OG Juan Receives Massive Birthday Bash

Posted on August 07, 2018

About Eight weeks ago, Juan “OG” Perez, or OG Juan as he is better known as, received a massive birthday bash.This was thanks to rapper Jay Z, who is business partners with OG Perez. The pair are also good friends, which explains why the rapper spent around $110,000 on his business partner’s birthday celebrations over Presidents’ Day weekend.

OG Juan was surrounded by a few close friends and associates. To ring in his 50th, $13K was spent on dinner alone, followed by around $10K on drinks and then Jay Z dropped around $90K at a club.

Apparently OG Juan , Jay Z and a few executives of Roc Nation started the night in Midtown NYC. They headed over to Zuma, a very popular Japanese restaurant. While there, the party spent around $13K on steak, lobster and sushi.

After leaving Zuma, OG Juan and the rest of the group went to nightclub/restaurant in Inwood. Jay Z spent lavishly at the club and spent over $8K on alcohol. The drink of choice was apparently D’USSE, the company behind it is familiar to the group because Jay Z is the head of its global strategy.

The night wasn’t over, as OG Juan, Jay Z and the rest of the crew went to the Playroom Nightclub. This is where they spent the rest of the evening, and when Jay Z ordered dozens of bottles of champagne. At the club, Jay Z dropped over $90K. After spending a few hours at the Playroom Nightclub, the group decided to call it a night.

Via Twitter: http://Twitter.com/reverend_ogjuan

Juan “OG” Perez: Party For 50 Details And Breif Biographical Information

Posted on June 29, 2018

Juan “OG” Perez is business partner and good friend of Hip Hop artist Jay-Z. Perez recently turned fifty. During Presidents day weekend he laid out close to $113,000 in the middle of birthday celebrations for Perez. He and Jay-Z at this party were joined by his wife Desiree, and good friends, like Carter-Knowles and thePresident of Roc Nation Sports.

Juan “OG” Perez’s party had extraordinary approach containing bountiful cost. There was dinner costing $13k, drinks costed 9k, and also legendary (now) $91k at the club. The food was advance of sushi, lobster, and steak. That was from Japanese restaurant Zuma, a modern-restaurant of Japanese food that was internationally acclaimed and located in Midtown. After that they went to another restaurant called “Made in Mexico”. It was located in Inwood, a nightclub hotspot restaurant. Drinks for the group were being highly spent on. Following the first round of beverages, the group supposedly divided the money with Perez, Jaz-Z, and the four other friends only. The night ended at the “Playroom Nightclub”. This party for OJ Juan extended into the early morning hours. They were indulging in Ace of Spade Gold Champaign bottles amounting to twenty as well as the same amount of Ace of Spade Rose Champaign bottles. The forty bottles amounted to the final price of $74,000. Adding on to that there was an added tax amounting to $6,035 and a gift of $11,100. The total ended up just extending $91,000.

Harlem was where Juan “OG” Perez was born and raised. For High School he went to Brandeis High School in the Upper West Side of Mangattan. He would help Jay-Z with running of studios. In Jay-Z’s 2003 project “The Black Album”. This was stated “OG Juan, Whattup?/Whassup Dez?. This was in reference to Perez and his wife.

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