Today’s Fashion Is Live

Posted on February 29, 2016


2016!!! The fashion this year is so hot. One of my favorite trends right now is the winged eyeliner it’s so pretty. I love watching YouTube videos on how to do it just right. Once you get it down you will want to wear your makeup like that everyday. It changes your whole look because it’s the first thing people see when they look at you. Your eyes! Another thing im so into is all the different figure nail polish colors. Purple is so gonna be hot this summer. And since we are speaking of summer if your looking for that last minute tan I would suggest fake bake or sunlabs they are my two favorites. I’ve been through to a lot of self tanners that look fake and stink and turn me orange but trust me these look like the real deal. They are worth every penny.

Also while im talking summer fashion Victoria’s secret has the cutest swim suits ever this year I don’t know how I will choose just one haha … Maybe I wont! VICTORIASSECRET.COM My all time favorite place to shop online though is they have the cutest shoes ever. Anything you can dream up or imagine they have it and in every color for an amazing price. As a girl my weakness is shoes and im telling you they have the shoes that are in and they have everything from flats, to heels , to boots. Take my advice and look up some of these latest fashion tips and you won’t be sorry you’ll be cute!!!

Who is the Human Rights Foundation?

Posted on February 25, 2016

When the words “human rights” are heard, many people think of the basic rights that humans have as humans. One may think of the right to be treated like a human, instead of tortured and held like an animal. Another person may think of how a government should treat traitors – death penalty is a big no no, and many would rather see traitors put in jail than to death if possible.

Cue the Human Rights Foundation, or the HRF. The Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen has had a past with basic human rights being violated. His father was wrongly, falsely imprisoned by the Venezuelan government. While his father was in jail, he was beaten up and put through horrendous torture. His mother was gunned down in 2004, at a peaceful protest event she participated in. She was a child psychologist.

Halvorssen founded the HRF in 2005. There were many incidents that caused him to pull his resources together to make it happen. The tipping point was his mother’s shooting. While she wasn’t killed, she was hurt in the incident. It didn’t help that his uncle was missing, taken by the government, around the same time. It simply wasn’t fair.

The Human Rights Foundation fights for basic human rights of everyone. One example of their work is protesting a Nicki Minaj concert in Angola – a country where the leaders have used abuse and torture to keep their reign, and have exploited the country all around to make their fortune. While Minaj did not abandon her concert, she was well aware of why the Human Rights Foundation was against her concert there.

Overall, there is so much to protect. The Human Rights Foundation is only trying to help everyone as best they can. They protect the freedom of speech, expression, religion, and other rights. Many are not guaranteed by other countries, but many are guaranteed in the United States of America. Check out Thor’s YouTube channel for videos and other information. He is also a known film producer: IMDB.

High Quality Dog Food May Be The Best Option

Posted on February 19, 2016

The best option on facebook today for pet owners to consider is high quality dog food. I have tried the lesser brands, and I have been disappointed. Sure, my dog will get these filler brands, but I would rather give my dogs something that is filling. I think that the new line of premium brands on the market fill a void that has been in the industry for quite some time.

More companies are leaning towards the premium dog food, and I have become a fan of this because it gives me access to healthier foods for my dogs. I have seen how companies like Smart and Tasty Dog Food are excelling. I have also seen how Back to Basics is building up a stellar brand of nutritious dog foods. All of this is part of the healthy foods that are getting recognized as the better foods that give dogs an energy boost. These are the foods that provide better caloric intakes for overweight dogs.

For the first time in a long time the dog food market has become something that resembles ingredients that have been seen in food for humans. I think that the high quality dog food of today is a sign that creators are more concerned about dog food health. The people that are buying this dog food are obviously concerned about the health of their pets because billions of dollars are being spent with this new pet food.

I think that I knew that better brands like Beneful would be there to give pet owners more options, but I was not aware that there would be so many choices. Beneful really has become the best high quality pet food out there, and the variety is still growing. I like this array of options that have everything from chicken to chopped carrots. I think that all of this is great for dogs.

I have tried several brands, but Beneful seems to have the best dog treats. These are interesting treats with things like peanut butter. I am amazed with this high level of dog food quality.




Calcium And Constipation Affecting Women’s Health

Posted on February 11, 2016


Women’s Health Magazine has articles that give women the information they need to combat different issues in health. Women face issues with calcium as they age. Some women do not have enough calcium in their body. Their bones become brittle. They break easier when their calcium is low. Women love chocolate. This is not news to most people. Calcium with good absorption is exactly what a woman will need if her calcium level is low. Chocolate calcium supplements that you chew have been around for a few years. Now there is calcium in the form of gummies. The gummy flavor is a better option for people that do not like chocolate.

Women’s Health also speaks about your teeth and caring for them. The new rechargeable toothbrush such as the Oral-B Triumph Professional can help you have a better tooth brushing experience. The Professional Care 9000 helps people to get rid of gingivitis and possible tooth decay. People do have to remember to brush after meals. They need to make sure that they floss regularly too. Check out Women’s Health for new products for women.

Sergio Cortes reminds us that it is very important for women to keep in touch with their body. Make sure that you are regular. Make sure you avoid constipation. Constipation is dangerous to people. Talk to your doctor about stool softeners, and laxatives if constipation goes on longer than a few days.

The New York Real Estate Market, great predictions for 2016

Posted on February 05, 2016

This article by the New York Daily News talks about the 8 Predictions for the Real Estate Market in New York for 2016. The original article can be found at:

These 8 predictions will be summarized below for those interested in taking advantage of the real estate market this year.

1. Prices are going down because interest rates are on the rise.
2. Buyers will be more demanding this year.
3. Sales will take longer
4. Some unrealistic sellers will keep their price high.
5. More sales will be done in prime locations.
6. Baby boomers will be buying a lot of property.
7. Buyers will be incentivized to rent.
8. There are going to be a lot of high end luxury condos on the market while there will not be a high number of entry level luxury condos on the market.

One company taking advantage of these predictions is the TOWN Residential firm based in several locations throughout New York City apartments for sale. They are New York’s top luxury estate services company. The firm has a very well known reputation throughout New York as a group of professionals that pride themselves as industry leaders. The team at TOWN Residential is made up of a group of professionals who have years of experience and knowledge about the real estate market in New York. Their core values are integrity, honesty and unsurpassed professionalism leave the clients at ease when it comes to their needs.

TOWN Residential is located in 7 vibrant areas of New York. Locations are in Gramercy, the financial district, Flatiron, Astore Place, Fifth Avenue, Upper East Side and Soho. The firm is made up of several different teams each serving a unique purpose within the company. There is the executive leadership, the sales team, the new development team, the leasing team, the marketing and leasing team, the commercial team and the corporate & creative team. Be sure that all your needs will be met when dealing with TOWN Residential in New York. Come and experience the real estate market.

Protecting Your Brand Has Never Been This Easy

Posted on February 03, 2016

Protecting your business and ensuring your reputation is going well is not exactly easy. There are times when people struggle when it all comes down to taking care of their brand. The web is a powerful place to either grow and improve your brand or have other people tear it down. For people like Darius fisher, he knows all about the world of this industry, and he wants to make to a part of his life to change the reputations of other people. You want to protect your brand as best as you can.

Protecting Your Brand Has Never Been This Easy

Status Labs is one of the best online companies out there because of their approach to reputation management. They can help improve the overall online presence using the search engines and different platforms, along with removing and even hiding different forms of scandals you may be dealing with. They can guide you to gain that professional online media coverage to help with improving yourself in the eyes of the press. You will benefit from having Status Labs helping you out because of their information, great knowledge, and the personal help they can give you.

The best thing you need to keep in mind is to work with Status Labs simply because of their great connections in many different media outlets and platforms of media. With a team skilled and specialized with public relations and digital marketing, this company can guide you to gaining the marketing you need to have your brand no matter what kind of digital crisis your brand may be going through.

Darius Fisher works hard every single day to bring his team to a new level of excellence by training and guiding them to make wise and powerful choices. He works hard to find other marketing strategies that can help protect your brand for the future. Darius also has a huge team of exceptional marketers on his team to constantly look for new ways to grow a brand effectively. Their reputation management system works every time to help guide anybody to attain their protection using efficient public relations.

Deadpool and the “Happy Year of the Monkey” TV Spot

Posted on February 03, 2016

The audience for superhero films is diverse. One complaint about comic books is the publications, these days, are being geared exclusively to young males. The films seek to appeal to much larger audiences. Deadpool is going to go in the opposite direction. The hero film boasts and R-rating, and hopes to draw in audiences of younger persons who enjoy adult-oriented action films.

The TV spots for Deadpool display the more mature style and the outrageous humor so unique to the Deadpool movie. The “Happy Year of the Monkey” does a fine job of showing the uniqueness of Deadpool.

The weird image of Deadpool reading a letter while acknowledging the Chinese New Year segues into clips of fight scenes. Yes, that is pretty weird. Well, it is weird until the irony behind the commercial is revealed. Deadpool was banned in China due to graphic violence. China is an incredibly lucrative market. The Chinese box office saved Terminator: Genisys from near-certain financial disaster status.

Not every Hollywood movie is guaranteed a release in China, says Jon Urbana of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The number of film imports is capped at a certain number. This is done to protect the domestic Chinese film market, for better or for worse.

Even without access to the Chinese market, Deadpool should do well at the box office. Superhero movies do well unless they get awful reviews. Deadpool is offbeat enough to stand apart from the numerous other hero films.

Forefront Capital Could Help You Get Ready For College

Posted on February 02, 2016

There is absolutely no question that college is getting more expensive each year. Worse yet, the people who are most impacted by these increases in prices are going to hit the Middle Class the worst. That is why these individuals are the most in need of an investment firm like Forefront Capital.

This firm was created by a man named Brad Reifler. He has more than 30 years of experience in the investing world, and he wanted to make sure that there were more options available to the people who need it the most. There are plenty of opportunities for those who already have a large net worth, but these are not the folks who need it the most. Brad Reifler has made a living off of providing investment tips for everyone, so it’s important to him to see that reflected with his company.  Brad Reifler is attempting to level the playing field to some extent by taking on other types of investors.

Accredited investors are those who make more than $200,000 in annual income or who have a net worth of greater than $1 million. These are the types of investors who are most commonly served by the investment firms. That being said, they are not the ones who need the help the most. Reifler knows that the people who really need the help are those who are not considered accredited.

In order to start with Forefront Group, one just needs a minimum deposit of $2,500. They can add small amounts of money to that account over time. Adding small amounts like this can be just what is required to start to get the ball rolling in order to start making a difference in your personal financial.

The options that Forefront Capital offers are great for those in the Middle Class. It is often believed by other investment firms that those in the Middle Class are unable to think about investments in any kind of sophisticated way. This erroneous belief has locked out the Middle Class from getting invested in the market in the way that they want to.

Forefront does everything that they can to try to help those who are new investors to understand what kind of investments they are getting into. It is a good thing that people have some firm that they can turn to in order to get investment help. The Middle Class needs to begin saving now, and up to this point the investment world has simply ignored them for a very long time. Now things are changing and it couldn’t come at a better time.  Brad Reifler campaigns on Twitter for these ideals, and for other aspects of the financial sector for which he feels need to be reformed.

George Soros Speaks Out About Donald Trump’s Presidential Run

Posted on February 01, 2016

The new year will see the American electorate vote in a new president. Before election day, many American voters will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate to represent them in the general election. The primary system in the US is one that many people choose to participate in so that they can pick their party’s nomination for president. On the Democratic side, many people think Hillary Clinton will the nomination. It is not as clear on the Republican side. Many observers expect the race for the nomination to be between Ted Cruz and upstart candidate businessman Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a highly visible businessman but he has never run for any public office before. Trump’s candidacy has attracted a great deal of notice both by observers at home and those abroad. One person who has chosen to speak his mind on Forbes about Trump’s decision is George Soros. Like Trump, Soros has made a great deal of money in the market but has not run for office before. Unlike Trump, Soros has deep ties to both the United States and Europe. In his opinion, Trump’s statements about many issues of foreign policy have been poorly thought out and not accurate. He believes that Trump’s statements about possible migration to the United States from majority Muslim nations have not been a good idea. Trump has proposed that Americans limit or even bar migration to the United States altogether. He has suggested that, at the very least, Americans carefully examine any potential Muslim migrant very closely.

George Soros does not agree with Trump on this matter. In his opinion, Trump’s suggestions are not a good idea. In a recent economics forum, Soros spoke out to viewers about his views on Trump’s candidacy as well as multiple other issues. He touched on points about both Europe and the US as well as the situation in Syria right now. He feels that Americans need leaders who have the courage to speak out in ways that will help settled the situation over in Syria, a situation that has gotten worse in the last few months.

The result of the Syrian governmental breakdown has been massive migration from the region to European nations. Many European leaders have been undecided as to how best to handle the situation. Soros believes that the best response to the migration crisis is one that takes multiple factors into account and looks for ways to help stabilize the situation over there. In his viewpoint, leaders around the world today need to take into account the best ways to help provide leadership and offer a response to the situation that will be best for all concerned including Europeans, Syrians and American nationals.