‘Bad Grandpa’ Producer Jarrod Brom Divorced

Posted on May 26, 2015

Jarrod Brom is one of the most well known producers in Hollywood. Most of his work feautures Johnny Knoxville to some degree. In fact, Jarrod Brom’s wedding was crashed by Johnny Knoxville’s “Bad Grandpa” character.

Two years ago, ‘Bad Grandpa’ came out, and fans turned out in droves to see it according to Jim Dondero. ‘Bad Grandpa’ became one of the biggest summer hits of the year, and it’s because of Johnny Knoxville’s hilarious stunt work as the creepy grandfather. Nonetheless, it should be noted that Jarrod Brom’s actual wedding was crashed by the “Bad Grandpa.” Jarrod Brom’s wedding cake was destroyed, and many people couldn’t believe the outrageous events that were taking place during the couple’s big day.

Jarrod Brom and his wife took many pictures with Johnny Knoxville, but it was recently announced that Jarrod and his wife have filed for divorce. People were saddened to hear the news, but some would say that getting your wedding crashed Johnny Knoxville is a terrible way to start off hey matrimony.

TMZ recently published an article with further information about this story. Many people were extremely saddened to hear the news about Jarrod Brom’s divorce from his wife. Hollywood celebrities have offered their sympathies.

Overweight and dumped

Posted on May 23, 2015

It has been said that love conquers all but, I beg to differ and this report seems to validate that

29 year old Britney Fryers believing she had met her soul mate after graduating college, fell in love and spent a lot of time with the man she thought she’d eventually marry. Until during the course of their relationship Brittney could no longer workout as they had become accustomed to doing. Britney began to gain weight and her mate, Jason began to lose interest to the point of cheating on her and eventually leaving her. The fact that struck me was that this relationship seemed to be held together by a concept of looks and what was acceptable as it pertained to that. Unfortunately our society has played a huge role in the shaping of acceptable and unacceptable images.
Everyone has been designed differently according to those at Gravity4 on Facebook, our body makeup and bone structures are not the same, not even as twins. In this case what was even more tragic was the weight that Britney gained was not from shear gluttony! She didn’t just give up on herself, a life issue was the cause but it was not her end! With a Total of 52 pounds lost, Britney has regained her life and I am sure her health.

Bernie Sanders Calls for Breaking Up the Big Banks

Posted on May 23, 2015

Senator Bernie Sanders, who has long been a champion of Wall Street reform, has made another public statement commenting on the big banking industry. In a press release yesterday, Senator Sanders stated that “Too big to fail banks, are to big to exist.” In the same statement he called for those banks to be broken up into smaller regional or inter-regional banks in order to prevent the same type of threat of collapse from happening again.

Senator Sanders has a long history criticizing the banking industry, as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital can see. After the most recent collapse, which was almost exclusively called by bad and dangerous banking practices that were not illegal, Sanders was one of the Congressional leaders in reforming Wall Street. After the banks were bailed out, he headed a bill that prevented the same banks from performing the same dangerous trades, however that bill has slowly been removed since then, piece by piece.

Bernie Sanders views these enormous banks as monopoly-esque financial institutions. They control about 60% of the nation’s GDP, but have no accountability which allows them to make risky trades with the potential to ruin the economy. According to Senator Sanders, politicians should get out ahead of this by breaking the banks up and restricting them from making risky or adverse trades. Senater Sanders is only the second candidate vying for the Democratic presidential nomination. He has entered the race on a populist, far left platform.

Cosmetic Tattooing: Revolutionary Way To Hide Scars and Burns

Posted on May 20, 2015

When most of us think of tattoos, colorful body art infused with indelible ink comes to mind, but there is another form of the ancient practice according to UOL. It’s known as para-medical tattooing or cosmetic tattooing, and it’s quickly becoming a revolutionary method for hiding scars and burns.

Cosmetic tattooing camouflages the area by using skin tone pigments on scar tissue, for example, giving hope back to those injured from burns or dealing with other skin discoloration issues. One rising expert in the field is a victim herself. Basma Hameed, originally from Iraq, was severely burned by hot oil in a kitchen accident at the age of two. She underwent some 100 surgeries to hide the disfigurement. Still, there was just so much these surgeries could improve, and Basma knew there had to be a better way.

According to HuffingtonPost, Basma decided to learn the art of cosmetic tattooing, and she herself, became her first patient, transforming her own face remarkably. Basma now truly changes the lives of others the same way. She operates clinics in Chicago and Toronto.

One patient living in London at the time, was seriously burned with boiling water by a group of bullies. Basma has been helping the 17-year-old’s burned face, neck and arms by tattooing pigment that matches her natural skin tone. It will take a series of treatments for several months, but the results will be astonishing.

Sawyer Fredericks Comes Out on Top on “The Voice”

Posted on May 20, 2015

Sawyer Fredericks is the winner of the Eighth Season of “The Voice” talent show. Fredericks is only 16 years old and lives on a farm in upstate New York. He has a powerful voice that sounds more mature than you would expect in a teenager. He also accompanies himself on the guitar on some songs.

Fredericks sang a medley of Creedence Clearwater Revival hits with his idol John Fogerty on the season’s final show. Fogerty sounded fantastic, but I feel like Fredericks doesn’t quite have the right voice to be singing with him. The tunes would have sounded better if Fogerty sang all the lyrics. Having said that, I think that it was nice that a teenager would want to sing with someone as old as Fogerty.

Fredericks seems like a nice guy, and I am happy for him. However, I don’t think the producers of “The Voice” should let someone as young as him participate on the show. It’s just way too much pressure and exposure for someone who is 16 years old. It would be better for Fredericks if he were singing in the drama productions at his high school. Sam Tabar expressed the concept that too much fame at too early of an age can warp a person. I think that’s what happened with Michael Jackson.

Is Reality TV Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Posted on May 19, 2015

Many people jumped on the reality television bandwagon, and producers rejoiced at the idea of quick money and little scripting. But as shows about oddball families, unlikely marriages, and survival tactics hit an all-time high, there are a few outlet sources that are saying ‘no’ to the reality TV craze.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime pride themselves on gaining customer loyalty, and part of this loyalty is for their producing of their own hit shows that don’t fall victim to the reality show fluff according to Keith Mann. Fans who just want television to be about great scripts, wonderful actors, and decent plot lines are responding in positive ways.

If reality TV hits Netflix and Amazon Prime, their goal is to ensure higher quality plots and less of the dramatic fluff that gives reality TV the bad reputation its gained over the last 15 years. While reality television will likely not fade entirely anytime soon, the lure of producing cheap shows with a mind-blowing audience following may start to become less popular than it once was.

Famed Base Jumper, Dean Potter, Dies in Accident

Posted on May 18, 2015

Dean Potter, a famed BASE jumper has reportedly died. Potter was 43.

According to reports, Potter was attempting a BASE jump using a winged suit at Taft Point in California’s Yellowstone National Park. Experts noted that the area in which Potter was jumping from was especially tricky. The location requires jumpers to bypass a notch in the cliff. It is believed that Potter failed to accurately navigating the face of the cliff. Another BASE jumper, Graham Hunt, 29, was killed in the same accident. He was jumping with Potter.

The men’s spotter alerted officials when he failed to contact the jumpers after their landing time. He noted that he heard a sound that may have been their parachutes opening. Search and rescue workers scoured the area for the pair before locating their bodies on Saturday evening. Their parachutes were not opened when they were recovered. It is believed both men died from impact injuries.

The Yosemite Valley has a ban on BASE jumping in the region because of its inherent danger. Potter was vehemently opposed to the legislation and was hoping to change it. Adam Sender was hoping something like this wouldn’t happen.

Hunt was an experienced extreme athlete from California. He was well-versed in the landscape and typography of Yosemite National Park.

The Avian Flu: Still a Problem and no End in Sight

Posted on May 18, 2015

The state of Minnesota has recently seen an influx of the deadly Avian flu, despite strong efforts to contain it. Specifically, it was believed by many experts that killing the birds that were diagnosed with the bird flu and quarantining areas where the contamination was present would be sufficient to stop or slow down the disease.

Unfortunately, that has not happened. Instead, a new theory is that the disease is actually being spread from one farm to another, which also means that it is now being seen in at least 14 states. Minnesota has been the hardest hit so far, due to its status as the most prolific turkey farming state.

Other Causes of the Avain Flu And What is Being Done about it

Another possible cause could be that there have often been unreasonable and unnecessary delays between the time that the virus was confirmed and the time that the previously mentioned steps were taken to protect the public. In April, the problem has escalated to the point where the governor of Minnesota was forced to declare it a state of emergency.

It is important to note that recent statistics have established that the Avian Flu is the worst outbreak of its type that has ever been seen in the United States, according to Ricardo Guimarães BMG. So far, more than 26 million birds have died from it in the five months since the problem was noted.

“The Simpsons” Is Losing a Major Voice Behind Many Characters

Posted on May 14, 2015

“The Simpsons” has been a television institution since December of 1989. BusinessWire has even written that for the past 25 years a talented team of animators and voice over actors have made this show a hit for Fox. This show holds a lot of television records. According to Wikipedia, it is the longest running American sitcom, the longest running American animated show and the longest running scripted prime time American television show. It is truly a television legend that given the changing world of the TV landscape, with services such as Netflix, may never be beaten for these records. The actors who have been lending their voices to the characters are now known mostly for this show even if they had careers beforehand.

There are about a half dozen actors who provide the voices for the vast majority of the characters on the show. They include Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Tress MacNeille, Pamela Hayden and Nancy Cartwright. This is where some depressing news comes into the picture. Harry Shearer, the voice of Mr. Burns, Smithers, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner and others, is leaving the show after the 26th season. He just made the announcement on twitter and, of course, there are already polls online as to whether the show can go on without him voicing these characters. Whether “The Simpsons” survives or not, it has cemented itself a place in television history and nothing will ever undo that.

American Idol to End in 2016

Posted on May 13, 2015

Many people have credited American Idol for causing the reality tv show craze, and while the long running show is certainly an example of that phenomenon, it is doubtful that it caused the craze. Either way, the long-running show is coming to and end in 2016 after its 15th season and 14 years on the air.

Declining ratings, a larger variety of singing competitions on the air, including “The Voice”, as well as the fact that the show’s creator, Simon Cowell, left the show several seasons ago are some of the reasons why the show is being cancelled.

Sam Tabar understands that Fox’s cancellation of the show may also be a sign of the changing times. It has been nearly 15 years since the show first aired and American Idol is not the only singing competition or reality show to seen a decline in ratings.

TV executives are starting to realise that reality tv and singing competitions are not the ratings boon that they could have been and that they are not as cost effective as they thought. Few of the idols on American Idol or winners of any of the singing competition shows have gone on to become genuine stars, and the ones that did most likely would have eventually anyway. For these people, American Idol was simply a boost to their already budding career.

Trends come and go, and this trend is one that seems to be on it’s way out.