Major oil find a boon for Talos energy, Mexico.

Posted on June 30, 2018

Houston, TX.-based Talos Energy made a major oil field find in the Gulf of Mexico in July of 2017. They found approximately 2 billion barrels of oil 11,000 feet down in waters about 500 feet deep. An analyst at the energy research firm Wood Mackenzie, Pablo Medina, says the find is one of the top 20 largest in the past 20 years in this kind of shallow-water enviornment.

In addition to being a boon for the small energy company of about 200 employees and about $500,000,000 revenue annually, this find is also a boost for the economy of Mexico. Three years ago the government of Mexico deregulated the oil and gas industries and invited foreign companies to invest and build inside the nation in hopes of stabilizing the industry. Before this the countries oil and gas resources and infrastructure were controlled by the state-run monopoly PEMEX.

In the initial offering of blocks of water for drilling there was little interest from the larger companies. When 14 blocks were offered for sale only two sold, and both to Talos. Other factors than uncertainty about the returns were in play during this sale: The oil market had crashed just the year before, Mexico was having a difficult time preventing oil pipeline thefts in addition to other national instabilities and the North American Free Trade Agreement is in an uncertain status due to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and its results.

Talos Energy was happy with the results immediately. They had favorable indications of a find and when the drill finally and literally “struck oil” on July 4th of 2017 the CEO of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan, brought out the red wine to celebrate. With competition from companies like Exxon, Chevron and the Italian oil company Eni now lining up Talos says it will still take about 4 years to fully develop the field, with Duncan commenting “…you just simply can’t make a decision on how to develop something this big that fast.”

Talos plans to continue to drill as far down as 14,000 feet before they begin to pull the crude out of the ocean.

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Juan “OG” Perez: Party For 50 Details And Breif Biographical Information

Posted on June 29, 2018

Juan “OG” Perez is business partner and good friend of Hip Hop artist Jay-Z. Perez recently turned fifty. During Presidents day weekend he laid out close to $113,000 in the middle of birthday celebrations for Perez. He and Jay-Z at this party were joined by his wife Desiree, and good friends, like Carter-Knowles and thePresident of Roc Nation Sports.

Juan “OG” Perez’s party had extraordinary approach containing bountiful cost. There was dinner costing $13k, drinks costed 9k, and also legendary (now) $91k at the club. The food was advance of sushi, lobster, and steak. That was from Japanese restaurant Zuma, a modern-restaurant of Japanese food that was internationally acclaimed and located in Midtown. After that they went to another restaurant called “Made in Mexico”. It was located in Inwood, a nightclub hotspot restaurant. Drinks for the group were being highly spent on. Following the first round of beverages, the group supposedly divided the money with Perez, Jaz-Z, and the four other friends only. The night ended at the “Playroom Nightclub”. This party for OJ Juan extended into the early morning hours. They were indulging in Ace of Spade Gold Champaign bottles amounting to twenty as well as the same amount of Ace of Spade Rose Champaign bottles. The forty bottles amounted to the final price of $74,000. Adding on to that there was an added tax amounting to $6,035 and a gift of $11,100. The total ended up just extending $91,000.

Harlem was where Juan “OG” Perez was born and raised. For High School he went to Brandeis High School in the Upper West Side of Mangattan. He would help Jay-Z with running of studios. In Jay-Z’s 2003 project “The Black Album”. This was stated “OG Juan, Whattup?/Whassup Dez?. This was in reference to Perez and his wife.

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The Achievements of Ryan Seacrest

Posted on June 25, 2018

For one man, Ryan Seacrest has s lot of achievements that he can show for his career. He has accomplished a lot more in his career than many people can say that they have accomplished in their whole lives. For one thing, he is someone who does not play it safe when it comes to his choices. He is also willing to learn about new things that can help him with his career. One of the things he has learned about is the importance of having the right outfit. He has learned a lot from a mentor on how to dress himself.

Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol host and also a producer, has learned about the difference appearance can make on his life. He is someone who has experience being overweight. He has fortunately learned how to get his body in ideal shape. This has made a huge difference in his life. For one thing, she has gained a lot of confidence in his achievements. This confidence carries over into every aspect of his day. While he has a great sense of humor, he also has a sincere heart. He is willing to listen to a lot of people as they share their life story with him.

Among the greatest of his achievements is setting up a foundation with the purpose of helping people. The area he works in when it comes to helping the youth is in broadcasting talents. He wants to help the youth channel their strengths so that they will be able to make a successful career that will fulfill them. One thing that can be said about Ryan Seacrest is that he is going to inspire someone to achieve a lot in his lifetime. He is also going to help people gain the confidence they need in order to move forward and build the type of life they want.


Deirdre M. Baggot Revolutionizes Healthcare Payment Methods through Bundled Payments.

Posted on June 24, 2018

The preference for value-based healthcare has pushed public and private payers to create reimbursement models made to foster accountability for healthcare costs. Given that the fees made for service environment are decreasing with time, alternative payment models such as bundled payments are conveniently helping people to redefine the long-term objectives of cycle management. For that reason, bundled payment arrangements have been designed to pay many service providers for coordinating pre-defined episodes of healthcare. As illustrated by Deirdre Baggot, bundled payments have revolutionized payment models for the healthcare system. Experience

Deirdre Baggot is the vice president of The Camden Group, a leading healthcare advisory firm that provides a broad spectrum of healthcare consulting services that enable organizational, clinical, alongside operational transformation to vastly respond to the ever transitioning healthcare environment. In her capacity as the head of the company, Baggot oversees business planning, care model, physician compensation and clinical integration among others. Besides working at The Camden Group, she also serves at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services where she oversees bundled payments channeled towards the healthcare care initiative models. Visit to learn more.


Before joining The Camden Group, Baggot was the operations manager at Exempla Saint Joseph in Colorado. In her tenure, she helped the medical facility to win a bid in the Acute Care Episode of cardiovascular services. Besides, she extended her service to national and international healthcare firms including American Organization of Nurse Executives, Healthcare Financial Management, and The Governance Institute.

Roles and Responsibilities

Moreover, in her years of serving in the healthcare industry, Baggot worked for Northwestern Memorial Hospital followed by The University of Michigan Health System. In both companies, she held executive roles with her responsibilities being making critical decisions in regards to the healthcare payment reforms. Over the years, Baggot has also served as a national speaker as well as an author who has successfully, published over twenty articles regarding bundled payments, physician integration as well as service line strategy among others.

The Outline

With the bundled payment method, Baggot has enabled patients to pay for their healthcare services conveniently. With that said, she deserves the honor she is currently receiving for her tremendous input in developing the healthcare sector. Read more:


Rodrigo Terpins’ accomplishment in the Brazilian rally Scene

Posted on June 21, 2018

Rodrigo Terpins is among the most talented and skilled rally drivers in Brazil. His primary career is sports, and he spends almost all his time in rally competitions. According to him, this kind of job requires patience, experience and discipline for one to be successful. Terpins is a member of Bull Sertoes Rally Team. His participation in this team has made him very famous.




Rodrigo Terpins attended the University of Sail Hillarie and graduated with a degree in business management. He became an employee at Lojas Marisa for 16 years where he rose to the administrative position but decided to quit in 2007. He formed his own company called T5 Participacoes in 2008. Although he still holds many executive seats, his career revolves around rallies, as this is his passion. T5 Participacoes has been very vigilant in organizing top racing events in Brazil.




Rodrigo Terpins has competed in many rallies all through Brazil. Most of his family members are proficient sports people. Jack Terpins, his father, is the president of Latin-American-Jewish council and the Maccabi-Latin-American Confederation. Jack is also a former basketball player. Rodrigo’s brother, Michael Terpins, is also a famous rally driver. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother form the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team. They have both participated in more than five rally events in T-Rex, a product of MEM Motorsport.




Rodrigo participated in the Sertoes Rally event together with his partner, Fabricio. They were racing using TI prototypes and obtained the third position in that category. They secured the eighth position overall out of the thirty-eight teams that were participating. This was the biggest event in Brazil, and it drew attention from several sponsors, enthusiastic fans, and other famous rally drivers.</li>


After the race, Rodrigo and his partner said that they were able to adapt to the terrain and vehicle and remain vigilant at the same time. He also admitted that the results they obtained were beyond their expectations. Rodrigo acknowledges his brother Michael for all their achievements and accomplishments. They are both very positive regarding future rally events in their country.


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The Success of OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin

Posted on June 16, 2018

Sheldon Lavin, the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group, has seen the company rise from its humble beginnings to being one of the biggest food companies in the world. The company has recorded a tremendous improvement over the past years. The company was established in the early 19th century. The idea of coming up with OSI group was Otto Kolschowsky’s. Otto started the company as a small meat shop called Otto and Sons. Over the years, his shop grew to become the multimillion dollar company that is today referred to as the OSI Group, with over 60 outlets across the states.

OSI group has gained numerous consumer as well as partners across the world. It cannot go without mentioning that the company has also made various successful acquisitions. Sheldon Lavin, throughout his reign, has ensured that the company produces healthy foods. He has for years steered the company towards providing food safety as well as maintaining the green practices. Sheldon Lavin is as well a great advocate of sustainability. With strategic marketing methods, he plans to take the company to even greater heights.

Since its beginnings, OSI Group has been the leading supplier to McDonald’s. They have served McDonald’s for almost half a century. The company started as a family business, run by two of the Otto sons. Sheldon Lavin joined the sons in the 1970s as a partner. When one of the Otto brothers decided to sell his shares of the company, Sheldon graduated to a half partner. With time, the remaining brother retired and left Sheldon with the overall control over the firm. Ten years on, the company had had significant growth and eventually started exploring foreign markets such as Spain and Brazil. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award. At the same time, the company launched two new food plants. As they continued gaining popularity in the USA, the company was also expanding to countries such as Philippines and Mexico.

It was not until the early 21st century that OSI Group decided to focus on something else other than beef. They started investing in the poultry business. The company also began making various acquisitions during this time. They acquired a China-based poultry firm. To boost their market influence in Australia, OSI Group purchased a beef processing firm. With time, the company embarked on exploring the beef markets in Japan. While doing all this, the company kept on opening new plants and offices back in the USA. The company has also managed to acquire companies such as Baho Food, Tyson food plant, and Flagship Europe. All these acquisitions were steered by Sheldon to enable the company to expand its horizons.



Posted on June 15, 2018

Milan Kordestani is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms, a company that rears poultry humanely and grows saffron organically. Milan Farms was established in early 2015 with the aim of providing customers with the product that they want. Milan was born and grew up in Stanford but moved to London in 2009 when his parents divorced. He attended several schools till he graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory High School in 2017.

Milan has been riding horses since when he was ten years old when he was thrown off a horse by a runaway horse on the riding trail. Even after being thrown off, he got back on the horse and rode it back to the camp. Milan surprised many people because few children would ride a horse that previously mistreated them. He has competed severally in horse riding competitions and has won a number of them. In 2015, Milan won the first leg of the Triple Crown and was ranked fourth at the World Championship Horse Show. He also won the third leg of the Triple Crown during the American Royal. In 2016, he obtained his highest ranking in horse riding during the World Championships Horse Show by becoming second in his age split.

Currently, Milan Farms offers 100% organic saffron, free-range eggs, and mint. The objective of the company is to provide the customer with honest information. The customer should be provided with information on how animals were reared or plants were grown. The eggs that are sold by Milan Farms are laid by free range chickens that are fed on grass and organic feed. All items that are used in handling the chicken and the eggs are organic.

Milan Farms harvests the brightest part of the saffron flower in a bid to get the highest quality. These flowers are later dried for ten days to prevent loss of smell, flavor, and color and stored in airtight jars. They are delivered to the customers in zipping locked bags as fresh as they came from the farm. Milan Farms has innovated a new method of growing saffron different from the traditional drip irrigation method. The company has invested in a hydroponic system and is still experimenting on the salinity and mineral levels that are optimal for production of highest quality saffron.

Deirdre Baggot’s contribution to the healthcare system

Posted on June 15, 2018

Deirdre Baggot has dedicated her time to ensure that she has the skills and knowledge required to bring change in the healthcare sector. Deirdre attained a degree in healthcare systems, later on she served in different leadership roles, besides her education Deirdre is also an author, she has published almost 20 papers where she gives her insights on bundled payments as well as changes in mode of payments in the health sector.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) plans to expand bundled payments, this new mode of payment will reduce conflicts among patients and medical centers. In a recent post, Deirdre outlines some of the truths about bundled payments. According to Deirdre Baggot for bundled payments to success, it is essential to have dedicated leaders. Read more at to learn more.

Some of the insights about bundled payments from Deirdre Baggot include;

As a leader be ready for the change.

For bundled payments to emerge a success and provide maximum benefits it is vital for leaders in the healthcare sector to be aware of what is around them and be ready to embrace change, due to changes in economic and social status payments are bound to take a shift. It is thus critical to manage the shifts and ensure decisions are implemented.

Focus on accountability.

Since bundled payments are evidence-based, it is essential to include a system that allows accountability and transparency. Patients need to feel valued, apart from the excellent services, and thus for bundled payment to emerge success accountability needs to be on the front.

Provide patients with what they need.

In most cases before receiving a final treatment, a patient is likely to receive tests that help determine the cause of the illness. However, according to Ms. Deidre Baggot health practitioners need to ensure that the tests performed on the patients are the required tests, this will help to reduce unnecessary costs on the patients.

Owing to her work experience and strong education background. Baggot has managed to make a difference in the health sector, and her work will help to improve access to healthcare services.

Currently, Deirdre Baggot serves as a vice president at a healthcare consulting company.

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Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Wes Edens

Posted on June 14, 2018

Wes Edens is the co founder and co chief executive officer of the investment management firm Fortress Investment Group. He founded the firm back in the year 1998 and has built it into one of the more reputable firms in the financial services industry. Edens has an impressive background in financial services. During his career he has spent time working at some of the top investment firms in the world. With his experience, Edens was able to establish a track record that demonstrated his competence and expertise in the financial services industry. As a top executive at Fortress Investment Group, Wes continues to make valuable contributions to the firm. Edens attended Oregon State University and completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This allowed him to get entry level work in the field of finance.

During his early career, he would work at a number of firms to gain some valuable experience. Within a few years, Wes was in position to move up to higher positions with more responsibility. This would eventually lead him up to working at a managerial level in the industry. He would use his managerial experience to later take on positions that would help him get into entrepreneurship.After getting entry level work experience in the field of finance, Wes Edens would move on to pursue opportunities at some of the top investment firms in the world. One of his most notable experiences was at the firm known as BlackRock Financial Management. While working at this firm, he would oversee the entity known as BlackRock Asset Investors which was a large private equity fund.

Along with being a member of the firm BlackRock Financial Management, Wes Edens worked as a managing director at Lehman Brothers. These experiences helped Wes become very experienced and credible professional in the field of finance. In 1998, Wes Edens left Blackrock Financial Management and co founded Fortress Investment Group. He would serve as the co founder and co chief executive officer. Edens would also become part of the firm’s management committee as well. While working at Fortress Investment Group, Edens would provide leadership and expertise for the firm. He would also help provide the overall direction and strategy for Fortress Investment Group. Over the last two decades, Wes has helped make Fortress Investmetn Group a highly reputable firm that provides a number of asset management services for both private and institutional investors.


Posted on June 14, 2018

Randal Nardone is a resident of the United States of America whose worth is approximately 1.8 billion dollars. He studied and graduated at the University of Connecticut with Bachelors Degree in Art Science. Randal Nardone also went to the University of Boston School Of Law and was awarded Doctorate of Jurisprudence. He is the CEO of Fortress Investment Group since the year 2013. Before he established Fortress,Randal Nardone was an overseeing CEO at UBS and a Director at BlackRock Financial Company. He also was a member of law office at Thacher and Wood. Randal Nardone has filled in as Principal of Fortress Investment Group since 1998.Today, Fortress is an enhanced worldwide investment organization that coordinates over 43 billion dollars of profits to more than 1,750 financial specialists in private ownership, lasting capital vehicles and hedge investments. The management system is one of substantial risk steady returns for financial specialists over the long haul.

The center subject matters that Fortress Investment Group works in include: resource-based contributing, activities administration, corporate mergers, capital markets, and organizations. Its advantage based ventures include private value and credit stores which are comprised of an assorted variety of benefits, including land, capital, and money related vehicles that make long-haul income. The organization has the critical ability in estimating, owning, financing, and in the region of tasks administration. Fortress Investment Group has created authentic instruments for separating an incentive from the profoundly multifaceted ventures it makes. It exceeds expectations at assessing operational, auxiliary, and vital “actualities on the ground” while dealing with its portfolios. Over 20 years of service, Fortress Investment Group has grown profound ability in overseeing mergers and acquisitions.

Their workforce both comprehends and has associations with an extensive variety of corporate board individuals, administration experts, and other corporate partners. This experience likewise implies that Fortress Investment Group is a pro organization concerning capital markets. It has noteworthy mastery in securing financing using obligation and value markets. Fortress Investment Group’s long reputation of overseeing portfolio organizations has given it a lot of institutional learning concerning a wide assortment of enterprises.Their objective is to make another kind of venture firm, an option resource system that raises the private value and put it into forefront vehicles. Their property investment developed rapidly from 400 million dollars to roughly 3.9 billion dollars over its initial five years. In the year between 2006 & 2007, Fortress Investment Group made a few key acquisitions, including the most prominent ski resort administrator in North America and the Canadian organization Intrawest.