How TMS Health Solution Uses Innovative Methods To Treat A Range Of Mental Disorders

Posted on November 14, 2018

TMS Health Solutions have a decade of expertise in offering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy to individuals victim of acute depression and also resistant to medication and other alternatives. Apart from this TMS Health Solutions also provide treatment for patients experiencing mood disorders. The firm is currently managed by two renowned therapists in the country, Dr. Richard Bermudes and Dr. Karl Lanocha, both experienced in effectively implementing TMS therapy for the treatment of severe depression.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy is a harmless, drug-free and FDA approved therapy. The procedure involves the stimulation of the prefrontal cortex using a high strength magnetic field thus eradicating the major symptoms of the depression. The patients undergoing the treatment can resume daily chores and office work immediately after the session. This is generally carried out in a physician’s office and has almost zero side-effects unlike medications and Electroconvulsive Therapy.

Recently, they inaugurated a clinic in Oakland and will be able to compensate the high demand for quality services with their complete packages of psychiatric treatment to the residents in the vicinity. The Chief Medical Officer of TMS Health Solutions, Dr. Richard Bermudes oversees clinical treatment in all the branches spread throughout Northern California including Oakland. Currently, he is the president of the TMS society and has extensive hands-on experience with innovative depression treatment methods.

A certified practitioner of TMS Health Group, Dr. Joshua Kuluva stated that being a certified neurologist and psychiatrist, he has been involved in the diagnosing and treating neuropsychiatric disorders which are hard to cure and becomes very annoying for the victims. But, he believes that from the positive results acquired, TMS is by far the most effective treatment available in the medical industry for dealing with such disorders.


According to the CEO of TMS Health Partners, Brad Hummel, the new office in Oakland has a dedicated and certified team of accomplished doctors and clinicians. TMS Health Partners is the parent company of TMS Health Solutions. He was delighted to share that by the month of November this year, the Oakland office will accept people who are a victim of mental disorders with a special focus on behavioral problems, ADHD, ADD and acute depression.