Bring Education Reformation to the Masses with Betsy DeVos

Posted on August 8, 2019

What is a reformer? Well, for Betsy DeVos, being a reformer is all about enacting change in an area that she feels strongly about, the world of education. Betsy DeVos hales from the Midwest where her father operates the Prince Foundation and her husband worked as the CEO of Amway. DeVos herself has been an advocate and activist in the realm of education reform for going on thirty years. Now, finally, in the spotlight, Betsy DeVos has her eyes set on changing the national discussion on what education reformation means. Today, we are going to get to know Betsy DeVos and how she became the Secretary of Education for President Trump.


Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. While she attended college, DeVos learned about and fell in love with the writings of Milton Friedman. His paper on the ‘Role of Government in Education’ would act as the foundation of what we now know as school choice. School choice revolves around the idea that federal funding should be distributed equally between privately owned and publicly owned institutions. The idea of school choice once existed solely on the fringe of conservative discourse. Now, thirty years later, DeVos is finally getting the idea the national recognition and acceptance that it merits.


In order for DeVos to bring school choice to this level of popularity, she had to work at a grassroots level for years. DeVos worked hand-in-hand with a variety of different boards, parties, and political action committees while working to popularize the idea. DeVos herself has served as a board member on several national boards, including Kids Hope USA, DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, and Mars Hill Bible Church. DeVos has done also worked at a local level, volunteering at educational institutions and even giving speeches to schools across the nation. Thanks to her efforts, more than 250,000 students are enrolled in school choice compliant institutions. Despite her success, however, she still has much to do in order to get her concept to a national level.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos has to wrestle with the fact that she is operated in the most divisive government in recent memory. As a member of President Trump’s administration, she will be forced to go against public opposition no matter how grounded and effective her solutions are. With that being said, don’t expect Betsy DeVos to simply give up any time soon. Betsy DeVos has shown herself to be a political fighter, advocate, and bulldog when she needs to be. DeVos has already enjoyed the full-throated support of President Trump as well as the establishment GOP. Can DeVos take her momentum and run with it? Only time will tell at this point!


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