To be unique – Halloween edition

Posted on October 31, 2015

Every year I struggle to to find the best and the most unique costume for Halloween. But, as we all know, the costume is just a half of this story. The other, maybe even more important part is the makeup.
The right makeup can transform an old costume into new one. It can make your ordinary clothes seem so different, so much more. Have an old torn shirt? Why not be a zombie? Have a nice little summer dress? Why not be a princess? It`s all in the make-up.
So, here are a few ideas.
Primer! Never do anything without a primer. It will make your makeup last longer, and, more importantly, preserve your skin. Make it ready for your favorite foundation.
Start as you usually do, primer, foundation, concealed, powder. And then we get to the fun part.
For a real princess look, I recommend glitter.
Take a vibrant blue eye shadow and apply it on your eyelid above the crease. The best one for this part is aqua Cancer, from the Zodiac Signs collection) made by Lime Crime.
Next step is to take a violet, and swipe the brush from the outer comer of our lid to the crease. For this I recommend violet Libra. Use blending brush to make smoky look.
Now use a pink on the outer corners of your eyes. Make sure you only use a little so the violet can be seen. Best glitter pink is Sagittarius.
Last step is to use highlight just beneath your eyebrows, and the princess is ready for the ball.
The Snow Queen
The Queen has come right from the story to your doorstep.
For this, you will need Lime Crime’s Quill black and Reason white eyeliner, Virgo white glitter eye shadow and a white mascara.
This one you can put on however you like. I recommend putting some eye shadow on the outer sides of tour eyes toward your temples. And white mascara looks great beneath the eyes.
If you want to add a darker look to the Snow Queen, a black Stiletto from Lime Crime products on Amazon is a good choice.
Make someone`s dreams come true by becoming a fairy.
For this one you will need Aries, Cancer and Sagittarius eye shadow, Quill eyeliner and Snowsickle gloss. For a full look, you may add a Parfait Day nail polish.
Start by putting on a pink eye shadow on your lids right up to the crease. Then on the outer parts of your eyes put a blue eye shadow. This you may put as you like. You can make a curvy line, a circle, butterfly wings or dots to make your makeup more creative and unique. Add a mascara of your choice. It can be of any color you see fitting, blue, green, pink. For the last touch put some Aries eye shadow spiraling down from your eyes on your cheeks to add that magic look.
Now just wait for that nail polish to dry and you are ready and set to go out and spread your joy like a magic dust.

Old Fashion Service

Posted on October 30, 2015

The Guy To Fix You Up
Everyone is born to certain degree of beauty but has life goes on disasters that can an will ruin your physical form occur.From the poor to the rich tragedy strikes on all levels so when you need to get your face or body back on track you are going to need the expert service of a plastic surgeon.The doctor we will be talking about today is no one else but Dr Jennifer Walden.For years this proud doctor has been helping her clients getting their physical perfection back in order so they never have to walk around with the scars of life.

With her career dating back to the late 20th century this doctor has seen the best and worst of doctors but seeing this has given her more reason to perfect her craft for the people that seek it.Trained by some the best doctors in the world this Doctor has not only been said to be the best in the country but is also making her mark as one of the best in the world.With major rewards all across the industry this Doctor has more then proven that she knows what she is doing but lets begin about what she offers you the working man.

The base of her operations being in Austin Texas this allows her clients to easily reach her with fast travel options all around her so getting in touch will not be difficult and if you cant get their on your own well then she has a easy to reach number .So what can she do for me the guy who can not afford to spend 50 plus grand in one day just to get a simple job done?Well my friends there is no need to worry because this Doctor does not see reason to charge you an arm and leg to perform the basics.The only time this will ever happen is when you want service that by nature can not be cheap.But even then you will be in more then good hands.

There are many things that she can do in her sleep from new breast to tummy tucks she can make you feel an look whole without breaking your wallet.No matter what you want it can be done.Services are new breast, body configuration,Nose,Ears, and anything else that you want to spend on.She has over time work for famous athletes and celebrities to keep them on their toes after injuries.

Wrap Up
So after all this we have learned that Dr Jennifer Walden is one of the greats due to reputation and her ability to work with your body and you without question.

Beneful Has Benefits For Dogs With Bad Breath

Posted on October 30, 2015

It was a cold October morning when Katie first discovered the importance of feeding her dog a good brand of food like Beneful. Katie smiled, happily petting her pup until she smelled it. Suddenly she was overwhelmed, she couldn’t escape the smell, it was dog breath! Poor Fido, he didn’t realize the assault his malodorous breath had begun on her delicate senses. If only Katie had remembered to feed him a better brand of dog food like Beneful. In a panic, she pulled the sheets over her head in a futile attempt to mask the smell, but to no avail. Suddenly, she heard her roommate calling from across the room, and then a bag of Beneful crashed onto her bed. She cried out, confused, and half-asleep.

Exasperated, her roommate stood over Katie while Katie was in a dazed state and described the benefits of the Beneful on walmart Healthy Smile dental treats she just dropped on her. Her roommate’s cousin’s dog loved to chew them, and the she had recommended the Beneful dental treat because poor Toby, the cousin’s dog, had some hygiene issues. Katy’s roommate overheard her complaining to Fido about his breath, so she came to her rescue. Toby had been a bit bigger than Katie’s dog, but luckily for Katie, Beneful had different sizes of Beneful dental treats. Enlightened, Katie made a mental note about the Beneful treats and tried to catch up with her sleep.

Later that morning Katie journeyed to the neighborhood pet store in search of the cure to Fido’s little, smelly problem. The bag of Beneful dental treats that her roommate provided had been mostly empty. Katie paced through the store searching for Beneful dental treats. She caught sight of a group of dogs sniffing around a fallen bag of Beneful and chuckled. There was no doubt about it; dogs loved Beneful. Katie carefully skirted the dogs and began to rummage through the many varieties of Beneful Healthy Smile dental chews.

After picking out the right sized bag, Katie decided to purchase a bag of Beneful dog food bag as well as some doggy toothpaste and a finger brush. After all, with breath like that, poor Fido was going to need all the help he can get. Katie presented the Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists to Fido, and he regarded it suspiciously before he quite suddenly had a change of heart. Fido dashed off with the Beneful treat and was soon happily chewing on it in the corner of the kitchen.

A few weeks passed something miraculous occurred. Katie was awoken one day to the sight of a cold, wet nose; bracing herself for the terrible terror that was halitosis, she suddenly realized there was no smell. Gone was the skunk-like odor of poor, hapless Fido’s mouth. Katie patted the pup’s head and hugged the ecstatic pooch, thankful that Beneful dental treats had saved the day. She glanced over at the bag of Beneful before rolling over and going back to an odorless sleep. Beneful dental treats are great for all dogs needing help with their breath, so everyone should have them readily available.

Kyle Bass Has Lost All Of The Respect People Had For Him

Posted on October 28, 2015

There are some people who just get lucky in their careers, and who are able to continue doing good things after their moment of success, and then there are others who immediately go downhill after the one good thing that they have done. Kyle Bass gained a lot of respect back in 2008 when he correctly guessed that things were not going to be so good for the economy, but since then he has made plenty of bad decisions. He has lost any and all respect that people had for him, and he just keeps doing things that are making him look like a fool.

Kyle Bass has said a lot of things that have made him appear dumb, and he has associated with people who are not at all smart with money or good people. He’s tarnished his reputation, and he has looked like a bad guy, as well, when he defended GM amidst a big controversy. GM knew that its airbags were not working properly, but the company did nothing to fix the problem. So, when people died because of the airbags not working properly, Kyle Bass blamed the ones riding in their vehicles for their own deaths. He claimed that they must have been drunk or doing something else wrong, and by claiming that, he just made himself look incredibly dumb.

Kyle Bass just keeps doing things that are not at all what he should be doing. He’s saying things that are making people wonder why they ever trusted or respected him, and it is time that Kyle Bass made some changes in his life. If he doesn’t stop doing all of the foolish things soon, and if he doesn’t try and turn his life around, then he will never be able to gain back any bit of respect.

Reasons to Consider Dating Singles from Russia

Posted on October 26, 2015

Relying on finding the perfect person in your hometown or state can be more than a little difficult. This is why so many people are choosing to date online, specifically overseas. Dating a single from overseas may seem a bit far-fetched to the average person, but it is beneficial in the respect that you will get to meet someone new who has a completely different culture than you do. You may even find that you connect better with someone from Russia who is able to share the same interests and hobbies as you do.

Anastasia Date is a wonderful online dating company that connects singles with those living in Russia and other countries. The Anastasia Date site has millions of users, which makes it easy for members to look through hundreds of profiles to find someone with whom they feel they can truly connect. Once you begin using the Anastasia Date website, you may wonder why you never chose to date online before. It enables you to find someone who is very connected with you and has all of the same interests that you do.

The Anastasia Date website is also secured and safe for all members to use. This prevents any security problems that many other dating sites have experienced in the past. You simply go onto the Anastasia Date site and create a profile for you to use when browsing through other member profiles. You can send messages to people through the site and then eventually make plans to talk with them in other ways. Many people have even made plans to meet the singles they’ve connected with through Anastasia Date. How you use Anastasia Date is completely up to you, but there are many ways for you to find the perfect match when utilizing this site.

Online dating may seem like a scary idea that you would never have tried in the past, but it has been a successful way to meet new people for millions all over the world. Anastasia Date makes it simple for you to browse through tons of profiles and connect with someone overseas who is totally different than you but still shares the same interests and hobbies. You will find that the Anastasia Date site is the best one to use when trying to begin dating overseas in a secure and incredibly safe manner without any problems involved with it for you.

Nobilis Health Corp: A Highly Developed Healthcare Facility

Posted on October 25, 2015

A healthcare facility marketing and management firm, Nobilis Health Corp, announced that it gained a $25 million financing facility debt with Healthcare Financial Services, GE Capital. This facility is going to be used to encourage Nobilis’ efforts of growth, enable a new revolutionary line for working repay and capital certain of the existing remarkable indebtedness of the company, which includes the $12 million note of the seller that is related to the acquisition of Nobilis of Athas Health in early December 2014.

The CEO of Nobilis Health said that this transaction profitably completes one of the Nobilis’ early goals in 2015; particularly the reduction in their mediocre borrowing costs as well as streamlining their capital structure. In addition to that, they believe that their new relationship with the GE Capital will be able to provide another catalyst for Nobilis’ foreseen growth throughout the end of 2015 and after that.

Al Aria, Senior Managing Director of Corporate Finance at GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services said that their specialty is enabling other healthcare associations with flexible programs that will help their customers develop their associations, as is the case with Nobilis Health Corp. He also said that they looked forward to encouraging their strategies of growth further in the future.

The funding of the $25 million association, which was closed on March 31 this year, contains a $20 million loan and a $5 million revolutionary loan at LIBOR+4%, as correlated to its current typical borrowing cost of nearly 9.6%.

Something about the GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services

GE Capital’s Healthcare Financial Services (HFS) business is the most effective capital provider in the U.S. market of healthcare, which provided more than $10.5 billion in the financing in more than 240 businesses in 2014.

For the fifth successive year, HFS has become the No. 1 lead planner for all the financings which is under $500 million in U.S. healthcare finance (this is based on the number and volume of transactions that are completed).

Customers in more than 45 healthcare districts —which include hospitals, senior housing, medical offices, outpatient services, medical and pharmaceuticals devices — depend on HFS for the financial producement, fund growth initiatives, uphold refinance existing debt, and working capital commitments. With the in-depth industry expertise and knowledge, the HFS group of highly educated professionals brings financial solutions to problems made to meet the needs of individuals and the customers.

Something about the Nobilis Health Corp

Nobilis makes use of inventive direct-to-patient kind of marketing which is focused on a particular set of procedures that are performed by the physician of the area at their centers. They own and administer acute and ambulatory care accommodations to enable healthcare services.
Nobilis manages and owns various concerns at ambulatory surgery centers in all the important places such as Dallas, Houston, and Scottsdale, Arizona. To add to this, Nobilis is a proud owner of one sharp care hospital in one of the best surgery centers in Houston.
Nobilis also manages and owns interests in one urgent care clinic in Houston and two conceive centers.

Magic Mike XXL Is Movie Magic

Posted on October 19, 2015

“Magic Mike XXL” was a different kind of film experience for not only its director, Steve Soderbergh, but also for its star, Channing Tatum. Soderbergh is known as a serious and highly experimental director, so this cinematic tour into the world of male strip clubs seemed a bit of departure. Still though, “Magic Mike” delivered as a highly entertaining film that worked both comedically and dramatically, and it’s no surprise that Soderbergh returned to the “Mike” story in producing the sequel, “Magic Mike XXL.”

This time out, Soderbergh is acting as producer, and Gregory Jacobs, who was assistant director on “Magic Mike” is acting as director. The two of them make a strong team, as “Magic Mike XXL” is a highly entertaining film that’s got more comedy and more outrageous strip numbers than the original film.

“Magic Mike XXL” also brings back Channing Tatum as Mike, and he’s a very welcome presence in this story. Since the first film, Mike has retired from stripping and has settled down into his own furniture rehab business. Still though, he longs for the stage and when his gang of stripper buddies comes by to coax him into a comeback, he doesn’t have to think long about his answer.

Soon, Mike and his stripper friends are headed cross-country to a stripping convention, where they hope to have one last performance. Along the way, they meet up with several strong woman, played by top actresses including Andie MacDowell, as an upscale housewife, and Jada Pinkett Smith as a nightclub owner.

One of the other actresses featured in this film is Crystal Hunt, who has developed into a glowing blonde beauty since her early days as a teen star on TV soaps. Hunt is soon to appear in the Pop Network show, “Queens of Drama,” with Joan Collins, and she’s a very welcome presence here. There’s no doubt that Hunt has made the difficult transition from teen performer to grown up film actress, and she’s done it successfully, even dabbling in music through SoundCloud.

“Magic Mike XXL” delivers as a highly entertaining drama-comedy that has a wealth of high energy dance numbers to keep the audience laughing and charged up the whole way. It’s a worthy sequel to the original “Magic Mike.”

Adam Sender–How the Greats, Like Adam Sender Choose Art

Posted on October 18, 2015

The science of art collecting is something that is as elusive as is the logic behind how pieces are chosen to sell for millions of dollars, and which paintings never reach that status. At the end of the day, art collecting is more about choosing art that speaks your soul, as opposed to choosing art that is just very expensive.

The most important thing about making money or even becoming an art collector is creating an investment thesis. An investment thesis is important because it allows you to ask yourself the question, “what do I believe about the art world that other people do not believe that I know is 100% right?” When you ask yourself that question, it enables you to have a solid reason for making contradictory assessments and cashing in on things that people don’t understand. Conviction is the glue that holds your investment thesis together. Without conviction, you will quit at the first sign of the trouble, while having it could cause you to ride out the storm, and making lots of money in the process.

As people around the world will create art, they often times forget about how important it is to inspire the dealers and people by their art on a very personal and primal level. Often times, being an artist with conviction can be a very tough job, yet, when the right collector comes along and sees your work as a masterpiece, the collector will eventually coax the market into finding your art worthy of being appreciated on a worldwide level.

Adam Sender is an art collector who has collected over 400 pieces of art. He plans on selling a lot of his art at the Sotheby’s auction house. A lot of these artists were relatively unknown and he paid a very small sum for them, yet they have proven to be worth a lot of money because of the people that purchased the art caused the arts price to appreciate.

Think about this: just being sold at an art and auction at Sothebys is an accomplishment that most artists will never have a chance to enjoy in their lives. One could say that is the first step to receiving legendary status in the art world.

A lot of pieces that Adam Sender has purchased started out costing nearly $100,000 and wound up selling for two or $3 million, including the painting of Cindy Sherman, known as black sheets, which he bought for 100 grand and sells today for over $3 million. There is a possibility that the same, exact piece could go for four or 5 million if it’s price is driven up.

Bruce Levenson; Owner of the Great NBA Team Atlanta Hawks

Posted on October 13, 2015

Bruce Levenson is the co-owner owner of the great NBA team Atlanta Hawks. He and his co-owners have resolved to sell the team to any party that can meet their requirements in terms of finance. Levesken and associates hired bankers to sell the team off by 27%. Levensen hired Goldman Sachs and Inner circle sports to represent him in sale. The Bankers set a deadline for the submission of bids to be April 10. However, this date can be reviewed with time considering the fact that there are many bids that have offered and are under observation and consideration.

One group that is expected to be successful in their bid is the Philips Arena. This is after Goldman Sachs convinced Levinson that the sale of the team operating lights to Philips Arena could be beneficial and could yield up to 1 billion dollars.

Another group that has its heads high and hopes of getting its hands on the successful Nba team ownership is one that is led by Lionsgate Entertainment’s Mark Rachesky. He is joined another associate, Steve Starker, who is a New York Investment Banker. Steve has been doing consulting work with Jese Itzler, a close associate of the group, and this is expected to be a great boost to the group in its quest to own the NBA team.

The highly anticipated sale of Atlanta Hawks and the Philips Arena is likely to be effected to the billionaire equity and investment fund manager Antony Ressel according to people who are knowledgeable about the process but sought anonymity. This is despite the fact that the bidding window is still open. Antony Ressel gave an offer of $850 million which was made possible by his group that includes former NBA players Grant Hill and Jesse Itzler, who is also the co-founder of Marquis Jet. Negotiation on the offer were done and the current management agreed to sell the team off to Antony Ressel with a bid of $730 million.

The announcement was made on Wednesday evening. The sale was facilitated by Foley and Lardner sports attorney Irwin Raij and process approved by NBA. The management expressed their excitement about the sale and wished the Hawks success and luck in their playoffs.
Time’s Levenson and associates who had purchased the Hawks in 2004 also had in their possession and management the NHL Atlanta Thrashers and its operating rights from the Philips Arena for $250 million. Later they sold the Thrashers in 2011 for $170 million
This sale was not a bad one according to CNBC, who had predicted earlier that the sale could be between $900 million to $1 billion. Forbes had valued the Hawks at around $425 million last year, but the sales of Clippers and Bucks changed the market. This follows the value of franchise skyrocketing because NBA landed a lucrative television deal.

It is a big sale for Levenson and a big profit too. The Hawks are no. 1 after winning 60 East conference games but were 17thin attendance per game. The new management is expected to continue producing good results and improve on match attendance through publicising the Hawks and its matches.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaner Like Handy?

Posted on October 09, 2015

Professional cleaning companies may seem like something that is a bit out of reach, so this is something that you might have felt in the past was something you simply couldn’t make use of yourself. One thing to remember is that the company known as Handy provides superior cleaning services to homeowners just like yourself. Knowing what Handy can do for you and why you would want to make use of their services can help you to decide if they are the right choice for you and your own family members when it comes to your home.

One of the reasons to consider hiring Handy is because of the fact that it can be difficult to keep your home looking great. You might find that cleaning your house is just too much work and is costing you too much money when it comes to supplies and tools. Instead, you might want to think about hiring Handy so that they can do the cleaning for you. Some people will hire Handy to come in regularly, such as once a week, and others may only hire the pros at Handy on itunes because they need a good deep clean that they can feel proud to show off.

Handy is one of the top cleaning companies in the country and they have worked on thousands of homes very much like your own. They can work on homes both big and large as well as apartments and business offices. It is truly up to you how you make use of Handy and what types of options they are able to offer to you when you need them the most. Once you make the decision to hire Handy, you will find that this takes the ultimate work out of keeping your house looking its absolute best.

Your home deserves to be clean and comfortable all the time, but if you do not have the time to do this all on your own, it is better off for you to hire the Handy Home Cleaning Services so that they can do this for you. Their professional services will help you tremendously and enable you to feel confident when friends and family come over even if you do not have the time to do all of the cleaning on your own time. You can save money without sacrificing the quality and look of your house in the process.

Your house can look so much better and be a whole lot more comfortable once you choose Handy for the cleaning. Their experts can come in whenever and how often you would like so that they can get the job done. You will love that the pros at Handy have worked with tons of other people and have done an amazing job when it comes to getting the work done for their clients. There is nothing better than knowing that your home is looking clean and bright without having to do the massive project on your own each and every week.