Ted Bauman Interview

Posted on June 08, 2019

Ted Bauman works as the editor of Plan B, The Bauman Letter as well as the Alpha Stock Alert. All these focus on the protection of assets, privacy, low-risk investment strategies, and international migration issues. Together with his family, he lives in Atlanta, GA. All through his career, Ted Bauman has been helping people to be directly in touch with the necessary sources that will help them live a comfortable life. A life that is away from governmental oversight and commercial insatiability.

Bringing new ideas to life

Bauman works as a writer and therefore has to write crucial topics that will make them read more and more. While bringing new ideas to life, he ensures to use the best narrative and writing skills. These help him to explain why specific topics are more important clearly. For instance, when writing about the importance of assets protection, Bauman uses real-life examples. This helps readers to create such ideas in their minds.

A trend that excites Ted Bauman

Ted is excited by how his readers can question the global economy. A large number of people are asking whether accommodating large businesses is a fine financial strategy. They seek to know whether it can be of great benefits to society and not just themselves. He is happy about how many people are conscious of the problems that face the world today. These people are also more interested in getting solutions to the issues since its something that has not been met previously.

A habit that makes him more productive

Ted Bauman starts his day early in the morning. This gives him the capability to utilize the most productive time of the day to perform more complicated tasks. He believes time management is the key to having a successful career. Knowing the time of the day when he is more productive has helped him a great deal. He guards that time and never allows people to disturb him. Through this, he can focus on his work all through.


Ted Bauman has experienced several failures in life. He viewed all the shortcomings as essential opportunities to learn some new ways of doing things. He discovered it is essential to be realistic.

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How Betterworks Can Change A Company’s Culture

Posted on June 04, 2019

Betterworks is a place where people can learn how to manage employee performance in smart ways. This is a great software program to use because it was designed to measure employee performance. However, it is also something that people can use when they are trying to learn how they would manage their staff going forward. There are tools for the experienced manager, and there are tools for the new manager who needs to learn how to handle their staff.

The performance management software that this company makes is one of the best things for people to use because they get a lot of help maintaining files and recording the results they get for all the people on their staff.

It is very easy for people to get this software to use right now in their office, and they can apply it to all the people on their staff. The performance management tools can be adjusted to help the manager figure out what they want out of their employees. Plus, it is very important for these managers to have information that they can share with their staff members when needed.

It is also important to remember how Betterworks can change a company’s culture. If all the people who work for the company know that they will be treated right, that they are evaluated using a simple system, and can learn how to get better, they will be more likely to do good work. It is smart to use Betterworks to make your employees better.

Smita Shah on Why Engineering is a Vital Career in the Industry

Posted on May 27, 2019

Smita Shah is the owner of Spaan Tech. She recently attended the Steve Cochran Show, where she discussed the value of engineering, including how she has been working as a scientist, technologist, and an engineer to change the world. She started serving in the sector 20 years ago and has not looked back since then. Here’s a short excerpt of what she said at the interview: Learn more: https://www.thechicagonetwork.org/members/smita-shah/


Smita Shah recalls that she was close to her father while growing up. She is also a respected entrepreneur who oversees the development of different business projects. Being a civic leader too, she is known to contribute to various philanthropic projects that improve people’s lives. Shah established the organization in 1998.


She has since pioneered the firm into a significant multi-disciplinary company with extensive expertise in private as well as public infrastructure projects. She has spearheaded projects in transportation, aviation, in addition to facilities. She has also been recognized for her input in different sectors in the tech world. As such, in 2009, she was recognized by Ernst and Young as the leading entrepreneur of the year. Recently, she also received an award from the YWCA. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn


Being the child of immigrants, Smita Shah is devoted to public service. That’s her main driving principle. It’s evident in her support for community leadership roles. The following key pillars also drive Shah’s call to service:


Promoting arts


Serving her community


Honoring her country


Fostering education


Still, in recognition of Shah’s work in building various entrepreneurial bridges between her native land and the US, she was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. This award is geared towards honoring individuals who contribute to the growth of their communities at large. Some of her commitments include serving as the vice chairperson of Chicago Plan Commission and a board member of the Economic Club of Chicago. Over the years, she has also chaired various program grants and fellows programs.


At SPAAN Tech Inc, Smita Shah oversees program management services based on the firm’s modern management tools created for optimal planning, staffing, control, and organization. The added strength allows the company and its customers to remain proactive while handling their projects. The firm’s established project coordination mechanisms also ensure that different project components are technically consistent with the client’s optimal needs to meet various projects.


Smita Shah earned a degree in science from the prestigious Northwestern University. She has maintained strong ties with the institution. She attended M.I.T. for a master’s degree in civil engineering. Her thesis was based on the state of the country’s infrastructure. Smita Shah also has academic credentials on management studies from the prestigious Oxford University. Her thesis was titled culture and leadership in public and private partnerships.

The Excellence of Donata Meireless

Posted on May 26, 2019

For more than thirty years Donata Meirelles has been changing lives through fashion. Considered an expert in her field, Meirelles has been responsible for identifying trends for people all over the world. She has become well known for her work ethic and commitment to following through. She identified her passion at a young age and has worked hard to master her craft. To learn more about Donata Meirelles view her Crunchbase profile

Donata Meireless got her big break at an early age working as an International Buyer for Daslu. Located in Brazil, Baslu has become recognized as a mecca for fashion for people all over the world. This position launched Meirelles career and gave her the skills she would need to build an impressive resume. That resume includes being the founder of the Women in the World Foundation. This powerful women’s organization supports a number of other groups which include amfAR, the Brazil Foundation and Gerando Falcoes. While working with these groups, Meireless has been recognized for her excellence. In 2014 she received the prestigious Humanitarian Award. This award was given to her because of her years of focus on those with AIDS and HIV.

Meireless recently shared the secrets to her success. Meireless is committed to a daily routine. She understands her priorities include family, health and work. Her days are busy but they are filled with activities that are important to her. She is very committed to working hard. She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be ambitious and never settle.

Donata Meireless understands that today’s world is fast paced. Today’s fashion world is no different. The invention of the smartphone and the internet mean that tends in the fashion industry can change quickly. Meireless considers herself an expert on noticing these trends and is passionate about helping others notice them as well. Although she has had a long and successful career, she appears set for many more years of success.

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InnovaCare Health Announces Additions to its Executive Leadership Team

Posted on May 07, 2019

InnovaCare Health is a famous Medicaid company in North America. It offers healthcare services. Healthcare providers provide various managed services such as Medicare plans and physician practice. Richard Shinto is the founder of InnovaCare Health, which was founded in 1998 after enrolling in the North American Medical Management that is situated in California. Dr. Rick Shinto realized that there was a gap in operational skill among physicians. As such, Shinto joined hands with NAMM to aid in the healthcare firms in offering quality healthcare. InnovaCare was officially formed in 2012 after the sale of some NAMM properties by the management team.

InnovaCare Health aims at formulating compatible, affordable, and sustainable models that focus on the patients and physicians. InnovaCare Health recently announced additions to its executive leadership team. The healthcare provider, through its president and CEO, announced the addition of the three leaders to the team. Jonathan Meyers has been appointed the chief actuary officer. Before his appointment to InnovaCare, Jonathan was working for Horizon BCBS as the director of actuarial services, Medicaid and Medicare. The firm is New Jersey’s largest carrier. Jonathan has also worked at the HealthCare Partners in New York as the chief actuary and the vice president and CFO of Managed Care at a division of heritage medical systems. Meyers has offered employee benefits consulting to large unions and employers such as AXA Financial, SEIU 1199, Johnson 7 Johnson, and International Paper.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides has been appointed the chief administrative officer. She has over 20 years’ experience in the health care sector. Penelope specializes in the managed care sector and government programs, which include Medicaid and Medicare. She has overseen health care operations and procedures and developed clinical programs for several years intending to enhance organizational and efficiencies infrastructure. Penelope has worked in several companies serving under various senior positions.

Mike Sortino

Mike is the new InnovaCare’s chief accounting officer. He was working at the Controller of Samsung Fire &Marine Insurance Co. before joining InnovaCare. Before that, Mike worked for five years at HCC Specialty as the chief financial officer. Mike Sortino has over two decades of experience in the reinsurance and insurance sectors and five years in the public accounting sector.


Jojo Hedaya, The Founder of Unroll.Me

Posted on April 23, 2019

Jojo Hedaya founded Unroll.Me with the help of his partner Josh Rosenwald. The two decide to create the application after consistently having problems accessing important mail. Unroll.Me is an email servicing app that goes through a consumer’s emails, sorting out important mail from junk mail and other less essential subscriptions. It also helps a consumer get out of subscriptions that fill up your email inbox. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald were tired of regularly having to go over their mail in search of a document that they eventually never found. The tiring work resulted to creation of Unroll.Me a few years later the app had become quite successful and had plenty of users. The two then sold the app to Slice currently Rakuten Intelligence. According to Jojo Hedaya, there is no right time to start a business since each has various abilities. Therefore multiple factors that are required to venture into business may be effortlessly accomplished by one person, but the other person may find it difficult to achieve a particular aspect. Hedaya advice to entrepreneurs is to work on an idea that they are passionate about, something that they like doing. For Hedaya, he loves working on himself to progress his ways of working on and improve the working environment for staff. All this can be validated through his effort in creating a team to assist him in working on Unroll.Me despite having no capital from external sources. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald met during their studies in Israel. Their teacher had pushed them to be friends after discovering that they both had similar phone makes. They later established a strong friendship and found out that they also shared birthdays. The two have a lot in common apart from having similar birth dates. They both grew up in New York, and both failed to complete their college studies. Jojo believes that it is essential to complete your college education despite having not completed his studies, but he is planning on going back to school and graduating. For Rosenwald, he believes that abilities and skills are essential as compared to knowledge. Jojo is thankful for having started Unroll.Me at the right time.


Interview with photographer and investor Max Salk

Posted on April 17, 2019

Max Salk is a talented individual as an investor, analyst, and photographer. Some of his hobbies includes listening to the classics from Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin, traveling, working out, bowling, and attending concerts. Currently, the businessman serves as an investor and landscape photographer. He attended the University of Illinois and obtained a degree in 2011 in finance with a minor in history. In his free time, he is also involved in the Navy Seal Foundation and raises money for them. Max Salk from the start of the interview with Ideasmensch lists that his interest in photography stemmed from his semester studying abroad in the Netherlands. After taking a snapshot of a foggy setting, he decided to take more pictures everywhere he went and even made his very own website where a lot of his work can be found. He starts his mornings waking up early, checking out emails, strolling into the office, and states that he gets through by listening to music. He reflects that he brings ideas to life through planning and preparing for that certain idea. Execution is also an essential part of that as well according to him. One of the best habits that he credits is that he works hard and that his good time management skills go a long way. Salk advises in the interview that others should pursue what they want to do or what they have a passion for and that if it doesn’t work out that there are other paths that someone can take. Comically, he reflects that he is not up to date with technology like many today and for example, he just started using Spotify in 2018. Max Salk shares advises for others in business or whatever field to prepare well and that by working hard, being attentive, and doing the extra work that it helped him throughout his journey and can help anyone else. He credits a day at a ski school in Colorado as the best 100 dollars he ever spent with his friends. Instead of picking a book, he recommends a movie that people should watch called “Free Solo,” which is inspiring and groundbreaking that explores someone’s dedication to their passion with the utmost recklessness.

Ideamensch interview


Robert Deignan spearheads Digital solutions Industry

Posted on April 17, 2019

Robert Deignan is a reputable technology guru, a trailblazer and an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and the CEO of ATS Digital Services; a digital solutions technology company. Thanks to Robert’s innovations with ATS digital Services, a company that is one-stop-shop for all your technological and digital needs. The firm works in a wide array of digital needs, including, computers, network troubleshooting, tablets, mobile devices, and digital storage, further, they have a truck roll service which helps set your home networks, sound systems and can also help mount your Tv set.

The innovative business leader was born in Florida and attended St Thomas Aquinas High School. Robert Deignan enrolled at Purdue University on a full Football scholarship to pursue a BSc degree in Business Management. Upon graduating, he was honored to play with the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. To mark the beginning of his successful career, Robert co-founded Fanlink Inc., a leading company in advanced communication and information technology firm in 1998.

Three years later, Robert joined iS3, a company that specializes in developing and selling anti-spyware services, as the Executive Vice president of the firm. At iS3, using his skills and competencies, he earned the company great success and cornered the market throughout his nine-year tenure. In 2012, Robert Deignan made one of the most remarkable steps in his career, to start his own company, ATS Digital Services, LLC. The firm has remained ahead of the pack and is considered as the first call center by clients when seeking digital services earning it a certification by the AppEsteem.

Robert believes in a teamwork with his employees to provide quality services to clients. He notes that incredible services and good relations with clients are the key contributors to the success of his firm. Through Robert and his team’s innovations and dedication to customer services, the company has solved clients’ problems by reversing the malware and reinstating the device’s functionality, leaving a happy client. Sportsmanship has come to all ways with Robert, and now he participates in fishing tournaments and his team, the Liquid won the West Palm Beach Fishing club’s 79th Annual Silver Sailfish Derby.


Lincolnshire Management Is A Leading Private Equity Firm

Posted on April 06, 2019

Are you looking for information about Lincolnshire Management’s recent sale of Holley? Wondering how the sale of this popular Performance Products company was accomplished?

Lincolnshire Management announced the sale of Holley to a company that is an affiliate which is an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners.

Holley was founded in 1903 and has since built a solid reputation among automotive enthusiasts. The company caters to the automotive parts and accessories industry and has achieved great success. It focuses on the design, manufacture, and marketing of various brands of performance automotive products.

Lincolnshire Management is a highly reliable private equity firm that caters to a wide variety of clients in many different industries. Lincolnshire Management is a global investment firm and it invests in middle market companies around the globe. The company has locations in New York and Chicago and has an established history of obtaining an outstanding outcome for clients and partners.

The professionals at this renowned firm take the time to evaluate each project or investment transaction before making a decision. They do the necessary research and check the profit potential before engaging in an investment or acquisition deal.

Private equity firms often buy undervalued or under-appreciated companies, add value to them in order to make them appealing, and then sell them for a profit. Once a company is bought, it will be removed from the stock market. Knowledgeable and experienced investment professionals take steps to assess the target company and then make a decision based on their findings. Making disciplined investment choices increases the chances of obtaining significant returns.

Lincolnshire Management and its investment professionals look for profitable companies in growing industries. They invest in niche manufacturing as well as distribution and service businesses. They are interested in companies that growth opportunities, good margins, diversified customers, competitive advantages and strong management teams.

Many of the professionals at Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Management have hands-on operational and managerial expertise and guides portfolio companies to reach solutions to their problems. These professionals have versed experience in catering to clients from all walks of life and are committed to helping them reach their goals.

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Nitin Khanna: A Man Of Many Hats

Posted on April 06, 2019

Born to a family of business owners and entrepreneurs, Nitin Khanna knew that he was going to follow his own path at a very young age. Inspired by the many successful business ventures of his family, he immigrated from India to America at the age of 17. After earning his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University, he began his career in technology.

While working for Oracle Corporation, Khanna began to mentor his younger brother who has also recently immigrated to America. Convinced that he would be more successful as an entrepreneur, Khanna encouraged his brother to take the plunge with him. At just 25, he co-founded his first technology company, Saber Corporation. Saber quickly became known as the largest private providers of state government services and solutions in the US. After establishing Saber as a $120 million revenue corporation, he sold the company an started on his next venture.

Staying true to his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Khanna, along with his brother launched MergerTech in 2009. MergerTech catered to technology start-ups like Saber, that were looking to sell or expand their businesses as well. Khanna’s approach to connecting the most ideal buyers with his clients helped establish MergerTech as the number one mobile bank in America.

In addition to his position as CEO of MergerTech, Khanna is also the CEO of Cura Cannabis, a provider of CBD oils in Portland, Oregon. Like any true entrepreneur, Nitin Khanna keeps a diverse portfolio of ideas and new business opportunities. His most recent venture – redefining technology in India, starting with a $5 million investment Isos, a Mohali-based tech startup. His ability to demonstrate his expertise across a variety of different industries makes him one of today’s most successful entrepreneurs. When asked what keeps him motivated, Khanna humbly credits the opportunity to continue to mentor and help others achieve the same success.

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