The incredible marketing career of Steve Lesnard

Posted on April 19, 2019

Steve Lesnard is one of the prominent figures in the sports industry. He once led a significant sports brand as a high profile executive. The expertise of Steve in the sports marketing sector stretches back to many decades. Technical marketing insights and data analytics are the primary tools that Steve uses to execute his strategies. He is one of the leaders that observe time and quality in their operations. Steve grew and studied business in France before heading to the United States to master entrepreneurship. Besides concentrating on international business and entrepreneurship in France, Steve searched for talents in sports.

Lesnard started his working career in New York. He was the Marketing Director of Wolford, a luxury fashion shop. One year was enough for Lesnard to work in the company and he shifted to the sports industry. Steve Lesnard worked for the Nagano Olympics engaging in seasonal product creations and signing professional athletes. He later concentrated to his passion for product creation, an attribute of his success. During his tenure, Lesnard served prominent athletes with his products that boosted his morale in the job. His two decades within the sports industry, in general management and marketing did not disappoint. He generated billions of revenue throughout his management career, especially in the Olympics.

According to Steve Lesnard, brand marketing depends on data analytics because it helps the marketer to track the product’s performance. Additionally, the tool helps to know the correct audience following a particular product. He insists that these tools and modern technology help people to market their products effectively. Steve points out that the emergence of technologies as artificial intelligence provides the marketers with the brand data and insights helpful in their services.

Another factor affecting the current market trend is the customers’ choices. The customers nowadays go for the products that are beneficial to their well-being. The marketers must know the desires of the customers before releasing the products. Lesnard notes that this trend pushes the companies to do their innovations faster to keep up with the changing trends. He advises marketers to work on positive marketing strategies like video to inspire people and the use of video influencers to succeed in any particular industry.

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Targeting

Posted on April 17, 2019

It’s because influencer promotion is currently amongst the most effective advertising and marketing methods that offer a fantastic return-on-investment, help obtain target market and also market the brand.

If you are not a marketer, after that hearing influencer for the very first time can increase your eyebrows. It is great because even entrepreneurs are still perplexed concerning what an influencer is, as well as additionally exactly how to have the excellent influencer.

Do not stress because, within the following guide, we’ll go over the meaning of influencer and the means to choose an influencer that’ll be ideal for your initiative.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a phrase that is currently preferred as societal websites. Because the growth of different social networking stations, various influencers are coming to be advocates of suppliers.

Influencers can influence their fans as their fans expect them. But only executing an influencer advertising and marketing does not suggest that all influencers, can enhance brand understanding and also drive sales.

Why you desire influencers?

According to research, followers prepare for influencers more contrasted to brand names when it involves the firm. It makes good sense because people are more likely to depend on people that are suggested by their pals, contrasted to individuals who notify their knowledge as well as success.

If you use this sort of advertising, an influencer aids a new reach a more comprehensive area of customers. They aren’t merely urging to their followers, yet likewise the groups of their fans.

What photo would you such as to your influencer?

Before entering into specifics of where you’re most likely to discover the influencers of your brand, you should be clear of what photo you would love to your influencer.

  • Style: Pick a couple of genres. As an example, style, food, advertising and marketing, travel, etc
  • Personality Kind: You need to choose what sort of personality your influencer will portray to sell your brand name.
  • Do you want an informer, authority or activist?
  • Subjects: Select a topic that your social media influencer normally articles on the website.
  • Type of reach: Define which social networks channel you wish to use and how you an influencer will help you attain your goals.
  • Specific niche: It can be blog writer outreach and influencer targeting.

Where to situate influencers?

After understanding what an influencer is and which sort of influencer you need for your effort, now you need to know where to find them.

Study Hashtags

It’s possible to find throughout the ideal influencers throughout the hashtags that they use. As an instance, you might use Twitter to examine influencers that are busy in a details hashtag. Through this method, you may understand that are amazing influencers, and also select topics which are influencers can associate with.

Google Alerts

Google alarms are just one beneficial tool which you acquire from when choosing your influencers. By ways of this device, it is possible to determine the guys as well as ladies who blog about the details topics by means of critical words. You could also consider different titles for your brand-new to identify your fans and look for short articles best press release distribution as well as posts that discuss you brand-new.

Blog owner Outreach

Bloggers are the best influencers that may sustain your brand name understanding and also income. Researches have revealed that 86% of influencers assert a minimum of one blog.

To seek out the most active bloggers, hunt for sites below your specialized and genre. After that find their search engine optimization statistics and societal networking details to ascertain who’s the very best match for your brand name.

Social Network Monitoring

Tracking social internet sites is one other method to understand who will certainly be the possible influencers you could have. Brand name followers stand as the best influencers which you can have due to the fact that they purposefully talk simply how much they delight in as well as support your maker new. Show the social media sites discusses as well as post that link to their brand name; you could have the prospective influencers which you aren’t even mindful of.

Talkspace: A Therapy App Improving Relationships

Posted on April 16, 2019

Most couples, married or dating, fear the thought of or even the mention of the word therapy. Most men would be sent into a tailspin at the hearing of the word therapy regardless of whether his relationship has hit the rocks or not. One of the reasons why most couples loath therapy is because most of them do not like the idea of airing their dirty linen in public. They’d rather iron out issues between themselves. However, with the introduction of Talkspace, everything has changed.

Entry of Talkspace into Relationships

Communication is key to the success and longevity of intimate relationships. When things are no longer rosy, couples need to take concrete steps to bring normalcy and rekindle the old flame that existed before. It’s essential to recognize when lovers need therapy. Although therapy cannot save a relationship that has hit rock bottom, it can assist the couple tackle issues that are not easily solvable.

Enter Talkspace. Even though many apps have been developed in the modern age, the app that has revolutionized relationships is Talkspace. The app could not have come at a better time than now. The app provides counseling to lovers via a computer or a smartphone. Nevertheless, some people had fears whether the app could replace the intimate relationships that hitherto existed between a client and a therapist.

Those fears notwithstanding, the fact remains that mental health issues cannot be ignored in contemporary society. People should take care of their meant health just the way they do for their bodies. Thankfully, most people have embraced therapy and no longer see it as a taboo. If you go for regular checkups from your dentist, then you can as well do the same for your relationships. Read more reviews about talkspace at

How Talkspace Works

Talkspace entails virtual communication between licensed therapists and individuals. Talkspace allows you to access the services of a therapist from the comfort of your home or office. If you’re a shy person and is jittery about face to face counseling, then this is the ideal app for you. Talkspace combats the awkwardness that you may feel when on a one-on-one session with a counselor. Talkspace is the app for both the present and the future.

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Market America and the Unfranchise Concept

Posted on April 09, 2019


Since 1992, Market America has offered a next wave opportunity to seamlessly merge digital shopping patterns with enterprise, by way of one-on-one and social marketing. The key to this form of “Unfranchise” has involved connecting consumers to the company’s e-commerce portal, an amazing online resource for providing 35 million products. This is also an ingenious way of integrating one’s own shopping habits by making money in the global market.

The typical Market America Unfranchise owner may have a strong social media presence, such as on Linkedin, from which they can encourage other professionals to get involved in the opportunity, by also joining the network, and also becoming Unfranchise owners themselves. As buyers of the products, they save money on millions of items corresponding to their interest, while as members of Market America, they get their share of the profits or commissions available through the purchases made by others. 

The North Carolina based multi-level company is generating Unfranchise members at a strong rate. The notion of converting spending into earning is a compelling business model, as the commerce options are not limited to one specialty, but across an entire range of products. Industry observers predict this Unfranchise concept will have increased popularity in the years going forward.


Lincolnshire Management Is A Leading Private Equity Firm

Posted on April 06, 2019

Are you looking for information about Lincolnshire Management’s recent sale of Holley? Wondering how the sale of this popular Performance Products company was accomplished?

Lincolnshire Management announced the sale of Holley to a company that is an affiliate which is an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners.

Holley was founded in 1903 and has since built a solid reputation among automotive enthusiasts. The company caters to the automotive parts and accessories industry and has achieved great success. It focuses on the design, manufacture, and marketing of various brands of performance automotive products.

Lincolnshire Management is a highly reliable private equity firm that caters to a wide variety of clients in many different industries. Lincolnshire Management is a global investment firm and it invests in middle market companies around the globe. The company has locations in New York and Chicago and has an established history of obtaining an outstanding outcome for clients and partners.

The professionals at this renowned firm take the time to evaluate each project or investment transaction before making a decision. They do the necessary research and check the profit potential before engaging in an investment or acquisition deal.

Private equity firms often buy undervalued or under-appreciated companies, add value to them in order to make them appealing, and then sell them for a profit. Once a company is bought, it will be removed from the stock market. Knowledgeable and experienced investment professionals take steps to assess the target company and then make a decision based on their findings. Making disciplined investment choices increases the chances of obtaining significant returns.

Lincolnshire Management and its investment professionals look for profitable companies in growing industries. They invest in niche manufacturing as well as distribution and service businesses. They are interested in companies that growth opportunities, good margins, diversified customers, competitive advantages and strong management teams.

Many of the professionals at Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Management have hands-on operational and managerial expertise and guides portfolio companies to reach solutions to their problems. These professionals have versed experience in catering to clients from all walks of life and are committed to helping them reach their goals.

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Nitin Khanna: A Man Of Many Hats

Posted on April 06, 2019

Born to a family of business owners and entrepreneurs, Nitin Khanna knew that he was going to follow his own path at a very young age. Inspired by the many successful business ventures of his family, he immigrated from India to America at the age of 17. After earning his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University, he began his career in technology.

While working for Oracle Corporation, Khanna began to mentor his younger brother who has also recently immigrated to America. Convinced that he would be more successful as an entrepreneur, Khanna encouraged his brother to take the plunge with him. At just 25, he co-founded his first technology company, Saber Corporation. Saber quickly became known as the largest private providers of state government services and solutions in the US. After establishing Saber as a $120 million revenue corporation, he sold the company an started on his next venture.

Staying true to his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Khanna, along with his brother launched MergerTech in 2009. MergerTech catered to technology start-ups like Saber, that were looking to sell or expand their businesses as well. Khanna’s approach to connecting the most ideal buyers with his clients helped establish MergerTech as the number one mobile bank in America.

In addition to his position as CEO of MergerTech, Khanna is also the CEO of Cura Cannabis, a provider of CBD oils in Portland, Oregon. Like any true entrepreneur, Nitin Khanna keeps a diverse portfolio of ideas and new business opportunities. His most recent venture – redefining technology in India, starting with a $5 million investment Isos, a Mohali-based tech startup. His ability to demonstrate his expertise across a variety of different industries makes him one of today’s most successful entrepreneurs. When asked what keeps him motivated, Khanna humbly credits the opportunity to continue to mentor and help others achieve the same success.

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Contributions of Marc Beer to the healthcare industry

Posted on April 05, 2019

Renovia Inc is a med-tech company that was created in the past two years. It is a company that has done so well because of the leadership that guides its operations. Marc Beer is the CEO of Renovia. He is a dedicated leader who has the experience and skills needed by a med-tech startup to excel. He has worked in various fields of technology in the medical sector and therefore understands what need to be done to build a successful venture in this sector. Renovia is doing so well in changing the way business has been done in this industry in the past.


Renovia Inc. is developing solutions for women who are affected by pelvic floor disorders. Women who face challenges such as urinary incontinence now have an organization that is ready to address their problems. Renovia is ready to do what it takes to alleviate the problems that these women go through. With over 250 million in the world facing this challenge, there is no doubt that this should be one of the conditions that need to be given all the attention. A solution for pelvic floor disorders is good news to a very huge population and therefore the ongoing research work from Renovia Inc. will not go to waste.


Renovia Inc. has shown dedication to this mission by taking two significant steps that will change the way people have been approaching this industry. Immediately the company was created in 2016, it acquired Series A funding round where it got funds to build a solid foundation. It also bought the technology that is currently used by the company to develop medical devices. The success of the first funding round can be seen by the achievements made by the organization so far. In April 2018, the first product from Renovia, Leva pelvic digital system was approved by the FDA as a product that can be used to diagnose and treat pelvic floor disorders.


Renovia Inc. is doing a great way of helping people to deal with some of the common challenges that face the women of this world. With the world now headed for a baby boomer era, cases of pelvic floor disorders are expected to go higher. The solution that Renovia is developing will, therefore, be useful to even a higher number of women. Learn more:


Investors seem to be happy with the progress that has been accomplished by this company so far. Investors in the healthcare industry have come through for Renovia by supporting them to come up with the best products. The Longwood Fund is one of the investors who has shown the commitment to help Renovia accomplish this important goal. In the latest funding series, Renovia collected $42.3 million for the development of new products and future clinical trials.


Nicolas Krafft Helps L’Oreal Paris Celebrate Diversity

Posted on April 04, 2019

Nicolas Krafft has been the Vice President of Global Business Development of L’Oreal Paris for years. As such, he’s been behind many of the companies most notable causes and advancements. One of the most notable of these, however, has been his push for greater diversity and inclusivity in the fashion and beauty worlds. Because of that, Mr. Krafft has led the way in the industry when it comes to these causes. Recently, he’s been behind an event to promote and highlight the efforts that the company has made in that regard. Held on the river Seine in Paris, Nicolas Krafft brought together a variety of high-profile names from the industry, as well as notable names from the silver screen and sports world.

A floating runway was also specifically designed for the event; according to reports, it took eight days to put up and then take apart the runway for the event. Furthermore, models for the event included a range of celebrities, as well as other high-profile names from the modeling world. Chief among these were the likes of Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin; each modeled the runway for L’Oreal Paris and have frequently been known for speaking out in favor of greater diversity and inclusivity in the world. However, one of the more notable guests that Nicolas Krafft was able to bring along was Paralympic ski champion. Ms. Bochet has also notably spoken out about the need for more inclusivity in the workplace.

On top of this, she recently signed on as L’Oreal Paris’s new ambassador and made her runway debut at the event. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who is probably better known as Jaime Lannister from Game Of Thrones, also appeared at the event. Mr. Coster-Waldau has been a figure in the fashion world for the past several years. In keeping with the theme of the event, drones captured footage of the event and broadcast it live to 30 countries around the world. Furthermore, those in Paris were able to watch the event from the banks of the Seine on some large screens that were set up specifically for the occasion.

Unleashing the Potential of Negative Criticism

Posted on April 04, 2019

We all know the advantages of living in the right zip code. The most significant amenity of affluence is great schools. What if someone made a conscientious decision to take the notion of excellent school to those who are marginalized and disadvantaged. How much of a change could innovative alternatives in education make in the lives of low income students? Preston Smith and John Danner took the challenge to heart and created the paradigm for what was to become Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of charter schools dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap and laying the foundation needed to ensure college success.

In its relatively short history, the network of schools that has become Rocketship Education has made outstanding achievements and been recognized nationwide for the changes access to excellent education has made in the lives of many young people in underserved communities. Recently, blogger Anya Kamenetz wrote an interesting 3,800 word treatise about Rocketship Education that applauded the network for being “an innovative model of blended learning, but left many feeling her profile of Rocketship Education was not only unfair, but also deeply unbalanced.

Kamenetz’s blog discussed many of the network’s internal practices that had never been reported on before. Kamenetz’s piece scrutinized problems at Rocketship Education like “long hours, high pressure to perform, tight discipline, and ritualistic protocols,” but many believed that these problems are common to charter as well as public schools. Because her blog focused on the challenges of the network without much context, many felt it did not paint a fair picture of the network suggesting that it, like President Obama’s health care plan, was “deep but narrow.”

Rocketship Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to build a scalable and sustainable school model that propels student achievement. Kamenetz in her blog referred to the Rocketship Education network as a company. Her choice of words was thought to be insensitive and incorrect since the term company references “a private, for profit business.” Her supporters argued that nonprofits often rely on for-profits for services and materials, thereby creating a business. It was that kind of loose reporting that caused many to see her story as biased and unbalanced. Even now, at the end of the day, no light has been shed on why the schools are not only popular but successful in what they do.

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Awesome Fashion Tips from DonataMeirelles: Stylist Director, Vogue Brazil

Posted on April 03, 2019

Fashion director at Vogue Brasil, DonataMeirelles has been in the fashion industry for over 30 years and the experience she has gained over time is priceless. French magazine, L’officiel, ranked her one of the five best buyers in the world. She worked in Daslu and she became a brand. She has also influenced fashion trends countrywide. She is known in her country to be a philanthropist. With the experience she has, she takes the liberty to share some of the finest fashion tips. Read more Donata Meirelles at

Scented candles for scented house

According to Donata Meirelles, it is easy for someone to link scent and sweet aromas to memories of a place. She gives four tips for proper placements of candles for their effective use. To beginner with, candles have to be placed in some rooms and not others. The rooms should be the main rooms. Main rooms include the main room, the library, and the washroom. It is a bad idea which is not recommended to place the scented candles in the bedroom as is disturbs sleep. Furthermore, candles should be placed strategically in strategic places such as near the door of the house. This is to give the visitors and the guests the welcoming effect and make the place unforgettable. In addition to that, candles should be lit at an ideal time such as dusk for convenience for when one gets home to a scented house it feels welcoming. Finally, one should use their favorite brands of candles. For example, DonataMeirelles has Tania Bulhoes and Diptyque for her home.

Accessories you must have

Meirelles has chosen some accessories that bring the best outlook in fashion. The first product, Toque Rubro-Negro is a beautiful handbag with the red and black combination that transforms a common look into extraordinary. The second item on the list is ankle boots made specially to bring status and class into a casual look. Finally, is a product which was a success in the 90s and is gaining momentum in the current time; the bucket bag.

New fashionables pocket bags

Into the fashion industry, new transparent bags are being adopted. It showcases the items being carried around. DonataMeirelles shares that this trend requires a person to be organized to be able to carry a transparent bag around. The beautiful casing of make-up kits can be shown off. She does not fail to emphasize the importance of carrying the phone while the screen faces inside to prevent personal messages from being exposed.