Nitin Khanna – Advanced Intrapreneur and Investor

Posted on July 31, 2019

Biography Of Nitin

Khanna was born in India. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, that has inspired him to do the same. He has been surrounded by different types of entrepreneurship styles, based on which he has developed his own enterprises. At the age of 17, he moved to the US Where he went to college for Industrial Engineering. This is when he has decided to start practicing his knowledge.

Starting a Job

After college Khanna started his first job. He has been in a few different types of positions and his first management job was managing a cardboard box company. He worked for this company for two years and then he decided to look for something more.

Saber Software

He then started Saber Software with his younger brother. He spent 10 years of developing the business. This was the early fortune of Saber Software. Saber and Khanna was in the industry of election in 2000 when the government passed the law of using electronics software by 2006. Oregon was the initial state to make the changes and comply with the new law. Saber won the contract. Afterward, 21 states utilized this software for the voting process. Saber would have grown further, however, Khanna sold the company to EDS in 2008. EDS Became HP in 2009.

Khanna Rising in Portland Oregon

Khanna grew a fond in Portland Oregon. He desired for Portland to become a successful city. He invested to 40 – 50 companies for two years. In Portland, another entrepreneur has spotted Khanna and was in need of his help. They were interested in finding out when it would be best to sell the company for a good profit, knowing that Khanna sold his company for good earnings. Then he became an advisor to entrepreneurs, by helping companies grow and obtain maximum sale outcome.

Khanna is Very Advanced

Khanna is known as a chess player where everyone else is playing checkers. He is always three steps ahead. He has helped multiple large companies to succeed in business.

Khanna’s Advice

Looking back now he would say to himself “Do not be anxious, be steady, and patient. Work hard and be fair to all the dealings, keep your eye on the goals, plan your work, and work your plan”.

Current Stage of Khanna

 Nitin Khanna is now the CEO of Mergertech, a small investment bank in Portland. Khanna is the former CEO of Cura Cannabis. Today, he is an investor and entrepreneur.

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Easier Email Management by the Use of Unroll Me

Posted on July 30, 2019

Unroll Me is a service that has an innovative and responsive web interface that works by having access to your inbox and synchronizing your messages to their servers while archiving others. Rakuten Intelligence, a company that is proficient in measurement related business involving e-commerce, famously owns it.

Unroll Me will do you right by managing your inbox in the sense that it assists you to get rid of your unwanted emails. However, essential emails get to remain in your inbox. With a single swipe, all your undesired emails and subscriptions are turned off for good, which is the most recognized feature of Unroll Me. Rakuten Intelligence has made it its primary focus to ensure that different companies understand how to run businesses by the provision of Unroll Me.

Unroll Me has a superb interface, and the fact that it can selectively choose which messages to get to your inbox is impressive. The services it renders offer an organized inbox resulting in the ease of use of your inbox platform on email. While Unroll Me has its advantages, it also has its cons where you may not get to neasily notice your new emails not until you read your email digest.

This pilling has been seen to cause problems in terms of confirming emails, important reset of passwords as well as a timely check of emails that are time conscious. However, this can be easily solved by clicking on the “all mail” section of the email to check for new messages. You can sign up for Unroll me using either your email address or other accounts that Unroll Me supports such as Google or Yahoo. More also, an important point to note is that the only language that is recommended is English.

There are three features in Unroll Me that is; “keep,” “rollup,” and “unsubscribe.” Clicking on the unsubscribe button ensures you don’t receive specific emails to your inbox or email digest. For the “rollup” section, you set it to either appear in grid or as a list. Subscriptions that you might want to appear here and can be set to be delivered to you at any specific time of the day. The “keep” section ensures that you retain all your necessary subscriptions and emails in your inbox.

CEO Robert Deignan Explains How To Create An Effective Omnichannel Strategy

Posted on July 30, 2019

Chief Executive Officer Robert Deignan of ATS Digital Services, which he co-founded, has been in the technology sector for the past two decades. A graduate of Purdue University where he studied business management, he launched his first company soon after getting out in the real world. This was Fanlink, Inc. In 2002, he joined iS3 which is a company that provides digital security solutions. ATS Digital Services provides support to people that need help with their technological devices.

To market his company, Robert Deignan has become an expert on taking an omnichannel approach. He says this approach doesn’t mean your company needs to be on every type of platform out there such as Twitter, Facebook, texting, and email. Rather, it means that the experience customers have on the platforms you do use is seamless. 

A good omnichannel strategy can include just a Facebook page, customer support employees, and a blog. The experience on each of these should be very closely aligned with the other ones. Robert Deignan says that the hardest part of this is making sure customer support is aligned. Phone calls are dynamic so keeping them consistent to your brand can be hard.

Robert Deignan chose a limited omnichannel approach since it’s easier to keep track of. ATS Digital Services is on a few websites and has a call center. When customers call his company, the experience is closely aligned with what they see on his company’s websites. 

He says that an omnichannel strategy takes advantage of the fact that familiarity breeds comfort. People like what they already know. If a customer uses a company’s website, they’ll be more comfortable if when they call in the experience is the same. This leads to repeat business and good word of mouth. If when they call in and the experience is unfamiliar, they may want to flee instead of approach your brand.

Another thing to know about human nature, he says, is that customer expectations will always be rising. If someone has access to wi-fi on a plane flight, for instance, they begin to expect all future plane flights will have wi-fi. Robert Deignan says to keep this in mind when crafting your omnichannel strategy.

Ted Bauman Is A Finance And Investment Writer Who Loves His Job

Posted on July 30, 2019

Ted Bauman has been working with people for many years as a finance expert. He helped nonprofits in South Africa by serving as a funds manager and even worked with the United Nations. Bauman studied at the University of Cape Town and earned two degrees in history and economics during his time there. He went on to work with Slum Dwellers International, which is a nonprofit that has helped millions of people who come from many different parts of the world.

Ted Bauman has enjoyed many of the different jobs he has done over the years, but one of them rises above the rest. He loves writing, and he is happy that he has found a career where he is able to write often. Bauman loves being able to keep his mind active while also helping to educate others about low risk investing strategies and how to keep their assets protected. He feels like what he is doing is a service to society because it will help to lift people up. Follow Ted Bauman at Talk Markets

Ted Bauman looks into the future and sees himself continuing to be a part of working with investors. He currently serves with Banyan Hill Publishing where he edits The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Bauman is working hard so he can grow the number of readers who learn from his newsletters. He wakes up early on most mornings so he can get a jump on the day and write while he feels most productive. During his day, he likes to stay on top of the news and other finance issues so he can better inform his readers.

Ted Bauman was recently asked during an interview to reveal how he comes up with new ideas for his newsletters. He commented that he likes to cover mundane topics in an interesting way and feels he can use his narrative talents to communicate why certain topics are relevant to his readers. He also draws on real life examples because these help people to be able to better picture concepts in their minds. At the end of the day, Bauman just wants to help people become better stewards of their own money.


Papa John Plans $80 Million for Marketing and Assisting Franchises

Posted on July 30, 2019

Papa John will be using Shaquille O’Neal as a the new ambassador for the restaurant chain in 2019, as part of a $80 million dollar marketing plan. The money will be spent equally between franchise assistance for owners and marketing programs. Promoting the new ambassador O’Neal the famous basketball player will begin in late summer and early fall.

Some of the money will be used to help franchises stay profitable in locations in more challenging markets. Many stores faced tough competition and need help in this area. This competition has lead to some Papa John store closures.

The company has changed the menu and is testing a $6 value platform in several markets.

This menu has a medium one topping pizza, sandwiches, wings, bread sticks, and desserts. Management is committed to a value menu and continues to test it in different markets.

Steve Richie, CEO says the chain is targeting a 10 to 15 percent sales mix that is below many of their competitors. They have several mid price and premium priced products like specialty pizzas. In March the company introduced five specialty pizzas. They are Zesty Italian Trio, Fiery Buffalo Chicken, Philly Cheesesteak, Super Hawaiian, Ultimate Pepperoni and Meatball Pepperoni.

The price is $12. Later this year they increased the specialty prices from $16.99 to $17.99. Its an extensive new product line that competes well with other chains. They plan to test these product the rest of this year and launch them in 2020 during the holiday season. The company will try to solidify its new menu prices without going directly against some of the bigger competitors.

Papa Johns has been testing sandwiches too. They wanted to cut lower performing pizzas from the menu. They came up with a $6 dollar one price pizza for new customers. Their staff has gathered data on new products to see where they fit and how to upsell them.

Steve Richie believes their fresh dough that is never frozen will be an important part of helping the chain regain its market share. It is made from six ingredients. They use fresh tomato sauce and the best ingredients. He says they stand for a higher quality pizza. Find out more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

Q and A with attorney Todd Levine

Posted on July 29, 2019

Todd Levine is a lawyer who represents many different kinds of clients such as investors, brokers, contractors, and more. Levine is regarded as the founding member of his own practice named Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. There is another dimension to the individual, although, as he enjoys both art and science. In fact, he is a musician who believes that it gives him another edge above other attorneys. Todd Levine attended both the University of Florida for his bachelors in Finance and Florida Levin College of Law for his law degree. The attorney has won awards for his work such as placing in US News and World Report for last year and being noticed by various publications in Florida Trend Magazine, Super Lawyers Business Review, among many others. The Q & A begins with Todd Levine addressing where the idea to form his own law firm came from as he states it arrived from noticing his skills in litigation and gaining more clients through experience. The attorney reflects that each day can be different for him: whether he is at trial, meeting with clients, speaking on the phone, attending meetings, or traveling. He makes note that he likes to use his time wisely and plans ahead. Todd Levine identifies that he brings ideas to life by working rigorously on cases like analyzing the facts and evidence. According to him, being simple is the way to go. One habit that the attorney outlines that really helps him is in being prepared to be able to respond to arguments during a trial and ultimately be able to win cases for the clients. His best advice that he would offer to his younger self is to find the niche and develop in that specific field. Todd Levine speaks about the importance of making outlines and addresses how it helps him out a lot to organize thoughts and bring them together. The lawyer reflects that his business has been able to grow by offering excellent service to customers and being available to answer any concerns/questions. The attorney notes that he learned from his past mistakes with not preparing as well as he could for cases and recounts an experience where he bought his son equipment for the piano. Lastly, Todd Levine recommends the book “The Fountainhead” by author Ayn Rand.


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Grupo RBS Plans To Reach More Fans Via Collaborative Project

Posted on July 29, 2019


Grupo RBS, one of the biggest media conglomerate in Brazil, wants to get close to its fans. With the company’s newest concept, it plans to deliver a campaign which embodies its new goal. Grupo RBS launched its newest campaign motto, which is “Grupo RBS: A Gente Vive Junto” in Porto Alegre, with a song “A Gente Vive Junto by Lulu Santos. The song has been exclusively created for this effort.

Creative Director of Competence, Rafael Bohrer, stated that Grupo RBS want to launch a campaign which will involve the company and its fans working together. This campaign includes launching a video made by fans. With the campaign, a special platform has been made available. This platform lets the people vote for scenes from the submitted videos. Videos with the most votes will be the one which will become the official film of the campaign.

Claudio Toigo, the current CEO of the Grupo RBS revealed that this campaign has been made possible due to the continuous patronage of fans with their services. He revealed that the company is now reaping the fruits of its hard wor. In addition, Toigo also revealed that Grupo RBS they made some changes and work integration in order for the company to position itself better in the market, especially with the advertisers. Go To This Page for additional information.

Grupo RBS prepared for this campaign by listening to the suggestion of its employees, Claudio Toigo revealed. He also revealed how meetings and workshops have been held with the employees, as well as suppliers and partners. Toigo himself met directly with 400 employees.

As of now, Grupo RBS wants to associate great concepts for its brands, including courage, proximity, and excellence. With this campaign, the Grupo RBS will be able to collaborate with its fans in the making of the project. The company calls for the whole of Rio Grande do Sul population to show their participation. Grupo RBS is a media conglomerate founded by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho in 1957. It is affiliated with Rede Globo and employs more than 6,000 people. The group owns 12 broadcasting stations, 24 radio stations and more. It is also known for its digital company called e.Bricks Digital.


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Business Consultant and Entrepreneur Luke Lazarus

Posted on July 26, 2019

Luke Lazarus is a highly successful business consultant based in Australia. He has spent a number of years helping businesses reach their goals as well as solve a number of problems. His experience and expertise has proven to help both struggling businesses and successful ones reach their full potential.

Starting a business is quite difficult for many people who look to become entrepreneurs. However, Luke makes it easier for them by providing valuable assistance that helps them devise strategies and solutions to overcome any obstacles that they encounter.

While many businesses don’t usually rely on business consulting to help them, it is still very beneficial to have it on a regular basis according to Luke Lazarus. Many businesses will often have difficulties that they may have a hard time coping with.

If a business does not resolve these difficulties, they will usually fail. In fact 90 percent of all businesses cease to operate within five years.

As a result, it is important for businesses to get all of the available assistance so that they can ensure their future success. Luke Lazarus is one individual who can provide this very valuable guidance and assistance for businesses.

During his career, Luke Lazarus has been a serial entrepreneur. He has spent a number of years starting up businesses, managing them and then selling them to future owners.

With his background of starting up four successful businesses, he has established himself as a credible person to receive consulting from. His expertise and knowledge of what it takes for a business to succeed has allowed him to become one of the most trusted business consultants in Australia. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Inspirery and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO

When it comes to providing consulting for business clients, Luke Lazarus has a unique approach that has gotten positive results. One of the first things he does is provide a consultation in order to find out what a business is struggling with. By getting this information, he then looks to devise a solution to help them resolve the problem. Another thing Luke does is to assess the business goals that are both short term and long term.

He also emphasizes the importance of a business plan which will provide a foundation for a business to follow when running their companies. Lazarus has also emphasized the importance of emotionally connecting with customers as well as focusing on how a particular product or service will improve the lives of the customer.

Prior to working as a business consultant, Luke Lazarus completed a university education. He attended a top university in Melbourne Australia. While attending this university, he completed an undergraduate degree as well as a master’s degree in business administration. After finishing up his college educational programs, he then moved on to start up businesses rather then seek full time employment.

His businesses became successful and he was then able to establish himself as a successful entrepreneur.

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How Serge Belamant Made The Technology Behind Blockchain

Posted on July 26, 2019

While the anonymous Satoshi Nakatoma (fake name) is credited with creating blockchain technology, people in the know agree that it was Serge Belamant who developed the technology it is built on. He has filed several patents over the years which cumulatively led to blockchain becoming the tech behind cryptocurrency and possibly other uses such as identity theft protection. Serge Belamant is French but mostly spent his teenage years in South Africa. He worked for a number of technology and engineering firms before establishing his own company in October 1989, Net1 Universal Technologies. He developed a universal electronic payment system that he offered to financial services firms around the world. Visa eventually hired his company who wanted him to create an application based on this type of technology.

His next big break occurred in 1999. He negotiated with the First National Bank of South Africa and bought their Cash Payment Services tech. Due to his excellent work managing this technology, Serge Belamant was named as a pioneer in the area of getting welfare grants paid in the Republic of South Africa.He moved to the United States in the early 2000s. He combined two technologies, UEPS and FTS, which he named COPAC. This technology is still in use by VISA in order to prevent fraud and verify PINs. Not long after returning to South Africa, his company went public and is now on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

What are some of his early patents that led to blockchain technology? His first patent, filed in 2001, was one that created a system where people could remotely gamble, securely, using his technology. This software kept track of winnings and losings using a smart card. It was a security system that could prevent tampering. Today, Serge Belamant is working at Zilch Technologies Limited, a company he founded along with his son, Philip, in 2017. His company is in the digital advertising space. His company funds its client’s ads so that they can use their cash to grow their company. He is now living in Belgravia, London.

JHSF Property Investment Company CEO and Chairman Zeco Auriemo

Posted on July 25, 2019

Located in the Continental Tower in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Auriemo family’s JHSF business was founded four decades ago, and as it continued to experience more expansion over the years, its present CEO and Board Chairman Zeco Auriemo joined the group in 1993, and was later promoted as the supervisor of its real estate division, which he has been successfully running since the late 1990s. JHSF, which owns major shopping centers, hotels and residential buildings, is one of the most prominent property investment companies in Brazil. Offering luxurious brands such as Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Valentino and Hermes, the company’s Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall is the first retail outlet to have represented these designers’ merchandise in the country.

Under the leadership of Zeco Auriemo, not only did JHSF open up several shopping areas in Sao Paulo, Manaus and Santa Cruz, but the business also owns nine luxury condos, such as the one in Punta del Este, Uruguay called Las Piedras. Its Cidade Jardim complex offers 180 stores, four business offices, a number of apartments and a lodging choice named the Fasano Hotel. The company also has a commercial property in the U.S. that’s located in the upscale area of Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Zeco Auriemo, who is a graduate of Sao Paulo’s FAAP University, has always been a visionary and innovator within his family’s business, which was co-founded by his father. During his earlier years at the company, he created its services department and a parking lot management venture called Parkbem. It was within the last decade that he managed to negotiate lucrative partnership deals with designer brands, and when the sales of these items started to decrease between 2016 and 2017, Zeco Auriemo and his business associates still found a way to keep profits at a steady growth. Read more about Zeco Auriemo: