Ted Bauman and Working Well

Posted on July 07, 2019

Having more money coming in than money going out is never a bad thing. If after your full-time job you feel like you have the energy and time to successfully start something on the side then a side hustle might be the perfect solution for you. A side hustle can be anything from a blog to something such as tutoring ten hours a week. When searching for what your side hustle should be you should try to stay away from things that you enjoy doing during your personal time. If your side hustle and things that tend to relieve stress become the same thing this can be a recipe for disaster. If the thing that should be relieving stress actually causes a great deal of stress then you might no longer have peace mentally and this can be the start of a downward spiral.

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Ted Bauman has seen that productivity is quite necessary within the world. Ted Bauman has seen that the right productivity can lead to good gains.

For example, if you enjoy sewing and making your own clothes and decide to start a shop on Etsy to sell a few pieces, but then start to hate sewing after dealing with a few disgruntled customers this can lead to you being out of a hobby you used to love. This might not be as big of an issue if you are able to find something that can replace the hobby that turned into a side hustle.

This is why Ted Bauman would advocate for work and for passive investing. See, Ted Bauman is someone who understands how the world works. He knows that bills have to be paid and that there is such a thing as taxes and regular expenses. Everyone wants to enjoy their life and hard work is necessary.

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An Insight Into the Life of Alastair Borthwick, a Renowned Author

Posted on April 16, 2019

Alastair Borthwick will forever be remembered for his prowess as an author. He was also a talented broadcaster, a prominent journalist, a war historian, and he would also organize national exhibitions. His first novel was known as Always a Little Further. Besides being an author, Borthwick also played various roles during World War II. He was also fond of hill climbing and mountaineering. While describing World War II, he would use the perspective of an infantry soldier and a captain.


Borthwick managed to live for 90 years. As a talented writer, he was able to write in different fields. He also published other books including Sans Peur. Alistair Borthwick spent his early life in Troon, Ayrshire. After leaving high school, he began to work as a copy-taker at the Evening Times. Thereafter, he graduated from the Glasgow Weekly Herald. Since there were few employees within the company, Alastair Borthwick was forced to multitask. He would edit film content, while also compiling crosswords. Borthwick also learnt about mountaineering through these newspapers.


In 1935, Alastair Borthwick began to work for the Daily Mirror, a company located in London. He later joined the BBC. After becoming a radio broadcaster, he felt that he had fulfilled his career goals in the media industry. Thanks to the broadcasting industry, Borthwick was able to learn about mountaineering. He was also a gifted speaker. Most people would harness such capabilities to their advantage so that they could make more money. Alastair Borthwick did not fall into that category of individuals. Borthwick just admired the beauty of his job. His first broadcast was in 1934. Nevertheless, his last broadcast was in 1995.


Many people derive some pride in their ability to formulate a classic in one genre. Alastair Borthwick was able to formulate many classics in numerous genres. One of his famous publications includes, Always a Little Further. The story was filled with humor and adventure. Faber and Faber declined the classic that Alastair Borthwick had come up with. They said that the style of writing was not as impressive. Fortunately, the book was printed courtesy of T.S. Eliot who was a member of the board of directors.



Adam Milstein: Using Charity to Strengthen Ties between Israeli and America

Posted on April 30, 2018

Who is Adam Milstein?

Prominently known as a real estate investor and the managing partner at the famous Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein has shaped his career around real estate and philanthropy. He was born in Haifa, Israel where he spent most of his youthful years as well. Like any other toddler growing up, Milstein had dreams and aspirations to work as a prominent individual. Therefore in 1973, he became a huge contributor of the Yom Kippur War, serving at the Israeli Defense Force. Five years later (1978), Adam Milstein left the defense team to join Technion University where he majored in science and economics. In 1974, he married Gila Elgrably and sired two daughters with her. Soon after, he decided to leave Israel for America with the aim of providing the best for his family. In 1983, Milstein enrolled at the prestigious University of Southern Carolina where he earned a master’s degree in business administration. Immediately after graduating college, he delved into the real estate business.

Establishing a Career

Adam Milstein’s career revolved around real estate ventures and philanthropy. For starters, he joined Hager Pacific Properties, a company that owns alongside managing more than 100 properties in America. In his capacity as the managing partner, he streamlined various operations to accommodate the desires of his clients. To achieve that, here are some of the services Adam Milstein provided for his clients;

Charity Ventures

When it comes to philanthropy, Adam Milstein has carefully cemented his name in the sector. Well known for his generosity when handling various charity ventures, he closely works with his wife to make sure that their culture is upheld among their communities in America. Together, they own the Adam and Gila Family Foundation, established in 2000 with the sole purpose of maintaining a strong Jewish culture even in a foreign land. Additionally, the foundation’s primary objective is strengthening as well as advocating for the rights of the Jews.

The Overview of Leadership

Additionally, Milstein is the head cheerleader of IAC, an organization that builds a united as well as a well eng

  • Repositioning
  • Rehabilitation of offices
  • Acquisition of property
  • Disposition
  • Accounting
  • Financing

aged Israeli-American group. Being the largest organization of its kind, it is evident that Milstein is utilizing the organization’s resources in an effort his people. Other than that, he has carefully shaped his career around factors that affect most people in the world; mainly identity crisis and belonging to a particular community that brings meaning to an individual’s life.

Adam Milstein – Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties


The Startling Achievements of Mr. Greg Secker in Business Sector

Posted on October 09, 2017

Greg Secker is an English businessman recognized by his unique ability in knowing the foreign language. He has received international recognition as well as that of media. Mr. Greg is a renowned speaker who speaks on various platforms about financial trading and gives direction on market trends. He, however, speaks alongside great personalities who are well recognized in the business world. He has talked about major market channels like Bloomberg and CNBC. Mr. Greg Secker is also the owner and founder of the company known as Europe top trader coaching company in England. This company is to help young people to become successful entrepreneurs.

Following Greg’s success, he also owns several companies under his name and leadership. The companies include learn to trade, capital index and smart charts software. Greg has worked with various organizations and served top positions in those organizations. For example, he worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. He worked at Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president if the organization.

Moreover, he has also received numerous awards for himself. For instance, he won an award for innovation in e-commerce and much more. He has also worked on various projects that have had a successful record. The projects include the creation of virtual trading desk for the online platform for trading, and later on, he became the full-time forex trader.

His international recognition and success have led him to tour globally and deliver speeches to various countries. These countries include New Zealand, Ghana, Philippine Australia and much more. Thousands of people globally turn up for his events to be mentored and be encouraged to become successful young entrepreneurs. Following his great leadership, values-driven and teamwork his company; Learn to Trade has also bug itself three prizes consistently. They include best forex educator in global banking, best company for forex trading training and best trading education product.

His philanthropic nature and great success, Mr. Greg Secker is also part of community building and empowerment. He supports several charity organizations that help improve people’s lives. These charity organizations are Tusk and Child Bereavement Trust and Royal Princes. He also launched his non-profit organization known as Greg Secker foundation that helps improve quality of life, provide quality education and teach life skills.