UK Army Nurse with Ebola Flown back to Britain, 4 others being Assessed

Posted on March 13, 2015

An unnamed British Army nurse who has contracted Ebola while working in Kerry Town, Sierra Leon has been flown back to London. The nurse will be transported to the Royal Free Hospital in London the only center in the United Kingdom that is equipped to handle serious infectious diseases such as Ebola. The plane left Sierra Leon this morning. Two other military health workers were also on the plane even though they had not been diagnosed with the disease, but more tests were needed because they had already come into contact with the diagnosed nurse.


Two other nurses who also came into close contact with the nurse are carefully being monitored back in Sierra Leone to determine whether there is a need to evacuate them back to Britain. According to there is no British health worker that has died from the deadly virus Ebola.


Sierra Leon, which was colonized by Britain, has around 700 UK military personnel deployed in the three West African countries that have been hard hit by the virus. Nearly 10,000 people have died from the virus in the three most affected countries in West Africa, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.


People at Anastasia Date have learned that, in the last few months, rates of new infections went down considerably with the last patient in Liberia being discharged from the hospital last week. However, as of March 10, Sierra Leone has 117 patients admitted in various Ebola treatment centers across the country.


Is The Flash Going Back In Time

Posted on January 19, 2015

Don’t you wish you could go back in time and watch the original Flash TV series when it originally aired in the 1990’s on CBS? If you are the new Flash, you just might be able to do that. As of episode 15, time travel as a plot device is going to be introduced.

Oh wait, time travel does not mean you can also travel into a parallel universe or different time stream. No one from The Flash series is going to enter our time stream. The Flash just might find himself at the center of different adventurous plots set sometime in the near or distant past. Time travel always comes with a host of cool twists and turns.

In the comic books, time travel has provided many interesting plot twists. In the 1950’s campy version of The Flash, running backwards really, really fast allowed the hero to solve more than a few crimes. In more current, serious stories, The Flash has grappled with the morality of going into the past and changing things for the better. 

Do not look for The Flash to become a dark and cynical show. The series is a little bit melodramatic now and then, but it has a sense of fun and wonder to it. Daniel Amen cannot wait for the season premier. The time travel element certainly will add to this approach and help take the show in a cool sci-fi inspired direction.

Terry Richardson Changes With The Fashion World

Posted on December 11, 2014

The fashion world is a place that changes often. People are in and out of the fashion quickly, and there is no reason to keep up with every individual model. Also, there is no reason to believe that one photographer can last for decades in the industry. However, Terry Richardson has adapted to the fashion world at every turn to make sure that his voice is heard in every picture.  As you can see from his Instagram feed, the guy has some innovative ideas.

The Pictures

Terry has been taking the same kind of pictures since the beginning. He takes his craft seriously, and he has been putting his voice in his pictures for years. You can see his voices in the pictures, and he has been able to move from one fashion outlet to another without changing his own voice.

When Terry takes pictures, he is able to show that he has a vision for that shoot. Also, you can see that he has thought carefully about how he wants to compose each picture. There is nothing taken for granted in his shots, and he makes sure that he has shots that help him choose something perfect. His portfolio is filled with pictures that demonstrate how he can take simple items and turn them into things of beauty. This goes far beyond the clothing he is shooting. He uses everything on the set to make a statement about the items he is shooting for that client.  And it’s cool to see the behind the scenes on Twitter, that establishes what it’s like to shoot with Terry.

The Models

Terry has shot with all of the most iconic models in the fashion industry. He is one of the few photographers who has worked with everyone from Lauren Hutton to the supermodels of today. He knows how the fashion world has changed, but he also understands that making women look beautiful has not changed. He has put forth a great deal of effort working with all manner of models so that he can get the best pictures possible, and has even worked with high profile stars like Lady Gaga.

Studying the career of Terry Richardson is something that everyone in fashion should do. It is a lesson in longevity and creativity in a world that is constantly changing.

Make sure that you check out his first solo exhibition, Terryworld, if you want to see how Richardson is developing his particular brand of art.  Also follow his Tumblr for more insight, and perspective into what he tries to do with his shots.