The Philanthropic Undertakings of James Dondero through a Partnership with The Dallas Foundation

Posted on September 29, 2016

James Dondero is the head of the Highland Capital, and he is well known for his philanthropic undertakings. His company increased the budget of its social responsibility program to $3 million, and it has been focused on getting a partner that will help it in controlling the funds.

Mr. Dondero met Mary Jalonik, who is the CEO and president of The Dallas Foundation, and they formed an affiliation that will ensure the success of the charity work. The Dallas Foundation is highly experienced in overseeing funds that are used in offering aid. The two presidents came up with a competent and focused strategy for managing the charity and they formed the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. Learn more about James Dandero:

Mr. Dondero is mainly a benefactor of healthcare, veteran, and education related charities in the North Texas area. He will be able to expand his undertakings to help The Dallas Zoo, The Petro Museum, and The Bush Presidential Library. Jim and Mary appointed Linda Owen to be the head of the Highland Dallas Foundation. Before joining the charity, Linda served the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation as the president and the CEO. The relationships, expertise, and guidance that she has can be helpful in improving the life of the people in the northern parts of Texas.

According to PR NewsWire, James Dandero established Highland Capital Management, and he currently works as the president of the firm. The head office of the company is in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Dondero has sufficient knowledge in the equity and credit markets, where he has specialized in offering guidance on profitable and distract investing. Highland Capital Management was started in 1993.

Apart from HCM, James is the chairperson of the CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and the Nexbank. He also serves the MGM Studios, and the American Banknote as a member of their boards. Mr. Dondero is a former employee of the Protective Life, which is a division of the GIC.

His major accomplishment the firm was helping it to raise its worth to $2 billion between 1989 and 1993, and he was its Chief Investment Officer. James Dondero has titles of a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He also studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia.

NYC Apartment Market Continues to Grow

Posted on September 23, 2016


The luxury real estate business is always full of change, and today’s market is seeing more change than ever before, as young tech entrepreneurs enter this market. In days of old, luxury properties in New York were largely purchased by business people in their 60s who had a long career already behind them. Today, with the sudden wealth that is coming to some young tech people, the whole idea of who a luxury property buyer is has changed.

Today’s young buyers looking for luxury NYC apartments for sale have different needs than those of the past, and that’s something Town Residential is trying to adapt their polices for. Today’s buyers are looking for NYC apartments for sale in trendy New York neighborhoods like Tribeca or the Village, and they want places near the bars and restaurants they like. Another change is that these buyers are open to taking on properties they can upgrade. Certain amenities are coming back for buyers of NYC apartments for sale, too, like an area off the master bedroom called a “morning kitchen,” that allows for making morning coffee, or for entertaining with champagne in the evening, without the need to walk all the way down to a kitchen. Realtors saw they haven’t seen this amenity called for for many years.

Working With Market Professionals

What’s clear is that today’s young buyers looking for NYC apartments for sale need to work with real estate professionals who know the complexities of the new luxury market in New York. This is a highly complex market, and the right realtor will be able to steer a buyer to the right property at the right price. All of this is why buyers are seeking out the professionals at TOWN Residential.

TOWN Residential was launched in 2010, with the goal of serving the demands of those who wanted the highest level properties in New York. With a great commitment to market knowledge and customer service, TOWN has become one of the top firms in this very competitive market. So when it’s time to find the luxury property of your dreams, its time to call TOWN.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Assists in Advancing Sleep Apnea Solutions and Research

Posted on September 19, 2016

Sleep apnea has destructive effects which have become clearer to the medical professionals in recent years. New researches have helped to show the connection between this disorder and serious conditions like cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. The emergence of these grave complications calls for more renewed studies and urgency in finding treatments for the disorder. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, has a great background in the treatment of sleep disorders and is working hard towards advancing this industry.


Weisfogel is leading the cause to help diagnose and treat patients suffering from sleep apnea. Over 90% of the persons suffering from the disorder are not diagnosed. Dr. Weisfogel and his Dental Sleep Masters team are aiming to increase awareness of the serious condition. Dental Sleep Masters have developed a novel model for both primary and secondary care general practitioners including sleep labs used by certified sleep doctors. The model paints a bigger picture and ensures patients get better treatment. It leads to increased opportunities in the medical community. Dentists have joined the sleep physicians and physicians to offer support to the sleep disorder patients. The dental and medical professionals’ integration will make a model that treats patients effectively.


About Dr. Avi Weisfogel


Avi Weisfogel is the Deep Sleep Masters founder and has a huge background in sleep disorders and their treatment. His earliest dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, was established in 1999. He managed the practice for a period exceeding 15 years in which he got accolades for being the best dentist severally. It is during this time that he started exploring about sleep and how physicians and dentists can work together to assist sleep disorder patients.


He founded a number of companies in the dental-related sleep disorders industry. Deep Sleep Masters was established in 2014 to assist dentists make huge strides into the sleep world by using oral appliances to treat sleep-related disorders. Dr. Weisfogel draws a deep knowledge of the sleep apnea disorder and helps dentists to identify probable patients and help in treatments. He holds a BA in Psychology and Biology from the Rutgers University and a DDS from College of Dentistry, New York University.

Watch Out: WEN by Chaz Works Wonders for Doubting Limp-Haired Blogger

Posted on September 09, 2016

Blogger Emily McClure had certainly heard of Wen hair by Chaz, the famous no lather shampoo system but wasn’t really sure the product line could help her. She has sad, lifeless hair that won’t hold a style. So, she was hoping for a miracle but wasn’t going to bet the farm on it.

Emily writes for and decided to test out WEN by Chaz for one week. She kept a hair log with Facebook selfies to show readers her results. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner that adds extra body and moisture to damaged hair.

WEN by Chaz was created by the famous LA star stylist Chaz Dean, who believes in a healthy lifestyle. He knew that regular shampoos and conditioners smelled nice and built big lathers, but harmful detergents in these formulas were ruining everyone’s hair. So, he developed the no lather shampoo system with beautiful, botanical blends. These were designed to appeal to all hair types and hair conditions found around the world.

WEN by Chaz is the true original that competitors have tried to dupe unsuccessfully. His standards are high, and his celebrity clientele remain loyal to the brand. Wen hair products are sold on retail outlets including Guthy Renker and Sephora cosmetics.

Emily fell in love with WEN immediately, as she washed her hair in the shower. She learned a few tips along the way that would produce fab results, and here they are:

1. Follow product directions. Don’t be afraid to use an abundance of the cleansing conditioner. WEN is different from a lather shampoo, so go ahead and indulge.

2. Adopt a hair cleanse schedule. Let your hair get used to a routine. For Emily, every morning proved to be the best approach.

3. Put some pampering into your hair care. Always blow-dry and style your hair. WEN by Chaz is not for lazy girls and boys.

Wengie Goes Casual Glam for School

Posted on September 05, 2016

Whether you are a girl on her way back to high school or college, it is a major hassle getting ready in the morning. Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to streamline your morning routine and look glamorous too? Well, Wengie is a genius at creating back to school routines or casual glam routines for back to school. This is a must see video for every girl who is makeup challenged or simply would like to learn more about creating a different look.

Wengie’s Glam Routine
Certainly, a lot of Wengie’s fans would love to know more about her makeup and skincare routine. She is looking fabulous in makeup and looks just as lovely without makeup. Wengie gets started in the video sharing the perfect way to create a base for all your makeup and get a flawless look. That’s right. It starts with applying a high quality primer to your skin. Wengie also clues her admirers in on the best way to create a perfect brow. She makes it look so easy. I definitely suggest watching the video all the way through. Next, go back and apply your own makeup along with Wengie to create the same glamorous look for back to school.

About Wengie
Are you in the market for a beauty guru to give you the inside scoop on looking fabulous? Well, welcome to the Wonderful World of Wengie. She is the talent behind the top Asian beauty channel in Australia.