Michel Terpins: One of the Finest Brazilian Rally Drivers in Recent Years

Posted on October 12, 2017

In August 2017, Michel Terpins started his 10 Sertoes Rally. At only the age of 40, this participation makes him among the most experienced rally drivers in the country. With the assistance of his navigator Maykel Justo, Terpins managed to complete the 3,300 km, seven-day rally successfully. With the Sertoes Rally known for its competitiveness, difficulty, and predictability, completing the race was a commendable feat for Michel and Maykel. The two raced in the T1 prototype category with a robust T-Rex developed by MEM Motorsport. It is also worth noting that before the commencement of the race Michel was the leader of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship in his T1 prototype category.

Sporting Family and Early Career Beginnings

Michel Terpins could not have made it as far as he has in rally driving if it were not for his family. His father, Jack briefly played basketball professionally, and his brother is also a rally driver with five participations in the Sertoes Rally under his belt. As such, the pressure for him to excel has always been in sports while the healthy sibling rivalry with his brother has pushed him to become a better driver. In fact, he currently has five more Sertoes Rally participations than his brother. He made his debut in a professional rally in 2002, in the motorcycle category. Since then he has gone on to master piloting with the T-Rex and consequently made the permanent shit to the car prototype T1 category.

Support Team

Michel’s rally participations and victories have to a large extent been influenced by the effective team behind him. He currently races under the Bull Sertoes Rally Team which also comprises of his older brother, Rodrigo Terpins. The team has a plethora of sponsors, including 100% Events, Bull Sertoes, Ohlins, Xarla, Motul and Terpins & Cintra Advogados. Additionally, as a member of the team, he gets mechanical support from the MEM Team Support which for the second year running made modifications to his T-Rex car to make it more powerful and competitive in preparation for the Sertoes Rally.