’s water color artistry. Even the recipient of the Seeds of Cambria Yin Myo Su is featured on one of the bottles of wine. Julia is not only educated when it comes to wine, but she also has a degree. The wine proprietor attended Scripps College a liberal arts women’s college in Claremont, California. There she got he Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art in 2010. Julia then received a certificate in General Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business. With a deep knowledge of wine and a true sense of professionalism, Julia has a bright future ahead of her and learn more about Julia Jackson.

Equities First Holdings Offering Alternative Lending to Small Businesses

Posted on April 16, 2017

With pioneers like Equities First Holdings, the alternative small enterprise loaning sector has outpaced the banking sector as a result of embracing technology. They utilize innovation to come up with practical instruments for private companies. Subsequently, they offer a quicker and more efficient small enterprise loaning experience. Entrepreneurs can apply for funding on the web and get an immediate arrangement. They can safely get to your data through a cloud database to assess your business reliability. Within a short time as compared to traditional institutions, the alternative lender offers the best solution and package for your business capital and more information click here.

Equities First Holdings has been in the leading sector since 2002, offering both small business and individuals with stock-based capital. Innovation permits alternative lenders to get the large view, which opens the entryways for private ventures. Equities First Holdings loans come with high loan to value ratio with minimal and fixed interest rates. Another thing is variety; Equities First offers entrepreneurs a plenty of approaches to back their private ventures. Loans are just a single kind of independent company loaning. There are other services that the company provides to its clients.

Your private company is one of a kind. You have a superior shot of getting appropriate business financing from Equities First Holdings compared to conventional ways that come with expensive interest rates and demand more business records. The company has a robust lending experience making it simple to compare and research your options with whole transparency. Equities First Holdings services are entirely flexible unlike the bank loans that come with strict regulations giving your small business minimal flexibility on how to use and pay the loan. Dissimilar with bank loans, Equities First Holdings offers non-purpose capital loans which can be spent as the business owner desires. Today, you can contact the company and get to know of the margin and stock-based loan benefits.

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NYC Apartment Market Continues to Grow

Posted on September 23, 2016


The luxury real estate business is always full of change, and today’s market is seeing more change than ever before, as young tech entrepreneurs enter this market. In days of old, luxury properties in New York were largely purchased by business people in their 60s who had a long career already behind them. Today, with the sudden wealth that is coming to some young tech people, the whole idea of who a luxury property buyer is has changed.

Today’s young buyers looking for luxury NYC apartments for sale have different needs than those of the past, and that’s something Town Residential is trying to adapt their polices for. Today’s buyers are looking for NYC apartments for sale in trendy New York neighborhoods like Tribeca or the Village, and they want places near the bars and restaurants they like. Another change is that these buyers are open to taking on properties they can upgrade. Certain amenities are coming back for buyers of NYC apartments for sale, too, like an area off the master bedroom called a “morning kitchen,” that allows for making morning coffee, or for entertaining with champagne in the evening, without the need to walk all the way down to a kitchen. Realtors saw they haven’t seen this amenity called for for many years.

Working With Market Professionals

What’s clear is that today’s young buyers looking for NYC apartments for sale need to work with real estate professionals who know the complexities of the new luxury market in New York. This is a highly complex market, and the right realtor will be able to steer a buyer to the right property at the right price. All of this is why buyers are seeking out the professionals at TOWN Residential.

TOWN Residential was launched in 2010, with the goal of serving the demands of those who wanted the highest level properties in New York. With a great commitment to market knowledge and customer service, TOWN has become one of the top firms in this very competitive market. So when it’s time to find the luxury property of your dreams, its time to call TOWN.

VTA Publications Has Developed A Global Following

Posted on May 03, 2016

Most people, whether they wish to believe it or not, are on the “Zombie Train.” What is the Zombie Train? It can be described as meandering through the ether without a care in the world or letting opportunities slip through your fingers without a care in the world.

Most of these people follow the same routines day in and day out. They take the train to and from work, spend a day of drudgery at the same boring job then start all over again. And that’s the case for the ones who have actually found employment. Many haven’t and with the state of the economy, there’s no guarantee they will. The worst thing, however, is that many people don’t use their time wisely. During down time, they are doing non-productive things that set them back further. Playing the iPod and video games won’t get you to your intended goal.

Apathy is a dream killer. You have to get up and move if your want to get out of the quagmire. And don’t let others destroy your dreams. The saying “misery loves company” is a true statement. Keep your goals to yourself. That way, you don’t have to worry about crabs pulling you back into the bucket. Set realistic goals. And that means you have to get up and get moving.

VTA Publications is one of the largest publisher of non-fiction works in the world. If you are looking for distance learning courses or other specialty genres, you can likely find it at VTA Publications. Created in 2012, the company has made it its goal to provide readers with cutting-edge information from some of the best professionals in their field.

Finance and economics is the company’s specialty. In the present age of global unsteadiness, the information obtained is worth its weight in gold. Experts offer simple formats that is helpful to beginners and advanced. VTA Publications invites you to check out their website and enjoy all of what they have to offer.  Check out the store too, for the publications they have for sale.