Copa Star: An Exquisite Hospital With Exceptional Services

Posted on March 02, 2017

Hospitals can be boring because of having to deal with empty ceilings, the smell of medicine, and a small bed. However, Copa Star Hospital seems to have revolutionized the notion, adding a dash of opulence to the field.

Copa Star is located in Figueiredo Magalhaes, next to Copacabana beach, in a twenty-one thousand meters built area. The hospital is an A-1 luxury hotel, offering top-notch services throughout Brazil. Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, an independent operator of hospitals, was responsible for coming up with the design and are aiming at expanding the model countrywide.

The only time we get to see art collection is when we visit a gallery store. Paintings from Yutaka, a Japanese artist, however, decorate Copa Star’s corridors. Also, the hospital has a separate attachment where nurses can comfortably move patients on stretchers, and we can finally bid traffic farewell.

The hospital is remarkably cultivated and full of splendor. Every room gives you a five-star hotel feeling, unlike typical hospitals where you feel sicker once you enter the room. Every detail was thought through carefully, from the entrance to the décor around you. A restaurant under the guidance of Chef Steve Moreillion operates at the hospital.

To beat the ether smell, Copa Star has invested in woody tones, sending a sweet aroma everywhere. Also, they use natural lighting, how beautiful is it to view the sunset or sunrise from your bed! The lighting offers a state of serenity within the hospital, doing away with strong artificial light.

The project, which started in 2013, used more than 400 million Reais. Rede D’Or Sao Luiz intends to expand the project to other major centers within the country, focusing on cities like Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

About Copa Star

The hospital has modern equipment aiming at providing quality health services and become an example to other hospitals. Also, it has qualified staff members, providing care and support. Surgeries including cardiology and neurology will also be available. The hospital will mostly serve people from Sao Paulo bridge area.

About Rede D’Or Sao Luiz

It is an independent hospital operator founded in 1977 by Cardiologist Jorge Moll. Its primary mission is launching hospital centers including The Hospital and Maternidade Oeste D’Or in Rio de Janeiro. It also has an Oncology Center geared towards preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer, with the most advanced equipment in the medical world. With their qualified staff, the hospital aims at providing adequate medical care.

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The Miracle in Manaira

Posted on February 18, 2017

Brazil’s own, Roberto Santiago recently opened the hottest new shopping location in the entire region. The Manaira Shopping mall, located in Joao Pessoa, after a high level of initial success, is focusing on continuing to grow their bond with consumers. By appealing to the interests slightly outside the realm of shopping, Santiago creates a cohesive world of entertainment in Joao Pessoa.

Robert Santiago is an entrepreneur who found his first success after starting a cartonnage company. He was born in Joao Pessoa in July of 1958 and later attended the University Center at Joao Pessoa. After working at a cafe, Santiago achieved massive success with his cartonnage company, which set in motion a continuous trend of growth and development. Propelling himself to new heights with the opening of Manaira Shopping, Roberto Santiago has now set his mind on making his new investment more efficient. He has been placing significant emphasis on making his latest endeavor a place filled with variety and the spirit of fun, making it much more than just a haven for shopping.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is currently the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa and has become a major attraction to the area due to Santiago’s forward thinking. Famous for the hospitable treatment of guests, the Joao Pessoa area is rife with beautiful beaches and a variety of entertainment options. In Santiago’s expansion of Manaira Shopping, he has sought to match the natural tranquility and blissful vibes of Joao Pessoa. Santiago chose to separate Manaira Shopping from his counterparts by implementing a myriad of entertainment choices, such as bowling alleys and movie theaters. Although Roberto Santiago has achieved success in several arenas regarding his business ventures, his tastes also expand into the world of sports. He is an avid follower of Motocross and has even received several awards as a participant.

Ricardo Tosto: His Successful Career in Law

Posted on November 04, 2016

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent legal practitioner in Brazil. Before founding one of the most experienced corporate litigation in the country, his career started at a small law office in Brazil. Therefore, he decided to found one of the largest litigation company in Brazil.

He has provided services for multinationals and major large corporations in Brazil. He has also defended numerous companies and public personalities. For governments, he has provided ideological views.

He is also a pioneer in developing legal mechanisms. For the Brazilian economy, his tools have been widely used and adopted in learning institutions. He has mentored his partners who were brought on board as interns. He monitors all the ongoing cases in his firm through his innovative strategies. Whenever an individual problem arises, he provides the necessary leadership towards achieving a solution.

The Country of Lawyers

Brazil has many litigation professionals. Thanks to the numerous law schools in the country. In 2010, the country had one of the highest number of lawyers in the world. While it has over one million lawyers, the United States has fewer lawyers per capita. The country has over one million lawyers.

One thing about Brazil is that they are not lovers of the law. Their main aim is not to become lawyers. However, they want to be acquainted with an education in law. The number of laws schools in the country explains it all. When putting together, the country has more law schools that all other countries.

There are over 1,250 certificate courses in Law for the country. While the world’s courses in law are totaled as 1,100, the country remains marvelous. The National Council of Justice announced these data in 2010. These number is enormous. However, that doesn’t mean that the quality of education is better than other countries. According to the statistics provided by NSJ in 2010, there were over 80,000 registered lawyers in the country. Three are over three million law professionals in the country. This data is extremely high. The law courses in Brazil are getting too many and too big. Most of the courses are under the Education Ministry. For the past few years, the schools have seen poor results in national examination.

Why the Name Mike Baur is Synonymous with Fintech

Posted on October 19, 2016

The name Mike Baur is well-known in the world of finance in Switzerland. The fintech industry is soaring now that he started the Swiss Startup Factory, and it is the driving force behind entrepreneurs doing great things. While Baur may be regarded as a dropout in his industry, he is still known as one of the top ex-bankers in Switzerland. Baur felt that it was time to move onto something new and exciting, and he wanted to help people. His passion is now for helping startups.


Baur, having gotten top ex-bankers on board is now working hard as a mentor for those who want to take their ideas and turn them into revenue. The SSUF is now the place for entrepreneurs to go in Switzerland, and they can now take part in the accelerator program. Young companies can be a part of this acceleration program and learn all of the necessary moving parts of their business and how to maintain it.


One of the top ex-bankers Baur got on board is Michael Hartweg. Baur and Hartweg worked for different banks, and Hartweg brings his experience in derivatives to the table. His ability to look at the valuation of companies and how far they will go is a critical part of helping these companies launch. The program gives these young companies training as well as mentoring in legal matters, collaboration for inspiration and encouragement. These companies come to SSUF because they are launching companies in digital technologies.


While Mike Baur manages the day to day operations and oversees the project, Hartweg will be taking a close look at these companies and hand-pick the candidates that are right for the job in all aspects. Hartweg is looking for their initial launch potential and their long-term growth potential. The focus on fintech startups is putting Switzerland on the digital map.


The Swiss have always been regarded as accurate and making everything they create with absolute precision. The way that the SSUF is being launched is no different. This is why Baur and Hartweg will build a successful dynasty with these entrepreneurs. Thanks to the ex-bankers from Leonteq and Sallfort, Switzerland will continue to grow in business, and in the latest fintech industry which is growing every day.


Adam Goldenberg Is Making Something He Didn’t Know Anything About Into Something Golden

Posted on October 09, 2016

Adam Goldenberg certainly seems to be living up to his name with the work that he’s put into JustFab, a company that sells some of the hottest apparel at bargain prices online. Goldenberg really actually knew nothing about the fashion industry when he decided to go into it, but there was a sense of adventure that he liked about it, and with his goal to make shopping for fashion fun for everyone, this company has taken off. The company is primarily a women’s clothing outlet on, but its sister companies include an outlet for men, an outlet for children, and an athletic wear outlet for both genders.

Goldenberg’s career path is an interesting one that begins in a quiet town in the Midwest. When Goldenberg was only 15 he decided to get into web design, and he started up his own company called Gamer’s Alliance, a hub of advertised gaming websites that became a popular choice for many people to visit. Intermix Media, a California-based company instantly became interested in this website and Goldenberg, so they offered him a position to come work for them even though he had not even been to college. But still, Goldenberg excelled at this new position and helped Intermix Media take such strides that he got promoted to Chief Operating Officer when he was only 20.

Goldenberg couldn’t point to a better moment while at Intermix Media, than when he met Don Ressler, another entrepreneur who had started up The two developed a friendship very quickly, and decided they wanted to go into their own business after News Corporation on bought out Intermix Media in 2005. Goldenberg and Ressler decided to experiment with a few startups, founding Intelligent Beauty in as a parent company to market health and beauty products, but then they decided to do fashion sales.

Goldenberg and Ressler both were friends of Kimora Lee Simmons, a fashion model who had a lot of twitter followers, and when she heard of their idea to make online clothes shopping combined with an unparalleled social media experience a reality, she came on board with that idea immediately. Goldenberg and Ressler then began hosting functions in which many interested parties got to come see the fashion designs that this new company, JustFab had to offer, and as Goldenberg and Ressler were always open to new ideas and suggestions, the company grew to be a big hit.

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Mike Baur the Entrepreneur Leader

Posted on August 09, 2016

When considering Mike Baur ended up helping dozens of different start ups gain their footing, you see that he started off in a very strange position in the beginning of his career.

Since he was a child, Mike Baur was fascinated with the financial and banking industry. This culminated in his education at the University of Rochester in New York where he received an MBA. Immediately afterwards, he moved back home to start climbing the ladder of the private banking industry in Switzerland. After two decades, he found himself in an executive board position at one of the most prestigious private Swiss banks.

Eventually, however, Mike Baur felt the need to leave that industry. He left it, instead, for a fresh start in giving new start ups a leg up on their competitors by creating the Swiss Start Up Factory.

Mike Baur, along with two other co-founders, use the Swiss Start Up Factory to help new companies, particularly in the digital sector, by giving them expert advice. They aid them in financial matters, such as bookkeeping and payroll management. In addition, the leaders of the team dispense general business wisdom that the new companies so direly need.

One of the most important aspects given to start ups who apply and are accepted into the Swiss Start Up Factory is the entrepreneurial and financial networks that are opened up. Each of the founders and leading professionals of the organization offer their own contacts and clients for the new start ups to enjoy and use to grow their business.

The reason Mike Baur left his influential position at the leading private bank was because he felt he was in a unique position that allowed him to better the world. He believes that Switzerland is the most innovative country on the planet, but also recognizes the fact that there is a distinct lack of executive ability among the new companies that start up. As a result, there are many revolutionary ideas floating in the air, but no one to act on those ideas and turn them into flourishing businesses.

Not only is Mike Baur occupied with the Swiss Start Up Factory, because he has recently partnered with Fintech Accelerator Fusion. This new partner is similar in ideology to the Swiss Start Up Factory but focuses on a different portion of the population in the area. But partnering up, the two organizations cover all.

Duda Melzer Steering Grupo RBS to a Leader in the Media Industry

Posted on June 23, 2016


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer popularly called Duda Melzer serves as a president as well as the chair of the Grupo RBS. Previously, he was the vice president of the company. Apart from overseeing the overall growth plans and day-to-day operations of Grupo RBS, Duda Melzer runs successful private businesses. For instance, he owns Media Conglomerate Journalism Brands and Entertainment headquartered in Southern Brazil. Additionally, he is the founder and chair of e.Bricks, an esteemed investment firm in the digital sector that operates in the United States and Brazil.

Education and career history

Duda attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Eventually, Melzer joined Harvard and received his MBA. Immediately after graduating, he started his career in the U.S. prior to securing a job in his family business. He was the Delphi’s Senior Financial Analyst and CEO of Boxtop Media, which is non-traditional media firm. In 2015, he made it to the list of Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise leaders. The family enterprise offers an opportunity for 25 young entrepreneurs worldwide, who are leading in business and considered as role models in the society to meet each year.

About Grupo RBS

Grupo RBS has been in business for 56 years, and it manages 6,500 employees. Apart from being the fastest growing, Grupo RBS is among the largest media firms in Brazil. According to Melzer, the firm is a professional family investment. Melzer’s uncle, Nelson Sirotsky serves as the Chief Executive of the media company. The primary goal of the company is to survive the fast-paced technological revolution and cement a respected position in the media industry.

The primary source of encouragement for Melzer is American John Davis, a top consultant on family business and Harvard professor. The relationship between Grupo RBS and John Davis extends from 1999. Melzer believes good governance is an essential virtue for the success of any family business.

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Sam Tabar – A Man of Many Facets

Posted on June 03, 2016

Sam Tabar is a many-sided man. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with Honors, and a law degree from Oxford University, in 2000. He also has a Law degree from Columbia Law School. He was also Associate Editor on the Columbia Business Law Review in 2001.

In September of 2001, Mr. Tabar became an associate of world renowned Skaddon, Arps, Slater, Meaghan & Flom LLP, New York. In 2004, Sam Tabar joined SPARK Group/PMA Investment Advisors,Tokyo/Hong Kong/London/New York as their Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development, a position in which he was very successful.

Sam Tabar became Director, Head of Capital Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch,
Hong Kong/ New York in 2011. Mr. Tabar departed this position in 2012, when he became
Senior Associate with Shulte Roth & Zabel, where he stayed until 2014. Mr. Tabar joined Full Cycle Energy Fund in December, 2015, as their Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Tabor will be in charge of fund management strategy for Full Cycle Fund, whose goal is to get away from high-cost fuels that pollute and move toward environmentally friendly, low cost fuels for power production and other areas of fuel use.

Sam Tabar is also a private venture capitalist and is an early investor in Tribute and in She Thinx, a women’s underwear and feminine hygiene empowerment start-up company whose goal is to educate and empower women about their personal hygiene, mainly in Africa and Asia.

According to his Twitter, Sam Tabar enjoys hosting various events, and he is very devoted to his parents and other family members and friends. He is very fond of animals, and is involved with training his dogs. He loves traveling and he speaks fluent English and French and manages to get by with the Japanese language.

A lot can be learned about the wise thoughts of Sam Tabar by looking him up online at his official website There are several of his personal business insights and personal life values mentioned and listed there. Check them out. These are the many facets of Mr. Sam Tabar.

How to Include Sweaters in Transitional Clothing

Posted on March 20, 2016

Spring may be right around the corner, but there are days that feel like it is still the middle of winter. This unpredictable weather makes choosing the right outfit more complicated because you neither want to dress too warmly nor dress too springy.

One of the best ways to dress properly for varied types of weather is to incorporate sweaters into your outfits. There are many sweater options available that won’t leave your wallet empty. There is a great article at Buzzfeed that gives examples of sweaters that are both cozy and cheap.

Adding a few sweater styles to your wardrobe can help you create stylish and good-looking outfits that are perfect for transitional dressing at this time of year.

Types of sweaters to consider would be a simple pull-over sweater that can be worn layered over a collared shirt, a long cardigan sweater in a neutral color like black or tan to pair with both skirts and pants, and a lightweight sweater to be worn on its own or with a camisole underneath for an extra layer of warmth, if necessary. These three types of sweaters will extend your wardrobe options until the last day of winter finally surrenders to spring.

In addition to a few sweaters, you should also add at least a couple pair of shoes to your wardrobe that are appropriate for both spring, and the last remaining days of winter. JustFab is an online retailer that carries shoes, handbags, jewelry, and much more.

JustFab is a membership site that offers special pricing on merchandise to its members. Once you become a member, merchandise you like and want to purchase will always be offered at up to 50 percent off the normal retail price, and you will earn points toward free royalty items.

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Sanjay Shah and the Solo Capital Wealth Strategy

Posted on March 09, 2016

Anyone who is involved in the world of finance, investments, or retirement these days fully understands how difficult it can be to even identify the right path to growing their wealth. Once you have taken the time to truly understand investments and get a better handle on what you want to do then you absolutely need to find the right partner that can help guide you (and protect you) along the way.

The importance of any investments firm is first and foremost to get the markets. It doesn’t matter what your secondary skills and talents are if you don’t know just how to operate within investments. The investments world can be a difficult one to play in, and if you find someone who understands the market just like a top professional can then you already know you are on the right track. That being said, you also want to be sure that you find someone who understands people as much as they understand finance.

In any situation that you find yourself dealing with someone in the service industry you need to find someone who knows how to remain calm under pressure. When someone has dealt with significant losses, sees the temptation of excess returns at the risk of more risk, or even just someone who wants to follow up with you and reassure you that they are keeping their eyes on your financial goals as much as (or more than) you do yourself, you know that you have found someone you can trust to guide you in the correct direction and truly be able to work with for the long haul.

Another reason why you want to be sure to have someone who gets investments and also gets people is just because the nature of the business. If there is a realistic chance that you will be able to see additional gains with a new fund or opportunity, then perhaps it does make sense to explore that area. Or you might want to stay the course in a short term period of time where your investments take a hit. However, when you see significant volatility and you feel that you need to make a decision, the last thing that you want to do is speak with someone who either doesn’t understand the markets or who doesn’t understand how to communicate an investment strategy to you (if not both).

The reason that so many individuals and investors are turning to Sanjay Shah and his wealth management strategy employed by Solo Capital is only because of the fact that both he and his organization have continued to employ both the idea of understanding wealth and also understanding people. His success will continue to grow just like the wealth of his clients as a result.

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