Eric Lefkofsky: Enhancing lives

Posted on January 23, 2018

CANCER. Still the number one killer in a million Americans. An astonishing 40% of Adult Americans have had to fight this battle alone or with a family member who was diagnosed with this debilitating disease. Genetics or environmental factors can all contribute to getting these malignant cells. It is estimated in the year 2024 that approximately 19 million Americans will suffer with this disease.

Modern technology is always coming up with new remedies and solutions to cure this debilitating disease. There are companies that have made leaps and bounds with their studies. One company in particular is TEMPUS.

With the rise of data-enabled Precision Medicine a new method of collecting genetic data to save lives is here. TEMPUS, co founded by Eric Lefkofsky, is the leader in data enabled Precision Medicine. It may seem that were are far more advanced in America with health care and treatment possibilities, but that is sadly untrue.

Since Electronic Health records have been developed known as EHRs, it is a false pretense to think that the health-care industry is up to date of the best technology to detect malignant cells before they spread and metastasize to the rest of the body.

Eric lefkofsky who is also a co-founder of group-on, has a personal interest in developing the best technology for a cure since his wife was diagnosed with breast Cancer. Eric, became highly motivated to find a solution and in his research he could not believe the gaps that exist in this modern day on collecting data and use of digital technology.

Eric, through TEMPUS was determined to transform the way cancer is delivered. A platform was developed which effectively analyzes a patients clinical and molecular data.

Eric Lefkofsky has an interesting start to his amazing career. He started his path by selling carpets at the University of Michigan. After law-school, he borrowed money from his relatives and together with a friend he started an apparel company. From there his career skyrocketed when he co-founded Media Bank, a media-buying technology company.

Lefkofsky, born and bred in Michigan, spent most of his mature life in Chicago, headquarters of TEMPUS. He is an adjunct Professor at the University Of Chicago’s Business School.

Ironically, he never used his law degree even after reaching high educational achievement including earning a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Michigan Law department. The dot-com revolution was really what piqued his interest. He soon became a power player and his contributions to technology and health data has changed for the better.


Nick Vertucci: Giving Hope to People with Real Estate Flipping

Posted on January 17, 2018

Nick Vertucci is a great motivational speaker who is providing information on how to become wealthy in the quickest way possible through real estate flipping. He states that by following the methods that he developed, one can become rich in the shortest amount of time. He claims that the methods and techniques that he learned from past seminars about real estate flipping made him successful, and he would also want to share it with those who are dreaming big.

From being a struggling father who does not know where to get the money he will be using to feed his children, Nick Vertucci is now a successful real estate flipper whose net worth amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. He is conducting seminars across major North American cities, persuading the people to join his real estate flipping academy to learn more about the methods and techniques on how to become wealthy just by reselling properties.

Nick Vertucci shared some of his unfortunate experiences during one of his tours. He claimed that his life never ran smoothly, because of how he lost his father when he was still young and how his mother keeps on struggling every day, working hard to earn money that she will use to feed them and to supply their necessities. Life was hard for Nick Vertucci, so he decided to move out of his home after turning 18 years old, and looked for a job to make some money. He began by selling used computer parts, and he found a little success because his business is thriving.

He was making a decent amount of money just by selling used computer parts, but it ended because of a huge economic crisis in the 2000s. He became broke, and he does not know where he would be getting the money to support his children. Luckily, a friend of him invited Nick Vertucci to a seminar discussing information about real estate flipping. He learned so much from experience, and he used the methods and techniques that were demonstrated to them to earn wealth. Today, he is proud to say that he managed to conquer all the challenges that he faced in the past, and he is living comfortably with his family.

Fabletics: Changing the Market

Posted on January 16, 2018

Change is about of the economy’s nature. Without it, things would stay the same, and the world would lose its passion and drive to excel beyond. Unfortunately, the world is a place where some people don’t see anything with things stopping, as long as they make a lot of money before it does.

That selfish mentality caused consumers to rethink the way they shop. As society integrates more technology into daily lives, online shopping has grown in popularity. Online shopping offers a lot more advantages than in-store shopping. For a start, new customers can research businesses before making any purchases.

As part of the modern consumer’s research process, he or she reads a lot of online reviews. Online reviews come from fellow consumers who’ve already had transactions with that company and have personal experience with a particular product or service. This kind of information is proving invaluable to potential customers.

What this means for businesses is that the power now belongs to the crowd. All of the savvy brands, like Fabletics, are capitalizing on this new consumer behavior. Fabletics, in particular, has developed numerous review-centric marketing strategies since the trend’s become popular. In fact, one of the brand’s parent company’s executives even credits Fabletics’ success to user reviews.

Having customers just like the brand isn’t enough to succeed. Companies need to have enough customers that actually buy. Fabletics not only created a brilliant brand; it’s in a market predicted to double in the next three years. Activewear, as it stands, is a $40 billion market.

Fabletics hoped to cash in on that market before it flooded with all manners of retailers. Fabletics got lucky when it became the first affordable activewear brand. Now, other discounts companies are trying to cash in like Fabletics. Fortunately, they aren’t as clever as Fabletics’ co-founders.

While Fabletics is mostly known for its discount prices, it’s also known for selling on-trend fashion. That subtle difference makes all the difference in the fashion industry. Even though there are now countless competitors, none of them sell on-trend, inspirational fashion at affordable. That honor still belongs to the one-and-only Fabletics.

For those interested in Fabletics, the brand offers numerous ways to find out how they are as a company. One way offers a lifestyle quiz that shows non-members exclusive fashions that fit their particular tastes.

Paul Mampilly Predicts That Tesla Will Shake Up Car Industry, Compares It to the iPhone

Posted on January 14, 2018

Wondering which stocks to invest in during the year 2018? Paul Mampilly, a veteran investor who has won the prestigious Templeton Award, says that there are a few industries that definitely have a future moving forward during the next few years and decades, and you should invest in those industries.

One such industry would be the car industry. Tesla is really shaking up the car industry. Companies like Ford and Honda will not be able to compete with Tesla unless they keep up with the newest trends when it comes to creating cars. Paul Mampilly says that eventually, Tesla will do to the car industry what the iPhone did to the cell phone industry. Does anyone really remember what kinds of cell phones existed before then? People hardly remember the Blackberry and the Nokia phones, even though they were really popular at the beginning. That is because the iPhone simply took everyone’s breath away, and Blackberry could not even try to compete. If you had invested in the Blackberry, you would be nowhere now. If you had invested in the iPhone right at the beginning, you would be really rich. Eventually, nobody is going to remember the regular cars like the Toyotas. The Tesla cars and other electric and green cars, as well as self driving cars, are going to be what everyone uses. The Tesla Model 3 can change everything when it comes out. It can greatly reduce the cost of owning and maintaining a car. Cars that are electric are made of fewer parts, and are thus easier to build. They are also more affordable in many ways. Therefore, the Tesla stock will continue to rise, while the other stocks in the car industry will continue to go down as Teslas start appearing on the streets more and more.

Paul Mampilly has some other picks for 2018. For example, many millennials are into health foods. They are particularly interested in services that deliver healthy foods to their homes. Many millennials are eating out, and you should invest in the food industry as it pertains to millennials. Precision medicine is another trend of the future you should invest in.

Paul Mampilly studied at Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He works with Capuchin Consulting. He is also an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he publishes a popular newsletter.

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The Success Journey Of Todd Lubar Of TDL Global Ventures

Posted on January 10, 2018

Todd Lubar is the head of TDL Global Ventures a company operating in real estate. Todd Lubar held a position before as the senior Vice president of Legendary Investments. For over twenty years, Lubar has worked in the Real Estate industry helping people to become homeowners. He has severally been ranked among top twenty-five mortgage initiators countrywide. Todd Lubar has also had the opportunity to work in mortgage banking and construction industries. He loves helping the community, and his experience has influenced his business intelligence to prosper others.

Mr. Todd Lubar studied for his undergraduate degree in Speech Communication at Syracuse University. Later in 1995 and started working with Crestar Mortgage until 1999. He joined Legacy Financial group until 2005 when he became senior VP to Charter funding before focusing on mortgage banking. His experience in many companies has enabled him to understand the road to success in business and life. Check out Inspirery to see more.

Lubar’s idea for TDL Global Ventures came as a result of his passion for helping others reach their dreams. He helped eliminate barriers against loan acquisitions and initiated an avenue to give consumers what they need. According to him without a will, all ideas will never be fruitful. Lubar’s previous experience in real estates enabled him to serve in mortgage banking and TDL venture.

As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar keeps track of every aspect of his business to make sound business decisions. A business person aiming at business and personal growth needs to associate with people who promote growth. Working hard s another aspect that propels growth to fulfill your dream. To get to high and more prominent places needs a lot of small moments of hard work.

Lubar believes there is more space for a rise in business. Through the real estate field appears dominated, there is still a chance for someone to lead the house-finding area. Lubar’s final book recommendation is a book by David J.Schwartz titled “The Magic of Thinking Big.” The book speaks concerning gaining from one’s job, family and the community. It sets one to think big with a positive, comprehensive perspective. Finally, a culture of trust and open communication is critical in any given business.

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Trabuco: The Weapon Of Choice In Early China And Europe

Posted on January 09, 2018

When Medieval Europeans wanted to besiege a castle, their weapon of choice may have been a weapon called a trabuco. This military-rated device was much like a catapult, though its design is arguably different.


According to, designed and developed in China, the trabuco was utilized for centuries by military ranks ranging from China, to the Arab Nations, and during the time of the Crusades. Its efficiency came from its simplicity of design and use. There were no complicated gears or wheels required in order to propel a projectile through the air and to its intended target.

Redesigned Trabuco

The original Chinese design required massive numbers of humans to begin the propulsion by pulling on a beam in order to push that side down and propel the stones toward the target. Since the original design was impractical due to the inability to command such a vast number of soldiers to work as a single unit, a second version was designed that used a counterbalance weight rather than human beings.

The original trabuco design replaced in the Middle East by Arab merchants. This is where the counterbalance was added. The addition of this weight helped the trabuco’s range, increasing it a few extra feet. Researchers have discovered records that state that, during a battle against their enemies, one such hybrid-trabuco was able to propel 400-pound stones toward Damietta, a city in Egypt.

The second-phase trabuco uses gravity and potential energy in order to create the force required to project the stone or other items far distances or over high walls. Counterbalances were connected to the end of a beam and used to help increase propulsion of the projectile.

Prevalent Uses

The Crusades, fought between 1095 AD and a questionable conclusion, either 1295 or 1588 depending on the Historian on, utilized the trabuco for their attacks against the infidel non-Christians in their quest directed from the Catholic church. They were promised the blessings of God as well as any indulgences they may desire. The threat of lost Christendom was a great catalyst to the battles.

Not only Stones

Though stones were the primary choice of projectile, creative militaries would also hurl animals like horses and cows, barrels heavy with sand, enemy heads and prisoners who were still alive. This was an effective method of reducing disease-causing corpses from infecting the troops or needing to feed prisoners.


Lessons From OSI Group President David McDonald’s Professional Success

Posted on January 07, 2018

David McDonald, has for quite some time now been OSI Group’s president, a global leading food processing company and is among the most successful business people of his time. During his early years, David McDonald had an interest in the agricultural sector particularly farming and though he rose from a humble background, he managed to develop his desire in agriculture through hard work and persistence. In 1983, he joined Lowa State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science later in 1987.

David McDonald started working at Chicago’s OSI industries soon after graduating from Lowa State university and within no time, his hard work, persistence and the ability to inject new ideas into the company saw him rise through the ranks and is now the president and COO of the company. He is an exceptional leader who has managed to mentor a lot of young professionals while others look up to him for his wise counsel. Today, he is a respected figure who has successfully led OSI Group through several expansion strategies. OSI group has over 50 facilities currently, that are spread throughout the world.

OSI group is operating eight facilities in China alone and has a mega processing plant in Henan province after a 2012 partnership with the DOYOO Group and aims to be China’s largest supplier of poultry products. OSI Group’s vision has managed to remain constant over the years with an objective to offer high quality products and ensuring that the company remains sustainable through entrenching a culture of ethics and a “can do it” attitude among its employees. This attitude makes it possible for the company’s employees to adapt to different working environments. Everyone who works for OSI group is usually encouraged to work hard and deliver beyond the customers expectations.

David McDonald encourages his employees to be patient and he attributes OSI Group’s success to various factors among them entering into dynamic partnerships that have seen the company succeed in leaps and bounds. He is an exceptional leader who has received awards and accolades for leading OSI Group to unprecedented growth.
OSI Group purchased Baho foods, a leading Dutch Manufacturer in 2016, a company that produces deli meats and convenient foods. According to McDonald the acquisition was an important step in ensuring that the company has a wider presence in Europe. He believes that even international companies can be local in a certain way. The company has presence in both the United States and China and is ranked position 58 among the largest private companies in the U.S by Forbes.

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How Dr. Cameron Clokie Of Toronto Helped Patients As A Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon

Posted on January 04, 2018

A resident of Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Cameron Clokie is a medical doctor. He specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Additionally, he is a scientist. As an entrepreneur he launched a business called Induce Biologics, Inc. which does musculoskeletal reconstruction. He founded this company in 2008. The mission of this company is to offer patients bone regeneration to reconstruct their jaws after they have been affected by an injury or disease. The procedures are also designed to be cost-effective.

For about 30 years Dr. Cameron Clokie. was taught dentistry at the university level. His last position doing so was at the University of Toronto where he was the Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Additionally, he was the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for this same educational institution, a position he had held since 1998. He retired from these positions in 2017.

During his career, Dr. Cameron Clokie has published many papers and articles about his specialty. He has also made many presentations to other dentists. His work has been presented both in Canada and internationally. Altogether he has 25 patents, in both the United States and internationally, many of which involve bone healing and regrowth.

It was in 1993 that Dr. Cameron Clokie started his research into bone regrowth. At the time he was at McGill University and when he transferred to the University of Toronto in 1998 he took his research team with him. His research was into developing bioimplants which would replace autogenous bone grafts. Regrowing the patient’s own jawbone looks better aesthetically and it doesn’t affect other parts of the body, such as having to remove bone from the patient’s shin to have it placed into their jaws.

One patient that Dr. Cameron Clokie had great success with was a 60-year-old man who had lost part of his jaw due to a benign tumor. Dr. Clokie was able to regrow the missing jaw part, which was 7cm long. The patient afterward said that he felt like his jawline looked like that of someone 20 years younger than he was.

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