A Look at the Successful Profile of Equities First Holdings

Posted on August 14, 2017

Equities First Holdings is an advisory and investment company that offers efficient alternative lending solutions. The global lender provides security- based loans for high net-worth individuals and businesses. For 15 years, Equities First Holdings (EFH) has been helping people to meet their personal and financial goals. The corporation has extensive experience in the competitive financial industry. The London, UK-based firm has nine offices in across the US, Australia and China. They have entered into strategic partnerships with renowned investment banks and international law firms, which have enabled them to deliver impressive results. To date, EFH has completed over 700 transactions. Since they established their London office in 2013, they have offered shareholder loans to numerous investors and resume it.

Their first agreement with the CEO of the Angle PLC Company in 2014 ended in 2016. Mr. Newland, the CEO of the company, purchased a total of 1,350,000 shares at 57 pence per share. EFH’s second public repatriation of shares was completed in March 2017. The company announced that they had completed the return of all shares that were issued against a loan to Paysafe Group PLC in 2014. According to the agreement, which was signed by Paysafe Group’s CEO, Joel Leonoff, the amount was paid in full. EFH withheld 1,500,000 worth of shares during the loan term. Equities First Holdings UK is celebrating 15 years of success with over $1 billion having been disseminated to customers in the past 4 years and learn more about Equities First Holdings.


Benefits of Equities First Holdings

The company’s security-based loans come with numerous benefits. Firstly, clients enjoy flexibility since the loans are non-purpose. Secondly, most traditional lenders have placed tight rules for one to access liquidity. Despite the excessive restrictions, these lenders offer less-than desirable LTV ratios. EFH has an elaborate program that seeks to rescue the individuals who are in urgent need of capital. They offer stock loans with equities as loan collateral for a fixed period. Borrowers enjoy fixed rates of as low as 3 percent and the lender’s recovery is limited to the collateral pledge. Clients receive all pledged collateral at the end of a loan term. The other advantages accrued by the company’s clients include high loan-to-value ratios of up to 75 percent as well as fast and efficient transaction process that take between 5 and 7 working days.

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Tony Petrello leads Nabors to introduce new pad drilling systems

Posted on August 06, 2017

For a very long time, it has been known that the United States possesses a tremendous amount of oil reserves that are located in hard-to-reach shale deposits. This has been known for at least the last 50 years. However, it did not begin to become economically viable to extract these oil resources until very recently in the country’s history. The major reasons for the extraction of this oil have been innovations that have come from companies like Nabors Industries, led by superstar CEO Tony Petrello.

After taking the helm of Nabors Industries, in 1991, Petrello began an intensive effort to expand the company’s horizons into the field of technological development, particularly in the area of directional drilling, hydraulic fracturing and pad drilling systems. The result of this was the development, throughout the early 2000’s, of drilling systems that were far more efficient and capable than anything that had ever come before.

One of the areas in which Tony Petrello focused the company’s efforts was development of pad drilling systems. By 2005, its OrientXPress steerable directional drilling system was dominating the unconventional oil play markets, making Nabors Industries one of the largest suppliers in the country to sites requiring directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing equipment. The OrientXPress steerable directional drilling system is able to accommodate up to 20 drills simultaneously per pad. This dramatically increases both the efficiency and the capability of the drilling equipment and allows the oil play to be extracted at a much higher rate. This also dramatically reduces costs due to the economies of scale inherent in a site that is capable of simultaneously operating 20 separate wells.

Nabors Industries has also developed the state-of-the-art software, such as its ROCKIT performance drilling software, that is able to maximize the efficiency of its high-tech equipment. Through the use of such systems, Nabors Industries has nearly eliminated the labor costs associated with such ambitious drilling undertakings.

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Jim Tananbaum’s Life Works and Passion

Posted on June 23, 2017

Foresite Capital CEO Jim Tananbaum is the founder of the company founding it in 2011 as a health care dedicated private equity firm. The Company specializes in recognizing up-and-coming healthcare leaders. Then they assist the companies grow to become profitable with providing capital, information, and networks.

Before Mr. Tananbaum founded Foresite he was the founder of two health care investment practices and two top biopharmaceutical companies. One company was GelTex Pharmaceuticals that brought two drugs to consumers for under $80 million. This company was acquired in 1998 for $1.6 billion had annual revenue in excess of $200 when it produced the drug Renagel (Rendzela). Since the launch of Renzela, it has a $1 billion dollar annual revenue 22 years after it went to market. Theravance Inc is another business Mr. Tananbaum co-founded and held the CEO position. This company in a joint venture shares GSK’s respiratory franchise. For more info visit Peloton Therapeutics.

In a report by Fierce Biotech, Jim was an investor and founding partner in Prospect Venture Partners II and III. He became a partner in Serra Ventures a company with healthcare service investment and as an investor in Amira Pharmaceuticals and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

All of these companies are on the stock exchange on NASDAQ and Mr.Tananbaum used these experiences to form his current company Foresite Capital Inc. When asked Mr. Tananbaum said he got the idea for the company from his over 25 years of experience as a healthcare entrepreneur. He said they play an essential role in supplying information networks and capital for emerging healthcare leaders to help their success. Asked about exciting trends Mr. Tananbaum said the science behind health care innovation and the unmet needs. Check out LinkedIn for more info.

Jim Tananbaum has earned a math and electrical engineering/computer science M.D. degree at Yale. Then earned an M.B.A from Harvard and got an M.S. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His passion since a young adult has been to combine interdisciplinary hard science and computer science with health care.

During his career, Mr. Tananbaum has invested in 77 healthcare companies in biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical services, and genomic sequencing. He has worked and collaborated with leading academics including George Whitesides of Harvard, Gernderson Detmer’s Bob Gunderson, Rick Levin of Yale, and NCI’s Rick Klausner to name a few.

Nine9 And Doing Extra Work For Breaking into the Film Industry

Posted on June 11, 2017

It is stated that in order to break into the industry, one has to be hungry. Therefore, one has to always be putting himself out there tirelessly. This means going to auditions and networking with people. However, there are other things that people can do in order to make sure that they break into the industry. They can get their experience by practicing in classes. There are some schools that allow them to work on student film projects. When people take on these film projects, this is when they actually get a glimpse into the world of making films. Other types of classes are not as effective.

Nine9 can not only help people get auditions and roles but also refer them to the best film schools that they can go to so that they can get the education they need as well as the connections. There is a lot that goes into these projects. For one thing, people are going to be able to get the experience needed to prepare them for when they get involved in these projects. They also get to learn about the importance of being timely as well as organized. More likely than not, they are going to be involved in projects that are funded by studios. Therefore, they are going to have to be timely.

Nine9 is one of the best ways to break into the industry. They make sure that they keep in touch with their talents and even cater to their needs. One of the best parts of Nine9 is that they make sure that they keep encouraging the talents so that they will check out all of the opportunities. That way, they will be able to get the career they want and enjoy their fame and the craft that they bring to the industry. Learn More.

James Dondero’s Contribution To Charity

Posted on May 04, 2017

James Dondero is a renowned Dallas-based businessman. He is the president of Highland Capital Management. Dondero has vast experience in the lucrative credit and equity markets. Under his leadership, Highland Capital Management has continued to provide both retail and institutional investors with numerous award winning products and services. The firm has an asset base of $19 billion. The company works closely with its affiliates to develop various consumer-oriented solutions. These companies are NexPoint advisors, Acis Capital Management, NexPoint Residential Trust, and NexPoint Capital. Over the years, the firm has received different prestigious awards, including Morningstar’s 5-star Designation for Global Allocation. In addition, the company offers innovative Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund

James Dondero started his profession in 1984 when he joined the Morgan Guaranty Training program as an analyst. In the same year, he graduated with dual majors in accounting and finance from the celebrated University of Virginia. The shrewd entrepreneur is a chartered financial analyst and a certified management accountant.

In 1985, James started working for the American Express as a corporate bond analyst. Later, he was promoted to serve as the company’s portfolio manager. He managed $1 billion in fixed income funds. James left the company in 1989. He joined GIC, a subsidiary of Protective Life, where he worked as the chief investment officer. Under his visionary leadership, the subsidiary grew into a $2 billion corporation. In 1993, he partnered with Mark Okada to incorporate Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero is the chairman of the boards of multiple organizations, including NexPoint, NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. MGM Studios and American Banknote have also enlisted his services.

James Dondero is commonly known as Jim. Over the years, the executive has supported different charitable initiatives in Dallas. Through his firm, Dondero has donated millions of dollars in support of various community initiatives. He is devoted to improving educational opportunities for the populace of Dallas. To this end, he has been working with different organizations to facilitate different initiatives in the region. In the past, Dondero has worked closely with Uplift Education, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Education is Freedom, and SMU’S Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program.