Why Beneful’s Products are the Best

Posted on November 28, 2015

Beneful is one of the hottest types of dog food in stores today. Beneful contains several product lines with a total individual product count exceeding thirty, impressive considering Purina has a number of other pet food brands but lots of attention is faced towards Beneful, the most popular dog food of the companies’.

Like most all other dog food companies, dry dog food niblets are the bane of dog food companies’ existence. This holds true as dry dog food is the bread and butter for Beneful. Incredibites are one of the most popular brands and consists of a blend of both soft, tender, chewy kibbles and crunchy niblets as well. Incredibites come in several flavors, but one of the most popular flavors of Incredibites is made with chicken, carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes.

Beneful’s basic line of dry dog food is coined Beneful Originals on wm6.walmart.com, which comes in a wide variety of bag sizes from three and a half pounds up to forty-four pounds. The beef Originals mix comes with the accents of peas, spinach, and carrots along with the main flavor and central ingredient in beef which is one hundred percent real. The chicken flavored Beneful Originals dog food contains carrots as one of the four ingredients, with chicken, tomatoes, and avocadoes making the other three. Most other dog foods do not have vegetables similar to these in their dog foods.

Beneful on purina Baked Delights Heartfuls are heart shaped dog treats that help make up the Baked Delights family of dog treats. Snackers are made with cheese and peanut butter, the delicious Hugs come with beef and cheese, and the two different flavors of Baked Delights Stars are made with bacon and cheese, and chicken and cheese.

Purina Beneful brand dog food can be found in wet varieties as well, including Chopped Blends, Medleys, and the Prepared Meals. Beneful is considered to be one of the premier lines of dog food because of the consistency of the use of the best ingredients that Purina can find on the market. Beneful is, in fact, a little more expensive than most other lines of dog foods, but few dog foods, if any, are as well-balanced, nutritious, and tasty for dogs. People who love their dog or dogs would most likely go out of their way and spend a little extra money on the best dog foods and treats for their dog, which is why Beneful is so successful.

Healthy Food for Healthy Dogs

Posted on November 19, 2015

Nothing impacts your dog’s health more than the food you feed it. Just like humans, dogs require complete and balanced nutrition, routine check ups and exercise.

Purina Beneful is a veterinarian recommended complete dog food that meets the nutritional needs of your dog as it grows. With several variations and formulas to choose from, you can be assured the food you choose from the Purina experts will meet and exceed your expectations.

Begin with the dry puppy formula with added protein for growth and vitamins and minerals to build strong growing bones and muscles. The playful life formula on wikipedia.org is for the young active adult dog with natural fiber for energy. The healthy radiance food will keep your dog’s coat shiny and skin at its protective best.

The original blend of Beneful on purina is still available and all are made with the finest ingredients for your favorite friend’s well being. Real beef, chicken or lamb is the first ingredient because dogs are meat eaters. They need the protein that only meat can provide. Omega 3’s keep his skin and coat looking handsome. Antioxidants are necessary for maintaining good heart function and boosting immunity. For the dog that loves to eat just a little too much, there’s a healthy weight formula that reduces your dog’s calories to help him shed pounds and stay fit. Like humans, overweight dogs can face a gamut of health issues, such as diabetes, heart problems and joint pain.

Purina Beneful’s wet dog food comes in a variety of tempting choices your dog will love. Even the most finicky of dogs will love choices like lamb, beef or chicken stew packed with meat, gravy and fresh carrots. Finely sliced varieties are also a good moist meat choice for your active dog. Full of nutrition, Purina’s dog owning employees feed it to their own pets, so you know it’s a great choice.

Even Purina’s dog treats are made with no fillers and meat, so giving a little extra for love or training is a good choice for you and your dog.

Beneful Has Benefits For Dogs With Bad Breath

Posted on October 30, 2015

It was a cold October morning when Katie first discovered the importance of feeding her dog a good brand of food like Beneful. Katie smiled, happily petting her pup until she smelled it. Suddenly she was overwhelmed, she couldn’t escape the smell, it was dog breath! Poor Fido, he didn’t realize the assault his malodorous breath had begun on her delicate senses. If only Katie had remembered to feed him a better brand of dog food like Beneful. In a panic, she pulled the sheets over her head in a futile attempt to mask the smell, but to no avail. Suddenly, she heard her roommate calling from across the room, and then a bag of Beneful crashed onto her bed. She cried out, confused, and half-asleep.

Exasperated, her roommate stood over Katie while Katie was in a dazed state and described the benefits of the Beneful on walmart Healthy Smile dental treats she just dropped on her. Her roommate’s cousin’s dog loved to chew them, and the she had recommended the Beneful dental treat because poor Toby, the cousin’s dog, had some hygiene issues. Katy’s roommate overheard her complaining to Fido about his breath, so she came to her rescue. Toby had been a bit bigger than Katie’s dog, but luckily for Katie, Beneful had different sizes of Beneful dental treats. Enlightened, Katie made a mental note about the Beneful treats and tried to catch up with her sleep.

Later that morning Katie journeyed to the neighborhood pet store in search of the cure to Fido’s little, smelly problem. The bag of Beneful dental treats that her roommate provided had been mostly empty. Katie paced through the store searching for Beneful dental treats. She caught sight of a group of dogs sniffing around a fallen bag of Beneful and chuckled. There was no doubt about it; dogs loved Beneful. Katie carefully skirted the dogs and began to rummage through the many varieties of Beneful Healthy Smile dental chews.

After picking out the right sized bag, Katie decided to purchase a bag of Beneful dog food bag as well as some doggy toothpaste and a finger brush. After all, with breath like that, poor Fido was going to need all the help he can get. Katie presented the Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists to Fido, and he regarded it suspiciously before he quite suddenly had a change of heart. Fido dashed off with the Beneful treat and was soon happily chewing on it in the corner of the kitchen.

A few weeks passed something miraculous occurred. Katie was awoken one day to the sight of a cold, wet nose; bracing herself for the terrible terror that was halitosis, she suddenly realized there was no smell. Gone was the skunk-like odor of poor, hapless Fido’s mouth. Katie patted the pup’s head and hugged the ecstatic pooch, thankful that Beneful dental treats had saved the day. She glanced over at the bag of Beneful before rolling over and going back to an odorless sleep. Beneful dental treats are great for all dogs needing help with their breath, so everyone should have them readily available.