The Chairman of JHSF – José Auriemo Neto

Posted on September 29, 2017

In the sector of shopping JHSF, is associated with Parque Cidade Jardim, the Marginal Pinheiros complex which is comprised of a shopping mall with 180 stores, nine private towers, four offices and one blended for other uses. One section in the building will be given to condos and the other to a hotel of the brand Fasano. This top line market, in which JHSF explores, is more than a feature of extravagances and it is privileged in the Brazilian social pyramid. Today, it is an essential sector of the national economy.

The private towers sale apartments for about 1.8 million reais to 16.6 million reais. Four well-made private towers and the mall are expected to have been completed in May one year from then. By 2010, when the whole Garden City was delivered, JHSF hoped to acquire, around 1.78 billion reais from this investment. Not to mention the income from the mall, the hotel, and offices that will be rented.

JHSF is a real estate company headquartered in Brazil. This is recognized for selling and purchasing commercial and private properties. Apart from that, it is engaged in hotels, shopping centers, and tourism activities. At age 31, he had done much work but he had baldness making him look a bit older than he was.

The above achievements are made by José Auriemo Neto. This is the chairman and top official of JHSF. He is additionally known for winning the title for the new King. Because of his work, Brazil has seen much development in all sectors that needed his skills. Because of his diligent work in real estate and luxury settlement facilities, he has made his life simple for associations. José Auriemo Neto has worked as an administrator and overseer of many developments activates made by JHSF.

As a graduate of FAAP University, he has worked for JHSF from 1993.This is the company under the development of Catarina International Airport. Additionally, he launched an AAA class distribution in Porto Feliz in September and purchased an area in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where he will create an undertaking in the same way.

Wine proprietor Julia Jackson love of wine started at childhood

Posted on September 27, 2017

Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines and Kendall-Jackson is giving back to the community. That is the community of strong women all over the world. She founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. It celebrates powerful women who overcame life’s challenges and are now empowering others to do the same in their community. Seeds of Empowerment gives away $100,000 of cash grants annually to non-profit organizations that celebrate “warrior Women.” Yin Myo Su has been a recipient so she can bring prosperity and growth to her home country, Myanmar.

Julia Jackson has worked at her family’s wineries since she was a child. She worked out in the fields picking and sorting grapes with her siblings in tow. There she learned the beauty of hard work. Her love of wine became even stronger when out of college she moved to Bordeaux, France to learn the ins and outs of French wine making. Now France is a lifelong passion of hers. Julia’s family owns a number of wineries including Kendall-Jackson, Jackson Family Wines, Cambria Wines, and Stonestreet Winery. And Her Linkedin, All are top rated and award winning wines that can be enjoyed any occasion. Some of the wine that Cambria makes is Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They are covered in Julia’s water color artistry. Even the recipient of the Seeds of Cambria Yin Myo Su is featured on one of the bottles of wine. Julia is not only educated when it comes to wine, but she also has a degree. The wine proprietor attended Scripps College a liberal arts women’s college in Claremont, California. There she got he Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art in 2010. Julia then received a certificate in General Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business. With a deep knowledge of wine and a true sense of professionalism, Julia has a bright future ahead of her and learn more about Julia Jackson.

Highland Capital Management, Dispensing Financial Alternatives through Credit Management

Posted on September 27, 2017

Financial planning is becoming a must-have in today’s society. Once in a while, co-operates, institutions, individuals, and even governments at large are faced with the need to invest or even find a trusted base of credit managers. This is where Highlands Capital Management, L.P. comes in. The company targets to provide reliable credit strategies that come in handy in providing numerous services like long-only funds, separate accounts, and credit hedge funds among others.

Highland boasts of up to $13.7 billion assets under its management. The company is among the largest SEC-enrolled venture advisers globally providing substitute credit managers. Highland Capital Management has a wide base of clients ranging from foundations, public pension schemes, endowments to even extreme net-worth individuals. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with other offices found in Sao Paulo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore

The company traces its roots back in 1990 when its founders Mark Okada and James Dondero decided to link up with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Initially, the company was focused on fixed income markets but advanced in 1993 where its founding partners had a 40% share in the newly formed asset; Protective Asset Management Company. Through the Company’s co-founders, Highland initiated a commingled bank credit fund in 2002 and equally inaugurated a substitute investment 40 Act podium.

Highland has proven to be a worthwhile stakeholder, thanks to its numerous achievements. For instance, in 2004, the company managed to enter into a profitable fund venture with Columbia Asset Management where it managed to acquire two floating rate funds. It kept on expanding, and by 2008, it already had an office in Singapore and another one in Seoul in 2011.

Currently, having an outstanding 20 years of excellence, Highland has grown to be an independently-owned firm that is striving to offer quality services with high-value and unique products to its clients. Statistically, the company has over $250 million market value of investments. Highland Capital Management has been acknowledged for its credit competency which has been a major backbone in making major lucrative ventures and partnerships. Consistency in its performance has raised the company’s ranks to be among the leading financial investors.

Dr. David Samadi’s Advice On Dealing With Menopause

Posted on September 26, 2017

     Life is full of transitions. Over the course of a person’s life they make notable transitions from high school to adult life, from college to the working world and from being a single young adult to having children and raising a family. One of the transitions that women can expect to go through is known as menopause which typically marks the end of a woman’s childbearing years. There are many public preconceptions about what menopause is like. Pop culture has often portrayed this experience in ways that exaggerate the experience or poke fun at it as The Cosby Show once did with an episode that focused on the idea of the character Claire Huxtable going through menopause herself. While it is tempting to understand this important life phase through the lens of entertainment it is always best for a woman to consult her doctor or the opinion of a medical professional if she has any questions about menopause. Recently celebrity doctor and medical specialist Dr. David Samadi authored a very useful piece about menopause for the news publication The New Daily News.

Dr. David Samadi’s piece which is titled 10 Questions Every Woman Should Ask About Menopause is a must-read that covers important pieces of information that can prepare female readers for the experience of menopause. Some people might not necessarily be clear on what the definition of menopause is. According to Dr. David Samadi’s article menopause occurs when a woman has not had a menstrual cycle in a 12 month period.

Many people are also concerned about the possibility of experiencing hot flashes when they go through the process of menopause. It is important to know as Dr. David Samadi notes, that not every woman necessarily experiences hot flashes in the same way. The frequency of hot flashes can vary from woman to woman with some women who are undergoing hot flashes experiencing hot flashes for a brief amount of time while other women might experience hot flashes more consistently and more frequently. It is important for women who are experiencing hot flashes to know that there are some small lifestyle changes that they can make that might lessen the frequency such as minimizing stress and steering clear of liquor and spicy foods.

Dr. Samadi is a urologist that currently works for a medical institution that is known as Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a urologist who has earned board certification and who has experience treating various cancers such as cancer of the kidneys, prostate and bladder. Dr. Samadi earned his undergraduate degree from Stony Brook University and he earned his medical degree from the Stony Brook School of Medicine. He studied urology at the Montefiore Medical Center.

David Giertz- Importance of retirement financial planning

Posted on September 26, 2017

Personal retirement planning is comprised of two vital aspects. There is financial planning and personal planning. Personal planning is the basis on which financial planning will take. For you to plan on the finances, you must first determine how you expect your lifestyle to be like. After determining how you expect your retirement to be like, then it will be possible to move on with the process of financial planning. Financial planning will involve, coming up with ways of raising money that you will use in the retirement stage.

The grave mistake that many people make is approaching the retirement stage/age without a plan on how they will survive. Many people, in fact, start thinking about a retirement plan when they are already out of their jobs. This should not be the case since. A retirement plan should start early in life. For those in formal employment, they should start monthly saving from their paychecks.

Personal planning should start early. Decide on how you would like to spend your life after retirement. There many things that one could be interested in. some people would like to be back to school, others would like to join entrepreneurship among many other activities. The decision you arrive at will influence the next stage, of coming up with the finances to meet these needs.

Financial planning will deal with raising the money needed to meet these plans. What most people do when in this stage is that they start saving part of their paychecks. This is one of the widely applied methods, by does not assure you of any success. Not many people can afford to save enough money to take them through the entire retirement age. Remember the retirement age is normally affected by issues related to healthcare and huge amounts of money usually go towards this. To address such issues it is good for one to come up with a medical; savings account.

About David Giertz

David Gertz is a certified financial adviser. He currently works in Dublin, Ohio for a company known as Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He worked in this industry for 31 years.

David Giertz also works as a broker and is registered with FINRA. He deals with securities such as bonds, stocks, and currencies.

Rodrigo Terpins Bringing Joy to the Brazilian Terrains

Posted on September 25, 2017

If you are a motor rally enthusiast then Rodrigo Terpins is a name you are quite familiar with. Rodrigo Terpins is one of the most celebrated rally drivers in Brazil. Mr. Rodrigo comes from a rich sporting family where his father Joe Terpins was a great basketball player in the 1960s and 1970 and a retired sports President. Growing up Rodrigo and his brother Michel would be inspired by their father’s influence despite going for a different kind of sport.

Rodrigo and Michel Terpins are part of the great Bull Sertoes Rally team that was started by the two sportsmen and competes in the Sertoes Rally competition. Sertoes Rally is competition that brings together some of the established racers in Brazil. Just like any competition, Sertoes Rally requires determination, prowess and dedication characteristics evident with Rodrigo. Currently Mr. Rodrigo Terpins competes in the T1 prototypes category alongside his partner Fabricio Bianchini. Going by the last competition Mr. Rodrigo and Fabricio came third in the T1 prototype category and 8th out of 38 competitors overall.

According to Rodrigo, the results for the 22nd Sertoes Rally event was satisfactory considering the terrains of the competition and the distance covered. The rally competition covered at least 2600 kilometers and had seven stages in two different states. Going forward Mr. Rodrigo advice to rally drivers is to ensure they prepare themselves adequately for such events. By doing so they will be able to anticipate the many ups and downs that comes with the sport.

So far, Mr. Rodrigo Terpins has participated in five Sertoes Rally competitions. Before becoming a pilot Michel Terpins was Rodrigo’s navigator. According to, currently the two brothers drive T-Rex, a product of one of their official partners, MEM Motorsport. In addition to Sertoes Rally, Rodrigo has also been involved in other competitions such as 2011 Mitsubishi Cup Championship where he came second with 204 points.

Other than Motor rally, Rodrigo Terpins is a well-established businessman where he has been able to establish his business empire and even trades in stocks. Even with his successes, Mr. Rodrigo is a committed family man and attributes most of the success to them. Read more about him on

How Rocketship Education is Changing the Lives of Children in Poor Neighborhoods

Posted on September 25, 2017

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship is a group of public elementary charter schools established in neighborhoods where great schools are limited. Rocketship programs are non-profit, and they use the usual traditional methods of teaching together with online assisted instructions to simplify learning. These methods of learning help maintain the administrative costs low while also increasing the students’ academic performance.

Rocketship education was first established in California in 2007 by John Danner and Preston Smith. Now, the education program has since spread to Nashville and Washington DC. Rocketship schools do have charters to allow them to operate and have operating authority from the independent statewide entities, the counties, states, and districts. Since these schools were started, they have been relying on grants and funds given by the government.

Values Taught at Rocketship Schools

The Rocketship program instills the values of responsibility, respect, gratitude, empathy, and persistence to the children. They mostly emphasize on the importance of gratitude as a gift given freely and is unearned. Kids who have special needs like autism, speech-language impairment, learning disabilities, or any other health impairments are welcome, and their curriculum is available.

Involvement of Parents

Parents have significantly been involved in the schools’ activities. They play a huge part in building an academic foundation in the schools. They interview the teachers that are yet to be hired; this way, they will choose the right person for their kids. Parents get to meet and interact with the teachers in order to create a healthy relationship with them. They are also involved in inspecting the school’s facilities while being built. Qualified staff always undergo thorough interviews from the schools’ officials and parents.

Rocketship schools’ aim is to erase the achievement gap in kids from poor neighborhoods, as well as help educate kids of all races, engage the children’s parents, and encourage the teachers that teach in these schools.

To enroll in Rocketship schools, parents only need to apply. If the applications exceed the spaces available in the school, a lottery is held to randomly choose from a pile of filled forms of students. Rocketship schools provide opportunities for all.

Edward Honig: The NY-Certified Cardiologist

Posted on September 17, 2017

A Cardiologist is a doctor specialized in diagnosing as well as treating conditions or diseases of the heart plus blood vessels (cardiovascular system). A Cardiologist is involved in the treatment of heart failure, heart attacks, plus severe heart rhythm disturbances. People could visit a cardiologist to know about their risk factors for the heart disease plus learn what measures they should take to have better health.

When you’re dealing with a complicated health condition such as heart disease, it’s always essential that you get the proper match between you and of course your specialist. A vascular or heart disease diagnosis usually starts with primary care physician, who is then going to refer you to a certified cardiologist. Symptoms such as dizzy spells, chest pains, or shortness of breath usually need special testing. Sometimes an ECG (electrocardiogram) or heart murmurs changes require a cardiologist’s evaluation. A cardiologist helps heart disease victims to go back to a full and life that is useful.

Also, a cardiologist counsel’s patients on the risk as well as heart disease prevention. The cardiologist will evaluate your symptoms as well as your medical history; he could recommend tests for a further definite diagnosis. Then the cardiologist will decide if your condition could be managed under her or his care by use of medicines and other treatments that are available.

If a cardiologist decides you need surgery, the cardiologist is going to refer you to a certified cardiovascular surgeon. The cardiovascular surgeon is a specialist in the operations on the blood vessels, lungs, and heart. You will remain under your cardiologist’s care even after being referred to other specialists as needed. Cardiology is a complicated field, lots of cardiologists specialize in different fields. Each cardiologist is a clinical cardiologist focusing on the diagnosis, use of medicines (medical management), plus prevention of the cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Some clinical cardiologists have specialized in pediatric cardiology, meaning that they diagnose as well as treat heart problems found in kids. When a clinical cardiologist treats only adult patients, he or she specializes in adult cardiology. Also, other clinical cardiologists could specialize in interventional procedures (stent and balloon angioplasty placement), electrophysiology, or echocardiography.

Edward Honig attended the Duke University School of Medicine Medical School, where he received his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. Currently, Honig is licensed to practice medicine in the state of New York city, in the United States. He works at Cove Hospital, which is based in New York, in the United States, providing world-class services as a cardiologist.

Honig received extensive education, which includes a four-year-medical school course plus a three-year training in general internal medicine. He spent another three years or in specialized training. After completing his studies and was a certified cardiologist, he passed a rigorous two-day exam that was given by ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine). That exam tested not only his judgment and knowledge but also if he’s capable of providing superior care. Honig serves his patients as a consultant to other doctors.

Gregory Aziz is a Humble Man who has made a lot of Money

Posted on September 15, 2017

National Steel Car Ltd has reached the heights of success because of its current Chief Executive Officer, Gregory James Aziz. National Steel Car Ltd is a rail company that is station in Canada, manufactures rail cars for both Canada and the United States of America.


Greg Aziz has faithfully served this company as Chairman of the National Industries, Chief Executive officer of National Steel Car Ltd, and also as Chairman of the National Steel Car Ltd board.


National Steel Car Ltd brought Gregory J Aziz on as Chief Executive Officer because of his education from Western University. His knowledge of economics was second to one and this company had to have him for their own.


National Steel Car Ltd move with Gregory J Aziz paid of wonderfully for them. Through his leadership, National Steel Car Ltd achieved excellence and near perfections. This was because Greg Aziz’s vision was to continue growing and never settle for laurels. He knew it was not the past that defined them. It was the future. If you stop growing, well, then you are no longer relevant.


James Aziz began promoting a grand vision of perfection and excellence. He spoke it to his workers. He sold it to his executives. He made them eat and dream the vision until everyone in the company accepted it as their very own. This is what set National Steel Car Ltd apart. That vison helped them raise the quality of their rail cars and nearly bankrupt their competitors.


Canpotex saw the quality of National Steel Car Ltd business. That is why they purchase 700 new railcars off of them for purse lightening amount of $70 million. But this was not the first time they did business together. Canpotex has been working with National Steel Car Ltd since 1999 and has invested $500 million into National Steel Car Ltd.


Canpotex could trust National Steel Car Ltd because they had Gregory James Aziz as their Chief Executive Officer. They knew that he pushed high quality products and that his were to be trusted above all others.


Greg Aziz though, does not take any of this beaming credit for himself. Recently in a press release, he took the time to thank all the loyal customer, his suppliers, and even more shocking, his workers. He knew where his true strength base was. It was in the people who came there every single day.



Jason Hope Uses Experience to Help Bolster IoT

Posted on September 15, 2017

The Internet of Things is the idea that all of your devices, objects in your home and basic needs can be connected on one simple network. It is like the Internet coming to life, and it is something Jason Hope worked hard on so he could help people out with all of the needs they had. He experienced different things from different people so he tried his best to show them what they were able to get no matter what was going on. Jason Hope did everything he could to make things easier on people and it paid off in the end because of how popular IoT has become. It was not something that just happened quickly. Instead, it happened over a period of time and continued to be a positive thing for different people. Jason Hope knew that when he started to work on the IoT so he tried his best to show people what they could get out of these situations.

Since the IoT has grown and has gotten more popular, it has been a better opportunity for people to try things. It has also been something that people will learn about in their own industry. For Jason Hope to try different things, he knows what he is going to do and how he is going to experience all of the best things in his own life. He also knows what he can do to make things better for people who are in different situations.

As the IoT has gotten larger, it has started to offer even more options for people. Now, people can be completely connected and can stay connected because of all of the devices that are available with the IoT. Jason Hope knew this would happen and is now grateful that he invested in the IoT because he sees that it is going to continue to be a positive thing for all of the people who use it. He also knows it will be a profitable opportunity as things continue to grow within the industry that he is a part of.

Jason Hope knows the right way to be an entrepreneur and has managed to do different things for the people who are in those situations. He knows what he can do and knows that things will get better for those who use the IoT. Jason Hope continues to help people out with the IoT. He also helps it improve by donating money to the research that will help it to change. He wants to see improvements to the IoT. He hopes that one day everyone will be able to be connected with all of the devices and objects that they have in their own homes.

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