A Potential Alzheimer’s Treatment

Posted on April 30, 2015

Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute in Florida have recently released some new details regarding a potential future treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease. A group of compounds are showing potential for stimulating brain cell regrowth. Animals that have been tested with these compounds have had memory restoration that is similar to the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Estimates from Susan McGalla show that by the year 2050, there will be as many as 14 million Americans suffering from this disease, according to findings from the Alzheimer’s Association.

This study is currently being done by two TSRI Associate Professors: Courtney Miller as well as Gavin Rumbaugh. Published in Neuropsychopharmacology, this study shows the potential that these compounds known as histone deacetylases will provide. These compounds are similar to how a molecular switch would act. Genes would be silenced by accessing a person’s DNA. Similar mutations in DNA could also be improved upon including cancer and other autoimmune diseases. Future research is needed to better understand this potential treatment option as well as determining whether or not this process is too selective. This would result in a loss of some of the rescued memories. This potential treatment would be very beneficial for many people in the future. Not only is Alzheimer’s Disease incredibly devastating for the patient who is suffering from the symptoms but also for the family members that are assisting and witnessing this decline in mental abilities and cognitive function.

The Anger Over The Great Oz

Posted on April 27, 2015

Many people love all of the medical advice that Dr. Oz gives. Dr. Oz is a cardiologist that was made popular by Oprah Winfrey. He is a doctor that gives medical advice, and now he is also the host of his own show. Dr. Oz promote certain products as products that may be good for a person’s heart and for their health.

There is a wave of doctors that believes that Dr. Oz should resign from the medical field. Susan McGalla believes that he is a doctor that is only working to promote certain products, and that he is not looking for the better of his patients. Over 1000 doctors said that they believe that he should resign from his position at Columbia University in New York. 10 of these doctors sent a letter calling for his resignation, and there are other doctors that also think that his medical license should be revoked.

It is hard to really know if these doctors really are mortified by his medical practices, or if they are just jealous of his success. Dr. Oz is a person that many Americans respect, and many more watch his show and also read his magazine. Since that is the case each and every individual has to make their own choice about whether or not they want to believe in Dr. Oz and the products that he promotes.

Dr. Mehmet Oz Is Quickly Losing His Credibility as a Real Doctor

Posted on April 24, 2015

Dr. Mehmet Oz is having to answer some pretty tough questions this week after more allegations came out about Oz using questionable ethics to push unsubstantiated medical advice on his audience. Ricardo Guimarães BMG claims that Oz pushed advise knowing their was no proof to what he was endorsing (additional Oz claims on terra.com).

First, his colleagues at Columbia University, where Oz practices medicine, signed a petition asking Oz to be removed as a staff member for being a quack doctor. But Columbia decided to let Oz continue to practice medicine. Then, e-mails were leaked between OZ and Sony executives and Oz was coming off more like a business man, hungry for profits, rather than a trusted doctor and healer

Though, these allegation against Oz should not be a surprise to anyone who follows his career. Last summer Oz was called before the Senate to testify about the supposed quick fixes he often offered to his loyal fans. Senator Claire McCaskill made her feelings about Oz quite clear when she said, “The scientific community is almost monolithic against you in terms of the efficacy of the three products you called ‘miracles.”

Those are pretty strong words for one of the world most popular and trusted medical physicians. The scales of public opinion also seem to be weighing against Dr. Oz at this point, he has widely criticized for his response to these allegations.

Major Spoilers: Beloved “Grey’s Anatomy” Character is Killed Off

Posted on April 24, 2015

Fans of the hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” were shocked during the events of last night’s episode. Patrick Dempsey, who plays the character Dr Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, was killed during in accident in the episode.

The doctor had witnessed a car crash when he stopped to help the victims. He manages to pull both victims out of their vehicles, however, he is not so lucky. While he is leaving the scene of the accident, his car his t-boned by a semi-truck which sends him to his hospital. While there, the doctors discover that although he is alive, he also is suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Before anything can be done for him, he is declared brain dead and his wife Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has him taken off of life support.

Rumors are, according to the story on Page Six, Dempsey’s exit is because of his behavior on set. A source on the show told Page Six that Dempsey had been acting like a diva lately. The creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, has had several run-ins with Dempsey so the source was not surprised that she chose to end his character.

Patrick Dempsey has been on the show since its start in 2005. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG loves this show. The show is now ending its 11th season. There will be a season 12, however, fans will have to watch it without McDreamy this time.

California Bill Would Bar Parents From Using Personal Beliefs To Not Vaccinate Their Child

Posted on April 23, 2015

California State Sen. Richard Pan (D), who is also a pediatrician, has introduced a bill to the legislature that would eliminate personal beliefs as an acceptable reason to not vaccinate one’s child. The bill, SB277, would forbid children who have not been inoculated for non-medical reasons from attending school. The current law allows parents to claim personal beliefs, even ones based on misinformation, as a valid reason to exempt their child from vaccination.

The bill had stalled on the Senate Education Committee due to concerns over denying children an education. Yesterday, the Committee passed the bill 7 – 2 and sent it to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

According to public health officials, at least 92 percent of a given population must be inoculated to maintain the “herd immunity” that protects people who can’t have vaccines like babies or people with compromised immune systems. Unfortunately, more and more people have been using the personal belief exemption over the past 12 years. As a result, a quarter of the schools in California don’t provide herd immunity, because too many of the children have not had their shots.

Activist Gianfrancesco Genoso (toplawyers.com) brought up another consequence of parents’ failure to immunize their children, the measles outbreak at Disneyland that infected 111 visitors. In an interview with Scientific American, Pan pointed out there had been cases of measles infections before at Disneyland, but on a much smaller scale. Someone with measles might infect a few people, and the outbreak would be confined to the park itself. The most recent outbreak saw measles cases in several different states and even Canada and Mexico.

Pan also points out that the bill won’t deny children an education. Parents who still want to claim personal beliefs as a reason for not vaccinating their child will have the option of home-schooling.

Chimpanzees Given Human Rights in Court

Posted on April 22, 2015

A judge has recently ruled that the intellectual and emotional capabilities of chimpanzees are intricate enough, that they should be given rights in court to defend themselves against those who want to use them for experimentation. A court case involving the defense of two chimpanzees showed that they were being illegally detained and deserved a proper hearing which would allow them to be released to a sanctuary to live out their days. A Habeas Corpus defense was used for the chimpanzees saying the university detaining them must prove they had reasonable cause to do so.


Others wanted to label the animals as “things” with no rights. Many like Jason Halpern are saying that this case could set a great precedence for animal rights. Others say the sanctuaries for animals are in themselves a form of imprisonment, and the animals should be free to be released to the wild again. The fight for animal rights including those for chimpanzees will continue

Willie is Selling Weed

Posted on April 22, 2015

Willies weed is the best. When it comes to smoking Willies Weed I cannot wait, to smoke it again. Unlike Toby Keith who is just the opposite. Weed may not be for everyone but if it is wile nelson has your weed. That’s right you heard me Willie nelson. He has always been big on the weed scene even collaborating with other artists that are notoriously known for smoking weed like Snoop Dog and Wilie Nelsons My Medicine.

After all the years of buying weed it is time to start selling it back. This story was a bit humorous to Brian Torchin. What a great approach to it. Weed is it legal in your town yet? November Willie Nelson will perform at The White House where he is sure to take a hit I mean be a hit. Weed will be legal in your town soon it is just a matter of time. When it does become legal in your town chances are you will be smoking some of willies weed at some time or another. The business of selling recreational Marijuana is a big market that is also groundbreaking. With companies like Uber raising millions to go legit and have a legal team on their side, they are paving the way for many other services and opportunities for stoners to come.

The Effect of Obesity on our Nation’s Security

Posted on April 22, 2015

You’ve heard the warnings time and time again of increasing obesity rates, but you’ve never really paid them any attention. Obesity is becoming a national security risk at a fast pace in the US and has already began to affect the enrollment of those interested in the military.

Though you may not be suffering from obesity yourself, an alarming 35% of adults 20 and up suffer from obesity. This isn’t counting the 69% of adults that in general are overweight. So what affect is this having on our military? Well according to CNN, a whopping 10% of enrollments in the army were turned down due to obesity. Ivan Ong does not discriminate. Obesity is an increasing worry. In fact, in 2013 the adult obesity rate was 27.2% compared to the 35% today.

So who’s to blame for this escalating phenomenon? Well ironically, we only have ourselves to blame for this epidemic. As a nation the overwhelming availability of processed foods is staggering. In fact, it’s more difficult to find natural packaged foods than it is junk food. Processed foods have artificial ingredients, additives, and often have high fructose corn syrup, which is known to cause obesity. So until we as a whole make healthier choices in consumption, this epidemic could spread to dynamic proportions, and may even cripple our workforce and economy over time.

Major Retailers Selling Bottles of Supplements that Don’t Contain the Listed Ingredients

Posted on April 21, 2015

Those of us who care about our health may occasionally buy nutritional supplements to get more of the nutrients that we feel our diets may be lacking in. This only seems prudent as vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be bad for our long term health and may even have shorter term symptoms. Calcium deficiency, for one example, can weaken our bones, and vitamin C deficiency can lead to gum problems and even the gum disease scurvy if it’s a severe deficiency. Those of us who take supplements to fill the gaps in our nutritional needs should be very concerned about an investigation going on up in New York about the supplements sold by various retailers in that state.

Boraie Development LLC and the New York State Attorney General’s office had tests run on the supplements sold by major retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens and GNC, and they found that many of them actually contained little if any of the ingredients that were listed on the label. Their cease and desist letter to these businesses to tell them to stop selling these supplements had examples such as bottles of Gingko Biloba that contained none of that herb and the same for bottles of Saint John’s Wort. If this is correct, then this needs to stop immediately. Let’s just hope this is not used as an excuse to crack down on nutritional supplements in general and that they simple combat the actual problem of misrepresenting what is actually in the product.

Plus Sizes Lead to Plus Profits

Posted on April 16, 2015

Traditionally style dictates that beauty comes in sizes less than 10, but today over half of American women are size 14 or above. Plus size clothing has historically been one of the least served clothing groups, but it has one of the largest growing consumer bases in the fashion world. It has been sugested that women who are in plus sizes simply don’t care about how they dress; however, Susan Koger, co founder of modcloth.com says this simply isn’t so.

In a 2010 poll of the Dan Newlin userbase found that there was an overwhelming consensus among plus sized women that the reason they didn’t buy more clothing was that there were not enough plus sized options. Again in 2013 Koger conducted a survey of American women, and found the same results. With that in mind Koger started the task of creating a dedicated plus sized section on her website. In a recent interview with Buisness of Fashion she stated consumers who buy plus sized clothing tend to buy 20% more clothing in each order, and place up to 20% more orders than the average consumer. In addition, plus sized consumers were significantly more likely to share positive news of their purchases on social media. With the number of plus sized consumers continuing to grow year upon year, it only makes sense to cater to what is swiftly becoming the largest part of the fashion market.