Kyle Bass Compares China To United States

Posted on October 24, 2016


In their article The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler, Useful Stooges indicates that Kyle Bass has been pretty vocal about his thoughts regarding the Chinese economy. He has been stating that this economy is going to fall and that there is nothing that China can do about it. He has basically stated that all China could do is allow it to happen so that they could adapt. As of right now, Kyle has stated that China is looking to get a devaluation. However, it is to be done on its own terms as opposed to a possibly more sensible fashion. Whatever the reasoning is, China is going to be faced with this problem until it comes with a sensible solution.


However, Kyle Bass himself is not one to be able to decide on what a sensible solution is. He has made a lot of decisions that have turned out to be bad moves. As a result, any respect that he had as an investor or a financial adviser has been lost. His only successful call was in predicting the downfall of the United States economy. Unfortunately, this has turned out to be a lucky guess on his part. Afterwards, the majority of his investment decisions have only turned out for the worse.


Kyle Bass has eventually gotten to the point where he has tried to use some underhanded tricks in order to manipulate some of the stocks for his favor. This has included him making some rather thoughtless statements in response to the recall of all of the GM vehicles due to the faulty airbags. Kyle Bass has also decided to take on the companies that deal with pharmaceutical medications. As of right now, he and Hayman Capital often challenge patents of pharmaceutical companies. A lot of times, the challenges are not honored and the companies are allowed to continue on with their patents.

Handy Comes In Handy

Posted on October 21, 2016

Taking a page out of the on-demand services playbook, Handy an online cleaning and home service booking service continues to outshine expectations and its competitors. The company connects household chores with the on demand gig economy to provide a variety of fast and reliable services consumers can request with ease. Although Handy’s most popular service is home cleaning, it also provides a range of home repair services, moving services, and even furniture assembly. The continually growing company handles both ends of the supply and demand business. Handy hires, vets, and does quality assurance on all of its workers to provide reliable services. In return, Handy provide transparency in pricing and flexibility in work schedules for their workers. Recent updates to Handy’s website and mobile application have made it easier and more user-friendly to find and book your cleaning service or any other type of home service. Handy is also continuing to expand into new cities with the help of acquiring other established businesses in the area. And as revealed, with continuing growth through expansion of services and new funding sources along with the weakening competition, Handy, although already fairly established as a start-up, still has room for growth. The constant need for home services along with the increase in popularity of the gig economy provides a positive outlook for the business and its investors. The increase in Handy’s investment for a quality experience for the customer experience emphasizes to their consumers that it is handy to have Handy.




Why the Name Mike Baur is Synonymous with Fintech

Posted on October 19, 2016

The name Mike Baur is well-known in the world of finance in Switzerland. The fintech industry is soaring now that he started the Swiss Startup Factory, and it is the driving force behind entrepreneurs doing great things. While Baur may be regarded as a dropout in his industry, he is still known as one of the top ex-bankers in Switzerland. Baur felt that it was time to move onto something new and exciting, and he wanted to help people. His passion is now for helping startups.


Baur, having gotten top ex-bankers on board is now working hard as a mentor for those who want to take their ideas and turn them into revenue. The SSUF is now the place for entrepreneurs to go in Switzerland, and they can now take part in the accelerator program. Young companies can be a part of this acceleration program and learn all of the necessary moving parts of their business and how to maintain it.


One of the top ex-bankers Baur got on board is Michael Hartweg. Baur and Hartweg worked for different banks, and Hartweg brings his experience in derivatives to the table. His ability to look at the valuation of companies and how far they will go is a critical part of helping these companies launch. The program gives these young companies training as well as mentoring in legal matters, collaboration for inspiration and encouragement. These companies come to SSUF because they are launching companies in digital technologies.

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While Mike Baur manages the day to day operations and oversees the project, Hartweg will be taking a close look at these companies and hand-pick the candidates that are right for the job in all aspects. Hartweg is looking for their initial launch potential and their long-term growth potential. The focus on fintech startups is putting Switzerland on the digital map.


The Swiss have always been regarded as accurate and making everything they create with absolute precision. The way that the SSUF is being launched is no different. This is why Baur and Hartweg will build a successful dynasty with these entrepreneurs. Thanks to the ex-bankers from Leonteq and Sallfort, Switzerland will continue to grow in business, and in the latest fintech industry which is growing every day.


One Russian Entrepreneur is Trying to Change The World

Posted on October 18, 2016

Alexei Beltyukov initially went to school for medicine, but he ended up switching to business, going on to earn and MBA from INSEAD Business School. He has started several successful businesses including A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies and Mechanicus.

Currently he is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Solvy, an online educational system which focuses on math, and he is also the co-founder of Endemic Capital, which is a venture capital firm that opened in 2013.

A-Ventures is kind of like his investment banking firm, as it helps struggling Russian companies find solutions, and cash infusions if necessary. Endemic Capital is the other side of the same investment banking coin for Mr. Beltyukov, as this arm of his many entrepreneurships helps start-ups find capital to sustain them as they grow.

Mr. Beltyukov also currently serves Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation, which was started by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. This enterprise is responsible for creating the Skolkovo Innovation Center. This center is involved with the development of scientific and technological advances. The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology was developed in conjunction with MIT.

This innovation system also includes research and development centers, business incubators, and seed and start-up funding for new businesses. It would seem the Skolkovo Foundation is one entity that embraces the several different lines of business Alexei Beltyukov is involved with in the companies he has founded. That being said, there are a lot of synergies to having this consummate businessman as Vice President of this foundation.

Skolkovo, a suburb of Moscow, seems a bit like Delaware in the United States. Over 50% of publicly traded companies in the United States incorporate in Delaware. Skolkovo is governed by special laws which extend special economic conditions to businesses who want to become resident companies. This area is now home to over 300 companies that are referred to as resident companies. It seems quite clear that an area like Skolkovo, with a very enterprising eponymous Foundation, will continue to attract even more entrants to its pro-business climate.

Creating and fostering greater enterprise in Russia is just one aspect of Mr. Alexei Beltyukov‘s myriad of interests. Solvy, where Mr. Beltyukov is currently COO, is an educational software system that makes math education more accessible for high school students and educators, allows for practice in one of the subjects that the world needs more students having greater understanding of. Only good can come of this kind of venture.

This talented businessman is busy injecting life into Russian industry and commerce. The concentric circles that surround the pebble dropped in water represent the effect Mr. Beltyukov is having on enterprising spirit in his home country. His efforts are fortifying business cycles in a country that is in need of this sort of activity.

Adam Goldenberg Is Making Something He Didn’t Know Anything About Into Something Golden

Posted on October 09, 2016

Adam Goldenberg certainly seems to be living up to his name with the work that he’s put into JustFab, a company that sells some of the hottest apparel at bargain prices online. Goldenberg really actually knew nothing about the fashion industry when he decided to go into it, but there was a sense of adventure that he liked about it, and with his goal to make shopping for fashion fun for everyone, this company has taken off. The company is primarily a women’s clothing outlet on, but its sister companies include an outlet for men, an outlet for children, and an athletic wear outlet for both genders.

Goldenberg’s career path is an interesting one that begins in a quiet town in the Midwest. When Goldenberg was only 15 he decided to get into web design, and he started up his own company called Gamer’s Alliance, a hub of advertised gaming websites that became a popular choice for many people to visit. Intermix Media, a California-based company instantly became interested in this website and Goldenberg, so they offered him a position to come work for them even though he had not even been to college. But still, Goldenberg excelled at this new position and helped Intermix Media take such strides that he got promoted to Chief Operating Officer when he was only 20.

Goldenberg couldn’t point to a better moment while at Intermix Media, than when he met Don Ressler, another entrepreneur who had started up The two developed a friendship very quickly, and decided they wanted to go into their own business after News Corporation on bought out Intermix Media in 2005. Goldenberg and Ressler decided to experiment with a few startups, founding Intelligent Beauty in as a parent company to market health and beauty products, but then they decided to do fashion sales.

Goldenberg and Ressler both were friends of Kimora Lee Simmons, a fashion model who had a lot of twitter followers, and when she heard of their idea to make online clothes shopping combined with an unparalleled social media experience a reality, she came on board with that idea immediately. Goldenberg and Ressler then began hosting functions in which many interested parties got to come see the fashion designs that this new company, JustFab had to offer, and as Goldenberg and Ressler were always open to new ideas and suggestions, the company grew to be a big hit.

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Why Work with Great Brazilian Lawyers

Posted on October 08, 2016

Dealing with a legal situation on your own can be extremely scary and you may not even know where to start when it comes to getting the best outcome possible for your own situation. This is why so many people have made the decision to begin working with lawyers in Brazil. These lawyers are able to get them the best possible outcome for their situation so that they are able to finally get what they need from the case that will be going to court. You will find that this benefit you greatly and enables you to feel confident when actually going into court and having your case heard.


There are lots of people who are finding that this is an option that benefits them amazingly. One of the most important things for you to do is to know that the lawyer you are working with is as professional as possible and it can be done by doing your research on who you will be using for this problem. One of the best lawyers in the Brazil area is known as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and this is why so many people have chosen them in order to get exactly what they need out of their outcome.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has years and years of experience in the law industry and has worked with thousands of people on their very own situation so that they can get exactly what they need. This is why it is a good idea for you to consider contacting Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho in order for you to find out if he is going to be the right fit for you and then you can make the decision if you would like to take him to court to help you with a particular outcome that you are looking to achieve. You will also find that this type of professional is one of the best out there and can easily help you to make the decision that benefits you and enables you to feel confident about yourself. Many people are looking for lawyers in Brazil simply because it is something that works for them and it’s an ideal situation for their own needs.


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Equities First Holdings and the Rise of Stock-Based Loans

Posted on October 07, 2016

The business of lending money is much more expansive than the average person thinks. Most look at loans from the perspective of mortgages, auto purchases, and personal borrowing. Businesses frequently do need to take out loans in order to finance various endeavors. Global lenders such as Equities First Holdings could prove to be exceptionally helpful to entrepreneurs in need of a fast-cash infusion. Even borrowers in need of personal loans may look towards this lender for a solution. Equities First Holdings specializes in facilitating dynamic loans to those who otherwise would be struggling with difficulties to attain an approval.


Market Wired published an interesting article that discusses the factors behind Equities First Holdings’ success. Essentially, the company’s decision to focus on “stock-based loans” proves attractive for all parties.


A common and fair question to be asked here is “Why is there a need for stock-based loans?” The assumption with the question is traditional loans are not difficult to acquire and always come with agreeable terms. Such is positively not the case for scores of potential borrowers.


Financial rules and regulations have changed quite a bit in the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown. A credit crisis was part of the problem associated with the fiscal collapse of the markets. Today, borrowing money can prove to be quite difficult due to changes in the law. Alternative borrowing means present the only viable options for those who do need an infusion of lending capital and have been unable to acquire funds from banks and other traditional lending institutions.


The concept behind a stock-based loan is simple. Stock shares act as collateral for the loan. Since the market goes up and down, the loan will equal less than 100% of the value of the stock. $100,000 in Stock may yield a $91,000 loan. Of course, these types of figures will vary based on the circumstances of the borrowers and lenders.


The interest rates on stock-based loans are usually quite reasonable. They definitely do not reach the lofty heights of outrageous interest rates many dubious lending institutions charge. A 3.7% stock-based loan is probably going to be much preferable to an 11% high-risk loan rate.


For 14 years, Equities First Holdings has acted as a reliable and secure source of capital for businesses and high net worth persons. Those interested in more information about stock-based loans should contact the firm for more information.

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Goettl Air Conditioning’s Expertise & Tips

Posted on October 05, 2016

Tips on protecting your pets was given by the Las Vegas based company, Goettl Air Conditioning. They advised residents to plan ahead when keeping their pets safe for the summer. They also provided the following tips:

1. Keep pets off the pavement- truck beds, asphalt, and cement can be hotter than they appear. Also, when testing the sidewalk by holding the back of your hand on it for 10 seconds, and it feels hot, then it’s best to take walks in the morning or late evening.

2. Apply pet-safe sunscreen to your pet’s nose and ears 30 minutes prior to having them outdoors- pets with light colored, short coats are more susceptible to sunburn.

3. Have the pets groomed- according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, better temperature relation and circulation is enabled when having your pets properly groomed.

4. Have pets accessible to fresh, cool water and shady areas- pets don’t sweat like us, so it’s harder for them to stay cool in the summer.

5. A pool could be a good toy for dogs- helps keep them cool while playing at the same time.

6. The garage is dangerous for pets- from antifreeze leaks from overheating vehicles to garden products, many items in the garage are dangerous for pets.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Operating since 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning has gained a great reputation for excellence in air conditioning and heating service and installation. The company is based in Las Vegas, NV. It was first started by Adam and Gust Goettl, and it kept up with the evolving technological times for all these decades in HVAC for residential and commercial residents. They service areas in the Southern California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson areas. For more information, check out

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Wen by Chaz Can Help Your Hair

Posted on October 03, 2016

If you are looking at keeping your hair clean and helping to make it feel better, then you might want to consider wen by Chaz. You may be wondering why it will help you to get great looking hair and great feeling hair for your needs.
What Does Conditioner do?

Conditioner does a few different things for your hair, but the biggest thing it does is to fill in the holes in the hair that make it seem more damaged. The damage can be caused by styling with heat or even with just too many products. You may want to find out what is causing the damage in order to know how to go about fixing it.

How Conditioner Can Help

Conditioner can help by filling in those gaps and also by making the hair more healthy. When the holes are filled, the hair plumps up and is better looking. It will also make it be healthier and will keep the hair going for a long time to come. This can make things a lot better for you and your hair.

When you look at what kind of conditioner you need, you will need to know what is going on with your hair in the first place. This means knowing what is damaging your hair and what you can do in order make the hair look better. Wen by Chaz can help the hair to be it’s best and to look the best it can. If you are willing to try it for even thirty days, you will see the change that happens and how your hair can be the healthiest it’s been for a long time. You may even see the difference in how it feels. Wen by Chaz is a hair care product that will change everything about your hair. To get updates, be sure to like the Wen Facebook page and subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel.

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