Technological Growth Introduced by the ClassDojo

Posted on December 11, 2017

ClassDojo creates a positive culture with the classroom and the school by connecting teachers, students, and parents in every classroom. Thus, encouraging team spirit which results in the implementation of great ideas in the classroom. It creates a community in which anyone can express their opinions. You are probably wondering what a ClassDojo is all about. Well, it is a communication app for the classroom. It connects the teachers, students, and parents who use it in sharing messages, photos, and videos throughout the school day.

The student, teacher, parent- connection empowerment created by the ClassDojo encourages sharing of classroom ideas and in bringing great ideas to life in the classroom and homes. By connecting teachers to parent, it helps them discuss the social-behavioral development of students at the school. The experience is about to become better as the ClassDojo developers are investing $21 million in series B of ClassDojo. The parents also get to participate in student’s development as the can consistently communicate with the educators.

It creates a communication platform where the parents communicate to the teachers throughout the school day. It makes them aware of how their kids are behaving at school and what their daily experiences are. ClassDojo grounds up change but preventing surprises to parents of incidents that discussed in a parent-teacher meeting.

ClassDojo creates a communication platform where teachers can schedule activities known to parents on a daily basis. They are also able to snap and send videos and photos to parents of students’ latest participation in activities or work. Its developers aim at its improvement so that parent can buy items like discussion guides, videos, custom yearbook and lessons. It will enable them to help their kids in their study at home.

They are also planning on adding transactional features to it so that parents can pay school via their phones. It will also apply to also supplies, field trips and lunches instead of paying for them in cash or checks by tucking it in the kid’s bag pack. The app will also change from being just an analogous to a messaging platform and a social network.