The rise of Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger

Posted on June 12, 2019

Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western, and much of the success of the company has been credited under his leadership of the oil and gas company. Gulf Coast Western is built on working with other partners while trying to expand their territory. In fact, the company has attributed much of their success through working with other partners in the industry since its founding in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. Although they originated out of Texas, they have expanded to other states such as Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma, and others. They credit two key partnerships for their rise in the oil and gas industry with the two being the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. The first partnership allowed them to expand to Louisiana with the second further expanding their reign. In addition, the agreements allow Gulf Coast Western to increase the production of their oil with more production at their wells. Along with this, the company also gets to use seismic data to get insight into what they are doing as a brand. The article credits another specific partnership with Northcote Energy Ltd. to expand to Southeast Louisiana. Gulf Coast Western makes sure to make good decisions with low risk such as expanding in good climate areas, and the company values what they do as a company with moral ethics as they were rated an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Matthew Fleeger as stated prior, is responsible for the rise of Gulf Coast Western as he simply knows a lot about the oil and gas industry. He is credited as a productive entrepreneur who founded other companies such as MedSolutions, Palm Beach Tan, and Mystic Tan. Fleeger is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, specifically from the Cox School of Business. He later founded companies and built up Gulf Coast Western.

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Wes Edens Makes New Purchase

Posted on June 09, 2019

Wes Edens recently made his sports franchise spread even larger by purchasing the Aston Villa Football Club. He already co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks and has for a while now.

New Purchase
By purchasing the Astong Villa Football club, Wes Edens has certainly increased his prestige. The club is actually close to making it into the Premier League in England. This is a league that’s reserved for the best teams in the country. The league is actually so well-known that it’s not just English fans that watch it. Fans all over the world are interested in this league because of the sheer high quality of play it affords the fans.

One of the things that only serves to enhance the league’s reputation is the fact that teams have to earn their way onto their league. Then, even once they are on the league, they can’t just sit and relax since teams can actually be bumped off at any time. This makes everything even more exciting for fans and for owners like Wes Edens.


Aston Villa Overview
One of the great things about this purchase from Wes Edens is the fact that Aston Villa has been around since the beginning of the Premier League. It was even around for the league that came before the Premier League, which was just called “The Football League.” Plus, Aston Villa is in a small group of teams that have won the European Cup. They haven’t done it since 1982, but few teams have. The team had been down on its luck for a few years until recently, but it’s definitely been climbing the rungs of the ladder as of late, and it’s poised to make it back into the premiere League, which is no doubt one of the reasons why Wes Edens has put money and effort into making the purchase.

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Ted Bauman Interview

Posted on June 08, 2019

Ted Bauman works as the editor of Plan B, The Bauman Letter as well as the Alpha Stock Alert. All these focus on the protection of assets, privacy, low-risk investment strategies, and international migration issues. Together with his family, he lives in Atlanta, GA. All through his career, Ted Bauman has been helping people to be directly in touch with the necessary sources that will help them live a comfortable life. A life that is away from governmental oversight and commercial insatiability.

Bringing new ideas to life

Bauman works as a writer and therefore has to write crucial topics that will make them read more and more. While bringing new ideas to life, he ensures to use the best narrative and writing skills. These help him to explain why specific topics are more important clearly. For instance, when writing about the importance of assets protection, Bauman uses real-life examples. This helps readers to create such ideas in their minds.

A trend that excites Ted Bauman

Ted is excited by how his readers can question the global economy. A large number of people are asking whether accommodating large businesses is a fine financial strategy. They seek to know whether it can be of great benefits to society and not just themselves. He is happy about how many people are conscious of the problems that face the world today. These people are also more interested in getting solutions to the issues since its something that has not been met previously.

A habit that makes him more productive

Ted Bauman starts his day early in the morning. This gives him the capability to utilize the most productive time of the day to perform more complicated tasks. He believes time management is the key to having a successful career. Knowing the time of the day when he is more productive has helped him a great deal. He guards that time and never allows people to disturb him. Through this, he can focus on his work all through.


Ted Bauman has experienced several failures in life. He viewed all the shortcomings as essential opportunities to learn some new ways of doing things. He discovered it is essential to be realistic.

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Sheldon Lavin: A Key Player In The Growth Of OSI

Posted on June 07, 2019

When Sheldon Lavin first developed an interest in the business world, he knew that one day he wanted to be able to work with one that he owned. While he may not have joined OSI as their CEO, he managed to make his way to this position after many years of dedication to the company and hard work. When he was in college, he studied finance and accounting and planned to pursue his successful career in those fields. When Sheldon Lavin first got involved with OSI Food Solutions, he was helping the company secure the financing that was needed in order to build a state of the art meat processing plant near Chicago.

The company had been founded in the city and was staying true to its heritage throughout its growth. When asked just how far OSI reached, Sheldon Lavin stated that they had more than 70 different physical locations throughout 17 countries. This number is quite impressive considering they began as a single butcher shop in Chicago before expanding rapidly throughout the last century. While the company focuses on protein products, over the years they have begun to produce and process things like baked goods, vegetables, sauces, and more. As the needs of their customers change, OSI and his main focuse are always on making sure that they do everything possible to meet them.

One of the things that Sheldon Lavin is proud of at OSI is the culture that runs strongly throughout the multinational business. They care about their team and provide them with the tools that are needed in order to succeed in their positions. He is proud of everyone at his food company and cares about their well-being. As an executive, he understands that the success of the company is based on the success that their team is able to bring to the table. He hopes that OSI Group will continue to grow in the United States and globally. They are set to be one of the leaders in their industry and Sheldon Lavin is happy to have been able to lead the company in the direction that it is going.

How Betterworks Can Change A Company’s Culture

Posted on June 04, 2019

Betterworks is a place where people can learn how to manage employee performance in smart ways. This is a great software program to use because it was designed to measure employee performance. However, it is also something that people can use when they are trying to learn how they would manage their staff going forward. There are tools for the experienced manager, and there are tools for the new manager who needs to learn how to handle their staff.

The performance management software that this company makes is one of the best things for people to use because they get a lot of help maintaining files and recording the results they get for all the people on their staff.

It is very easy for people to get this software to use right now in their office, and they can apply it to all the people on their staff. The performance management tools can be adjusted to help the manager figure out what they want out of their employees. Plus, it is very important for these managers to have information that they can share with their staff members when needed.

It is also important to remember how Betterworks can change a company’s culture. If all the people who work for the company know that they will be treated right, that they are evaluated using a simple system, and can learn how to get better, they will be more likely to do good work. It is smart to use Betterworks to make your employees better.