Posted on August 30, 2017

Retirement is a big issue, and many people plan for it. However, many people think so little about the social security aspect of it, and it matters a lot. David Giertz of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation maintains that a good financial adviser should always advise their client about the benefits of social security during retirement.

Inadequate planning of social security during retirement will land any retiree in trouble. This is because; one is likely to end up paying unwarranted taxes even during their old age. This means that a pensioner might end up with less than what they expected. Social Security is also meant to be of assistance during one’s old age, and it shouldn’t be regarded as an entire retirement plan.

Professional financial advisors will always advise their clients to delay their pension as much as possible. This is because the more you delay the check, the more you are likely to benefit hugely from it. This essentially means that if you hold up on receiving the check until you pass your retirement age, the check is likely to expand by 8%. However, if you filed early and you have already started taking it, then you can refund everything you’ve gotten so far and file again.

About David L Giertz:

David Giertz is a financial consultant who counsels American citizens on the importance of a sound retirement plan. Mr. Giertz works for Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company as a senior vice president. The financial adviser has been working with Nationwide Investment Services from 1999. David Giertz has more than 31 years experience as a financial advisor. He has also worked for Financial Horizons Security Corporation and Citicorp Investment Services. He is a fully qualified advisor who is registered with FINRA as a broker. All financial advisers should register in all the states they practice from. Mr. Giertz is fully accredited and registered to work in Dublin and Ohio.

The Successful Transition of Mike Baur To Start Up Investment

Posted on August 30, 2017

The Successful Transition of Mike Baur To Start Up Investment

Mike Baur, a Swiss business man with more than two decades experience working in the banking sector, had a change of heart and ventured in start-up investment in 2014.Mike Baur had a good run working as a banker he with reputable banks including UBS and Claridenles Bank. Around this period he partnered with two colleagues, Max Meister and Olive Walzer to establish the Swiss Start Up Factory.

Back in 2014 when the three co-founders were starting the company, their primary objective was to revolutionize start-ups to global outreach enterprises while breaking the norms, products and business models in the industry. Since the first day of operation, this Swiss company has taken modernized entrepreneurs globally under its wing nurturing them for further triumph. This comp any not only offers opportunities for its entrepreneurs but also a stable operation network.

The company has an accelerator program based in Zurich where they offer beginners a series of services including a mentorship and coaching three-month program. Even after the training period the company does not let their beginners out in the cold, they further give them office space, financial aid, and a connection base to several entrepreneurs and investors in the start up industry this gives their beginners a solid foundation to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

Mike Baur is a significant asset in the day to day operations at Swiss Start Up Factory. As the chief executive officer, he oversees the fundraising and financial events at the company. He did a good job working at the vice manager of CTI Investment during its partnership with Swiss Start Up Factory. Mike Baur was also the foreman in charge of the acceleration program organized by Goldbach Group and Swiss Start Up Factory. Mike Baur stays on top of all situations at the company he facilitated the company’s partnership to Fin Tech Fusion back in 2016.

Mike Baur has a reputable reputation in the start up investment world; he featured in an article on Wall Street Journal in 2016 discussing his transition from banking to start up and entrepreneurial investment. His business input is valuable, and he was once a judge at a Start up pitch contest, START Summiteer, held at the University of St Gallen. Currently, as the executive of Swiss Start Up Factory, he is also actively involved in the digital start up in Swiss. His work is evident in the progress the company has made in only three years of existence.


ClassDojo, Facilitating Digital Collaboration Between Parents and Educators

Posted on August 22, 2017

Communication between parents and educators has finally made the leap into the digital age. Phone calls and notes sent home in children’s backpacks are a thing of the past. ClassDojo goes far beyond simple communications. The service allows parents to take a more active part in the child’s education without disrupting their busy modern lifestyle. There are many features built into ClassDojo, which facilitate digital age collaboration between parents and teachers.

ClassDojo makes it simple for teachers to share photos and videos from the classroom. Exciting moments from the day can be uploaded to the website for all connected parents to see. ClassDojo provides significant security over basic social networking, requiring a unique invitation code for connection to classroom information and media.

Individual reports are available daily for each child enrolled. Instead of only receiving word when there is a discipline issue, ClassDojo includes positive behavior and commendations. By keeping parents informed, they are able to reinforce good citizenship and civic mindedness in the student.

The built-in chat feature allows for instant communications between parent and teacher. There is no need to send handwritten notes, and no more worry about them being turned in. It is as simple as sending a message via Facebook. Also, teachers can make use of away messages when they are unable to respond immediately.

There is also a mobile app available for both Android and Apple IOS. Parents can check on their child’s day anytime, from anywhere. With Audible notifications, from the ClassDojo app on mobile devices, parents are assured be up to date on everything in the educational life of their children.

Eric Pulier: Technological Philanthropist

Posted on August 19, 2017

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He was born in 1966 in New Jersey. From an early age he showed huge interest in computers. In fourth grade, he started programming and by the time he graduated from high school, he had started a small computer database company.

Pulier attended Harvard University in the eighties. Despite his love of technology, he majored in American literature and English. While he studied, he was a student journalist. He regularly wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson and eventually served as the newspaper’s editor. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988.

After leaving Harvard, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Shortly after, he founded People Doing Things, a company that addresses technology in the improvement of health care and education. However, this is not the only project he’s given life to. Pulier is the founder or co-founder of numerous technological and philantropic companies and foundations. Some of his creations include Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Akana (previously known as SOA Software), Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, and vAtomic.

In 1997, Pulier was tasked by the Presidential Inaugurual Committee to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition. Not only did he create the exhibition, but he also oversaw the whole project and personally went out to collect donations. Later, he participated in the Clinton Global Initiative. However, his work on the Presidential Technology Exhibition impressed Morley Winograd, who at the time was Gore’s Domestic Policy Advisor. When Winograd became the USC Marshall School’s Chairman of the Center for Telecommunications Management, he invited Pulier to become a board member. Eric Pulier accepted and spent four years serving on the board.

Since his time on the CTM board ended, Pulier has been a member of several other boards as well. Over his career, he has been involved with the XPrize Foundation and The Painted Turtle, which is a camp that serves children and teens with chronic illnesses. He also helped design and build Starbright World, which is a private social media site for adolescents with chronic illnesses.

Learn More: hackronym.com/the-impressive-track-record-of-eric-pulier-venture-capitalist-and-philanthropist/

Starting From The Bottom

Posted on August 18, 2017

From Managing A Fund To Managing The World

We often look back at how things occurred. It happens because the things we have and experience today exist in a strange way. We can never tell what the struggle behind someone’s success was. We only know once they’ve told us. For George Soros, what we see is a life that began with managing a fund to taking that influence across the world.Making an investment agency work requires that the founder be himself a success also. It’s success that mutual fund owners, investment banking owners and even day traders use to improve their investments. But there’s a unique platform given to the people of this world who can scale the boundaries of accomplishment and therefore succeed.

Among these people is George Soros.

The work he completed as an investment management agent also gave him access to the world and in a special way. When we think of what it takes to succeed in finance, we must also take into account how often many others fail. Beating the markets is a difficult task for both the professional and the amateur.So when someone succeeds and gathers together the wealthiest people in the world, the agency doesn’t just have these individuals’ money. The agency also get access to some of the most prominent and influential powers that exist today. This is the platform which we’re discussing right now.We’re painting a picture from a managing fund to managing the world.

Handing Off More Than a Legacy

The story behind George is one that inspires all who hear it. What makes his story so unique is that his work in philanthropy has been able to be leveraged from his work in finance. We know that philanthropy is a field of which many people in the world hope to be a part of. Where George stands in the world of philanthropy is clear.The legacy he built as a financial tycoon gave him the correct platform to leverage change that few with his same wealth have accomplished. The clear path we see when examining the “how” is one that starts with a passion for numbers, the ability to help others and then a point in life when George had the actual resources.This is the giant man who came from nothing to something and then gave away a lot if it.

Read full article : http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

Kim Dao Shows Off B-Day Presents In A New Tokyo Vlog

Posted on August 16, 2017

YouTuber Kim Dao loves sharing her experiences in Japan with viewers from around the world. Anyone who wants to go on an adventure in the city of Tokyo should really check out Kim Dao’s blog called, “Birthday fun & Shopping in Harajuku | KimDao in JAPAN.”


This vlog starts off with Kim Dao showing her fans the birthday gift she got from her manager. Kim’s boss gave her a box of Yokohama-themed Pikachu snacks filled with beans. He also gave Kim a handy trench coat. Learn more: http://kimdao.net/


Once she’s done opening her gifts, Kim Dao talks about her itinerary for the day. First, Kim has to go to a meeting. After that, Kim Dao says she’s going to look for a few gifts for a friend’s birthday party. She also has to pack things for a trip to Singapore. Kim says she’ll hold a MeetUp by her hotel near the Marina Bay Sands once she gets to Singapore.


In the next shot, Kim Dao passes by Tokyo’s Shake Shack and plays “Pokémon Go” along the way. She says she’s desperately looking for a Charmander.


Kim Dao has an omelet with lasagna inside for dinner. She also does an accidental live stream on Livestar while in Harajuku. Lean more: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/


As Kim Dao walks home with Bronwyn (aka BiiBiiBeauty) she sees some clothing decorated with food items. At home, Kim Dao shows us the Lush bath bomb collection she bought for her friend’s birthday.


For a special bonus, Kim Dao decides to make takoyaki with Bronwyn. She shows us all the difficult prep work that goes into making this traditional Japanese dish. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/KimDaoOfficial/



MB2 Dental Solutions – making life easier for Dentists

Posted on August 14, 2017

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that offers services to dentists and other practice owners that are affiliated. MB2 Dental Solutions provides office space to these individuals to conduct their businesses. The affiliates do not have to give up their patients or standards when receiving services from MB2 Dental Solutions. Their main aim is to cater to all non-clinical related matters for their dentists so that the dentists can focus on their careers and patients. MB2 Dental Solutions covers all other aspects of your business including human resource management, compliance checks, auditing and finances, operations which include billing, marketing, procurement and business development among others.

MB2 Dental Solutions offers quality and affordable services to its clients and is associated with 6 states so far. They are available through the number of dentists who have taken their business to this organization. The Organization has many attached doctors who work on providing the best dentist services to patients. The thing that makes MB2 Dental Solutions stand out is that it offers a wide support system for its members. It also ensures that there is clinical independence, openness in compensations and ability to grow their career. It has also acted as a stepping stone, business-wise, for dentists in many areas. With the way MB2 Dental Solutions handle non-clinical related matters for the dentists, the dentists give their full attention to the patients and this creates outstanding and exemplary customer service.

Among the many dentists in this organization, Dr. Akhil Reddy stands out in his own kind of way. Dr.Reddy has a great taste in wine and fashion. If he is not attending to a patient, he likes to taste and share his expertise in wine. He enjoys rich tasting wines and has even gone ahead and offered his advice on some of the wines that people should try. He has been hunting down good wine for years and is now a wine connoisseur. He can be able to advise on good flavor, where to find a good bottle and many other wine related topics. Moreover, Dr. Akhil Reddy has a keen eye for fashion and style. He believes that even with a white coat, one can still dress in a stylish way. He has given his advice on how people should dress to remain stylish even if they have coats on almost all day. Dr. Reddy is a man with many skills and it is admirable.

A Look at the Successful Profile of Equities First Holdings

Posted on August 14, 2017

Equities First Holdings is an advisory and investment company that offers efficient alternative lending solutions. The global lender provides security- based loans for high net-worth individuals and businesses. For 15 years, Equities First Holdings (EFH) has been helping people to meet their personal and financial goals. The corporation has extensive experience in the competitive financial industry. The London, UK-based firm has nine offices in across the US, Australia and China. They have entered into strategic partnerships with renowned investment banks and international law firms, which have enabled them to deliver impressive results. To date, EFH has completed over 700 transactions. Since they established their London office in 2013, they have offered shareholder loans to numerous investors and resume it.

Their first agreement with the CEO of the Angle PLC Company in 2014 ended in 2016. Mr. Newland, the CEO of the company, purchased a total of 1,350,000 shares at 57 pence per share. EFH’s second public repatriation of shares was completed in March 2017. The company announced that they had completed the return of all shares that were issued against a loan to Paysafe Group PLC in 2014. According to the agreement, which was signed by Paysafe Group’s CEO, Joel Leonoff, the amount was paid in full. EFH withheld 1,500,000 worth of shares during the loan term. Equities First Holdings UK is celebrating 15 years of success with over $1 billion having been disseminated to customers in the past 4 years and learn more about Equities First Holdings.


Benefits of Equities First Holdings

The company’s security-based loans come with numerous benefits. Firstly, clients enjoy flexibility since the loans are non-purpose. Secondly, most traditional lenders have placed tight rules for one to access liquidity. Despite the excessive restrictions, these lenders offer less-than desirable LTV ratios. EFH has an elaborate program that seeks to rescue the individuals who are in urgent need of capital. They offer stock loans with equities as loan collateral for a fixed period. Borrowers enjoy fixed rates of as low as 3 percent and the lender’s recovery is limited to the collateral pledge. Clients receive all pledged collateral at the end of a loan term. The other advantages accrued by the company’s clients include high loan-to-value ratios of up to 75 percent as well as fast and efficient transaction process that take between 5 and 7 working days.

More Visit: https://bloghelpline.com/notable-achievements-equities-first-holdings-llc/

Securing your future with the USHEALTH Group

Posted on August 13, 2017

The USHEALTH Group, Inc. deals with life and health insurance. It is a licensed company that offers quality insurance cover for things like health, accidents, dental cover and many others. Their main goal is to ensure that they make a positive change in people’s lives. The USHEALTH Group, Inc. offers affordable insurance covers and has also made the accessibility of their products very reliable. They have been in the industry for over 50 years and have over 15million clients. Their team is made up of experienced and innovative staff who are focused to give the best services to their clients. The USHEALTH Group is a family of companies. The Group has been known to provide trustworthy services over the years. They have also fostered long and good term relationships with their clients.



The USHEALTH Group, Inc. affiliates value two important factors when delivering their services. First and foremost, they understand that every client has unique needs that they need to be attended to. With this factor, they focus on understanding each and every client according to their needs. Secondly, they have understood that one product does not cut across every individual. With this in mind, they have created a variety of products and services to cater to their individual customer needs. They have also made their products affordable so that they cut across all people. The USHEALTH Group has also been named one of the top companies that offer good customer service.



The USHEALTH Group insurance is divided into different covers. Below are some of the insurance policies they offer for both individuals and families:



  • Life Insurance: In the case of a client’s death, the family will be left with peace of mind because the insurance covers the cost of funeral arrangements. The cover also offers protection to help with some responsibilities such as education and childcare expenses. The cover is usually 10 years with an option to renew the terms.



  • Supplemental Accident Insurance: It covers any huge costs related to accident injuries. It covers the costs that are not covered by the insurance such as access fees. It also covers costs such as air ambulance transportation in case of an emergency.



  • Dental Cover: This covers any costs related to the teeth. The extent of the cover is however dependent on the type of insurance cover one selects.



  • Health Insurance: This covers any health related issues such as the flu, admission to hospital and much more. The type of medical coverage offered also depends on the type of cover one has paid for. There are a variety of plans to choose from.


The USHEALTH Group insurance is determined to provide high-quality services and excellent customer services to meet you at your point of need.


Market America CEO Revolutionizes Online Shopping

Posted on August 12, 2017

At the headquarter laboratories of the Seattle Genetics there are human antibodies laying everywhere in various stages of being studied, manipulated, and ultimately packed into drugs. This has been happening here since 1998 when the laboratories opened. These little antibodies look like they are being built from little mini Legos or blocks of what are actually found in the body. The Seattle Genetics company boasts a market value of about $10 billion and a roster of 900 employees and they are already the largest biotech company in the state of Washington. The company has developed the landmark drug that brought them to notoriety is Adcetris. The company is emerging as a global oncological multi product company that has a desire to build more drugs in the future that will continue to help more and more people. The company spent their $376 million on research last year which is up 64% from 2014 alone and that plan is to keep boosting that into the future.

Clay Siegall is the Founder and President of the Seattle Genetics company in Washington state. Dr. Siegall founded the company in 1988. Under his leadership, the Seattle Genetics company has built a diverse paraphernalia of various medications and several including Adcetris have been granted approval by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Through capital-raising activities, the Seattle Genetics company has secured more than $675 million throughout both public and private means including the company’s public offering in 2001. Prior to his time starting Seattle Genetics Siegall also worked with other institutions like the National Cancer Institute or the National Institutes of Health. He also has helped write over 70 publications and holds 15 different patents. He also has received a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a BS degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland.