Graham Edwards: An Expert of Post-Brexit Economy

Posted on February 13, 2019

Brexis it a shortcut for the phrase “British Exit – and it is an awaiting exit or departure and withdrawal of the UK, or the United Kingdom from the European Union. It followed at the date of June 23rd 2016 where 52% of the cabinet voted for the withdrawal. The exit of Britain from the European had a lot of adverse effects, of course. And the economy of Britain and European Union has been greatly affected by Brexit. There are a lot of predictions by the UK Treasury and there were a lot of positive and negative effects on the trade industry of the European Union.


Graham Edwards is one of the most known and very well-respected business tycoons and financial and investment managers in the industry. He has an extensive experience on the trade industry and he has been dealing with real estates and investments as well. Graham Edwards is also the current Chief Executive Office of Telereal Trillium for now almost 20 years in the running. One of his very notable achievements and doings are that he actually initiated over 6,000 properties that were transacted between BT to his company, Teleral resulting in a 2.4 billion euro property deal.


With the economical instability that Brexit has brought upon UK and EU – this is where Graham Edward’s Experience in the industry made him one of the go-to names for investment management and financial advise. Graham Edwards achievements in business and his academic accolades have put him in a position of trust and influence that is affecting the architecture of the landscape of British Policy Making. Graham Edwards is now advising politicians on what to do with the economy and how to deal with it. Graham Edwards is now holding a leadership role as the chairman of its housing group and now is advising on areas of tax, enterprise, cost of living, welfare and housing – and his expertise is being effectively utilized in order to regain control back of the economy. Graham is aiming to use his expertise and experience into working directly with the centers to be able to conduct great policy analysis and policy making.


Sanjay Shah and the Solo Capital Wealth Strategy

Posted on March 09, 2016

Anyone who is involved in the world of finance, investments, or retirement these days fully understands how difficult it can be to even identify the right path to growing their wealth. Once you have taken the time to truly understand investments and get a better handle on what you want to do then you absolutely need to find the right partner that can help guide you (and protect you) along the way.

The importance of any investments firm is first and foremost to get the markets. It doesn’t matter what your secondary skills and talents are if you don’t know just how to operate within investments. The investments world can be a difficult one to play in, and if you find someone who understands the market just like a top professional can then you already know you are on the right track. That being said, you also want to be sure that you find someone who understands people as much as they understand finance.

In any situation that you find yourself dealing with someone in the service industry you need to find someone who knows how to remain calm under pressure. When someone has dealt with significant losses, sees the temptation of excess returns at the risk of more risk, or even just someone who wants to follow up with you and reassure you that they are keeping their eyes on your financial goals as much as (or more than) you do yourself, you know that you have found someone you can trust to guide you in the correct direction and truly be able to work with for the long haul.

Another reason why you want to be sure to have someone who gets investments and also gets people is just because the nature of the business. If there is a realistic chance that you will be able to see additional gains with a new fund or opportunity, then perhaps it does make sense to explore that area. Or you might want to stay the course in a short term period of time where your investments take a hit. However, when you see significant volatility and you feel that you need to make a decision, the last thing that you want to do is speak with someone who either doesn’t understand the markets or who doesn’t understand how to communicate an investment strategy to you (if not both).

The reason that so many individuals and investors are turning to Sanjay Shah and his wealth management strategy employed by Solo Capital is only because of the fact that both he and his organization have continued to employ both the idea of understanding wealth and also understanding people. His success will continue to grow just like the wealth of his clients as a result.

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Who is the Human Rights Foundation?

Posted on February 25, 2016

When the words “human rights” are heard, many people think of the basic rights that humans have as humans. One may think of the right to be treated like a human, instead of tortured and held like an animal. Another person may think of how a government should treat traitors – death penalty is a big no no, and many would rather see traitors put in jail than to death if possible.

Cue the Human Rights Foundation, or the HRF. The Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen has had a past with basic human rights being violated. His father was wrongly, falsely imprisoned by the Venezuelan government. While his father was in jail, he was beaten up and put through horrendous torture. His mother was gunned down in 2004, at a peaceful protest event she participated in. She was a child psychologist.

Halvorssen founded the HRF in 2005. There were many incidents that caused him to pull his resources together to make it happen. The tipping point was his mother’s shooting. While she wasn’t killed, she was hurt in the incident. It didn’t help that his uncle was missing, taken by the government, around the same time. It simply wasn’t fair.

The Human Rights Foundation fights for basic human rights of everyone. One example of their work is protesting a Nicki Minaj concert in Angola – a country where the leaders have used abuse and torture to keep their reign, and have exploited the country all around to make their fortune. While Minaj did not abandon her concert, she was well aware of why the Human Rights Foundation was against her concert there.

Overall, there is so much to protect. The Human Rights Foundation is only trying to help everyone as best they can. They protect the freedom of speech, expression, religion, and other rights. Many are not guaranteed by other countries, but many are guaranteed in the United States of America. Check out Thor’s YouTube channel for videos and other information. He is also a known film producer: IMDB.