Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Asian Bezoz

Posted on May 23, 2019

Richard Liu Qiangdong has made his way from a life of poverty to CEO status. He is currently the CEO of, and has made strides in e-commerce around the Asian region. Currently, they are competition with giants like Alibaba. Initially when everything started, they were not as successful, but multinational corporations saw the promise of the company and invested at the early stages. Companies like WeChat and Walmart bought stakes in the company and in exchange, gainful incentives. WeChat agreed to advertise on their platform of about 1 billion active user base. had an increased database of customers, and with increase customers, comes increased sales.

They partnered with Farfetch in order to increase their hold in the luxury market. Asian standard of living is increasing day by day and with increased standard of living, comes diverse taste in products. As a result the demand for luxury goods in Asia is increasing. Before this venture, his first company also had good success. Unfortunately a couple of years after he started it was a SARS outbreak and they’re profitability stalled. In the early 2000s the SARS outbreak occurred, when is happened, customers were not able to visit the shops as much before. As at that time, he had about 10 branches around the region and was doing really well. He had to find a way to come back to the profit margins he was receiving previously. He decided to liquidate all his assets and focus the money to build another platform.

Fortunately for him, the birth of gave him his most profitable business ever. is currently worth 40 billion dollars while Liu has about 12.5 billion dollars. The company has made strides in delivery and shows signs of increasing the status worldwide. They are currently the largest drone delivery company in Asia. instead of using human power and increasing recurring costs, they instead speed up delivery times with less effort. He believed in his creation and followed it to the end, a true entrepreneur of the game and one healthy example to up and coming businessmen.

OSI Group: The Global Conglomerate Of Custom Value Added Food Products

Posted on January 18, 2019

With more than 20000 employees in over 16 countries and over 60 facilities pinpointing on creating high-quality food products, OSI group with international headquarters in Aurora Illinois opened its premier meat market in 1909 in Chicago. Their unswerving enthusiasm in their customer’s success has remained resolute over the years.

As one of the largest privately held companies in the United States offering unprecedented resources, OSI Group’s extensive capabilities include worldwide food supply chain management from the provenance processing, distribution and food product management. This helps OSI group to be able to tailor and customize products to customers maximizing their opportunity.

Among many reasons why largest food brands in the world trust OSI and give it a direct pass to food safety and food security for them is because OSI group has designed, developed and managed supply systems specifically made to provide their brands with protection and also with their reputation. OSI group often sets standards and regulations exceeding customers expectations plus regularly checking and measuring themselves against the set standards to ensure non negligence and incompetence to maintain standardized audits and stay current with new and up to date technologies.

Beef, pork, poultry, pizza, seafoods and baked goods are some of the food products OSI group supply worldwide with the experience to develop and produce consumer’s custom specialities. Consequently, all these efforts OSI put in their work has not gone unseen as in 2016, OSI appeared number 58 on Forbes list of the largest private company with a net worth of 6.1 billion dollars. In addition to that, the British Safety Council awarded OSI the same year the Globe of Honor Award and in 2018, it bagged the International Safety Award with award merit recognized by BSC.

Expansion has always been the number one agenda to them….being able to ensure their quality experience reach a global scale. It’s Food Solution operating in Toledo Spain recently snowballed its potential to process chicken. This high production line has enabled the company to be able to produce in large quantities catering for large consumer’s plus this extension has given rise to working opportunities and unreachable markets to be explored.

Learn Business From Mr. Vinod Gupta

Posted on May 31, 2018

Business in the United States is more active than anywhere else on the planet. America is home to the strongest economy in terms of gross domestic product, which means there is more money changed hands regularly in the United States than in any other nation.


Vinod Gupta, a longtime United States citizen, first came from India in 1967 to Omaha, Nebraska, where he is still based today. Currently the lead executive of Everest Capital Partners, Inc., an alternative investment firm that helps institutional investors grow their portfolios more quickly than nearly all other such portfolio managers in the Omaha, Nebraska, area, Vinod Gupta started the company nearly a decade ago after he sold Infogroup, a company he’s had control over since he founded its predecessor in 1972.


Mr. Gupta’s career in both education and commerce in the United States has been hallmarked by his robust success and Vinod Gupta’s equally strong drive to succeed.


Just two weeks ago, Mr. Gupta was interviewed by the editorial team at IdeaMensch, the Internet’s best spot to reach out to for insightful interviews that expose the World Wide Web to some of the greatest entrepreneurs and other public or important figures.


In 1972, American Business Information was created by the one and only Vinod Gupta – he didn’t have any help, either. Over time, American Business Information turned into InfoUSA, which was owned by Infogroup; the difference? The latter is the parent company with more than InfoUSA under its leadership, though the majority of its operations related to InfoUSA.


Mr. Gupta got the initial idea for American Business Information after a former employer asked the ex-marketing researcher to compile an exhaustive list of potential clients. Gupta completed the job successfully, though he quickly realized that browsing through 9,800-some Yellow Pages local phonebooks was not appealing to anybody – he correctly guessed that businesses and people would pay for hordes of accurate information.


Read more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.


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