Drinking Alcohol In Moderation Is A Dementia Risk After The Age Of 60 According To A New Study

Posted on June 09, 2015

We all have read reports that claim a little wine helps the body and the brain function effectively, but a 20-year study says that information is not correct, especially if your 60 or older. The study included 1,300 women, and the results show alcohol consumption in any amount can increase the risk of dementia. Some women in the study experienced mild brain function impairment while others developed a severe case of dementia. Women who had seven to 14 drinks a week developed memory issues that are warning signs of dementia.

All the women in the study were 60-years-old or older. Several major businesses even said that no men participated in the study, so it’s unclear what moderate drinking does to the male brain. Researchers believe men who have a few drinks each night are susceptible to dementia as well.

The study was conducted by the Veterans Health Research Institute. The information seems to prove that alcohol consumption by woman past the age of sixty does more damage to the brain than alcohol consumed before that age. The bottom line is alcohol may feel good when we drink it, but it does take a toll on our brains at one time or another.