Betsy DeVos Is Indefatigable

Posted on September 9, 2018

Some people in this world know how to set good examples. These people function as inspirations of sorts. These people make others daydream and aspire. Betsy DeVos of the state of Michigan is definitely among these individuals. She doesn’t breathe rarefied air. Although she has an existence that most people would describe as being interesting, she still has her feet planted firmly onto the ground. This is something that helps her daily as the Secretary of Education for the United States. She was given this job by President Donald Trump. Although she’s been the Education Secretary for a comparatively brief span of time, her relationship with the American educational system actually goes back a long way. DeVos has been going to United States charter schools for visits for years and years now. She’s been discussing the strengths of educational choice and even school vouchers for years and years now, too. She’s not the only “DeVos” family member to partake in these actions, either. Dick is the name of her husband. He shows an interest in educational matters that seems to rival hers. He even established the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This Grand Rapids, Michigan educational institution helps high school students who have big goals that relate to working in aviation. The students who go to this charter school often picture working as pilots after they graduate. Dick can relate to them greatly as well. The businessman enjoys aviation more than most things. It’s among his biggest loves in this life.


Betsy DeVos wants the public to be able to learn all about charter schools. She never misses an opportunity to discuss charter schools and how they may influence students in the country. She flew down to bustling Miami, Florida to go to an event alongside rapper Pitbull. The point of the event was to exchange information that involved charter schools. People in the audience were fascinated by all of the things DeVos and the music celebrity had to say.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a trusted not-for-profit organization that has been in place since the late eighties. Betsy and Dick put it together in 1989. They regularly handle their cultural and art donations through the charity group. People who are eager philanthropists regularly look to Betsy and Dick for ideas. These are two individuals who always keep their eyes on the prize no matter what. They’re indefatigable.


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