Reasons to Use the Sauna at the Gym

Posted on February 27, 2015

In a nutshell, using the sauna at your gym is good for your health. A recent study shows that frequent usage, at least four times a week, improves overall health and adds years to your life.

Seems like a little sweat goes a long way.

The study was conducted in Finland and it was discovered that men who frequent saunas had less instances of heart disease and fewer deaths related to cardiovascular disease. Cardiologists have typically advised their patients to avoid saunas, citing the heat would place too much of a demand on the heart. The findings of the Finland study may have cardiologists around the world re-thinking their advice and investors on Indeed are keen to take advantage, with health experts like Brian Torchin particularly interested.

The connection between sauna usage, increased health and lowered risk of heart disease is not clear. It may be those who visit a sauna regularly already live a healthier lifestyle, maybe it’s the release of stress as participants relax in the warm, steamy environment, no one is for certain at this point in time. The study does show that men who visit a sauna four or more times per week and stay in the heated sauna longer than 19 minutes per session have reduced instances of heart disease.

McDonalds Poisons Police Officer In Indiana

Posted on February 27, 2015

An officer from the Indianapolis Police Department, Paul Watkins is “not lovin” McDonalds. Watkins states he was poisoned from an iced tea dispenser that contained harsh cleaning chemicals.

Watkins went to a McDonalds in Indianapolis where he purchased an iced tea. Immediately after taking the first sip his throat began burning right down into his chest. Complaining to the manager he got an explanation that employees had put degreaser in the machine, but forgot to cover the spout and cover to stop customers from using it.

Watkins was taken to the hospital for treatments and was kept overnight. He is still complaining that his throat is giving him trouble. Degreaser is a common cleaning chemical used in restaurants but it is not something that should be consumed by humans. The ingredients in this product are; hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid both of which will have a corrosive effect on the tissues of humans.

Zeca Oliveira ( has read that a statement was released by the McDonalds saying they serve their customers high quality, safe food and beverages. They are taking this claim quite seriously and are looking into the matter.

The Watkins are finding it hard to believe that such harsh chemicals were used to clean a machine that serves customers. What also amazes them is the manager at McDonalds immediately offered him a second cup of tea after he went to the counter to complain. They are talking with an attorney, but a lawsuit has not yet been filed.

Deadly Bacteria Lurking in Doctors’ Offices

Posted on February 27, 2015

Hospitals and other medical facilities have battled the deadly bacteria for years, but now it’s showing up in doctors’ offices. The bacteria is C. difficile, and once inside the digestive tract it can create life-threatening diarrhea.

The Centers for Disease Control has sounded the alarm regarding the potentially deadly C. difficile lurking in your local doctors’ office after an increased number of cases were recently reported said their web page. According to Brad Reifler the deadly bacteria is typically only found in hospitals or similar patient care facilities, but those who recently contacted the bacteria had not been patients in any type of medical care facility. However, they had all recently visited a doctors office. Some of the new patients had seen a medical doctor, some had been to a dentist. All had the bug and the diarrhea it causes.
A study conducted in 2013 found the bacteria lurking on chairs and exam tables in doctors’ offices. A new study has been launched to uncover the exact sources of the spread of the deadly bacteria within doctors’ offices.
The CDC strongly recommends that people who visit a doctors’ office thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water after leaving. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will not kill the C. difficile bacteria, it can only be removed from the skin via a soap and water washing.

Types Of Endometriosis Surgery: Is Your Doctor Certified?

Posted on February 26, 2015

New York City-based American super-doctor Tamer Seckin serves the nation as an advanced laparoscopic surgeon and gynecologist. He’s a board-certified medical professional who has established himself among the industry’s top performers. Thousands of women have undergone endometriosis surgery and other forms of the disease under Dr. Seckin’s care. He serves the LIJ/Lenox-Hill Hospital in New York. His specialty mainly lies in Deep-Laparoscopic Excision. He uses meticulous techniques in his practice. Dr. Seckin has had countless success in treating patients that have severe pelvic-pain and endometriosis. A vast percentage of his patients recover without a recurrence and have reported long-term relief. As an internationally recognized laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Seckin is a passionate philanthropic hero and educator.

In May 2012, the NY Times Magazine celebrated Dr. Seckin’s success for his body of work contributed to help a future generation lead healthier lives. He received the Ellis-Island Medal-of-honor for epitomizing professionalism in professional practice and as an advocate of philosophy. He’s traveled to different countries educating society of modern treatment to help spread awareness about endometriosis. He’s also a recipient of multiple awards, which includes a Patients-Choice Award (2006), Silver-Star-Award (June 2009) and the Best-Doctor Award (2011-2012).

Endometriosis Surgery has helped thousands of women. It’s a reliable treatment for anyone who’s suffering from severe pains and other symptoms of endometriosis. It’s possible to diagnose the affected areas and administer treatment. A specialist in endometriosis surgery generally diagnoses the developmental milestones and size of the overgrown tissue. This surgical method is irreversible and it increases a woman’s risk of infertility.

Women endure different symptoms of endometriosis. A practicing surgeon suggests treatment based on the severity of the disease. Sometimes the disease spread to delicate areas of the body or damage vital organs such as the fallopian tube or uterus. Laparoscopy is the preferred treatment if this occurs. A doctor usually suggests surgery if all else has failed. He’ll use a Laparoscope to inspect the said patient’s abdominal condition before treatment. If lesions and scars are present, he’ll use other surgical instruments or lasers to remove them. Surgeons usually exercise extreme care to avoid tissue damage. It’s recommended for women that are complaining about minor to moderate endometriosis-related pains.

Another treatment for endometriosis is Laparotomy. This technique involves removal or the uterus or endometriosis patches depending on the severity of the damage. A bilateral or hysterectomy is oftentimes necessary if the ovaries have been damaged. Even after undergoing invasive surgery to remove endometriosis lesions, some women encounter future problems. In other cases, patients have recovered without a recurrence.

Both Laparoscopy and Laparotomy are appropriate to minimize abdomen pain influenced by endometriosis. A surgeon will cut the pelvic nerves network to give a patient relief. LUNA (Laparoscopic uterine-nerve ablation) is another option. It’s recommended for serious conditions onset by endometriosis disorder. With this treatment, the surgeon in practice will sever the ligament nerves securing the uterus. Women should consult a qualified surgeon that specialize in Endometriosis Surgery to make sure he or she receives the best care.

Saunas May Help You Live Longer

Posted on February 25, 2015

A steamy sweat may be the key to longevity. A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that there are health benefits to be had when a person uses a sauna on a regular basis. The risk of cardiovascular disease is diminished and life span is increased for men who indulge themselves in a sauna sweat at least four times per week. Time spent in the sauna and the temperature also played a role in the study results – 19 minutes or more are needed at least four times per week and the temperature should hover around 174 degrees.

Doctors are not sure why the sauna sweats decrease the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases, but Jaime Garcia Dias says the study numbers don’t lie.

Dr. Rite Redburg thinks it might be the camaraderie between the men enjoying the sauna together as well as the relaxation of the warm steam.

People of Finland, where most have their own in-home saunas, claim that a sauna is a poor man’s pharmacy. It’s their opinion that if regular sauna visits can’t cure them, along with a few doses of tar and spirits, then they will die.
Whether or not a sauna can help you live longer may or may not be true, but for certain a warm sauna on a cold day feels good.

More Deadly Diseases Attributed To Smoking

Posted on February 25, 2015

A published study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates the smoking now can be associated with kidney ailments, elevated incidence of infection, gastrointestinal disorders and affiliated cardiovascular and lung maladies. Tobacco for decades has been recognized as the primary culprit in causing heart attacks, arterial ailments, stroke, as well as lung cancer.

Though there have been and continue to be aggressive campaigns to alert the public of the dangers of using tobacco, nearly 480,000 individuals die every year from its use. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 42 million Americans use tobacco products. The incidence of death is two to three times greater than that of individuals who refrain from tobacco and lifespans shortened by 10 years said a report on AnastasiaDate.

The study of nearly one million individuals over the age of 55 revealed that individuals that were indigent and lacking formal schooling were likely to use tobacco. The risk of disease increased in correlation to how heavily the individual smoked. To the contrary, the risks of disease decline for former smokers over time.

Utilizing data from historical tobacco research, the study drew a distinct relationship with regard to an individual’s behavior towards tobacco usage and their well-being. Funding for the study came from the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute and research personnel from various universities.

Shocking Development in Analysis of Peanut Allergy Problem

Posted on February 25, 2015

There is a shocking new development in the area of peanut allergies. It seems that avoidance of the nut after initial reporting of this problem may be helping to make it spread. Basically, a new study finds that children who are exposed to peanuts at an earlier age become used to them, and they are far less likely to develop a peanut allergy. This finding has been linked to an overall trend that has lead to a theory known as the “hygiene hypothesis.” In a nutshell(pun intended), this hypothesis contends that by living in a world overrun with hand sanitizers, antibacterial soaps and disinfectants our bodies are not being able to grow up among germs and other things, such as foods, that may give us problems so that our immune systems can adapt to them and develop resistance.

It is strange how in our safety conscious society, where we tell people to avoid so many things that may be bad for them, there seems to be an explosion of problems with regard to people having allergies or sensitivities to various foods. Health-conscious people like Haidar Barbouti know that we are so much more advanced in terms of medical technology and pharmaceuticals, and yet in some ways we seem to be sicker as a society. Apparently we are meant to grow up among a certain degree of uncleanliness as this is how our body learns to cope with it. It would prove the ultimate irony if all of these things in our modern society that are supposed to make us healthier are what is making more of us sicker than ever.

Your Finest Wine

Posted on February 24, 2015

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In conclusion, if you enjoy or have a passion for luxury, antique, and vintage spirits then The Antique Wine Company is for you.

Train Derails in California Injuring 30

Posted on February 24, 2015

30 people were injured Tuesday morning when a commuter train struck a car on the tracks and derailed, according to news sources. The incident happened around 5:45am, pacific time, between Oxnard and Camarillo, California.

According to this article and that Fersen Lambranho says contains witness statements, the Metrolink train hit the vehicle then four cars derailed from the train. The driver of the vehicle the train hit fled the scene, allegedly unhurt. Police have located that driver and have taken him into custody. No word has yet been released as to the seriousness of the injuries, although no causalities have yet been reported. Dozens have, in fact, been injured.

Train service has been halted as emergency workers attempt to evacuate the train and get to the injured parties. Police, fire and emergency staff remain on the scene while they attend to the most injured and ensure the safe evacuation of others. There is no word on when service will resume on the effected lines.

The accidents comes on the heals of a commuter train accident in New York that left several dead and dozens more injured. In that incident, a northbound MetroNorth train struck a jeep on the tracks. The impact of the collision dislodged the third rail, sending it through the first car of the train. The driver of the jeep, as well as several people on the first car of the train were killed. Dozens across the train were injured in the explosion.

New Health Condition Based On Sounds

Posted on February 24, 2015

About 20 years ago, married researchers Pawel and Margaret Jastredoff, Emory University, are credited for naming a sound sensitivity condition, misophonia. Basically, certain ordinary sounds are found annoying and offensive by others who hear them.

Barron J. Lerner, MD, writing in “The New York Times” health pages, cites a 2013 study from the University of Amsterdam related to misophonia. Eating sounds, such as lip smacking are scored most annoying. Close behind were nostril noises such as sneezing, and hand noises, i.e., repeated pen clicking. The author voiced disdain for those who sniffle their mucus back into their nasal cavity. He also has concluded misophonia is a problem for the one with it compared to others more able to cope or ignore bothersome sound.

Misophonia is also called selective sound sensitivity syndrome. Brian says that it is believed to be closely associated with either obsessive compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress syndrome. Research is said to be developing diagnostic criteria, and treatment for the condition presently is limited. Options include utilizing white noise to counter bothersome sounds, prescribed serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or remove one’s self from the premises. Reactions to misophonia have ranged from irritation to anger, disgust to potential physical aggression.