Drive, Personality And Family Life Make Up The Success Of Dr.Jennifer Walden

Posted on May 27, 2016

There are many things you might already know about Dr. Jennifer L. Walden and there are other things we are sure you never knew. Dr. Walden has been featured in several medical journals and even prome time magazines including Harper’s Bazarr. Dr. Walden is a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery, but, she is so much more than just her doctorate and the skills she uses everyday. Dr. Walden was born and grew up in Austin Texas. Jennifer established a very successful practive in Manhattan before returning to Austin and she is one of the only women to serve on the board of dorectors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These accomplishments are not to be taken lighlty but, for Jennifer there is so much more.

It is not just about being on the covers of magazines or writing articles that your peers use and respect. It is about family centered values and more. Dr. Walden has two children, several successful siblings and inspiration for a mother. Many people describe Dr. Jennifer Walden as beautiful, successful, brilliant and highly skilled. She is able to put people at ease with her silent confidence and a manner that is relaxed and friendly. Dr. Walden often suggests that she owes a lot of who she is to her large and supportive family. Dr. Walden says that her Austin roots play an important part of who she is and how she handles life in general. It is those core values that help to create success in everything that life throws your way.

If there is one person who can create things and make things happen it is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She wants her children to be happy and healthy and lives her life trying to do right for them each day. It is her compassion for her own family that helps to keep her thriving on challenges. Jennifer would be very happy if her two sons continue to adopt these values that she learned early on in her life.

She appears to have it all and be highly successful but, she reminds everyone that this success is not a sprint. Success is something that has been worked towards and she encourages others to seek mentorship. Thinking it out and adapting the personality and drive to keep going with education, family and career long term is the real key to having it all. It’s hard work but well worth it, just ask Dr. Jennifer Walden.


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The Success of Dick DeVos

Posted on May 26, 2016

Dick DeVos is a renowned individual not only for his business skills, but also for his philanthropy. Mr. DeVos is responsible for not only supporting his community with generous donations, but he is also responsible for building schools and for creating scholarships with the purpose of helping individuals pursue a higher education. As a businessman, Mr. DeVos knows exactly how vital an education is in order to continue to exponential increase of human capital. With Mr. DeVos’ net worth of over 5.1 billion dollars, he is a firm believer that the money that he has worked hard for should be shared by the community. Thanks to Mr. DeVos, several organizations that are centered around religion, education, art, as well as the free market have all received Mr. DeVos’ generous donations.

Dick DeVos found his love for business while growing up in a household that literally served as a business. Dick DeVos’ father is Richard DeVos, the proud founder of Amway Corporation, a distribution company that started out in the basement of the DeVos household. As a young child growing up into a bright young man, Dick DeVos watched as his family’s company grew into a multi billion dollar corporation that has partnerships as well as contracts with over 18 different countries in the four corners of the world. As Mr. DeVos was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mr. DeVos continues to be attached to his home as well as his community as Mr. DeVos remembers nothing but fond memories.

Dick DeVos distinctly remembers growing up and contributing to his father’s company. Though he was just a young boy, Dick DeVos and his brother were constantly in the office while play, stocking shelves, or even holding a product demonstration to the clients of the company. Dick DeVos’ experiences with business from a young boy to a young man are what later motivated Mr. DeVos to pursue a degree in business to help the family company even more.

After several decades in the industry of business, Dick DeVos has decided in recent news to pass on much of his responsibility to his trustworthy partner, Phil Dolci. Mr. Dolci is excited to have been chosen by Dick DeVos to run his business and hopes that he can continue the family legacy over the next several decades. Dick DeVos chose this individual for not only his marketing and business skills, but also for his leadership.

Fluffier, Cleaner Hair With Wen by Chaz

Posted on May 26, 2016

All my life I wanted to have the kind of light, fluffy hair the models on all the big fashion magazines had. It’s amazing how gorgeous some hair can be, but someone I got left standing behind the door when God handed out the great hair. I’ve been stuck with hair that gets very oily very quickly, and with that comes a flat look that’s just impossible to do much with.
I’d given up on my dream of great hair years ago, but then I saw something about Wen hair from Los Angeles stylist Chaz Dean, and I decided to try it. The product is a shampoo and conditioner in one, and it is made with all natural ingredients that smell very clean and very delicious. I decided to choose Sephora endorsed Sweet Almond Mint, though I was tempted to try Lavender. I’ll save that for next time.

The instructions advise that you use a lot of the product (a palmful) and wash frequently. I did all this and I must say, I got great results. Within a day my hair felt lighter, and within a few days it was fluffier and had more body. My friends took notice and asked me what I was doing to look so good.

WEN Hair Care products are available at

Chaz Dean developed this product line as he noticed many of his salon clients were searching for a cleanser that was thorough but natural. He seems to have found the winning combination with this new type of shampoo. My hair looks great and it feels good too.

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The Best Brands of Shea Butter to Use

Posted on May 25, 2016

Shea Butter is a naturally derived essence from the Shea Tree that has unique properties associated with a large array of health and skin benefits. This topical cream can be purchased online or at your local drug stores for your convenience.

However before you run out an purchase just any type of Shea butter, we suggest you take a deeper look at these particular brands that come recommended by consumers and that are rated highly for their quality, performance, and effectiveness.

Bare Minerals Butter Drenched Shea Butter

Bare Minerals is a very popular brand and manufacturer of a myriad of skin-care products & cosmetics. They make everything from make-up to anti-aging creams and lotions that are exclusively sold to high-end vendors. The only pit-fall to this Shea butter is that it is significantly higher-priced than other comparably effective products available to you. And although its considered, high-end, you may not get all of the value out of it for your investment.

Out of Africa Shea Butter

Out of Africa Shea Butter is a cheap alternative that has gathered mixed reviews. It appears to be all natural and seems to be well-liked by most users that are pinching pennies and want an inexpensive skin-care solution. There is question about whether or not this Shea Butter really is organic, so it may not be what you expect. But,you can find this Shea Butter online and almost anywhere that sells skin care products and lotions.

Eugenia Shea Butter

Eugenia Shea Butter is quickly emerging as one of the leading brands of Shea Butter that you can put your hands on right now! It’s reputation and the amount of media attention that it has garnered speaks volumes about its ability to exceed other brands’ qualities.

This particular brand of Shea butter has been featured on MSNBC, is all natural, and is acclaimed to be of dermatological strength- which is something that is rare among other types of Shea Butter formulas

Besides all of Eugenia’s strong selling-points, this Shea butter comes with the highest recommendations from dermatologists, consumers, and skin-care experts alike. Additionally, it is priced competitively so that anyone can afford it.

New Normal In Office Sharing

Posted on May 17, 2016

Real estate is a business that is critical to the life blood of a city. In office spaces, the same could be said in the quality of the traditional work space. The same idea has persisted for decades. Not much has changed since the lonely desk, a typewriter and limited real estate for the worker. There’s a new player on the block. It’s not that new actually. It’s coworking. Sharing the space with your coworkers in an environment that is more like an immersive, creative, bustling commons area you may find in a college atmosphere. Creating and sharing ideas with your coworkers not only sparks conversation but also boosts the brand and morale. Companies such as Google and Rackspace are knocking down the cubicle walls and bringing the team together to reinvent the workplace. Much of this new wave of sharing space in the work place can be attributed to the 15th century in Italy. As seen in the article from, “The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy”, Renaissance workshops of the time had an open space where talents could learn new techniques from each other.

This industry is booming, but where can you get the space and location to convert your space from dusty old cubicles to an open and breathing work space? One coworking space in NYC already has their finger on the pulse, Workville.

Workville is located in the heart of New York City and offer a luxurious setting to spend your work time. Options are open to all sorts of different work atmospheres. Keeping the workplace diverse with dedicated desks, open floor work spaces and brainstorming areas could be the key to a brand new working experience. The founders own the building in which Workville operates. This provides a firm root in the real estate market. No need to worry about moving locations more than once. Workville understands that networking is more than just social networking online. Networking is more useful when you’re with your coworkers fostering dialogue on projects. Located up high 21 floor in a beautiful building on Broadway, Workville is designed to make your work environment more like a 5 star hotel.

Beautiful Hair Builds Confidence

Posted on May 13, 2016

Wen by Chaz Dean is a household name. If you have ever stayed up late at night and found yourself watching infomercials you have more than likely seen a Wen commercial. You know exactly what i am talking about. The hair care product that shows the commercials of women who have flawless skin or hair and you wish you had their secret formula so you could look just as beautiful. Wen By Chaz really does just that. It is a 3 in 1 product that combines 3 products into one bottle saving you time and money like ever before.
One day as I scrolled through YouTube I noticed a blogger took an experiment and gave Wen a try on her own hair. Her results were astonishing and she credits the beauty of her hair to Wen hair care products. Every day she took a picture of her hair from a before and after perspective and you could see not only the transformation of the blogger’s hair but you could see her confidence soaring through the roof because great hair does that to a woman right? Right. Want to learn more about this writer’s journey head on over to Bustle. Also visit, the official Wen website.


The Legacy that Stephen Murray left

Posted on May 11, 2016

Stephen Murray was the former CEO and President of CCMP Capital. He led the company to greater heights with resilience and the hard work that he believed in doing. His entire life has been revolving around the private equity funds that Stephen had expertise in. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Before his passing away he left behind one wife and four sons whom he was highly proud of. After his demise the chairman of CCMP Capital advisor took over his responsibilities. It will be left with a void in the entire business. Well known for his expertise in private equity and respected as a good deal maker he was respected by many.

His journey began when he was born in August 1962 and was brought up in North Tarrytown in New York. He attended Sleepy Hollow High School. He later joined Boston College in 1984, where he studied his undergraduate degree in Economics. Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Then in 1989, he graduated with a master’s in Business Administration from the Columbia Business School. The education gave him the knowledge but he was always interested in the private equity sector.

When he joined the investment sector, he was given a training opportunity at the Chemical venture partners who took over the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation – Read more: This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M

. He also served at various institutions such as Chase Capital partners and JP Morgan Partners until 2005 when he left the latter company.

Stephen Murray is described as an individual who had big ambitions which made him to cofound the company CCMP Capital Advisors in 2006. Right from leaving JP Morgan Partners, he started prioritizing his desires. He felt that the industry had not ventured into the private markets. The idea of starting such a company was the best ideal.

His career was not only admired by many but he was also given opportunities to serve on various boards of other investment and, production companies. Some of the companies that he worked for as the chairman of the board includes; AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, the Legacy Hospital Partners and many more others that had the honor to share his skills.

Stephen Murray was a selfless hearted man and he was involved in various philanthropic activities. He was the main funding member of the Make-A –Wish- Foundation in Metro, New York, Boston College, Columbia School of Business, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Stamford Museum among others. He also served as a member of chairman’s council of Make-A-Wish Foundation where he offered great wisdom.

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Brian Torchin Has Worked In Multiple Levels Of The Healthcare Sector

Posted on May 05, 2016

There are many different parts of the healthcare field, and they are all important to helping the sector to run smoothly. Brian Torchin has worked in a number of different parts of the healthcare sector, at a variety of different levels. While he has been extremely successful as a healthcare manager, he also has been successful as a chiropractor. He has had a very long and distinguished healthcare career, and he is expected to continue to be very successful in the healthcare sector. He currently is in charge of one of the best healthcare staffing companies around. He currently helms HCRC, and this company helps people throughout the world to find jobs in the healthcare sector. In fact, it is one of the best and most widely available healthcare staffing services around.

Early on, Brian Torchin started out simply as a chiropractor rather than a healthcare manager. As a chiropractor, he helped many people that were suffering from a multitude of different types of concerns. Due to his skill, he gained a large number of patients. He also did a good job of managing his own business.

Since he showed a skill in the management of healthcare businesses, he began working as a manager for a multitude of different companies. He worked with companies that were located in a diverse range of areas. Not only did he work with all these companies, but he was able to adapt his managing strategies to help each one to succeed. Since he demonstrated such skill, he became very well known as a manager in healthcare.

HCRC was already doing quite well as a company, and their healthcare staffing services had already helped many companies. The company was impressed with Brian Torchin’s track record as a healthcare manager. When they saw the work that he did, he was taken onboard to run the company. In the nine years that he has ran HCRC, the company has shown extraordinary gains. In fact, HCRC has become well known in the healthcare staffing field. The company very much stands out as superior, and they offer a multitude of exceptional services to both employees and companies.

VTA Publications Has Developed A Global Following

Posted on May 03, 2016

Most people, whether they wish to believe it or not, are on the “Zombie Train.” What is the Zombie Train? It can be described as meandering through the ether without a care in the world or letting opportunities slip through your fingers without a care in the world.

Most of these people follow the same routines day in and day out. They take the train to and from work, spend a day of drudgery at the same boring job then start all over again. And that’s the case for the ones who have actually found employment. Many haven’t and with the state of the economy, there’s no guarantee they will. The worst thing, however, is that many people don’t use their time wisely. During down time, they are doing non-productive things that set them back further. Playing the iPod and video games won’t get you to your intended goal.

Apathy is a dream killer. You have to get up and move if your want to get out of the quagmire. And don’t let others destroy your dreams. The saying “misery loves company” is a true statement. Keep your goals to yourself. That way, you don’t have to worry about crabs pulling you back into the bucket. Set realistic goals. And that means you have to get up and get moving.

VTA Publications is one of the largest publisher of non-fiction works in the world. If you are looking for distance learning courses or other specialty genres, you can likely find it at VTA Publications. Created in 2012, the company has made it its goal to provide readers with cutting-edge information from some of the best professionals in their field.

Finance and economics is the company’s specialty. In the present age of global unsteadiness, the information obtained is worth its weight in gold. Experts offer simple formats that is helpful to beginners and advanced. VTA Publications invites you to check out their website and enjoy all of what they have to offer.  Check out the store too, for the publications they have for sale.