Posted on September 11, 2018

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is a renowned company that is known for its unique specialization in providing services such as training, brain-based assessment, and data-driven programs to children and adults who have problems in stress management, sleep, and concentration. Neurocore was founded in the year 2004 and has expanded its operations to attaining over nine new launches for its centers in Florida and Michigan. It has also been able to become a national authority in applied neuroscience within its short period of operation.

Neurocore hires experts and people with extensive experience in Heart Rate Variability Training, Attention Testing, Automatic Nervous System Diagnosis and Regulation, neurofeedback and qEEG Biofeedback Training. The firm has over 200 employees who work in its premises.

The human brain is truly one of the most amazing organs in a human body. It is the source of how people behave, think, perceive things, and the effects brought about by different emotions. The brain is made up of countless microscopic neurons that utilize chemical signals to come up with various regulations of electrical activity all over the human brain. The neurons are responsible for the way people think, function, receive and understand information and feel. However, there are yet many things that scientists and researchers need to uncover about the prestigious organ.

Advancement in various study fields such as brain mapping, neurofeedback, and EEG technologies have developed at an interesting rate that has allowed researchers and scientist a better understanding regarding the functionality and complexity of the human brain. Researchers also use the understanding they get from such studies to come up with various things that can be done to improve on the working of the brain.

Neurocore is one of the famous companies that use the results from researchers to treat various disorders that are associated with brain malfunctionings such as Anxiety, Depression, ASD, and ADHD. Most of these services have been recently brought out in the limelight of the public but they have a rich history that goes back to the mid-twentieth century. The history is accompanied and supported by sustainable research and study on the functionality of the human brain.