Jennifer Walden: Plastic Surgeon Changing The Industry

Posted on September 21, 2018

Jennifer Walden has been practicing as a plastic surgeon for nearly eight years. Her education is impressive as the salutatorian of her class since graduating from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. After that successful completion of her initial education, she continued with a fellowship at the Manhattan eye, ear and throat hospital. From there, she built her practice in New York city and stayed there for various years. It was in 2011, she decided to return to her hometown. She is known by many, not for only her surgical abilities, but also a co-author of the book called Athletics Plastic Surgery.

Throughout her career, she has been extremely focused on performing cosmetic surgery, eyelids, facelifts and rhinoplasty, which is better known to many, as nose jobs. Cost for such augmentation services can run about $7,000 versus a facelift that may set you back $10,000. If you’re looking for a nose job, you’d payout between $8,000 and $9,000. She is also highly skilled when it comes to liposuction. This concludes inner thighs, abdomen and arms. Walden also takes care of smaller invasive procedures that includes soft tissue fillers and injecting Botox as well.

She states that she knows she is a rarity. For one, there aren’t too many female doctors that practice cosmetic plastic surgery. There are approximately 8,100 board certified plastic surgeons throughout the country. Surprisingly, only 851 are women. In addition to that, nearly 180 belong to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Jennifer Walden is 1 of a dozen that reside in Texas.

In her view, she believes that expert plastic surgery is very male dominated. It’s because ultimately it puts you through 5 years of post medical school training and then a fellowship after that I can last for a year or two. If you are seeking to start a family as a woman, that can be difficult.

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Ryan Seacrest-How He Balances His Life

Posted on September 17, 2018

Ryan Seacrest recently dto New York from Los Angeles in order to host “Live.” He will be hosting the show with Kelly Ripa, and he also produces the hit TV series, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and “American Idol.” He runs his own skincare line and clothing line, and has his own radio show, “On Air with Ryan.” He also makes time for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation because it’s important to give back to those in need.

His morning begins early at about 6 am, and he quickly gets himself ready for the day. He has his morning matcha tea and a coffee and keeps in shape with his trainer on the go. He feels guilty for taking the time to train but feels that it is essential to stay healthy and fit. He has been boxing with a boxing coach lately, and he also rides a Peloton before work. He also likes to run but does not like the treadmill. Running through the park beats the treadmill any day. Read this article published by The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

TV host Ryan Seacrest catches up with the overnight news and watches some TV, and he takes the car to work so he can catch up on the news on the way to work. He had to train himself over the years to balance everything, and he has developed self-discipline. He has had to really work in his focus since he has attention deficit disorder. His phone has been a big distraction, and he has found that limiting his phone time is for the better. In an article published by Men’s Journal, Seacrest mentioned that he has a vegan diet, and he avoids his phone when he is on a trip, so it does not distract him. He goes as far as to lock it in a safe which may seem drastic but it is effective.

Ryan Seacrest worked for Dick Clark for a short period before he passed and he had watched him as a kid. He remembers that he always seemed so calm and collected and when Seacrest asked him what his secret was, Clark responded that if you are doing your job well, that is what everyone will think.

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Talos Energy Becomes A Bigwig Oil Exploration Company In The Gulf Of Mexico

Posted on September 16, 2018

Tim Duncan believes that offshore wells are for opportunists and that, if you wish to have a $200 million long-shot investment in the Gulf of Mexico.

Duncan is the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, a privately-owned company focused on the exploration of oil and gas in offshore wells. The firm mainly targets at acquiring assets across the Gulf of Mexico with great emphasis on asset optimization, exploration and exploitation.

For four months, the 45-year-old investor was working on a merger deal with Stone Energy Company, a company that went public and later bankrupt. Considering the deal was worth $2.5 billion, it was a huge risk but that would allow Talos to trade publicly without a public offering.

Tim decided to move his family to safer house after Hurricane Harvey hit hometown. There was no better place than at his parents’ place. In fact, he negotiated the deal while working on his mother kitchen tabletop. The merger was settled in May, and that gave Talos Energy an opportunity of earning an annual revenue of $900 million in the Gulf of Mexico. This brings a low-risk balance between 700 million dollars in debts against $2.3-billion-worth assets, which can hardly offset operational risks and the possibility of spills.

Duncan Sees an Opportunity in Every Challenging Situation

Tim Duncan seem to have the knack of turning into good what people have left for litter. Phoenix field is Talos’s huge assets. The company was an established oil driller with six drilled wells and production division tethered to the 4000-meter-deep sea floor. Hurricane Rita hit in 2005, leading to its tumble.

Today, Phoenix pumps out 16,000 barrels a day. From the Stone merger, Talos inherits Pompano production platform purchased from BP at a cost of $200 million. The network of infrastructure at the Gulf has enabled Talos to bring together new discoveries into existing production platforms many miles away. Duncan refers to it as the “Developed Deepwater Model.”

Truly, Duncan has silenced speculators by proving that he can sell 80%of this year output at a future’s trade of $55 per barrel. And Duncan says: I know the right price to ensure the bit turns and lock it in.”

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Posted on September 11, 2018

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is a renowned company that is known for its unique specialization in providing services such as training, brain-based assessment, and data-driven programs to children and adults who have problems in stress management, sleep, and concentration. Neurocore was founded in the year 2004 and has expanded its operations to attaining over nine new launches for its centers in Florida and Michigan. It has also been able to become a national authority in applied neuroscience within its short period of operation.

Neurocore hires experts and people with extensive experience in Heart Rate Variability Training, Attention Testing, Automatic Nervous System Diagnosis and Regulation, neurofeedback and qEEG Biofeedback Training. The firm has over 200 employees who work in its premises.

The human brain is truly one of the most amazing organs in a human body. It is the source of how people behave, think, perceive things, and the effects brought about by different emotions. The brain is made up of countless microscopic neurons that utilize chemical signals to come up with various regulations of electrical activity all over the human brain. The neurons are responsible for the way people think, function, receive and understand information and feel. However, there are yet many things that scientists and researchers need to uncover about the prestigious organ.

Advancement in various study fields such as brain mapping, neurofeedback, and EEG technologies have developed at an interesting rate that has allowed researchers and scientist a better understanding regarding the functionality and complexity of the human brain. Researchers also use the understanding they get from such studies to come up with various things that can be done to improve on the working of the brain.

Neurocore is one of the famous companies that use the results from researchers to treat various disorders that are associated with brain malfunctionings such as Anxiety, Depression, ASD, and ADHD. Most of these services have been recently brought out in the limelight of the public but they have a rich history that goes back to the mid-twentieth century. The history is accompanied and supported by sustainable research and study on the functionality of the human brain.

The Great Victories of Hussain Sajwani

Posted on September 04, 2018

Hussain Sajwani a property developer based in the United Arabs Emirates was born in the year 1952. He currently lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and an Emirati. He founded the luxurious real estate developer DAMAC Properties back in 2002 and acts as the chairman. He is a family man and has four children. One of his sons graduated from the University of Boston as an economics graduate. Focusing on the annual raising rates of revenue between the year 2013 and 2016, Forbes ranked DAMAC properties as the number one on the 2017 Forbes Global 2000 list of the most steadily growing companies. He has grown his wealth vastly and is ranked as the fourth richest Arab having a net worth of 2.7 billion US dollars statistics collected as on August 2018.

Focusing on his earlier life, Hussain Sajwani was raised in a family of entrepreneurs. His father worked in a shop selling items such as shirts and items from China. Other goods he sold included watches and Parker pens. Through his great entrepreneurial skills, he got to acquire knowledge in the field. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics after being one of the few students to get a scholarship to study in the United States at the University of Washington.

His career started back in the year 1981 when he worked in the department of finance in the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. Two years down the line still holding his position there, he later initiated a catering venture one of their clients being the United States military and Bechtel. As mentioned on his website, he still has it running but now with a new name known as Global Logistics Services. He did not stop there, and in the year 2002, he made a mark in the real estate by establishing the DAMAC Properties which has seen to the completion of over nineteen thousand apartments. With another forty-four thousand units still being developed. Success has been associated with DAMAC Properties, and it acquired public listing with shares that are exchanged on a major platform that is, the Dubai Financial Market.

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Betsy DeVos Is Indefatigable

Posted on September 04, 2018

Some people in this world know how to set good examples. These people function as inspirations of sorts. These people make others daydream and aspire. Betsy DeVos of the state of Michigan is definitely among these individuals. She doesn’t breathe rarefied air. Although she has an existence that most people would describe as being interesting, she still has her feet planted firmly onto the ground. This is something that helps her daily as the Secretary of Education for the United States. She was given this job by President Donald Trump. Although she’s been the Education Secretary for a comparatively brief span of time, her relationship with the American educational system actually goes back a long way. DeVos has been going to United States charter schools for visits for years and years now. She’s been discussing the strengths of educational choice and even school vouchers for years and years now, too. She’s not the only “DeVos” family member to partake in these actions, either. Dick is the name of her husband. He shows an interest in educational matters that seems to rival hers. He even established the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This Grand Rapids, Michigan educational institution helps high school students who have big goals that relate to working in aviation. The students who go to this charter school often picture working as pilots after they graduate. Dick can relate to them greatly as well. The businessman enjoys aviation more than most things. It’s among his biggest loves in this life.


Betsy DeVos wants the public to be able to learn all about charter schools. She never misses an opportunity to discuss charter schools and how they may influence students in the country. She flew down to bustling Miami, Florida to go to an event alongside rapper Pitbull. The point of the event was to exchange information that involved charter schools. People in the audience were fascinated by all of the things DeVos and the music celebrity had to say.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a trusted not-for-profit organization that has been in place since the late eighties. Betsy and Dick put it together in 1989. They regularly handle their cultural and art donations through the charity group. People who are eager philanthropists regularly look to Betsy and Dick for ideas. These are two individuals who always keep their eyes on the prize no matter what. They’re indefatigable.


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Life Lessons From Financial Expert Matt Badiali

Posted on September 01, 2018

You may think that science and the world of finance may not mesh well but Matt Badiali doing just that. With a background in earth sciences and geology, Mr. Badiali was a working scientist in the field. He got a proper education at Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University. When Matt Badiali was working on his Ph.D a friend recommended he take his knowledge of science and turn it into a financial career. He would help people financially invest in his field of knowledge, natural resources. He is the founder of Real Wealth Strategist, which is a newsletter about investing in oil, gas, and much more. The results people have received from his advice helped double, and even triple their investments.

Mr. Badiali starts his day off very early to get a jump start on the day. He catches up on the latest news each day whether its on the TV or in paper form. When getting to the office at 8am, Matt Badiali does his most focused work. This is writing his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist. After finishing off several pages, he takes his lunch. Everything after his break is less heady, and takes way less attention to accomplish. This includes phone calls, emails, read, or go to the gym. Diving into research, Matt Badiali see an exciting trend coming soon. It is about energy and how we consume it. It will shift over to a more environmentally friendly form, electricity. When at work, Matt focused on one task at a time and does it until completion. If he is doing a million tasks at a time, nothing ever gets done.

Mr. Badiali also goes above and beyond when it comes to his readers. This way they keep coming back for more. To super boost his own career, Matt Badiali would have done lots of internships in his youth. He has learned from his experiences and now works diligently to help people. One of his pearls of wisdom he will share with readers is to invest in electric cars, they are going to be huge soon.

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