Betsy DeVos Defends Educational Choice in New Interview

Posted on May 31, 2019

For those who live in Michigan, the name Betsy DeVos is synonymous with education reform. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Betsy DeVos worked with education leaders to create better systems and choices for students in Michigan. As a member of the Republican Party and eventual Chairman, there was nothing that DeVos wanted more than to be the US Education Secretary. It would be the culmination of many years working in political circles hoping to affect change in education.


However, since she’s been appointed in office, many have come out to say that she doesn’t deserve the position, mainly because she doesn’t have any experience as a teacher. It’s also been said that she doesn’t have a firm grasp on what works for education in terms of public education. Instead, she favors private education, and many believe that her educational choice campaigns will make it so that the country is paying for private tuition.


For all of the critics, DeVos continues to do interviews. She has never shied away from opportunity to speak about educational choice and how it helps students go to a school of their dreams. When a curriculum is failing or doesn’t have the right programs, students are able to pick another school based on educational choice. Some of these options include magnet programs, private schools, charter schools, virtual schools, and homeschooling.


While many parents approve of this move, there are many in the public education system who are angry about the appointment of Betsy DeVos. She has come under fire frequently for things that she has said towards underprivileged communities, but she stands by her statement and looks for ways to bridge the gap politically.


When President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos, she may not have realized that gun violence would become such an important topic in schools. After the Parkland shooting, she was placed in charge of the school safety reform movement. She met with many advisers who all agreed that the safest choice was to add a school security officer to every campus. These officers would be able to carry a gun and were solely there to help if there was an attack.


While teachers have been fighting for help, they aren’t too sure about the new gun policy that would allow teachers to go through gun training and carry on campus. DeVos wasn’t a fan of this idea so much in 2018, but it has grown in popularity and was recently made into a law. Now teachers are able to carry guns.


As the First Lady continues to tour with Betsy DeVos, they have been meeting multiple institutions in Florida that are apart of school choice plans. It’s clear that DeVos will continue to fight for school choice through 2020.


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Problem Solving With Paul Herdsman

Posted on May 29, 2019


Paul Herdsman is the COO and Co-founder of NICE Global. Herdsman is a multi-talented business man and entrepreneur. Paul Herdsman was involved in other management roles for other companies and that’s what inspired him to venture out on his on to be an entrepreneur himself.

NICE Global is a business solutions company that opened in 2014 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It helps other businesses and marketing companies who are looking to outsource many processes. NICE Global improves its customer engagement and customer retention with such great workmanship.

The employees at NICE Global is well appreciated. They are rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the company and are recognized through incentive-based programs. Paul was inspired to open the business in Montego, Jamaica due to the stress of already providing services in five other countries. Being from Jamaica, Paul wanted a home-based location so it could not only be convenient for him but it also provides physical services. The nearshore base gave customers the advantage and opportunity to visit without having to travel far.

Paul Herdsman is a talented business man. He is also family oriented and enjoys fishing and golfing. Those hobbies are a good way for him to not cause tension due from day to day work.

There are several “Business Tips”, Paul Herdsman gives about what to do when wanting to achieve that goal of being an entrepreneur, with having a positive attitude being one of the main advises. With a busy work schedule and having to run a business, Paul makes sure that time with love ones is valuable and spent well.


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Smita Shah on Why Engineering is a Vital Career in the Industry

Posted on May 27, 2019

Smita Shah is the owner of Spaan Tech. She recently attended the Steve Cochran Show, where she discussed the value of engineering, including how she has been working as a scientist, technologist, and an engineer to change the world. She started serving in the sector 20 years ago and has not looked back since then. Here’s a short excerpt of what she said at the interview: Learn more:


Smita Shah recalls that she was close to her father while growing up. She is also a respected entrepreneur who oversees the development of different business projects. Being a civic leader too, she is known to contribute to various philanthropic projects that improve people’s lives. Shah established the organization in 1998.


She has since pioneered the firm into a significant multi-disciplinary company with extensive expertise in private as well as public infrastructure projects. She has spearheaded projects in transportation, aviation, in addition to facilities. She has also been recognized for her input in different sectors in the tech world. As such, in 2009, she was recognized by Ernst and Young as the leading entrepreneur of the year. Recently, she also received an award from the YWCA. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn


Being the child of immigrants, Smita Shah is devoted to public service. That’s her main driving principle. It’s evident in her support for community leadership roles. The following key pillars also drive Shah’s call to service:


Promoting arts


Serving her community


Honoring her country


Fostering education


Still, in recognition of Shah’s work in building various entrepreneurial bridges between her native land and the US, she was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. This award is geared towards honoring individuals who contribute to the growth of their communities at large. Some of her commitments include serving as the vice chairperson of Chicago Plan Commission and a board member of the Economic Club of Chicago. Over the years, she has also chaired various program grants and fellows programs.


At SPAAN Tech Inc, Smita Shah oversees program management services based on the firm’s modern management tools created for optimal planning, staffing, control, and organization. The added strength allows the company and its customers to remain proactive while handling their projects. The firm’s established project coordination mechanisms also ensure that different project components are technically consistent with the client’s optimal needs to meet various projects.


Smita Shah earned a degree in science from the prestigious Northwestern University. She has maintained strong ties with the institution. She attended M.I.T. for a master’s degree in civil engineering. Her thesis was based on the state of the country’s infrastructure. Smita Shah also has academic credentials on management studies from the prestigious Oxford University. Her thesis was titled culture and leadership in public and private partnerships.

The Excellence of Donata Meireless

Posted on May 26, 2019

For more than thirty years Donata Meirelles has been changing lives through fashion. Considered an expert in her field, Meirelles has been responsible for identifying trends for people all over the world. She has become well known for her work ethic and commitment to following through. She identified her passion at a young age and has worked hard to master her craft. To learn more about Donata Meirelles view her Crunchbase profile

Donata Meireless got her big break at an early age working as an International Buyer for Daslu. Located in Brazil, Baslu has become recognized as a mecca for fashion for people all over the world. This position launched Meirelles career and gave her the skills she would need to build an impressive resume. That resume includes being the founder of the Women in the World Foundation. This powerful women’s organization supports a number of other groups which include amfAR, the Brazil Foundation and Gerando Falcoes. While working with these groups, Meireless has been recognized for her excellence. In 2014 she received the prestigious Humanitarian Award. This award was given to her because of her years of focus on those with AIDS and HIV.

Meireless recently shared the secrets to her success. Meireless is committed to a daily routine. She understands her priorities include family, health and work. Her days are busy but they are filled with activities that are important to her. She is very committed to working hard. She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be ambitious and never settle.

Donata Meireless understands that today’s world is fast paced. Today’s fashion world is no different. The invention of the smartphone and the internet mean that tends in the fashion industry can change quickly. Meireless considers herself an expert on noticing these trends and is passionate about helping others notice them as well. Although she has had a long and successful career, she appears set for many more years of success.

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What Isabel dos Santos Blames

Posted on May 26, 2019

Earlier this year Isabel dos Santos spoke at the Africa Summit 2019 where she discussed the growing role of technology in Africa’s economy. She said the African economy is behind the economy in large part because it has not embraced digital technology as much as the rest of the world. She said it is not enough for current African businesses and government bodies to embrace; she said they must teach it to the population and the next generation so they can embrace it too and keep it flourishing. She says it is also imperative that the public is educated about it because the full acceptance of digitalization will eventually mean most Africans have a bank account for the first time. See more on Wikipedia.

Isabel dos Santos stressed that embracing the digital world will also have enormous benefits as far as public transportation, security, and affordable prices on just about everything. In addition, she said this would be a huge boost to small businesses and overall production. She blamed the fact that Africa has not embraced digitalization on the fact that most Africans, in general, are afraid of new concepts. The summit took place in the European Parliament at Brussels with the overall them “Africa and the Emerging Technology.” Isabel dos Santos is the eldest child of the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Isabel dos Santos was born in Azerbaijan, the home country of her mother, Tatiana Kukanova. Today she is the richest businesswoman in Africa. In 2013, she became Africa’s first ever female billionaire. At that time, she first got her billions by taking stakes in various Angolan companies. After graduating from high school, she studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London. After graduation, she would spend the next 20 years in management positions with a wide number of companies. In the early 1990s she returned home to assist her father. It was there that she began forming business relationships with many Angolan companies.


How Vinod Gupta is changing the Lives of Less Fortunate

Posted on May 24, 2019


When growing up in a remote village in India, Vinod Gupta was only interested in changing his future. The businessman believes that he can never change the place where he was born, but he had the power to transform his future and make it better. The life he had when was a young man has made him the prominent figure he is currently.


Unlike the modern executives who will try and look for shortcuts in their career lives, Vinod Gupta knew that the long path of life was the only solution to the poverty that was being experienced at home. The billionaire, who is known by made as a self-made investor, attended remote village schools that had no facilities. When he finally had the chance of joining college, Vinod Gupta took a course in agricultural engineering, and he also got the idea of traveling overseas for more academic empowerment. See Related Link for more information.


When he started working, the billionaire did not get prominent positions in the market. According to one of his interviews, the businessman was not filled with pride, like his friends from the university. Vinod Gupta took any positions that brought income in his life. Working in small positions never hindered his growth as a professional. Instead, Vinod Gupta got so much expertise, and he also learnt about direct market, a concept that has made him a billionaire.


He is the Chairman of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Infogroup, a technology company and started the Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation.


With the resources under his belt, Vinod Gupta has shown his generosity to unfortunate women in the global community. His funds have gone a long way in putting the girl child in school and ensuring that the society doesn’t only educate the male child. Healthcare is one of the things that hinder education in many African communities. Vinod has provided quality healthcare to different people across the borders, and this has ensured that children remain in school for many days.


JD.Com Partnership With A Leading Wine Brand- Grand Tokaj

Posted on May 24, 2019


JD.Com’s or Jingdong’s excellence in online marketing has made it one of the largest internet companies in China. The company was formed by Richard Liu and has taken major strides in the business world through its clear cut strategies. deals provide conveniently numerous assets and consumer goods, ranging from apparels, clothing, electronics, and many more. The company has been able to build its trust among its clients through the distribution of high-quality goods and an excellent offering of services.

Jingdong has a team of experienced researchers who evaluate the needs of clients and find solutions to satisfy the clients’ needs. The company utilizes the technology to produce innovative products through its partnership with other technological giants in the business.

Jingdong also works with small and medium enterprises to help them in issues such as warehousing in supply chain management. The company has been able to leverage its experience in the logistics to assist various small and medium-term companies to grow their portfolio and improve their warehousing needs.


Environment Sustainability Initiatives by JD.Com

The company has also aligned its production to ensure environmental sustainability. JD.Com has invested in production technologies to ensure minimum pollution of the environment. The company’s social innovation has enabled it to tailor its product development, packaging, and delivery to ensure minimum destruction of the environment. Jingdong won the SEAL Award for its continuous commitment to environmental protection for sustainable development


JD.Com Partners with Grand Tokaj

Grand Tokaj is among the leading winery companies in Hungary. Grand Tokaj announced its collaboration with as it penetrates the Chinese market through the online platform. The partnership marks the first time the Grand Tokaj wine brand enters the e-commerce business. The Grand Tokaj Company chose JD.Com as its official e-commerce partner due to its extensive experience in the online business and its successful marketing operations.

Through the partnership, JD.Com customers will be able to enjoy the full range of Hungarian sweet wines as the Grand Tokaj gets assisted with its marketing initiatives by Grand Tokaj will benefit from JD.Com’s customization offerings such as Customer- to -Manufacture initiatives, online retail channels, and many more.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Asian Bezoz

Posted on May 23, 2019

Richard Liu Qiangdong has made his way from a life of poverty to CEO status. He is currently the CEO of, and has made strides in e-commerce around the Asian region. Currently, they are competition with giants like Alibaba. Initially when everything started, they were not as successful, but multinational corporations saw the promise of the company and invested at the early stages. Companies like WeChat and Walmart bought stakes in the company and in exchange, gainful incentives. WeChat agreed to advertise on their platform of about 1 billion active user base. had an increased database of customers, and with increase customers, comes increased sales.

They partnered with Farfetch in order to increase their hold in the luxury market. Asian standard of living is increasing day by day and with increased standard of living, comes diverse taste in products. As a result the demand for luxury goods in Asia is increasing. Before this venture, his first company also had good success. Unfortunately a couple of years after he started it was a SARS outbreak and they’re profitability stalled. In the early 2000s the SARS outbreak occurred, when is happened, customers were not able to visit the shops as much before. As at that time, he had about 10 branches around the region and was doing really well. He had to find a way to come back to the profit margins he was receiving previously. He decided to liquidate all his assets and focus the money to build another platform.

Fortunately for him, the birth of gave him his most profitable business ever. is currently worth 40 billion dollars while Liu has about 12.5 billion dollars. The company has made strides in delivery and shows signs of increasing the status worldwide. They are currently the largest drone delivery company in Asia. instead of using human power and increasing recurring costs, they instead speed up delivery times with less effort. He believed in his creation and followed it to the end, a true entrepreneur of the game and one healthy example to up and coming businessmen.

How Dan Bethelmy-Rada Spearheads Growth and Development at L’Oreal Professional Products

Posted on May 20, 2019

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is employed at L’Oreal as the Global Brand President. At the age of 40, he is the most youthful General Manager company-wide. He was elected for the position in 2015. Bethelmy-Rada has served for 15 years. He has worked for Garnier brands as well as L’Oreal Paris. Bethelmy-Rada is innovative. He’s honed his skills in marketing as well as a digital strategy over the years. Bethelmy-Rada implemented best practices for continued education as well as diversity in his organizations. Overseeing a capable and dedicated team, his track record for successfully mentoring candidates for executive marketing positions is unmatched. The youthful marketer is still pressing for diversity and inclusivity across the world. Bethelmy-Rada is also focused and ambitious. His leadership style is one of the top talents he is known for. Dan Bethelmy-Rada also encourages team development at L’Oreal Professional Products and Matrix. Bethelmy-Rada often shares his insights regarding pressures as well as perks of being in charge of an executive position.

Outlining Bethelmy-Rada’s Career

Bethelmy-Rada attended Sorbonne University to pursue International Business. He later earned an MBA from France’s ESSEC Business School. Bethelmy-Rada’s career at L’Oreal Professional Products started in 2003. He was in charge of LaScad, a significant consumer product brand in France’s leading outlets. Bethelmy-Rada advanced to various international roles in the Consumer Products Division from 2005. He served as a Director and then the Assistant Director of Garnier International. In 2011, he became Senior Vice President of hair and styling. He oversaw the development of Elseve hair care. Dan Bethelmy-Rada earned a promotion to serve as the Deputy General Manager of Garnier. Bethelmy-Rada is an international traveler. He grew up in Venezuela and then relocated to Paris at the tender age of 16. He lived in the US too.

Bethelmy-Rada on Success

In Bethelmy-Rada’s words, mentors extend vision in order to enable protégés to achieve greater heights. Mentors offer counsel as well as resources that may not be readily available for entrepreneurs. You’ll share a personal concern with the mentor and learn how to run a business. Aside from that, success takes hard work. Over and above, organizations should implement digital marketing to be successful.

The Top Three – EOS Lip Balm Reviews

Posted on May 16, 2019

The Evolution of Smooth company was made to revolutionize the lip balm industry. The company has made a number of lip balms that are better than anything else in the industry. Here are three of their top lip balm products thanks to the scent, the tint, and the ingredients.

1.) EOS Organic Strawberry Sorbet

The EOS organic lip balms are made from 100% organic ingredients. The Strawberry Sorbet organic lip balms are the best out of all of the organic ingredient options. The lip balm has a delicate strawberry scent that is to die for. It contains Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil within it.

2.) EOS Shimmer Sheer Pink Lip Balm

The EOS Shimmer Sheer Pink lip balm has a delicate shimmer with a slight pink hue. This makes it one of the few actually tinted lip balms from EOS. The shimmery pink is beautiful and made from natural ingredients luckily compared to other tinted lip colors. This lip balm contains Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil.

3.) EOS Active Lip Balm Aloe Vera

EOS Active lip balm containing aloe vera is a perfect lip balm for those who want to have the soothing care of aloe vera in their lip balm. It is one of the most soothing and moisturizing lip balms on the market, thanks to the combination of aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E.

You can purchase EOS from most major retailers that sell beauty products, drug stores that distribute beauty products, and from the official EOS web store. All of these lip balms on this list are available on the EOS web store. Luckily the products are easy to spot, so you only have to look around the beauty section of any major retailer and you should be able to spot the brightly colored spheres from EOS.