Major Spoilers: Beloved “Grey’s Anatomy” Character is Killed Off

Posted on April 24, 2015

Fans of the hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” were shocked during the events of last night’s episode. Patrick Dempsey, who plays the character Dr Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, was killed during in accident in the episode.

The doctor had witnessed a car crash when he stopped to help the victims. He manages to pull both victims out of their vehicles, however, he is not so lucky. While he is leaving the scene of the accident, his car his t-boned by a semi-truck which sends him to his hospital. While there, the doctors discover that although he is alive, he also is suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Before anything can be done for him, he is declared brain dead and his wife Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has him taken off of life support.

Rumors are, according to the story on Page Six, Dempsey’s exit is because of his behavior on set. A source on the show told Page Six that Dempsey had been acting like a diva lately. The creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, has had several run-ins with Dempsey so the source was not surprised that she chose to end his character.

Patrick Dempsey has been on the show since its start in 2005. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG loves this show. The show is now ending its 11th season. There will be a season 12, however, fans will have to watch it without McDreamy this time.

NBC Has Another Slot to Fill

Posted on January 30, 2015

Is it me, or is the television shows that are on these days lackluster? When I was growing up in the 80’s, television was at its pinnacle. I would watch shows like Roseanne, Golden Girls, 227, Hunter, Give Me A Break and others. It was the era for TV and my childhood friend Lee G. Lovett and I couldn’t wait till my favorite shows came on. Today’s reality shows have taken over the set and the few good shows that are left have fallen by the way to bad ratings. 

Parenthood was a funny show that brought a lot of laughs into my home. Being a parent is hard, and once more it is something that only the strong will survive. The real problem is every time that I find a show that I like, it either gets cancelled or it gets bad reviews. I loved the show with Kathy Bates on NBC, Harry’s Law. Unfortunately, it soon fell by the way and was taken off the air too soon. 

Another show that I really like is The Mystery’s of Laura on NBC. This show is also getting bad ratings. I am finding a pattern because the movies I like usually are poorly rated too. My sister and I often joke “who is rating these movies anyway, we loved it?” So as we say goodbye to Parenthood, we can only imagine what will be put on in it’s place. My guess is another police drama.

John Textor: Business Leader

Posted on January 28, 2015

John Textor is a well-known business leader and producer. In 1987, John obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Wesleyan University. Ten years later in 1997, Wyndcrest Holdings was co-founded by John and he became the Managing Partner. Wyndcrest Holdings is a private firm that deals with the internet, telecommunication, and entertainment. He was successful at turning the companies’ investment. He was able to successfully expand the profit margin. In 1999, he was the director of BabyUniverse. BabyUniverse is an internet website that offers children’s products. In 2002, he became chairman and in 2005 he became the CEO. A year later in 2006, he became the CEO of Sims Snowboards. He has added visual effects to 25 films. Films that he has done include Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and Tron. He has also been the founding director of several accomplished websites.

In 2009, his leadership abilities helped the company to receive an Achievement in Visual Effects in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The award was received for the first digital human actor that looked realistic. He wanted to go further with the digital human actor so he went to work for Pulse Evolution Corporation. In 2012’s Valley Music Festival, he made virtual versions of famous actors like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards he produced a virtual version of Michael Jackson. He wants to lead the way when it comes to virtual and digital developer of computerized humans. Computerized images are need in the entertainment field constantly but one day it could be used in other fields than just the entertainment industry. He has also worked on the film called Art Story. He is very experienced and a wonderful business leader who has produced nothing but quality work.

Tom Rothman Could Change The Face Of Television

Posted on January 08, 2015

The Rothman Revolution Will Be Televised

When Tom Rothman was the head of Fox Films, he was managing such productions as Titanic. At the time, that was the most successful movie in the world. It was also the highest grossing film of all time. It became such a hit that it precipitated other hits that came out of Fox. He was also running Fox Searchlight to find great movies that were made by smaller filmmakers. He was taking a frugal approach to production that allowed his productions to be more creative in the end. He has always believed in that kind of reckless abandon when it comes to creativity, and he is taking his approach to Sony Pictures. 

Sony Pictures has teamed with TriStar to create a new venture that is going to produce television and movies. Rothman believes that television is the place where most of his energy should be focused. He wants to create dazzling characters that are able to make more money for the studio. He believes that more creativity will make it possible for the studio to create better shows that last longer. This is something that will change the face of the television industry if it works.

Hollywood should listen to Rothman– the man was educated at Columbia Law School for goodness sake. In today’s market, TV shows are created and they have to work instantaneously. However, his fiscally conservative look at the numbers could make it easier for these shows to be profitable. They will have more time to gain traction, and that traction will help these shows last so that people can enjoy watching them years to come.

If Rothman gets his way, he will be able to use this new venture to create TV on the order of the likes we have never seen. We simply need to give him a chance to see if he can do what he did at Fox Films.

More Bad News For Bill Cosby

Posted on November 20, 2014

There is more horrible news for Bill Cosby. I was looking over angel investor network Slow Ventures when I got this not-so-surprising news alert. NBC has recently cancelled a project they had planned with the comedian. This comes at a bad time since Netflix has also announced that they are postponing Cosby’s special “Bill Cosby 77”. There was no indication given as to when the show would be aired. These decisions are based off of allegations that have been brought forward by several women who claim Bill Cosby drugged up and sexually assaulted them. There have been no charges against Cosby for any of these alleged crimes.

All the negative attention on Cosby has increased over the last few days. Former supermodel Janice Dickinson claims he raped her after one of his Lake Tahoe shows in 1982. This news comes as a surprise to fans since these abusive events would have happened around the time of his popular sitcom “The Cosby Show” in the mid 1980’s.

Cosby has repeatedly maintained his innocence in the matter since the allegations started. His lawyer has stated that Bill Cosby “will not dignify decade-old, discredited claims of sexual abuse with a response”.

His loyal fans are waiting to see what comes of this. Although some believe that he is innocent, there are those who have lost respect for Bill Cosby. This media firestorm has already cost Cosby a lot, with several projects cancelled. If he is found to be guilty, it can affect the world’s view of The Cosby Show since he would have committed these crimes while filming the show.

Joseph Kahn Spills “Blank Space” Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Posted on November 18, 2014

Taylor Swift has hit the music video world by storm; her new video for the song “Blank Space” has over 30 million views on YouTube and countless fans singing along.

“Blank Space” directory Joseph Kahn stepped out to give MTV an interview and let listeners into some of the behind-the-scenes secrets about Swift’s new wacky music video.

Kahn explained that all the initial inspiration for “Blank Space” came from Taylor Swift herself. The twenty-five-year-old singing sensation has been trying to fathom what the public thinks about her, and the music video evolved from her musings. Considering that Swift is often portrayed by the media and fans alike as being a crazed girlfriend, “Blank Space” captures the image and goes with it.

While “Blank Space” follows a fictional relationship from first date to extremely-nasty break-up, it was filmed in a very short period of time. It took thirty-hours to film the video, and all the filming was accomplished within two days. If Swift looks a little crazy in “Blank Space”, it maybe that exhaustion was truly starting to get to her!

Taylor Swift went all out to appear to be an over-the-top vindictive girlfriend, and Kahn did his part by implementing inspiration from Stephen Spielberg and “A Clockwork Orange”.

And, for everyone out there at Qnet that kept watching the video on YouTube to see if she really did it, Kahn said that Taylor Swift certainly did stand on a horse during the filming! Wow!

While tons of creativity and work went into the production of “Blank Space”, it obviously paid off big time.