Use Skout to Scout New Friends Wisely

Posted on September 30, 2015

In case anyone wants to know where people are spending their time, it is with their smart phones. Now they can meet people whenever they look at the app they have downloaded from Skout, which brings up a field of faces to ‘wink’ at. Of course this gives some people the creeps, but in the world of social media and mobile devices, it is a marriage made in virtuality. Skout does have ground rules, however, so that things do not get out of hand as they always do with out boundaries.

Skout has banned the selfie in the shower, or selfies taken naked in the bathroom as this trend has been showing up with a rather off putting result, surprisingly in this day and age of anything goes. It is good to know that there is still some restraint. The main focus of Skout on instagram is to share chatting, interacting online, and a way to get to know others in the world or locally. The features are to be for the user and “not them” who supplies general location information and not specifics, a strict management of that community, while peers regulate the rules going forward.

What is meant by ‘intended for you, not them,’ is that there are two communities. One is for teenagers and the other is for adults. They are separated for age-appropriate interaction. No adults will be permitted to communicate with teens and vice versa. The general location rules means no specific details are required so that contact is limited to general area information. This gives each member the choice of whether they are to reveal any specifics or not. The only personal information allowed is age and gender for profiles that are exchanged when there are winks.

The strict rules in place for community management is an obsession with Skout. Keeping things safe is a key to the success of this app. There is a staff that constantly monitors the community. The tolerance is ZERO for inappropriate behavior, such as posting naked selfies in the bathroom. Each month, Skout bans over 40,000 devices based on violations of these strict rules. One fourth of the entire Skout team is dedicated to scouting the community for infractions. Just a few of the rules being enforced are: no minors under age 13 or users making up false identities. No harassing or offensive texts or pictures. There is no soliciting for cash allowed, and fraudulent profiles or registrations are also banned. Any 900 numbers, selling products, or services is prohibited. Spam is also prohibited. No posting of copyrighted materials is allowed. These are just a few of the rules to be followed to keep the Skout experience safe.

Another principle that makes Skout a safer app is the Peer to peer regulation. Skout allows self policing as well to keep the community growing in a healthy way. Self policing provides a robust method of culling inappropriate behavior on the app. Reporting of suspicious interactions such as underage posting is very useful. The management will take action on reports within 12 hours.

Sergio Cortes: The Michael Jackson Impersonator

Posted on September 29, 2015

The death of Michael Jackson left many his fans sad with only flashes of his good performances in their mind. The death was a surprise to most of the people as it left just the memories of the good performances and great music Michael Jackson offered. One cannot forget the iconic Michael Jackson voice, tricks as well as the dance movements including the moonwalk that made his shows stand out from the rest of the pack of musicians. Furthermore, Michael Jackson’s dress code starting from the shoes to the flashy costumes that his fans used to distinguish him with from his fellow entertainers.

Sergio Cortes, the Michael Jackson Impersonator, is one of the people in the world today keeping the memories of Michael Jackson alive. Most of the people view Sergio as the best Michael Jackson impersonators because he looks just as the replica of the musical maestro. Sergio’s hair, as well as the skin complexion, is the eye-catching to most people, making them relate him to the legendary entertainer. However, the looks are not the only thing that gives him the cutting edge to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator but also his passion and love for the King of Pop.

Sergio Cortes’ mother cites that her son was a great fan of the King of Pop from when Cortes was a kid. She goes back to the memory lane during the band days of the Jackson 5. She recalls how Cortes used to watch on TV presentations of Jackson 5 and how he used to pay much attention to the lead singer of the band. Her memories of Cortes childhood makes her conclude that Michael Jackson entered Cortes’ life during the period of the Jackson 5 band. Additionally, she recalls when Cortes was a teenager as he was requested to take some pictures by a reporter characterized as Michael Jackson. Therefore, it is clear as crystal that the Michael Jackson character grew gradually in Sergio Cortes’ life from his childhood.

The role Sergio Cortes has as Michael Jackson impersonator as turn to be a career. Recently, Sergio Cortes has attended some concerts. Cortes is Destiny Project’s client, a company that focuses on managing artistic development. Sergio Cortes participated in a tribute to Jackson in Madrid in 2012 where he recreated all of Jackson’s best songs. Cortes recent project is a two-hour performance Human Nature Live Show in Italy.

Truly, Sergio Cortes is not only the Michael Jackson Impersonator but also an individual who rekindles the memory of the King of Pop.

SEO Keyword Targeting: Easy as 1-2-3

Posted on September 29, 2015

A lot has changed about keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) over time, but one thing has stayed the same: According to White Shark Media Blog, keywords are still the most important aspect of SEO strategy and marketing. So you want to be sure you use them correctly.


Avoid at all costs the practice of keyword stuffing—intentionally including keywords with the intent of having a page rank higher in the search engines. Instead, follow the best practices discussed here to avoid this and other mistakes.


How Many Keywords?


How many keywords should you use? Rather than deciding how many keywords to use based on optimizing content for search engines, instead write content with your audience in mind. Include your keyword in the page’s title, headline and meta description.


Also include it at least two or three times in the page’s content. If your page includes any images, add the keyword to the ALT text and the filename. The text should flow naturally and not sound awkward because of improper or excessive keyword usage.


SEO Keyword Targeting


You’ll need to do a little homework by performing keyword research, looking for keywords that are relevant for you to use. Numerous tools are available for keyword research, but results vary from tool to tool. Once you’ve completed your research, list all the keywords and group them into categories. Then add the keywords from your list into headlines and page titles. Also create a list of keyword synonyms and variants of the search term.


Keywords vs. Search Queries


A keyword is a specific word or set of words, such as “house painting,” that a user types into a browser’s search box. Meanwhile, a search query is a question that the user types in, such as “where can I buy house paint.”


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Jaime Garcia Dias: Modern Dean Of Brazilian Writers

Posted on September 28, 2015

From his humble beginnings in his native land of Brazil to his present international reputation as one of the modern giants among the writers of his native land, Jaime Garcia Dias has always been a winner. The length and breadth of his journey from complete obscurity to world renown has been a remarkable testimony to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Keeping The Creative Instinct Alive In Modern Literature

Jaime Garcia Dias has shown himself to be a unique talent, not only in the corpus of his own works, but in his ability to nurture other budding writers. In his capacity of President at Carioca Literature Academy, he has achieved magnificent results. Indeed, the Carioca Literature Academy has risen to become Brazil’s foremost educational institution for young creative and journalistic writers.

Success For Dias Was Not Overnight

Of course, it should be realized that the achievement of world renown and success for Jaime Garcia Dias did not occur overnight. Indeed, it was a long and carefully nurtured vision that kept Dias working at his craft until such time as he was ready to unveil his accumulated knowledge and expertise, first to the Brazilian, and then to the international world of journalism and literature.

From Humble Beginnings, To The Top Of The Class

While it is now almost impossible to conceive, the truth of the matter is that Jaime Garcia Dias actually began his career as a humble instructor at the Carioca Literature Academy over two decades ago. It was there that he proposed innovative new methods of teaching that quickly transformed, not only the mere curriculum, but also the wider aims of the school.

The Personal Impact Of Jaime Garcia Dias On Literature

It is no exaggeration to assert that Jaime Garcia Dias has had a personal role in shaping the revolutionary transformation that has seen the Academy rise from a mere provincial school to a world renowned educational institution for Brazil’s greatest literary voices.

To this end, Jaime Garcia Dias was named to the prestigious post of President of the Carioca Literature Academy in 2007, thus completing his long transition from mere salaried employee to the leadership of one of Brazil’s most famous schools.

What The Future Holds For Jaime Garcia Dias

The positive effect that the contributions of Jaime Garcia Dias have had on the literature of Brazil is nearly impossible to describe in a short essay such as the present one.

While it is impossible to accurately predict the course of future events, it is safe to say that the future for Jaime Garcia Dias and the students of the Carioca Literature Academy will very likely be a bright and prosperous one, filled with continued progress and success., A Great Place To Meet People

Posted on September 26, 2015

There has been a major upsurge in the number of people using online dating services. Many of these dating services are only used for dating purposes. However, one dating site can also be used for simply meeting platonic friends. Skout is a great place to meet romantic partners, but it can also be used for simply meeting friends. even has it’s own section that is dedicated specifically to teenagers. is a dating site where you can browse through profiles of singles in your area. However, you will not have to suffer through seeing bathroom selfies! Due to having been shown as decreasing a person’s appeal, banned “selfies” shot in a bathroom mirror! The website is also extremely popular. In fact, according to, there are “millions of users”. It is right up there with some of the most common dating services on the internet.

For teenagers, some types of online dating can pose dangers. Some sites contain explicit images and content. Also, many dating sites cater strictly to adults. Even those that allow teens could be filled with profiles of adults! This could be a potentially risky place for teens. However, has a separate section that is designated for teenagers. Furthermore, this section of the website is moderated by employees from Skout on skoutshop. Explicit content is completely banned from this section of the site. Parents are likely very happy about this service, as it makes it possible for teens to safely date online. In addition, teenagers can meet purely platonic friends using the services provided by!

It is actually possible to get access to from smartphones! has an app that can be downloaded on to iphones and ipads. This makes it possible to access while away from home. In fact, you may be able to access it from anywhere where there is wireless internet service. This may make it possible for people who are meeting up to communicate after already leaving home! It also makes it possible to use while out and about doing other activities.

If you are looking for only platonic friendship, it is possible to find that through People can use this service specifically platonic friendship. Not a whole lot of dating sites also offer this. You can use the service to find people who would be likely to relate to you as a friend.

Also, if you are traveling, may have a specific use for you! Through, you can meet local people in the area that you are traveling to! In addition to finding locals, it is possible to find other tourists. This can be of tremendous use to travelers. It can potentially turn traveling with a few others or traveling alone into traveling with a group of people!

Facts You Should Know About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, A Top Brazilian Lawyer

Posted on September 22, 2015

Lawyers perform a lot of distinct roles in the legal profession. In the overall legal sector, lawyers account for the largest number of employees. Just like in many countries around the world, lawyers in Brazil work for big, medium or small sized firms that are either international, national, regional or local. The job description of a lawyer depends a lot on the firm he works for though in general, a lawyer must possess strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills. A lawyer must also possess strong problem-solving skills.

Typically, lawyers act on clients behalf and represent them in a court of law. During the legal proceedings between a client and the opposite side, a lawyer might be needed to negotiate on behalf of the client. Clients also depend on their lawyers for advice.

Due to their nature of work, lawyers must have strong writing skills because they are needed to draft and review documents like contracts. A lawyer must also keep in touch with the latest developments in the field by researching and reading a lot. People who have no patience do not make good lawyers because lawyers are required to work long hours when preparing a court case. Due to the nature of their arguments in court, lawyers need to maintain high levels of tolerance and they should at all times refrain from getting temperamental.

Brazil is endowed with many lawyers, and Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho belongs in the most respected league. Today, he is one of the leading strategists in all matters related to the Brazilian law practice. His career has grown tremendously over the years starting from just a small law firm to starting his own respected firm that has served many. His office has defended many influential personalities, provided legal services for important Brazilian corporations as well as politicians who hold different ideologies.

He has been in the forefront in making sure that the Brazilian law system adapts certain mechanisms that later on have become one of the most commonly used tools in seeking justice. He is also very well known for his role as a strong pillar at the office and has managed to motivate a lot of his young employees to open their own firms.

At his firm, he handles overseeing the ongoing cases, offering strategic advice as well as providing overall leadership. He is an exemplary example of a professional lawyer who does not relent in fighting for his client’s interests at all times. At the court room, he is well known for his vicious fighting skills and professional decorum even when hammering his points home. By combining experience, research and innovation, he has been able to win numerous cases for his clients who have been with different types of cases and from different places.

Atlanta Hawks: A History of Relocations

Posted on September 22, 2015

Atlanta Hawks is an NBA team from Georgia. This club was founded in 1946, under the name of Buffalo Bisons. Today, the Hawks perform at the Philips Arena. It is a modern hall, built in 1999 by a whopping price of 213,5 million dollars. This hall has a capacity of 18,371 seats and is one of the most modern in the entire NBA. After founding and only 13 games played in Buffalo, the original owners of the club decided to find a new home for the team.
The team was moved to Moline, Illinois and renamed the Tri-City Blackhawks. They spent the first few years playing basketball in National Basketball League (NBL, the forerunner of today’s NBA). After only two seasons played, NBL goes to history as the great merger with Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the formation of the NBA occurred. Soon, in 1951, the club moved to Milwaukee where it got its present name – Hawks.
However, this was not the end of numerous relocations of the franchise model. Specifically, in 1955 the club was temporarily settled in St. Louis, Missouri where players managed to achieve the greatest success in the history of this franchise and win the only NBA title in 1958. Atlanta became the newest home of the Hawks in 1968 and it still is to this day.
Currently, the club cannot boast significant achievements except for occasional trips to the playoffs and being first in the conference. For 54 years, Hawks were unable to receive the ring in the highest quality league in the world, and the only club currently waiting longer for the trophy is the Sacramento Kings. As well as other NBA clubs, Hawks have a branch in the D-League. It is a club called the Bakersfield Jam.
Bruce Levenson
As one of the owners of the Hawks, Bruce Levenson followed their games regularly and was a big fan of the game. Levenson has served as the Hawks’ governor and controlling owner from 2004 to 2015. He was a member of the Atlanta Spirit, a group of seven businessmen who bought ownership of the Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers, an NHL team that was sold to a Winnipeg, Manitoba-based company in 2011 and operations rights to Philips Arena. Bruce Levenson managed to sell his share in the team for the whopping amount of money. He is, however, still a very important person in the team’s history.
New leadership
American businessman and billionaire Tony Ressler became the new owner of the Atlanta Hawks after the sale approved by the owners of clubs of the NBA. Ressler has paid 850 million US dollars for Atlanta Hawks, as the team’s previous season ended in the Eastern Conference finals. At that time, they were better than the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the regular season the Hawks achieved 60 victories, which is a record for the franchise. “We are pleased that the owners approved the sale of Atlanta to Ressler. Tony and his team will bring a lot of energy and passion, so the club and fans will be thankful for this,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Beauty Products On a Budget

Posted on September 18, 2015

It’s a fact that everybody wants to look good. For many people, the use of beauty products is the only way out. This has made the demand for beauty products to go up as time goes by. Due to the increasing demand of the products, the rates of beauty products are also gone up significantly.

If you are not careful, beauty products can consume a lot of your salary. The cost of living has gone up with time, so we cannot afford to spend a fortune on beauty products.This is why before any decisions, it is important to consider the grooming facilities that you are in need of so that you can do your selection wisely.

Some of The beauty products that are commonly used include hair products, bath and body products, body treatment products, perfumes anti-aging products, cosmetics and is important to note that every gender has its own beauty products. The products women use are different from what men prefer.

One of the best ways of reducing the amount you spend on beauty products is by using the products that are actually made from home. The ingredients for making home made products are available everywhere, even in your kitchen. You only need to follow the right instructions from books or from the internet, and then you will be good to go. Homemade products are considered safe to use because they do not contain harmful chemicals. Some people who have used them for years prefer using them over the store bought beauty products, because mostly, they do not have any side effects.

Sometimes, it can be inevitable to buy beauty products. Fortunately, there are various way to make these products fit your budget. You can actually buy beauty products at discounted prices! This can happen especially when a store is having a sale. When you get any sell around, buy many products and stock them for the future. However, before buying in bulk, check the expiry date.

Doe Deere is a business and technology executive who is trying to bring quality and affordable make up available for everyone. She is the founder and the CEO of lime crime, a cosmetic company that manufactures quality beauty products. Doe Deere on pinterest, began the company with a few funds and her dream. Currently she has managed to create make up that makes dreams come true for the people who come across her products. She always encourages her fans never to quite their day dreams.

It is not advisable to always buy branded products when you are on a budget. You will be shocked to know that certain beauty products are actually of the same quality as that of name brands, but are way much cheaper. Also go for products that are low priced.

Another tip for saving cash is to buy products only after you have shopped around you might get shops which offer you free samples, and other will guarantee to refund the money if the product disappoints you.


Facts You Should Know About John Textor And Pulse Evolution

Posted on September 15, 2015

BusinessWire shows that Pulse Evolution is not a new name in the entertainment industry. It is a pioneer brand in matters related to developing hyper-realistic digital humans that are used in virtual reality, holographic live performances, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. As of December 2014, the company filed its fiscal results and wanted to file additional reports for the remaining financial year including an S-1 registration statement that it is connected to an underwritten public offering as well as an up listing to the national stock exchange.

The company’s Executive Chairman stated that the company was extremely pleased with the technology and business outcomes of its earlier development stages. He also pointed out that the company was quick to establish itself as an early leader in all issues related to the creation of hyper-realistic digital humans that are used in a variety of entertainment applications. He attributes the company’s success to the heavy investment from strategic investment partners.

A big portion of the company’s operating expenses go towards the development of digital likeness assets, entertainment properties and technologies that are related to the revenue share agreements with the estates of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. The company also devotes a big chunk of its resources towards the developing software strategies and relationships to aid in better development of digital humans to be used in different fields like augmented reality, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Pulse Evolution was also listed on the OTC Markets to pave way for a better security with its European Depository Receipts that were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2014. The same enabled the company to raise not less than $15 million.

John Textor is the Pulse Evolution Executive Chairman. He is not a new name in the entertainment circles and has previously led productions for several big names. He is a Bachelor of Arts Graduate From the Wesleyan University. He was a co-founder in Wyndcrest Holdings that is a private equity firm based in Florida that focuses on entertainment and telecommunication.

He has also served in other different companies in leadership roles including Sim Snowboards as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as well as Lydian Trust Company where he was the Founding Director. He has also been Chairman at Digital Domain and was very instrumental in leading the company acquire and reconstruct Digital Domain into Digital Media Group. The two companies were also involved in doing visual effects for not less than 80 large scale feature firms.

Slyce to Use $10.75 Million to Change the Way Consumers Search for Products

Posted on September 14, 2015

Amazon Flow is definitely helpful to those looking to purchase products at the online retailer’s website. Flow employs brilliant technology allowing to match a captured image to a product on What if the customer wants to expand purchasing options beyond Amazon? The startup company Slyce is primed to provide a means to utilize image and product recognition software to a host of other online sellers.

Based out of Toronto, Slyce presents a neat little idea. Through adding an app to a mobile device, a photo can be taken and the image is then used to search for matching products on compatible online venues. Slyce is really serious about delivering a perfect product. The company has raised $10.75 in new funding to make the concept a massive success.

Slyce is looking to do more than just mimic what Amazon Flow provides. A common complaint about Flow is that a consumer has to take a photo of a product in its packaging in order to search for a matching image. That is a pretty clunky way to search for a matching product. Slyce wants the search to be much broader and locate similar products without such clearly defined parameters on the image. Simply snapping a photo of something “close enough” to what you are interested in buying really should be enough.

Consumers are usually busy people and this is doubly true of those who like to use mobile technology to shop. One reason they rely on a mobile device is because time constraints make shopping in a traditional store difficult. Even waiting to get home from work and shop on a PC is difficult.

Being able to snap a picture on a mobile phone and then easily matching a similar image is definitely a good way to make shopping easier. Product and image recognition technology is perfect for the tech-savvy, busy shopper. Slyce is a dynamic company and is not going to sit on its accomplishments. The goal here is to make the most popular image recognition search app feature in the tech world. With nearly $11 million in newly raised capital, Slyce should find itself in a good position for the future.

This means online consumers are going to have a bright future at least as far as shopping is concerned.